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  1. Thanks for the kind words Chris . And for the record you are too hard on yourself! To take ironjaws and beat the newer faction books you did (tzeentch and skyfires - ricky with nagash/vhordrai) requires top play. I am no way near the like’s of Ricky etc but the Legion of Blood would always fancy an IJ match up, especially in that scenario. However, you talked through exactly what you needed to do before we started, stopped yourself taking 2nd turn explaining the rationale which was absolutely spot on, and then executed with precision. The game was a lot of fun (never have I wanted snake eyes so bad before!) and glad I finally got to play you. Hobby achievement unlocked. Army looks so great on the table as well. Top bloke, top army, top sport, huge pillar of the community. enough said ?
  2. £20 deposits paid for laurie Huggett-Wilde and Richard Morley. ?
  3. Managed to qualify in 23rd with this list bud varghulf courtier necromancer 6 x flayers 5 x dire wolves (flayers take van Hal’s, regrow and death save - finding damned where possible, wolves screen and take hit whilst flayers jump over) cairn wraith 9 x hosts 5 x dire wolves (again dogs take hit whilst hosts jump over and damned if poss) Mounted vampire lord 60 x zombies (inspiring presence or +1 attack for 120 hits at 3’s and 3’s) mourngul - for support
  4. Good luck everyone! Will try and pop in to see who's hot who's not!
  5. Take something harder! Changeling icon already yours so time for some chump bashing! Congrats to all my fellow Doggers. Worked out there's 155 tournie appearances been put in this year between us so great showing on the scene and been some great moments. Let's aim for 200 for 2018! Good luck to those who have made the masters and the Doggers masters. A win at The latter event earns more bragging rights though ?
  6. Great idea ? We shall fight for control of the skies sir! Cannons at the ready
  7. Ahab is the single arkanought dude who will be the hunter. Will magnatise the feet so he can go on a 32mm base (from memory - not got the pack to hand but have read it promise!) or I can put him in the boat just for fun. Boat will be part of the 1500 point normal army. The Whalen is the leviathan which is on a 120 oval. Dead Guy on top will be Ahab's father or something (not ironed out the plot yet) so Ahab wants his revenge (he is Ahab after all). The Whalen broke the rider's chain which did for him so Ahab trying to recapture The Whalen or something ?
  8. Work starts today on the all female vampire soul blight army. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna dress up as a female aristocratic vampire as well. Although I'm also quite interested in an almost all ship, converted to be at sea, pirate KO army, so I can dress as a dwarf pirate ?
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