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  1. You might be correct and it is a good way of populating the setting without massive production costs. To add into the idea though they might be using it as a opportunity to test concepts and see which ones have the biggest take up and then develop those ones into full factions for AoS proper.
  2. The Grots have the Bad Moon representing the Cunning but Brutal side of Gorkamorka. Taking this forward I’ve made an Evil Sun to represent the Brutal but Cunning side.
  3. For me the problem with the Chariot and Orruk Boys is that they are “old” Orcs with the gorilla gait physiology that is absent in the upright Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz. Of course so do Ard Boys but they don’t fit very well to my eye. I feel they provide an aesthetic problem. Boarboys however don’t as they are mounted and also possess commonality of design with the Bonesplitter sets. I was far more surprised they went. There’s quite a large narrative point to be addressed as Bonesplitterz and Ard Boyz do both start there lives as “ordinary” Orruks so that’ll need to be addressed in Warclans. I am of course praying to Gorkamorka that a new set will be produced and added along with a return of Boarboys. I’m not hugely hopeful though.
  4. Yeah it needs to be well defined, any ambiguity does not go down well
  5. Charges could work well, representing a building tide of Orkiness as they get into the fight. Of course adds a bit of a weakness as we can be a bit slow getting there but new Ironjawz ability would mitigate that. Thematically it would work Edit: could go with units in 3” of the enemy after all Orruks don’t mind how they get into a fight as long as they are there. Might and for an interesting game where you’re enemy needs to choose their charges very well
  6. Summoning you say? Interesting. Has it been mentioned where the Waaagh points come from? It’ll be interesting to see how they do it thematically speaking. Traditionally more boyz equals more Waaagh
  7. Good point, though it wouldn’t really affect them all the characters can be made out of the plastic sets pretty easily as could a mounted missile unit.
  8. Blimey Bonesplitterz only have two box sets !! Loosing anything would be pretty major. High possibility of some Ogor trimming with a new book coming though I might guess at Gnoblars
  9. Black Orcs to Ard boys and Savage Orcs to Savage Orruks spring to to mind where the number of models of models in the box went up. As did the Bloodchrushers. They didn’t add in extra sprues from other sets with them. They did with a couple of the FEC sets though
  10. Ah good call on the monopose captain I’d forgotten him. I didn’t mean number of units increasing you are very correct the number of units in total has tended to go down. I meant the number of models in a box which they’ve tended to increase for boxes like that to 20
  11. On a slight tangent a lot of character models were discontinued for the arrival of CoS are Freeguild really only going to have leaders mounted on Griffons? Also Freeguild come on 10 man sets so I’d expect them to be beefed up to 20 man sets. How about this for a crazy idea what if they chucked in a sprue of thunderers instead of extre human handgunners for a CoS missile troops set? Unlikely but it would fit with the narrative
  12. Gitmob are probably the only example of removal from the rules, I did say “majority” not all. Theres plenty of models with both Legends and AoS rules. There’s no particular precedent to your claim on that score. May or may not be the case we’ll have to wait and see.
  13. I could certainly see Chaos Knights and Marauders being discontinued. The Knights have been largely supplanted by flashier cavalry Bloodchrushers, Blightlords Etc. Same with Marauders and the god specific dudes and the Warcry stuff. I already use my twohanded weapon Marauders as Bloodreavers. The same may be true for the vanilla Chaos warriors but I’d wait to see what Darkoath brings on that score. We are seeing the Order cut occurring with Cities of Sigmar, the Death and Destruction ones have already happened so Chaos may have a bit of a trim. Of course in the majority of case discounted production has not meant removal from the rules
  14. I’m very excited for this release I’ve been playing mixed Jawz and Splitterz for a while. The Power of the Waaagh mechanic is something I’m keen on seeing. Waaagh energy powering the Orruks has been something that’s mentioned in the narrative but beyond Rogue Idols and the command ability it’s not been largely explored rules wise.
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