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  1. +1 to hit and +1 to wound on a melee weapon. So the hunting spear in melee hits on 2+, wounds on 2+ with -2 rend and flat 3 damage. Legendary fighter trait for the additional attack for 5 attacks in total makes for quite the damage dealer (which you'd expect at it's cost!). Is it optimal? Nope! But I can tell you it's immense fun.
  2. I play mixed order limited to Elves and Sylvaneth so I can still field my wood elf army from old hammer. It's great fun plus the Avatar of the Hunt with Ghyrstrike and legendary fighter is an absolute monster in combat!
  3. I always figured they'd really put emphasis on the Wild Hunt aspect of the Wood Elves if Wanderers are redone. Kind of like they took the Slayer theme of the Dwarfs and dialled it up to 11 for the Fyreslayers. Perhaps see Kurnoth (Orion) come back as the leader of the faction etc...
  4. Build and paint 1 Treelord, the finishing piece of the Sylvaneth contingent of my Wood Elves.
  5. Wow, just found your pirates of chamon. They look awesome! Was it the gitmob grot kit used as the basis for these?
  6. So I know these aren't technically elves but the Wood Elves from the land that was hung around with walking trees so why should it be any different in the mortal realms! Sorry, what's that... wanderers betrayal in Ghyran?.... surely that's water under the bridge now! Anywho, here's my 3 kurnoth hunters, minus one head. We'll just say he's the unit champion for now until I source a replacement. For those that are wandering where the head has gone I've used it for my Avatar of the Hunt conversion which is currently in progress. For those that are interested I undercoated Abaddon black, basecoated the bark areas in Calthan Brown (old foundation paint) and the green "flesh" areas Orkhide shade (another old paint). Bark was then layered dessert yellow and finally ushabti bone before a wash of Aggrax Earthshade. Green areas were layered with Warpstone glow and moot green before a wash of Athonian camoshade.
  7. So, first post, I originally started collecting the Wood Elves way back in 2002 during the 6th edition of Warhammer Fantasy as it was known then (and also when all of this around us was fields *shakes walking stick*). I played a few games with the Elves but was more into 40k as more people were playing that in my FLGS at the time and it was easier to get a game in as a result. This focus on 40k continued when I stopped going to the store for games and started gaming regularly with a small group of friends and for years my Wood Elves sat in a case forgotten and gathering dust. Then came the End Times and the Warhammer World ceased to be, replaced by Age of Sigmar. It wasn't until the release of the generals handbook that our gaming group began to take an interest in the game but pretty soon they all began to collect small armies (Seraphon, Free Peoples, Chaos Daemons, Fyre Slayers and Duardin). Remembering my Wood Elves I got them out of storage and finally began working on them again so I could have a viable force for use in the odd game here and there with others in the group. My collection of Wood Elves includes quite a few of the old metal models (thank you Ebay!) that I remember reading about in an old Games Workshop catalogue from around 2003 but could never afford at the time (Wardancers, Mage, Great Eagle, Scouts and Waywatchers) . These are mixed in with the newer plastics (glade guard, glade riders, Wild Riders and Dryads from 2005) and then some of the models from the latest Wood Elf release some point in 8th Edition Fantasy (Eternal Guard, Wild Wood Rangers). The name for the army is inspired by an arcane item from the 2005 Wood Elf army book - The Moonstone of the Hidden Ways. Due to the current state of things with the Wanderers not having a battletome and the old wood elf units now being legacy warscrolls I've been using the Grand Alliance Order allegiance for my army. This allows me to steal warscrolls from the other Elven (Aelven?!) Factions as I see fit in order to get as close to my old 8th Edition wood elf army lists as possible. To this end I've been gradually working my way towards a fully painted 2000 point battle host for the last year. This list itself has gone through various iterations as I've played games with it and, although it's not designed to be competitive in a tournament setting, ive finally arrived at something that puts up a good fight whilst being representative of the spirit of my old Wood Elf army. So without further ado, here's the list: Allegiance: OrderMortal Realm: GhyranLeadersArchmage on Dragon - Magestaff & Book of HoethAvatar of the Hunt - General- Trait: Legendary Fighter- Artefact: Ghyrstrike Glade Lord on Great Eagle - Spirit BladeBattleline20 x Glade Guard 10 x Dryads 5 x Reavers Units10 x Wardancers 5 x Hunting Hounds 3 x Warhawk Riders 20 x Eternal Guard 3 x Kurnoth Hunters- GreatbowsEndless SpellsSoulsnare Shackles Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 136 So there it is, I've got around 1300pts of this painted up to a standard I'm happy with and will post pictures of stuff completed to date over the next few weeks. For the moment though here's my completed Archmage on Dragon:
  8. Fanatics moving like endless spells (i.e potentially controlled by both players depending on who chose the first move in the battle round) is actually a pretty cool, thematic idea. This could be coupled with a rules change so that they inflict damage like some endless spells just by moving through units. That to me would balance them out and not require any extreme points increase. Plus makes them the potential threat to friend and foe they're supposed to be!
  9. There's also the fact that whoever goes second in a turn gets first move of endless spells on the battlefield. Endless spells have made taking the double not quite the no brainer it once was. It's not game breaking but considering that they give your opponent another decision to make is good in my opinion, seeing as it can potentially lead to them making the wrong choice.
  10. Sorry, i shouldve been clearer, the Archmage on dragon can cast two spells without the balewind, it's baked into the warscroll although you need to take the arcane tome option rather than the sword. Basic Archmage on foot (or indeed any wizard with the right number of wounds) can cast balewind to then be able to cast two spells (well 2 spells in each turn after the balewind is cast).
  11. Archmage on dragon with book of hoeth can cast two spells a turn. Otherwise just take a balewind vortex as that let's any wizard cast two spells whilst on it.
  12. The Saurian is a terrifying prospect no doubt but the minute you focus fire power into it with any rend it loses effectiveness. If you came up against an artillery or shooting heavy army I think you'd be in trouble.
  13. Got to say I agree with this. Where does it say compendium models aren't legal? As long as they have a points value and a matched play profile theres no issue using them. Im a wood elf player and still make use of the rules for Wardancers, Waywatchers, Hunting Hounds and even the Avatar. My understanding is that when they get the "legends" treatment is when they don't become legal for matched play anymore.
  14. I use Swifthawk Agent Reavers as my generic battleline. Min unit size of 5 that costs less than glade riders (granted 3 less models though), can shoot 3 times, then also run after shooting. Plus you can use the old glade rider models to represent them.
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