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  1. DionTheWanderer

    RAW19 - Realms At War - Uprising

    Very excited for this!
  2. DionTheWanderer

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Where is that coming from? The waystone pathfinders specifically says “as if it were the shooting phase” so I’d assume it was treated identically (shoot twice, Waywatcher can use fast shots etc). If that’s been FAQ’d then it’s a pretty huge nerf tbf
  3. DionTheWanderer

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Great - because that unit clearly needed a nerf to counteract any improvement... 🙄
  4. DionTheWanderer

    The Fan Fiction Thread

    I ended up choosing medium as a hosting site - I like the simplicity of it. I’ve used it for a series of short stories: https://link.medium.com/gbVJIJI4rS
  5. DionTheWanderer

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Other than occasional mentions, we haven’t had a whole bunch of lore for the Wanderers yet. I’ve had a go at writing a bit of my own, taking a recent narrative tournament as inspiration for a series of short stories. Let me know your thoughts, particularly if I’ve written anything contradicting the little official lore we’ve had so far! Link to first story: https://link.medium.com/kAV6q9x3rS
  6. DionTheWanderer

    Aelves and Aethermy

    The fantastic narrative tournament Realms At War 2018 provided inspiration for this series of short stories set in the Mortal Realms. Its early days yet for me in writing about AoS, so very much welcome peoples thoughts. Particularly any corrections to where the stories aren’t consistent with the established canon! Link to first story below. Following chapters can be accessed by a link at the end of the previous one. https://link.medium.com/kAV6q9x3rS
  7. DionTheWanderer

    The Fan Fiction Thread

    A meta-question, I guess: I love narrative, and am in the process of writing up a recent tournament as a series of short stories. However, they're probably a little long for forum posts. Any good hosting websites that people use for fiction/fan fiction these days? (Some previous attempts here: )
  8. DionTheWanderer

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    How annoying. I can't see that being a problem outside of serious tournaments though.
  9. DionTheWanderer

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    That is incredibly creepy. Nice work. How's it made?
  10. DionTheWanderer

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    How does it stop you using Wanderers Allegiance? It's within the limit for Allies in terms of points? Or are we not allowed to ally with Wood Elves... that would be a bit ridiculous.
  11. DionTheWanderer

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    It's based on a metal model (which needed clipping and filing down) but I had a lot of fun making this one:
  12. DionTheWanderer

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    I've tried running a magic-heavy list with some endless spells in order to get some MW. Aethervoid pendulum is a reliable one for 40 points. Others vary depending on the realms, but vs Chaos (particularly in Chamon) then Quicksilver Swords is a steal at 20pts. Also who needs MW when you have bodkins?
  13. DionTheWanderer

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Usual caveat that I'm not a very experienced player yet. I still take stalker. Movement is all we have as an army, so it's super important to maximise its use. Our next best ability is Forget-me-Knot which is basically designed to make a superior army fractionally less superior for one other turn. We can no longer beat people in the shooting phase, and we never could in combat. Our only option for winning games is to use our large number of bodies and clever movement to take objectives. Depending on tactical situation I'll wander one of three units (usually). Glade Guard *after* they've got their bodkins off. Have them within 8" of Nomad Prince for his command ability on their bodkins. Then, assuming there are any left on the table, drop them on the back edge behind the enemy line. Either the enemy have to divert forces back up the board to get rid of them, or they can continue to fire for the rest of the game. In reality this later option is little more than a gentle tickle - so it's more the perceived threat. Nobody likes having 30 elf archers dropped behind their lines even if they're not actually doing very much. At the very least they'll have to leave units behind to hold objectives. Maybe it can pick off a wizard or something if they're hiding in the back. Wildwood Rangers in the hope of getting them into combat before they get wiped off the board. Obviously this is unlikely to work in most circumstances as they have a 9" charge to make, and if they are counter charged, they're dead before they can do anything. However, dropping them behind a combat unit who are bogged down by Eternal Guard can be quite effective. I'm also thinking about trying to use the cogs and maybe a command point charge re-roll, although I haven't managed to use either yet. Waywatcher - Realm Wandering doesn't count as moving for the purpose of shooting, so dropping the waywatcher behind enemy lines, or scooting them down a board edge can both keep them out of harms way and draw powerful enemy units out of position.
  14. DionTheWanderer

    Events UK: Realms at War 3 - Aethermy 5 SPACES AVAILABLE

    Just wanted to add my thanks to the organisers for an absolutely stunning event. I can't begin to imagine the hard work that went into developing and testing the mechanic - let alone all of the logistics and other concerns. And the level of hobby was mindblowing. Consider me inspired. One and only suggestion for next year: name badges? I found it quite hard to keep up, particularly what with trying to learn Aethermy and after a few beers...
  15. DionTheWanderer

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    So, just got back from RAW, running 1500pts of Wanderers for the first time. First and foremost, what a fantastic event. Really great people, fantastic organisation, amazing theme/rules and scenery. Wonderful time. Now, obviously it's a narrative event, so wasn't being played with hyper-competitive armies or by hyper-competitive people. Which, frankly, is one of the best things about it. All I really wanted was for my army to stay on the board long enough for the games to stay interesting past turn 1, which they more or less did. I maintain that Stormcast are Aelf kryptonite (they demolish us in the hero phase AND the shooting phase AND the combat phase). And the game where I deployed within 6" of my board edge, and still had a Gargant charge me first turn was a bit of a massacre. But they stayed fun and interesting. I even won a game (and rode on the coattails of a DoK army in the doubles - my word those ladies roll a lot of dice). Now, while I'm sure these tactics won't wash in tournaments or against any kind of meta-list, I did have a few observations that I'll try to follow in future. I'll repeat them below in the hope they might help newbie players. I certainly got a bit discouraged at first on coming back to the hobby and getting stomped off the table in turn 2 repeatedly. Comments from more experienced Wanderers generals very welcome. I found refused-flank a really powerful tactic. Used it twice to force opponents to spend a large part of the game swinging round towards me rather than dashing into combat round 1. Basically setting up some EG in cover as a pivot point/dissuade opponents from charging that side and then tempting opponents to set up opposite a large block of GG. Then realm-wandered them away (using Stalker of the Hidden Paths) to suddenly make a whole flank of that army disappear. Alternatively using the EG in cover as a speedbump, in order to give you enough time to make everything around them disappear somewhere else (while shooting a lot). Soulsnare shackles are really quite useful for 20 points. Particularly if you snipe their wizard(s) off the board as an early priority - then they are stuck with them. Sisters of the Thorn are a very mobile way of sticking them somewhere useful and then running away. Terrain-heavy tables really suit us. Cover for the EG. Realm-wandering becomes much more powerful as other armies have to move round terrain to get to us. And you can use the Shackles to block entire avenues of approach (particularly for models with big bases like bloody Sigmarines).