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  1. I asked this question of a TO before an upcoming tournament, and they are ruling it that if it's from a single source (spell or ability) doing mortal wounds, it will get reduced to 1.
  2. I'm planning to bring this list to a tournament in August, and wanted to run it by you guys to see if there's anything wrong with it or if you see room for improvement. I have a sideboard of the following units/models: 2 Vampire Lords on foot 1 Winged Nightmare Vampire Lord 20 additional skeleton warriors with spears 2x5 Black Knights 2 units of Bat Swarms 1 unit of Fel Bats 1 Purple Sun of Shyish I still have enough time that I could paint another unit or so before the tournament as long as it's not too big.
  3. After playing the game for a few months and resting on this question, I was re-reading gotrek's warscroll today and I think it sadly doesn't reduce mortal wounds inflicted to 1. I think it only reduces normal damage. So in an example where a Keeper of Secrets attacks him and deals 5 mortal wounds from a single attack, we've bypassed the damage step and just went straight to mortal wounds inflicted, and he has to make a damage save for all 5 mortal wounds. Although I don't want it to work this way, it seems like the most logical interpretation of the rule. Mortal wounds are not inflicted in groups... but I will probably ask a TO before I take him to any tournaments. Maybe they will see it a different way.
  4. I ran a list very similar to this for about a year. It works pretty well but you almost have to double turn your opponent to make it work against certain armies. You also have a major issue capturing objectives quickly enough to win on points, as you have to shoot your enemy off an objective and then wait another turn (or 2 if you get doubled) before you can start scoring. Sometimes this means even if you start winning on models you’ll lose the overall game. It helps to have more “moving parts” on the ground to balance it out.
  5. Played against a tzeench opponent last night. Horrors are waaaaaaay undercosted....
  6. @Dayman85 Thank you for the advice, and I will look at trying some of your suggestions. The advice that you've given me doesn't completely gel with my strategy as I don't tend to start the evocators on the board, nor do I buff them with my castellant or encantor, but I can see what you're intending to do with them and I think that is an interesting combo. One thing to note about your suggested strategy in regardes to Mystic Shield is that Evocators already re-roll 1s against shooting attacks - this is something that I very often forget actually... @Juicy Yes, Gavriel is not considered competitive by today's standards, but what I have found is that if you are playing Hammers of Sigmar, it's as competitive as the list can get. If I don't take him, my list gets considerably worse and there's nothing inherent in available in that subfaction that can make up for it. You basically have to go to a different subfaction if you want a stronger list, which narratively is not something I feel like doing. I've enjoyed playing my army the way I want and developing tactics around Gavriel these past couple of years. It's not perfect, but I find most people are just too lazy to try to defend against him, even very good players. I've absolutely won a few games in tournaments that I probably shouldn't have because of him, so he's still a major threat, just not the boogeyman that some people thought he might be. I think the crux of the reason he's not stronger is that it's a one-time combo and drains most of your CPs. All of my Stormcast units are basically "one-hit wonders" on the board, which is the biggest issue with the army. You do your tricky combo move and then you're just kind of a sitting duck on the table after that. C'est la vie!
  7. Firstly, it’s a “take all comers” list. Pointing out certain armies that will full counter it and using that as basis for it not being in the list is a non-argument. In a random or tournament situation, it’s true that some armies will hard counter you, but if you lose against those armies, you’ll spend the entire rest of the tournament playing against armies that can’t, at which point it becomes a non-sequitor. In any case, in a nutshell the spells are used like this. Deploy the knight encantor as late as possible, more than 30” away from any opposing wizards, but 36” away from the best spot to land it. You will be out dropped 80% of your games and your opponent will almost always make you go first. Cast meteor, and hope for the best. If your opponent has a bunch of 5 wound heroes in a small clump, drop the prime next and use the comet to wipe out as many as you can turn 1. Drop the birds, raptors, and aetherwings within 18” of a damaged hero alternatively, to kill it off turn 1. Dias arcanum is cast second, at which point the encantor turns into a flying objective grabber (can also be cast first turn to grab an objective as well. Maelstrom is almost never cast, but just something you throw out late game if all your other spells got out, to add insult to injury. You just throw it into the closest combat and it screws up other casters and eventually explodes. It’s just a 10 point filler spell, that’s all. Edit: As for the extra command point, you have to have it for Gavriel. There’s no choice not to take that
  8. This is my current “take all comers” list: And this is my current tournament list: Both lists work the same, 5 units on ground, 5 in sky, 1 seperate deployment. It’s a tricky list to use but I rarely play someone that I couldn’t beat given enough knowledge of their army beforehand. I typically go 3/5 at tournaments with this, with a very rare lucky 4/5 if I get the right matchups. Yeah it’s not an S-tier army, but it’s definitely not dumpster fire either.
  9. Although I agree whole-heartedly on the state of Stormcast as a whole, I would feel bad if I didn't point out that I've been playing with a Hammers of Sigmar army for quite a while now, and I can definitely make them work to a point where I'm never a pushover in my local hobby group. It is possible to build a competent list without Anvils. My issue with SCE has more to do with the fact that because the army is so unforgiving, there's really no room for error or mistakes with them. If you build a good list and you're a good commander and luck is on your side you can do alright with them. But you have to know both your army and your opponent's army extremely well. There's no such think as YOLO'ing it. And I do think that's a problem because it makes them definitely not a "beginner" army. The learning curve is too steep and potential for failure is too high. But you can at least build a decent army out of what's there. You can make the book work. Of course I want improvements, and of course I agree that the state they are in is pretty bad. But if you work with the army long enough, you can get them to sort of work. There's enough good things in the book to keep them from being total trash.
  10. spears -> hammers -> axes in small units Axes -> hammers -> spears in large units At least in my opinion. Hammers are like the neutral middle of the road option, but spears and axes are better depending on the size of the unit. I tend to run MSU units with spears personally, but there's a part of me that wouldn't mind experimenting with a big charging axe unit.
  11. The batwinged female looks awesome.
  12. Cities of sigmar has a lot of lore to read.
  13. @readercolin Yes most everything in the SCE book is pretty "pillow fisted".
  14. The original stormcast units aren't bad to paint at all. The new sacrosanct units however have a tremendous amount of detail, and use an ungodly number of paints compared to a lot of other armies. Even if you just follow the WH TV guides to paint a sequitor, you end up using like 30 different paints. And contrast doesn't work too well on stormcast models because there's not really a metal equivalent that looks right. But liberators are pretty easy to paint. So yeah at least once upon a time they were a really good starter army to paint. Not sure about now though with the sacrosant units....
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