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The Fate of Sigmar - Narrative Event - 16/17 Feb 2019

Paul Buckler

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I am looking at holding a brand new style of narrative event next year.  Will be using this post to guage interest, and hopefully enough people are excited enough to attend and make it viable.

The event will take place 16/17   FEB 2019.  The venue will be Dogger HQ, near Dorchester in Dorset.

So onto the event itself, narrative play is my favourite way to play AOS, and I have attended many events of this type.  I wanted to go a step further and really allow myself to completely create the story which the entrants play, but for that drastic action was needed.  So for this event :

I will provide a list of models that entrants have to buy and paint, (approx 1500-2000 points).  I will attempt to make all the armies about the same monetary value

Entrants can give a list of 3 armies they want to use, and I am going to try and make sure everyone has 1 of their 3 choices given back to them.

Over the weekend, every game will have a custom battleplan, on which the army you use will be listed.  That will be all or part of the force you have painted.   The reults of each game will then dictate which plan you play next, etc etc. 

The number and size of the game will vary from player to player and round to round, could also include Skirmish games.

There will be NO POINTS in use at the event, everything will be done via the scenarios.

I would also like to recruit a GM for each table so that I can write interactive bits to the scenarios which will require a 3rd party.  This maybe something you might consider volunteering for if you dont have the time/money to pait up the army.

I need a min of 8 players I think to run this, and a max of 16.  Then a GM for each table ontop of that if possible

The is NO Entrance Fee, this event is FREE.  The cost of your army is what youare paying (obv you could resell and get most of that back)

If this is something you would consider then please sign up below

Feel free to ask questions as well.



Current Entrants

Matt Beach
Chris Tomlin (gm or Play)
Paul Petford (GM)
Steve Foote
Kye Baker
Matt Lyons
Tom Hewitt
Sean Houghton
Steve Hursell
Richard Morley (Gm or Play)
Ollie Grimwood (Gm or play)
Declan Waters
Ben smith
Martin Morrin
Ricky Mee
Aaron Bailey



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1 minute ago, HobbyHammer said:

So, this should be RoE weekend... but Kye and me have just spoken about it and this is literally too good not to change the RoE date for, so I am in 1 million percent as it is exactly the sort of narrative event I want to go to. 

No way I would clash dude, I picked the weekend that doesn't (and I want to play at ROE!)

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Messages sent to all Players, Bossfest this week, so if I can have your choice,i can maybe write a few lists there and send out next week.  Also plan is to setup a whattsapp chat for you all to bounce ideas between yourselves

Also I have 4 GM's so far, anyone else interested who reads this thread please let me know, you get to help write the cool battleplans and mess with the players during the games with some bonkers interactions


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