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  1. Hi All What follows is the background for my army that I am taking to RAW 19. Hopefully ill add to this as the event progresses. “The Chaos gods lied. Sigmar lied. Gorkamorka lied. ALL Gods lie. What they give you are not gifts, they are chains. I will show you the true path. I will show you that your faith in the old is misplaced, like mine was before. I will show you the true power you possess. I will lead you to the gates of eternity and put creation in your hands. Together we will make the realms burn with our righteousness! Choose now. Join me in my Crusade against the lies of Gods. Or suffer the wrath of my apotheosis.” The above was found carved into a wall at the remains of Sigmars Benevolence. Also found were the bodies of its inhabitants. These were crucified upside down on trees exactly within a 1 mile radius of the townships main well. They all had what looked like a triangle carved into their chests. A third of the populous is missing, presumed taken by whoever did this. I request extra resources to help scout out this threat and stop it before we lose more townships. If we could have some form of aerial support or even a mage it would be much appreciated. My purse only spreads so far and the local skyports seem to have upped their prices in the wake of the disasters. We need to stamp out these Pyrestarters before they get out of control. Pheodolfus Meseme, Basilitward, Chamon … … … … … He survived. He always did. He remembers a world before where he worshipped the gods of Chaos. He remembers the betrayal. He remembers the torment he suffered at the hands of the gods in that time of nothingness. All of this He knows and feels but images are fleeting, only emotions. And hate is a very strong emotion indeed. It was in the so called Age of Chaos that consciousness came back. Only as big as the smallest Teflar beast He saw the realms with new eyes. He felt the hate and knew what He needed to do. So He fed. It took time but slowly, ever so slowly He grew. He learnt of the realm around him and of travelling to others. He met others of his kind and saw how they remembered Him. A tribe formed around Him. He fought the worshippers of Chaos, Orruks and races now long gone from this modern age. The tribe grew and chieftains were made, given power and orders to roam, to feast and to grow. All He found were given the option, join or die. Many joined, many more died. It seemed the races more akin to simple destruction were drawn to Him like a moth to the flame. He didn’t just want to destroy though. He would become a God and He knew that time was coming. That time came when Sigmar unleashed his lightning upon the realms. He watched through eyes not His own as these Stormcast raged across Ashqy defeating warband after warband. The tribe retreated in this time to Chamon, not through fear but through prudence. If Sigmar learned of Him now all could fail. The wars in the realms raged and as old alliances reforged His strength grew. More and more they flocked to Him, heeding His words and knowing He was their saviour. When the Necroquake happened His tribe surged forth from their homes taking large swathes of land from unbelievers. At the battle of Nagamon Forge he used The Iron Spider of Drogoth, long thought dead by Gorkamorkas hands, to destroy the grand Slaaneshi host. After, He reforged his crown using the blades of the fallen, the last symbol of his old self. Following this he went to see The Oracle of the Before, who prophesised the following to Him: “Destiny awaits those that deserve it. Eat the Heart of the Strogladon named Ursipal Bind the souls of the Hellios Witches Destroy the tower of Gazad’ryrth Once all 3 of these things are done you will become what you are destined to be” At this He sent his chieftains out, knowing full well what He had to do. .. .. .. .. .. Torgitz the Crippled was one of the first to see how strong his master was. He knew it would have been stupid to fight, but to join would bring much fighting and much destruction. So he joined. In time after watching the feats of his master he knew he had chosen correctly. Entrusted with the leadership of a small force he set out to cause as much havoc as possible and recruit like minded forces into the service of his Master. With him he has the twins. Orruks possessed by evil spirits at the battle of Yatan. By willpower alone his master had conquered the spirits, shackling them to the bodies of the unfortunate Orruks. They long for their freedom and try everything to escape their fate, but the bindings are strong and even the damaging of their bodies does not break those chains. Torgitz was also entrusted with the Iron Spider of Drogoth. Made from a time before time, this mechanical marvel can appear from nowhere and ravage the forces sent against it. Whilst in his care it was destroyed once by a belligerent Magmabeast. In the days after his band would find metal parts missing from the camp randomly as well as sightings of ever larger spiders. After a week the spider reappeared, slightly different from before. It was not for Torgitz to wonder how this happened, he was just happy that the spider was on his side! From the plains region came a small band of feral orruks who he tasked to disrupt enemy lines whilst the major engagments were happening. Torgitz didn’t quite trust these Orruks but they were under his masters banner and would certainly be useful. They did seem to get a bit carried away settings things on fire though. Luckily they kept these frolics contained to their missions and not camp. Whilst on his travels he heard of the Pyrestarter Brightmane. This being was trying to rally the Pyrestarters into a cohesive force against the establishment. Torgitz knew this was the best way to follow his masters plans and joined with Brightmanes “army” under the guise of fellowship. He would make this alliance would work for now, until death or ordered otherwise by his master.
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