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  1. Ollie Grimwood

    Why are so many people keen to see the end of resin?

    I’ve not had casting problems with citadel resin but then I did wait a few years before buying any as I’d witnessed the switch from lead to White metal and remember a more than a few casting issues during the switch over period. I am amazed by how much needs to be trimmed off in terms of flash from the citadel resin models Resin needs much more human involvement during casting than plastic so for high volume it can be difficult. I prefer it to metal to work with, it builds much more easily and the joins are more durable and it’s much less prone to chipping when painted. It is more flimsy in small pieces but then things like spears and pikes on metals are a pain. GW did an article 30 years ago in WD about how they were looking to go with plastic miniatures. The move to plastic had been a long term plan. It suits them better in terms of manufacturing and I find plastic models to be generally superior to both metal and resin models for hobbying. I wouldn’t like resin to be rolled back to metal, tin is well expensive as well, but would like it advanced to being all plastic
  2. How it works is GW produces and releases a range. If it sells well they release more for it and it continues along in the same vein. If it doesn’t they look at tweaking or changing the range (can be rule, background or models) to try and boost it, however this takes time (upto 4 years for a whole new race or faction according to Jes Goodwin on WHW TV) also they aren’t going to immeadiatelt start on revamping a poor selling line straight away as there will be other projects going on. If a line isn’t doing well there’s going to substantial gaps between releases As a business they’ll need some steady sellers to keep the money flowing and things ticking along and these are always going to be the ones that sell the most so those ones will get more releases. They’re aren’t going to keep pumping resources into poor selling lines constantly in the hope that they’ll take off that’s just not going to work business wise, those lines need to reworked/reimagined. Slightly off topic but it has come up, Ratlings are not Squats and never have been, they are not some hold over from the Squats both existed at the beginning of 40K and they are different things (halflings and Dwarfs in Spaaaaaace)
  3. Ollie Grimwood

    The WAAAGH Wagon

    Here’s a selection of angles of the completed piece and one with a Mawkrusha (also recently completed) for comparison
  4. Ollie Grimwood

    Big Model Fatigue

    I can’t help with speeding the process up but I can suggest having three projects (but project I mean a single unit or large piece) on the go that way you can switch between them to try and stave off fatigue. It works for me but it won’t speed things up.
  5. Ollie Grimwood

    Battletomes, a bygone era?

    It’s only really the Warscrolls that change and they are provided and updated for free in the App. The Battletomes provide much more in the form of Lore, Narrative, Allegiance abilities and painting guides. I think they are still very relevant to the hobby as a whole and the bit that changes get done for free so that isn’t a problem.
  6. Ollie Grimwood

    What is "narrative gaming"

    Yes the list doesn’t matter, the story does and that story should very much justify your army selection and in game decision making
  7. Ollie Grimwood

    What is "narrative gaming"

    This is the scoring break down from RAW17. Winning games is much less important than the manner and style of gaming. Narrative list = weak list is a fallacy. A Narrative list is one that has a driving story behind it that fits a wider concept than “I’m going to win this game”. If fact if the word “game” appears in your narrative it isnt a Narrative list. The army needs to perform according to this narrative as well so if your army is crusading Hero’s who ever turn their back to the fiends of Chaos there’s no retreating from combat because you happen to know the rules for Wrathmongers. There’s also an overarching narrative to the Mortal Realms so a Narrative army should also fit with that, generally.
  8. Ollie Grimwood

    What is "narrative gaming"

    That’s very kind of you to say so. I do most of my posting on Twitter as @gr1mmas stalk away 😁
  9. Ollie Grimwood

    What is "narrative gaming"

    If it was anything like RAW or RoE there’d be different list for each game or indeed no list at all, for the final game of RoE18 my opponent and I just put everything we’d brought on the table, including two scratch builds that didn’t have Warscrolls. I think you’re struggling for a structure and definition which doesn’t necessarily exist in narrative gaming These were the models I took to RoE17 These are what went to RAW17 These (plus 10 Savage Orruks and 2 Big Stabbas) are what I took to RoE18
  10. Ollie Grimwood

    The WAAAGH Wagon

    Thanks, that’s what I was going for. The Troll is an Aethermyst which is a special character for the RAW18 narrative event. He’s experimenting with the power of Aether to try and help power the Warmachine
  11. Ollie Grimwood

    The WAAAGH Wagon

    A few Update shots
  12. Ollie Grimwood

    What is "narrative gaming"

    Narrative gameing is all about the story. Whether it be the story of your Army and the characters within it or linked group of historical games. For me it’s all narrative I have an ongoing story for my Orruks that is formed from the games I play. It doesn’t matter if it’s Open style or Matchedplay it’s still narrative. It’s all about trying to make the miniatures more than just gameing pieces but rather make them characters with personalities and stories to tell. With special characters this is easy to do as it’s been done for you. It is worth remembering that back in the beginning of the Warhammer games many special characters and events stemmed from the designers’ armies and games. Ghazghkull Thraka and Mad Dok Grotsnik were characters from Andy Chambers Personal Goff army long before they were special characters and Karl Franz’s wounding and being protected by Deathclaw at the battle of Blood Keep was an event from a White Dwarf battle report. Theres not really such a thing as a Narrative army list, it’s just an army list. It’s the thought and story behind it that makes it Narrative.
  13. Ollie Grimwood

    Events UK: Realms at War 3 - Aethermy SPACE AVAILABLE

    It was done the Warmachine was built. The great tarnished brass cannon jutted over its prow. A weapon which could vomit forth the pure energy of the Orruks to smash their foes. A pained whisper breathed out, “Please let me, die” “Hur, Hur no chance Artur” chuckled Olrog, “you get in my business you get the fangs Oomie, ‘sides turns out you’re mite more use to me alive than ded” The captured mage fell silent. Crucified to the machine he slumped into a defeated unconsciousness. Somehow he was a conductor of Waaagh energy. His body was like some lightning rod for the energy, drawing it into himself allowing it to be concentrated and used by one with the skill. It wasn’t complete though. Even with the vast energies provided by the WAAAGH and a pair of boys on the pump it couldn’t fly and fire the cannon. This simply wouldn’t do having the machine crash into the ground every time of fired would he both unsatisfactory and ultimately fatal. Gathering his command cadre Olrog put them to the task of solving this dilemma. “Why not just ram stuff?” provided the ever direct Bolg. This statement of direct brutality from the Megaboss earned nods and grunts of agreement from the assembled bosses. “Cos it’s really hard ramming flying stuff” said Olrog’ “‘sides you saw what those big shooty rats did to the lads, the Wagon would get well smacked up by that sort of fing before it even got close” “Aefermey” muttered the Shaman Gaztrukk. “Wot!” Snorted Olrog “Aefermey Boss. The Chief Ded Un Nagash has let off a big Wierd bomb there’s majik and stuff just lying around all over the place.” “Hold on!” Interrupted Blog “Int Nagash the Ded Un wot owes you money Boss?” “Yer you’re right Bolg but that’s gotta wait, Gaztrukk tell me more about these pools of majik.” “Well Boss it’s like I sed, there’s pools of if and if you mix it wi more majik stuff it’s ded powerful. There’s a bit of problem though” “Wot sort of problem” snarled the Warboss. “Weeelllllll’ Gaztrukk said as he pulled an item out from under his robes. “Wots that, some sort of lazy Squig?” “Nar it’s Quizbob, one of my trainees, or rather it woz eez a tater now” “A tater?” “Yeah it’s an edible root tuber, Oomies love em” “I know what a Tater is Gaztrukk, why is Quizbob wun?” “It’s the Aefermey Boss, that’s wot I’m sayin, it’s dangerous. Get it right an it’s well powerful, get wrong then poof, tater” “How’s that gonna help then if the Wagon crew keeps getting turned into taters?” “Well Boss I’ve gotta plan see, if you let me ave one of the Troggoths, one of the less stoopid ones. I’ll show im ow to chuck majik stuff together and rite down wot he uses an if it goes wrong he’ll grow back” “Nice” grinned Olrog “is there somewhere where there’s more of this Aefermey stuff?” “Yes Boss I know where there’s loads” “Well done Gaztrukk, we’ll get the boys over there and get some, an where there’s majik there’s gonna be Panzeez likely we can ave a bit of fun while we’re at it. You can ave Mag Wort he’s ded clever for a Troggoth he doesn’t eat rocks or nothin”
  14. Ollie Grimwood

    The WAAAGH Wagon

    My Aetherlab WIP for RAW18. A mighty Warmachine inteneded to be the doom of all Aelves. Designed to be powered by WAAAGH energy this proved insufficient so it is currently an experiment into combining the power Aether with that of the WAAAGH.