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  1. Ollie Grimwood

    GW is asking for advice on GHB 2019

    It’s tricky to suggest points changes without knowing what else the GHB will bring. For Destruction and it’s pants allegiance ability drops across the board would be fair however if the ability is changed this may not be the case. Points don’t exist in a vacuum it’s difficult to give accurate figures without context. It’s nice GW have asked though.
  2. Ollie Grimwood

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    In my experience I have not found opponents too worried about this sort of thing. I’ve used my Marauders with two handed weapons as Bloodreavers with meatriper axes without complaint at a number of tournaments (including at a WHW one). As long as the Skaven are painted like ghosts I can’t see problem, Skaven seem like prime candidates for becoming Chain Rasps. Of course I’m a big fan of non human Undead models so there’s a bit of personal bias.
  3. Ollie Grimwood

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    If they’ve got the same base size as the model they are counting as and the miniature is the same size or larger than the model they are representing there should be a problem.
  4. Ollie Grimwood


    This will be the Freebooters’ Skyship.
  5. Ollie Grimwood

    Warhammer spin-off games...

    😁 Man o War was ok.
  6. Ollie Grimwood

    Warhammer spin-off games...

    WFRP was probably my favourite with Advanced Heroquest coming second . I liked the easy to understand percentile system (largely) of WFRP and the meshing of RPG and Miniatures board game of Advanced Heroquest. Of course Adv. Heroquest came back as Warhammer Quest but it lacked the same level of RPG elements.
  7. Ollie Grimwood


    Here’s the Kaptain and first Mate, an Overtyrant and a Butcher with a cauldron (Battle Barbecue)
  8. Ollie Grimwood


    These are my Wip Freebooter Orruk Pirates for the Fate of Sigmar event in feb , I’ll post more as the project progresses
  9. Ollie Grimwood

    Gotrek in AoS

    I was concerned about Gotrek arriving in the Mortal Realms. I needn’t have been, Realmslayer is great. For a more more involved review Double Misfire’s post covers it well. I heartily recommend this Graphic Audio tale for all
  10. Ollie Grimwood

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    I’ve always felt much their “criticism” is more about how they are annoyed that GW doesn’t provide them with free stuff or treat them as the oracle on community opinion rather than any journalistic integrity
  11. Ollie Grimwood

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    For people to have early release stuff there needs to be a certain amount of corporate involvement just for the products to be provided. I suppose we could go back to the way it was with no involvement but I seem to remember people enjoying that even less. AoS is blessed with a couple of well produced and publicised shows in Warhammer Weekly and The Honest Wargammer who make get efforts to both maintain and advertise their independence. Not that I find (or found ) the shows with more advertised links such as Heelanhammer fawning or uncritical. It’s the same as any media outlet the viewer needs to use their own discretion a bit when making judgements based on the opinions of others. Just because someone is being critical or negative doesn’t mean they are anymore truthful than the one being positive. I’ve always found the Wargamers a bit more shrewd than the general public at large so I don’t worry about it too much.
  13. I am a little. I’m hoping that those splits have been made because they already have stuff in mind. They seem to lack logic otherwise. The Order ones make sense but many of the Destruction ones don’t unless they are harbingers of things to come.
  14. I don’t think issue is narrative it’s lack of models, both Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz fit really well they just need a wave 2 to pep them up. I don’t see Greenskinz fitting very well with Bonesplitterz any more either narratively or aesthetically seeing as though the models and anatomically different now. Like Ironjawz they are a separate entity now Just recombing stuff just seems to me as an uninventive and restricting. The Firebellies could be developed into a Fire aligned counterpart to BCR and Maneaters even using the WFB stuff them fit AoS very well. We want more not less l they need to developed into full factions. I agree on the Grots I was thing the Moonclan could be the ones who tend the fungus fields of newly growing Greenskinz and Squigs ensuring the propagation of the species. They could have it that the other types of Greenskin forget this as they go for a bit of narrative spice. Might be a bit close to 40K for them though