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  1. Ollie Grimwood

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    Certainly possible. Would that be recorded as BL turnover or as licensing? I’ve not had a look at the report yet. They’ve certainly upped the expenditure in terms of voice talent towards the end of the year with some big names it might take a while before that get the payback on that investment
  2. Ollie Grimwood

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    I wonder if Audible has caused a bit of a drop in the BL profits, I use the credits and its much cheaper way getting books that way £6-£7 with the offers you get with membership
  3. Ollie Grimwood

    best weapon loadout for brute squad?

    Gore choppa all the way it’s an excellent weapon. I’d recommend the Klaw and basha for the boss as well
  4. Ollie Grimwood

    How do you play open/casual?

    Nothing pretty eldritch or arcane really, I just use a non Matchplay Battleplan and make use of the open/narrative play section of the generals handbook.
  5. Ollie Grimwood


    An update on Da Kaptain the skin is complete
  6. Ollie Grimwood

    RAW19 - Realms At War - Uprising

    The Avatar of the Waaagh returns An Usurper will die Olrog Lives!!
  7. Ollie Grimwood


  8. Ollie Grimwood

    Dwarven deitrus among troggoths

    Nice ! They are probably going to have to be from the remains of the the pre Chaos of Chaos Duardin civilisations. The Dispossessed are the Duardin that made it to Azyr and Sigmar had purged that realm of nasties. So those ruins are from whatever was left behind from the Duardin civilisation that existed before the the split into KO, Fyreslayers and Dispossessed Of course they may be from somerhing they haven’t mentioned yet that utilises some of the exiting models. Which would match what we’ve seen so far from AoS
  9. Ollie Grimwood

    Dwarven deitrus among troggoths

    Where does it say Dispoessed exclusively follow Grungi? And I bet even though they are Grimnir obsessed the Fyreslayers still know that Grungi is a God Also the three (currently) Duardin factions come form the the same Ancestors and they only became distinct separate cultures following the coming of Chaos. Crikey those bits of stone my have even come from Age of Legends era Holds predating them all.
  10. Ollie Grimwood

    Dwarven deitrus among troggoths

    They all follow the same gods so the statues may be of those rather than units. But like I said the later Dwarf releases seemed like they had AoS in mind so I wouldn’t’t be surprised seeing them in AoS faction updates soon
  11. Ok lads don’t tell Im nothink. The Stunti is just worried cos the Bad Moons is rising an the little lads is going to give is sort a right kicking. Ees just after earing our best tacticks so he can plan for them.
  12. Ollie Grimwood

    Dwarven deitrus among troggoths

    To be honest all Stunties look the same to me 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  13. Ollie Grimwood

    Dwarven deitrus among troggoths

    It’s certainly Duardin, it’s not necessarily Dispossessed though could as easily be Fireslayer. Though I do think there’s a strong chance that newer dispossessed models will find their way into new factions. Irondrakes seem made for AoS
  14. The current ones aren’t a bad as the screwtop ones they did 10 years or so ago there was no chance of stopping them drying out. Though the best seals were on the old Hex pot and round ones that preceded them. I bet they were the cheapest as well. I still have near 30 year old paints good to go in those. Hilariously they didn’t put labels on the pots in paint sets back then. Got a few classic from the Space Marine and Ork and Eldar paint sets still. The inks did come in dropper bottles way back when I did suggest on Twitter we could come up with replacement names for the World that Was named paint, Shadeglass for Nuln Oil for example but I guess in Bloodbowl the Endtimes didn’t happen so all those places still exist.
  15. Yep there’s a whole website dedicated to GW business dealings aceesqble from the WebStore called Investor Relations well worth a look if you want to see what’s going on in that area