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Evocators and endless spells

Danish Bull

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Their warscroll has one part of the information, the other one is in the stormcast faq.

evos can cast only empower or 1 spell from the lore of invigoration. 


lol typical gw, nerfing evo warscroll but not updating it with the old faq. 

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I don't really see an FAQ allowing it, but I also don't see an FAQ disallowing it explicitly....

Their warscroll plus the FAQ indicates that they can only cast either Empower or one of the Lores of Invigoration that they have chosen at the start of the battle. I've personally always interpreted that very literally to mean that's the only spells they can cast without exception, meaning they can't cast endless spells either unfortunately.


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20 hours ago, PJetski said:

On their warscroll

The addition of the ability to pull from the invigoration lore makes this confusing since it is intuitive to expect the warscroll to tell you you can pull from invigoration - but it doesn't, it's in the FAQ for the lore.

@Danish Bull @flemingmma the phrasing of their FAQ change is thus:

"Page 122 – Lore of Invigoration Add the following under the title: ‘Units of Evocators can know and attempt to cast one spell from the Lore of Invigoration. This is an exception to the rule that they cannot attempt to cast spells other than Empower. If a unit of Evocators attempts to cast a spell from the Lore of Invigoration, it cannot attempt to cast any other spells in that hero phase.’"

As others have said their warscroll plus the wording of the FAQ leaves no ambiguity, they can cast only Empower with a single exception for the Lore of Invigoration.

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1 hour ago, XReN said:

No it's not. Lores of Magic are part of Allegiance Abilities and warscrolls never have ties with those, ever.

If there's a world where "intuitive" means "what GW usually does when writing rules" it certainly isn't this one.

In fact, I would say that what you have described is the very definition of unintuitive, and the number of times I have seen people ask about how lores work both in person and online (and even on this very site!) speaks pretty strongly that it is a poorly conveyed system.

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21 hours ago, Rusty293 said:

Slightly different slant on this...can they dispel endless spells? It would use a casting roll admittedly but cant think of any reason why they couldn't, even if they can't cast them in the first place. 

Don't see why not. Units are treated of wizards are treated exactly as wizards according to the core rules. And a wizard can dispel at the cost of a cast in their own hero phase. 

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