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AoS abandoned by my gaming group. Would like to see more QoL improvments for the game!


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9 hours ago, Rollcage said:

Fantasy was/is far less complicated then AoS 3rd edition.

Remember that Fantasy and AoS are diferent games.

Rank&File games like Conquest and Asoiaf are easier than Fantasy, that doesn't make Fantasy a bad game.

Btw, I'm with you. AoS has so many layers of rules. I'm bored about how many things I need to remember that it stops all my excitement for the game.

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7 hours ago, NinthMusketeer said:

I actually played a retro game of WHFB last year. Re-made a rendition of my old Daemons of Chaos list, mono Nurgle and excited to use old Epidemius again.

My first turn the Warp Storm, a mandatory rule from MY ARMY, kills him outright with no chance to save.

I do not miss WHFB.

I miss those good old times.

the randomness, the possibility to do harm to your own army.

the laughter that hauled through the room, when something just went unfortunately wrong, or just insanely great, oh how I miss the day, when weapon teams were actually good, and stormfiends were able to shoot their own units on unmodified hit roles of 1.


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On 1/27/2023 at 6:20 PM, Rollcage said:

You didn't have to pick your temple/tribe/special flavoured race rules up front

Pretty sure you did? I remember my Lizardmen's Special Spawnings adding a points costs per unit to use the subfaction bonuses. I imagine other armies had similar additions. Won't disagree on the rest of the pre-game, but I remember picking subfactions as being a core part of building any Warhammer army list.

PS- 40k seems less complicated because you've memorized the roll and weapon (and possibly vehicle) tables 😜 I haven't played in a DECADE and I can still tell you a Lasgun is/was a 24" Rapid Fire/str 3/ap 0 gun used by BS 3 troopers.

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My gaming group all ended up swapping from exclusive sigmar to now exclusive 40k. The third edition rules proved too complex and irritating, the seasons changing how everything played for no reason, we all just missed 2nd ed and talks were had to go back. However we all rather move forward, so we climbed on board 40k and have been having a blast.

Having said that, we all keep tabs on model / army releases for sigmar and get excited for the lore and what's coming, so I think if the rules were more palatable we would probably all come back overnight.


For context, none of us are tournament players / competitive, purely beer and pretzel sigmar players :D

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It’s the same in my group for both 40k and AoS. We went from the club being exclusively GW Warhammer games to practically everything else. The reasons generally come down to irritating rules, constant book buying, badly thought through army design eg votann, which get needed before being released. The models are considered awesome but the games need improvement. 

I have missed having my khorne army out. But I have very much enjoyed the different games and systems being played - asoiaf, corespace, godtear, memoir 44, Bloodbowl, gooomhaven, soulbound, and so on. The atmosphere has been great. The club is full almost every week with up to 6 players ar some tables for games. P are laughing and not arguing about inconsistent rules.  Saying that boarding actions has raised some interest for a 16 player tournament. I think due to the streamlined rule set and smaller force sizes. I can’t see the big Warhammers getting much of a hold again

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