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  1. jondoe297

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    want to run a snake heavy list. tempted to drop blessing of khaine for the dmg one when the models die. but 6+ rerolling seems solid . Think I have the mobility needed with command trait and heart renderers. I know hag narr is super solid, but want to try something different. Thoughts? is Morathi a must have for this sort of list?
  2. Hi, Is there an entrants list for this event? Cheers
  3. jondoe297

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    The eels are super strong for their points, arguably undercosted. Where as gruntas, are pretty fairly costed imo. Got a narrative event at the end of the month where I'm taking a few pigs plus a couple of customer warscrolls (Chanter and shaman on pigs too) Pretty psyched for it
  4. jondoe297

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Again, I think this is where I got my thought process from. I remember reading somewhere you couldn't. Guessing it was an old (AoS1) FAQ. I completely disagree with the no charging in the charge phase (as it stands) you have not met the criteria for retreating. Which is carried out in the move phase as part of a 'normal move' when starting within 3 inches of an enemy (I expect I have massively paraphrased there) I will carry on playing as old way because I believe that is the way its intended, but I certainly would struggle to argue against an opponent who wishes to use this as I believe at the moment the current wording allows it so.
  5. jondoe297

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    I play it the exact same way, just a recent conversation has made me re think about it.
  6. jondoe297

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Although it predates the term, surely at the moment it is ok to move out of melee with iron fist move then move and charge another target later that turn (going by how the rules interact at the moment) . thought came up due to a discussion regarding FEC and one of their battalions.
  7. jondoe297

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Cheers, I have no idea why I thought that about the run, good to know. There's no mention in the new faqs which is why I brought it up. I assume as it's not a 'normal move it's legit to iron fist out and charge (If you pop a dice roll high enough)
  8. jondoe297

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Q, regarding ironfist battalion If you use the d6 move to retreat out of combat, can you still charge later in the turn (I've been playing not) Also if you use the iron fist battalion can you not run in your move phase (again I've been playing no, but rereading the battalion, have a I read something that isn't actually there, or am I doing it right) Cheers
  9. jondoe297

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Hi, Quick Q, I think I know the answer but wanted to make sure I was right. Shroud guard, can I take a mounted knight of shrouds in that battalion? Or is just the chap on foot? My understanding is that both are viable, but sure I read somewhere online that it was just the foot variety. Don't wanna pull a list together that is not legit
  10. jondoe297

    Nighthaunt Army List

    The two lists I'm toying with to start with. First list is themed round a reaper feel. With moderate healing One of the guardian of souls will be the one with the hourglass. Second list is about the spooky ghosts and healing them up with trait and black coach. Second list likely take midnight tome and pendant as well
  11. jondoe297

    Events UK: Time for Heroes - Version 2 in play

    Out of interest how many people have signed up so far/list of entrants
  12. jondoe297

    The Fate of Sigmar - Narrative Event - 16/17 Feb 2019

    If Kye and Sean don't mind me tagging along with them, I'd be up for this. Any excuse for collecting a new army
  13. jondoe297

    Head 2 IJ warhammer tv

    Up until that weekend I had not used the realmgate for teleporting . Purely was there for +2 bravery, but I was convinced whilst drunk on the Friday night that it was a good idea . So nigh on every game the unit of 5 brutes attempted to go through it, for lols mostly. I didn't realise about the rolls until dan picked me up on it. (teach me to read the warscrolls properly) But yer, once the 10 Brutes had gone, and I if I hadnt gutted the army it was pretty much game over. (this was true of most of my games over the weekend) It was a nice fix to get the Brutes up to Bravery 9 but was expensive.
  14. Esmerelda looked out from the dock, light glistening off the bay water, the busy Colarcanium dock bustling all around her, the catcalls from the burly sailors falling on death ears, for our to sea the boat was sailing in. The boat that carried her future husband, and with it her future. Captain Van Slechterik stepped from the boarded planks and bowed before the Duke, risking a coy smile to the Dukes daughter standing just behind, Esmerelda blushed in response. ‘Welcome back Captain’ boomed the Duke, we have preparations to make for tomorrows wedding, they will not be sorted dallying here. The party strode from the dock, unaware of the horrors that was to befall this city in the coming days… It had been two days since she had wed, the future torn from her grasp, the city plunged into anarchy and death, monsters were tearing the city apart, her family home destroyed along with all her loved ones. She didn’t know how her husband faired, but reports suggested his unit was still holding strong, and were mostly being utilised as a rear guard force. She was waiting for the relief force to come and save the last of the aristocracy in this sector of the city, a call for an evacuation had be issued as the city was lost. Troops entered the courtyard of her destroyed palace, the remnants of the populace seeking shelter, they had to make it to the last defensive position, with the last untainted realm gate. They dashed through the streets, their salvation in sight, and even more glorious her husband alive leading the retreat. Moments from reuniting with her love, undead creatures burst from the side roads and alley ways surround her party. She looked up pleading towards her husband, seek aid from her dashing brave husband, reciting in her head the stories abound of his heroism and valour. His cold look returned hers, a shrug of shoulders as he issued an order to close the gates and lock her away from salvation. Heartbroken, Esmerelda screamed in anguish, realising that he had merely used her to move up in society, a stepping stool. He did not truly love her, they were empty words and empty promises, told from a tongue used to deceit and manipulation of the opposite sex, she had been warned by close friends but had refused to listen to them, and the dark rumours of his flirtatious ways that she has so often forced away came flooding back. He had used her, he had left her to die and she screamed a curse that she would not rest until she had her vengeance, the scream choked to a gargle as deathless hands wrapped around her throat and took the light from her eyes.
  15. jondoe297

    Nurgle Daemons - from zero to hero (hopefully)

    From what i've read you take plague bearers in 10's or 30's. Unsure how legit that is however. Defo get Horticulous, coz he looks aceballs. You sticking with pure daemons?