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  1. I was thinking Mindrazor from a medusa, an avatar for +1 leadership, and Shroud of despair from morathi, with catechism of murder, on a unit of 20. Just buff the crud out of them and melt a target.
  2. I think you could make a weird 1-trick pony army with morathi as a general and 2 units of 10 with some support units and heroes
  3. I have a weird question about Gotrek and I’m having trouble finding an answer. Gotrek’s warscroll states that any incoming damage characteristic from an attack, spell, or ability that’s greater than 1 is reduced to 1. However it doesn’t say much about mortal wounds and it seems to me that this is a grey area. Example 1: Quicksilver Swords. Roll 12 dice. Each 6 deals a mortal wound. I assume you would make a 3+ save for each mortal wound separately. Example 2: Evocators lightning blast. Roll 2 dice for each model in the unit. Mortal wound on a 4+. Do you make a save for every mortal wound or just 1 since it’s a warscroll ability and seems to match the condition in Gotreks warscroll? Example 3: Longstrike Raptors. Deal 2 mortal wounds on a hit roll of 6. Do each 2 mortal wounds convert down to just 1?
  4. Rub lemon juice all of your bodies so they spit you out. 😂
  5. I got an impression that they are like one step down from Khorne, and that they basically worship slaughter to the point that they kill for fun, and when it's not other people, they kill themselves. The notion that they are any sort of nice is just a front they put up. It's quite literally an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" type of situation.
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