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  1. Bullgors are probably about the right size as they come on 50mm bases. With heads swap and possibly some extra fur they might work.
  2. Absolutely. I’m very intrigued what the tone of the The Old World will be. After all we know what the twists are, Malkieth in the turn Phoenix king and his scheming caused the war of the beard or Lileath is the The Lady. Yes we knew in broad strokes the outline of the HH but it hadn’t been told in full. The story of Warhammer Fantasy has been told to it’s conclusion over the last 30+ years. GW clearly have a vision though otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it
  3. Agreed, I started in 3rd Edition/ WFRP and it was much it pretty fantastical flying Dwarfs, flying Islands and Las totting Amazons all knocking about and the Dwarfs of Man O War were pretty techy. and let’s not forget the “magic” items won during the 6th Ed Dark Shadows campaign were all 40k equipment
  4. I never said there is a cliff edge with the introduction of The Old World. Nor have I said there’s anything to worry about with it’s release it’ll be all good. GW never reset the story line with a campaign before the Endtimes , Storm of Chaos never changed anything and they outright ignored it in the end anyway. I find somewhat hard to believe anyone reading the Endtimes didn’t think something major was happening, first it’s called the Endtimes and they destroyed a major faction in the first book which should have cleared up and thoughts of a minor tweak.
  5. That’s no bad thing. You’re still in the hobby. The Horus Heresy kept me involved for a number of years when my interest waned pre Endtimes/ AoS. Things go stale it’s always nice to have choice.
  6. To be totally fair WFB wasn’t suddenly discontinued there was a whole set of (Massive) campaign books and a novel series detailing its ending coupled with a transition period with the rules compendiums/ignoring bases. It wasn’t a sudden cliff edge. Even now very little has actually been “Squatted” as most still has rules and points.
  7. Shame they didn’t show as much enthusiasm when 8th was out 😉 I wouldn’t worry crikey I’d probably have a game of WFB for nostalgia’s sake as a one off same for 40K Rogue Trader doesn’t mean I’m not going to play the new stuff. There might be a silver lining the fellas you’ve not seen before may stick around and play some games of AoS and find out they like what it’s evolved into.
  8. I think after having 5 years of salt poured on them they’re just having a go at it themselves. In no way is this going to detract from AoS, HH certainly hasn’t effected 40K at all in a negative way (and initially it was just a re skin with the same rules) In fact it’s just meant a load of cool extra stuff
  9. Yeah, 5 possible human factions, Empire, Bretonnia, Estalia, Tilea and Kislev plus the additional 6th mixed humans of the Border Princes. Would reduce production a bit have a base human model and 5 different add on packs like they do for the Astartes Legions.
  10. Just a thought it’s called Warhammer The Old World (at the moment) and the map is of the Old World part of the Warhammer world. Might be that it’s going to be a bit more pared back in comparison to WFB. Maybe that’s part of the Horus Heresy similarity, a reduced number of races/factions and a more concentrated scope.
  11. Haven’t posted for a while so it’s time to share the love. Base model is Golgfag Maneater with a Brute Choppa and the head from an Old Metal Nob
  12. There is an excellent side to this, all those who feel the need to haunt AoS forums to tell us all about WFB (despite the fact most of know it well) can toddle off elsewhere and play/chat about it to their hearts desire (not that they couldn’t already of course)
  13. Top stuff @Manners looking forward to see this develop over the weekend.
  14. You might be correct and it is a good way of populating the setting without massive production costs. To add into the idea though they might be using it as a opportunity to test concepts and see which ones have the biggest take up and then develop those ones into full factions for AoS proper.
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