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  1. Where does it say wether evocators Can or Can not cast endless spells?
  2. How many times Can you use the ard fist battalion ability to get more ard boys on the table, if you have 6 command points, Can you use it 6 times?
  3. Danish Bull

    Major and GT

    When is a tournament GT and when is it a major? whats the attendee number requirements?
  4. Excellent, was just making sure I didnt miss anything.
  5. How to get the most out of squigs? i am aware of the herders giving +1 to hit. The grot warboss giving a MW on a 6 roll on wounds. Are there any spiffy way to boost hit or wounds anymore?
  6. Which Morgash are people going with? We are debating it, and thought we’d ask the horde aswell
  7. Danish Bull

    9k Gaming

    Gaming club open to all players, we have no limits on games allowed to play, and have various terrin to accomodate most type and scales of games. Several tournaments a year in different games, and a cozy athmosphere. In house café with drinks and food.
  8. Hvad skal i have med til turneringer 2018? post dem gerne, altså hvis i vil ud med dem ?
  9. I cant download the points, are there anywhere they are available?
  10. Sweet! I usually play Tzeentch and Bonesplittaz (no, not since they placed good, but for a while :P) And I really like the looks of the Hammerhal box!
  11. I really enjoyed the varity of lists altogether.. Is there a place where all lists are compiled?
  12. Danish Bull

    Events i DK

    Hvilken landsdel Der sker lidt rundt omkring, er i meldt ind i gruppen Age Of Sigmar - Denmark og Warhammer hygge i DK ?
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