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  1. Some of you are overestimating liberators. The game has changed quite a bit in the last few years, and high armour saves aren’t as strong as they used to be. The same units that people have to take in order to deal with other armies will also deal with the libs too. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s better than nothing.
  2. Yes everything released after AoS 2.0 has female versions, so basically anything from the sacrosanct chamber. I expect it will be more common going forward.
  3. I don’t think the morathi book is going to significantly change a bunch of books. Maybe I’m wrong, but if the anvil “battalion” is anything to go off of, it’s just going to be a bunch of fun and flavourful little narrative additions. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but I just don’t want to get my hopes up. I figure we’ll get a new book next year and if anything this is just to tide us over until AoS 3 hits.
  4. Oh interesting! Yes the armies that can teleport and bounce around the board are a huge problem for us.
  5. Lately I've been playing around with the idea of putting 2 blocks of 15 evocators in the sky with Gavriel. Almost every list I face in tournaments is designed around killing at least 10 evocators in 1-2 rounds of counter assault or shooting, but almost no one I face seems equipped to deal with 30 of them in their face. I don't know if I feel like painting that many models, but I actually think it might be more effective than people think, and it would certain "anti-meta" a few armies out there that would underestimate how much damage it would take to reduce that many evocators down to erase their combat strength. It would also completely break most of the best "anvil" units out there, which would destroy the game plan of a lot of armies... I dunno... it's just something I've been rolling around in my head for a while now. When the book first came out I saw some people playing around with gav bombs, but I didn't see a lot of people really mature it and take it to the extreme ends of the spectrum. It might not work, but I see a lot of people in tournaments lately who set up their army to absorb the shock of 30 wounds hitting their front line, but they don't seem to plan to deal with anything more than that. It would be a rock paper scissors kind of army, but it would bowl over some people who just completely underestimate it.
  6. I see.... I'd have to read their rule, but I don't think we'd end up playing it that way.
  7. Ah, see we play it just the opposite, and if the IDK have any allies in their list, we can target them as we please.
  8. In my area at least, the reasoning is that scions is an allegiance ability, and allies are completely exempted from any allegiance rules by default. If I tried to do that in my area it would be over ruled by a TO. If I have some time later I’ll try to make a stronger case for it, but that’s the core of the issue as far as I know.
  9. Just a heads up, you can’t use allies to increase drops in the sky. Hopefully he didn’t make that mistake as it would cheapen the victory a bit. Having played lists similar to this for the better part of two years, you need a cavilclade of luck to win a tournament with Gav bomb lists. It’s possible, just really difficult if the matchups are bad. I do want to drill into that pairing link and see what happened with the matchups. Edit: Yes low scoring tournament. No one got 5/0, and a lot of players canceled each other out. Interesting...
  10. One of the guys in my local hobby group did some test games with a battalion list that capped out sentinels, just to see what would happen. We had a series of games where the longest part of the game was just putting the models on the table. The games themselves were about 30 minutes long and mostly involved opponents removing models from the table while the lumineth player stood still and just rolled dice. It might not be unbeatable, but the play experience so far with that type of list is very un-interactive for the opponent. We agreed that there may be a handful of missions in tournament packs that would be difficult for that type of army to deal with (anything that needed heroes to capture and remain on objectives might be problematic for the lumineth player unless you throw in several heroes just to safe-guard losing them all to a similar type of army). That part will be a balancing act, but at least on the surface it's a "pack up early and have a few beers" type of army experience, at the extreme end of the spectrum.
  11. Anvils shootcast is pretty much the answer to everything, even giants. And yes Ballista are far too swingy. You might be able to take 1 giant out with a bit of luck with 4 plus an Ordinator dropping from the sky, but that's 580 points just for a small chance at killing one model, and hoping you don't miss and get immediately smacked down in the next round. Still might be our best play if combined with evocators as you say, but yes it's a pretty rough situation. Almost all stormcast tactics involve gambling that you'll kill whatever you expose yourself to in more or less a single turn. Otherwise once you start taking casualties it's pretty much all over. Yes the garghants are an interesting addition to the game. Hopefully I'll get to pay against them soon and get some experience in.
  12. The meta is shifting towards shooting armies.
  13. My interpretation is that you first must put an equivalent number of units on the table for every unit in the sky. If you’re going to put a battalion in the sky that consists of say 4 units, you must first put 4 units on the table, then your 5th deployment is the entire battalion in the sky.
  14. I'm sure that if you tracked his damage across multiple games and compared that to many of the other 5- wound heroes in the Stormcast book, he'd actually be pretty high up there in terms of total damage done per game. He's a decent hero, but he just doesn't give any buffs, command abilities, or cast spells. He's in the unfortunate position that he's just a default "dude" sitting there doing his own thing, while most of the other stormcast heroes have some additional utility that they bring on top of their basic warscroll. If the books were changed in such a way that he did something else in addition to what he already does, I'm sure he'd be a very common hero. Unfortunately he's competing for a spot in a book that has a lot of other "must haves".
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