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  1. I’m a big proponent of this idea - it’s actually the focus of my current hobby project (see https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/22055-regiments-of-renown/) However I think it should come at a cost - Order is always fighting a rearguard action against the creeping entropy of Chaos, Death and Destruction. So if they pair up with Death, there should be a corrupting influence that slowly erodes the gains they get from pairing up, or threatens to spill over into civil war.
  2. A few more photos of the second set of models from my RoR. The helmets come from one piece heads that were a b*gger to cut down/hollow out, but I'm pleased with how they've come out.
  3. Can't wait to see it. Any hints as to the theme?
  4. Speaking of Wanderer lore, (of which there is depressingly little in BL), I've been posting some Wanderer centred writing on the Narrative section. The first is a narrative write up of the various battles in the Fate of Sigmar narrative tournament. The second is the preview of the Realms at War tournament coming up. It also includes my first attempt at an audiobook (about 12 minutes) - would particularly like to hear people's thoughts on that.
  5. The theme for this year's Realms at War is 'regiments of renown,' allowing participants to convert and paint up a special unit, along with a backstory. After the amazing creativity that people came up with for the 'Aethermy' theme last year (One guy built a laboratory on the back of a giant, another in the corpse of a giant spider) I can't wait to see what people come up with this time around. I'd like to share the first model from mine below, along with the backstory. Also thought this might be a chance for everyone, whether they're coming to RAW or not, to share some pictures of a particular unit they've made that fits the bill, and any storylines behind them. Backstory: https://medium.com/@daniel.summerbell/raising-the-regiment-prologue-d8b13b1f99f7 I also did an audio version of the story if anyone prefers to listen to it while doing some hobby! You can stream it here: Or download it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uy7os71o0R9k0Bdvw_VsEgpteaAOC2pZ/view As always, comments and thoughts welcome!
  6. And the final episode: https://medium.com/@daniel.summerbell/shards-of-sigmar-iv-68149a1fe1ee
  7. Episode III: https://link.medium.com/zplEXVCrkV
  8. Spellweaver's ancient blessings (once a game auto dispel) would probably be pretty useful against Tzeentch?
  9. Second episode is now up. Thanks everyone who has taken a look, I really appreciate it when you take the time to read what I've written and share in my hobby! Always happy to hear people's thoughts, both here and on twitter. https://medium.com/@daniel.summerbell/shards-of-sigmar-ii-4cbef346498f
  10. Shards of Sigmar: A series of short stories based on the narrative tournament Fate of Sigmar. Would love to hear people’s thoughts, or ideas where I should take the story next, in the build up to RAW19 First instalment can be found here: https://link.medium.com/v9ksjzg0CU I will post the rest over the coming weeks
  11. Where is that coming from? The waystone pathfinders specifically says “as if it were the shooting phase” so I’d assume it was treated identically (shoot twice, Waywatcher can use fast shots etc). If that’s been FAQ’d then it’s a pretty huge nerf tbf
  12. Great - because that unit clearly needed a nerf to counteract any improvement... 🙄
  13. I ended up choosing medium as a hosting site - I like the simplicity of it. I’ve used it for a series of short stories: https://link.medium.com/gbVJIJI4rS
  14. Other than occasional mentions, we haven’t had a whole bunch of lore for the Wanderers yet. I’ve had a go at writing a bit of my own, taking a recent narrative tournament as inspiration for a series of short stories. Let me know your thoughts, particularly if I’ve written anything contradicting the little official lore we’ve had so far! Link to first story: https://link.medium.com/kAV6q9x3rS
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