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  1. Absolutely stunning, especially considering the amount of time you had on these dude!!! I love the out there theme, think it worked really well.
  2. Tom Hewitt

    The Fate of Sigmar - Narrative Event - 16/17 Feb 2019

    I'm SUPER interested in playing @Paul Buckler - this sounds genuinely awesome!!
  3. Tom Hewitt

    WTB: Archaon and Fyreslayers army

    @KeX I've got 1600 points of unpainted fyreslayers to shift, and a half built Archaon... Will take some photos of it all.
  4. IIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN! (please and thank you)
  5. Can't believe how close this is getting... Need to work out some objective markers stat! @HobbyHammer Thinking of running something like this: Leaders Knight-Heraldor (120) Knight-Heraldor (120) Knight-Venator (120) Lord-Castellant (100) Lord-Celestant On Dracoth (220) Lord-Relictor (80) Lord-Veritant (120) Units 10 x Gryph-Hound (400) Battalions Lords of the Storm (200) Total: 1480 / 2000
  6. Tom Hewitt

    Events UK: FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2 (30sep-1Oct)

    I GRUDGE @Dangermouse425 - IT IS GONNA BE A BLOODBATH!!! ... Or at least a civilised game between gentlemen.
  7. Tom Hewitt

    Events UK: FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2 (30sep-1Oct)

    @Terry Pike Are you accepting grudges for this yet? Myself and Mr @Dangermouse425 may have been discussing an EGGS rematch...
  8. Am very interested in this pleases
  9. I would happily take you up on a grudge Mitzy if you find me worthy of such a cause? I'm not sue what I'll be bringing yet, either Stormcast or Tzeentch. I can't promise it will be a game to end all games, nor will there be much fame in defeating me (should you have the wits to do so ?), but I can promise to have a giggle none the less ? By the power of Sigmar (or Tzeentch)!!
  10. Tom Hewitt

    Events UK: FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2 (30sep-1Oct)

    So in for this - last year was awesome!! All tournaments should have attached gift shops ... I should probably start saving!
  11. Tom Hewitt

    The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    #I'mIn Great idea!! Love the thougt of using this as an excuse to start a new army, without feeling like I have to commit a huuuuge investment into it. I've got a Stormcast 1000k list I'm starting ready for Partners in Chaos. Maybe after that's done I can use it as an excuse to do an Ironjawz army ? We'll see... Will post up some WIP/lists soon!
  12. Anyone still painting? Spoiler alert... I am. Need to get some super awesome painting mojo juice #lemonsquash
  13. Does anyone know how to get in contact with Tom Wall? I couldn't find him as a member here or on Twitter... Or does anyone know what army he's bringing? Thank you!!