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  1. They spoiled the gristlegore army trait that monsters and heros on a hit roll of 6 makes 2 hits insted of one. How does this interact with the terrorgeist 6=mortal wounds. Does it do two lots of MW or one lot of MW and a second normal hit. Or does it just not overlap?
  2. There was a question asked of what people want from a skaven release, we may have moved on, but just wanted to get my desires out. All skaven in one book: it makes sense, it tidies up about 4 armies at once, the onky oposition may be peatilance players who dont want a second book, but if it overwrights the first one of theres, adds loads of lore and makes there armies more flexibale i think they would be happy Re do old mettle/finecast blister pack units: gutter runners, plague censors, skyre globers, skyre jesseals Do something with wepon teams to make them more functional in play (totel war had then as units, i know its not like fantasy but i could see it working) and make a kit that is a wepons team kit Make tge grey seer great again: dont care hiw, just do it Lots of batalion options
  3. Thanks, assumed so, but always trying to sneek an advantage
  4. With the upcoming squig battalion you can engage and pile in from 6" if my unit is all outside of 3" but within 6" will my enemy be abele to attack back after i do pill in with that unit, as at the start of thr combat phase they had no unit within 3" and had not charged? I would asume so, but if not ... Winning
  5. I dont consider summoning as deepstrikeing, especialy as i dont like summoning personaly. But i supose with our speed it is less required (wish the bloodtherster ca worked on mortals to) I like having a centerpeice model and lean more to mortals then demons, is the slaughterbrute worth taking or is it just a pts sink?
  6. Im flirting with the idea of playing khorne, do they have anyway to get a deepstrike in? i havnt seen a way to do it as of yet.
  7. Is anyone useing beast in there nurgle lists, the bettalion is very costly and it dosnt realy give us anything amazing. Thoughts?
  8. Ointagru, i was trying to make what we have work rather than add new stuff, the ships have there crew outside of the componey as shown from the minis on the ship model, and you can still take componeys, infact i definatly think 1 or two may still be a good idea, but atm every list starts with 3*10 componeys and its just so linier
  9. I think the ships are the lynch pin of the army but iffy at what they do. My fix would not try and fix the ships though as there are to many moving parts for my tiny mind and insted would be simply more battleine effeciancy in the form of "when X ish the general X is a battleline" im atempting thematic but rules are considerd Navigator -> gun haulers Cheepiest option for general balancies the expensive battlelines. Theme reason is they can help navigate larger fleets to the raid/battle Endrinmaster -> endrin riggers Dangerous as they are both considerd one of the better options, but they have no internal synergy so dont be om more powerful inatly, theme reason, well hes the master and they are the workers Aether khemist -> thunderers The khemist is expensive and the thunderers are cheeper to help balance, the khemist may be our best hero but he dosnt work to well with thunderers as basic rifle buffs are mearly avaerage compared to othere options and mixed wepons dont benifit from the khemist buff to much extent, this antisynergy will help balance the acces to cheeper bl and a good hero. Theme wise, as the thunderers are gun nuts they want the buffs for more daka Admiral -> skywardens (skywardens also go to 100 to me but this isnt crucial) The admiral is an average hero and tye skywardens are an average unit, so this balance seems fair, i also wanted to pair an admiral with a melee unit for his charge buff. Theme wise dont realy have one. The reason i see this improveing KO is this increased flexability will: remove the same core 360 everyone has and has to work around giving better list diversity Make battalions more practical as the extra gubbins your forced to take become more than pts sinks (e.g. grundstock escort wing has three bl baked in now, the iron comand can have two already in it) As i said the weeker than ideal ships are an issue, but by diverting pts into other units and freeing up som BL tax you can afford the overpriced ships better and see more divers lists. Unrelated but i would also like to see about 4 more battalion options, smaller combos such as 1 friget, 1 componey, 1 aether khemist (the componey gets both wepon profiles buffed insted of one). This gives flexability and diversity again. They could be named after some of the famous ships and crew writen about in the shoet stories of the book.
  10. Thanks overtninja, im not looking forward to having to get and transport all the woods, but they are kinda important.
  11. As a newbie to the faction, how many woods do i need to buy when building to a 2k list, in terms of the stands the hold three tree trunks?
  12. Our battalions are super expensive, and not that good, how do you get around this now bettalions are so important
  13. My reason is to disspell my own endless spells, cast with rikenor candle buffed move it through the enemy towords, but not into, the banshees, dispel to prevent back fire and give me a dps buff
  14. Is there a list that uses two black coaches? I feel a multi wound model core like hosts would use the model (not wound) regeneration of the coaches to good effect and there lack of required support works well woth the point sink of the coaches
  15. Hi, i asked on the death forum but got next to no respons, are myrmourn banshee linited to dispelling endless spells at the start of the hero phase like normal, there wording is something like "if during the hero phase the unit is within 6" of an endless spell they can atempt to dispell an endless spell like a wizard", not "if at the start of the hero phase ..." It could be argumed that like a wizard would offer the same limitation of timing but this cant be true as this open ended statement would also have the same limitation of sacrificing a cast, witch they do not have, so i dont think that line alone means they have to do it at the begining Thanks for the answers guys
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