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  1. I really hope you’re right (and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be). I’m just setting my expectations low so that new developments are likely to be a bonus not a disappointment.
  2. I think you're too optimistic. Cities of Sigmar is a vehicle to get people with large existing collections not to quit the hobby when they squat large parts of it. If you can still field some of your models in a viable force - or maybe just have to add one or two new units to get back to 2000pts - then it's less dispiriting than starting over from scratch. However I don't expect new models, or even much attention to be given to the rules going forward. It will be a slow fade out for 'generic' elves dwarves and men. Still, that's better than it could have been. So I don't expect updates or for them to get rolled into new factions. Kurnothi, if they exist, will be their own race, book and IP with no Wanderers crossover. In the same way that Disposessed and KO/Fyreslayers don't work together. I understand the reasons behind this and I think it's probably the best compromise we could have hoped for. I'll consider collecting another army - or I might just concentrate on my scenery collection and having narrative games. I wasn't planning on going to any tournaments anyway.
  3. If that's the case we're pretty screwed, as there are precious few ranged heroes. I suppose the gunmaster has a profile that you could fit to a Waywatcher/Wayfinder if you squinted a bit. One long attack at high damage (think hail of doom arrow/precise shots) plus a bunch of short range attacks (think rapid fire, Legolas style). I know I'm going to have a fair bit of fun rewriting various warscrolls so that the wording fits Wanderers but the profile remains the same for 'counts as' purposes. Of course, all of this is highly dependent on the synergy of abilities available, so I will be waiting for the book to come out before I get too excited.
  4. Glade guard are a pretty good fit for Freeguild Crossbowmen - I like the rend throughout the game, they get an overwatch, and actually I think their horde bonus being volley fire rather than accuracy fits the lore better. Just a shame they can't hit anything, but frankly neither could GG. Hopefully the book will have some decent heroes - they're characterful units and I've put a lot of time into mine, both painting and lore wise.
  5. I mean, that is why I don't go to tournaments, which is a bit sad when you think about it. Fortunately there's plenty else in the hobby to keep me occupied and enjoying myself. On a more positive note, I think the freeguild crossbowmen have a warscroll that actually fits glade guard reasonably well (at least, nearly as well as their old one, which wasn't exactly elite to begin with). So if keywords etc stack up in the new book, which I'm hopeful they will, there are definitely ways forward. I'm actually playing a narrative event in October that I am using to determine the path I take next. So I may go down the free cities route, or a completely different one, depending on the outcome of the games in that event. Looking forward to it. You have a Harrowhall army? Have you put much together yet or are you waiting for the book?
  6. On a more positive note, the warscroll for freeguild crossbowmen (who I *think* are not being binned?) actually fits the profile of GG pretty well, and they are cheaper, points wise. I'll miss arcane bodkins, but at least there's a warscroll that fits the model reasonably well. Well enough that I might still paint up the 8 I have on sprue to make 2 units of 20. Allegiance ability/keyword permitting of course (would suck if Nomad Prince couldn't help them shoot), but hopefully the book will be supportive of that sort of thing.
  7. I think you’re missing the point mate - people have existing models that they’ve put a lot of time/effort/cash into.
  8. I think what annoys me about that is that the models are clearly archery focused, whereas the shadow warriors are more combat/shooting balanced. Also, having carefully built my glade guard into huge units for the horde bonus, I now need to rethink that.
  9. I probably will end up doing that. I freely admit I'm whinging, although there are *some* good reasons for it: A) I don't know what I'll be able to use them as, and the uncertainty is stressful B) I've had bad experiences with people in the community being arsey about proxying/base sizes etc, and it would be nice not to have to worry about that and just play C) It's still depressing to have spent two years building an army and painting it to a (for me) high standard only for it to get TK'd 8 months later.
  10. On a related note, could I get away with using AoS models as a LOTR army? I suddenly have a lot of wood elves that need a home - and elves being a little taller than humans isn't a bad thing, even if they didn't shoot the films that way for obvious reasons. I like the realistic scale of LOTR stuff - glade guard look clunky by comparison, but I have enough of them that I could field a whole force, which at least means they wouldn't be compared side by side.
  11. I think a lot of people (myself included) have been limping along with armies we love but that get battered on the tabletop, in the hope that they will get a book one day. That isn't really a problem with Stormcast, as they have been doing the ones doing most of the battering (seriously guys, do you have to be good in *every* phase? Give us one phase we can compete in at least. ) To learn that is not going to happen, and that they probably won't appear in GHB20, right after hearing there was finally a book released, was a bit galling. I know them feels. Had my first game with 2000pts on Wednesday. Friday rolls round and I'm back down to 1090pts, if you take the legacy models out.
  12. After 2 years of careful collecting and painting, I had enough models for my first 2000pt game against Nurgle this week. I thought I played well, and got a fair share of luck on my dice rolls. Didn't win, but at least the game was interesting, and I felt with a small boost of competitiveness from Cities of Sigmar we could at least compete enough to have fun games at club level against all but the very top-tier armies. I also base quite a lot of narrative around the various heroes. Two days later, that 2000pts is reduced to 1090. Disappointed is an understatement. And yeah, I know they will limp along for the next year or so. But managed decline isn't much fun, particularly when you're not starting from particularly high up the tree in the first place.
  13. Thank you! I have a lightly-converted spellweaver who in my fluff (I’m primarily a narrative player) is dabbling with raising the dead. I’ll proxy her either for a necromancer or maybe a vampire lord - I’m trying out Knights of the Blood Drenched Rose on Friday. If you’re keen on fluff, please have a look (apologies to those who have seen it before) : https://link.medium.com/0jRgJJQ0ZX
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