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  1. I'm in Alex, Gonna build and paint a 1000 point Stormcast Army.
  2. Not against non GW woods, but I'd suggest some model trees to go on them, model train terrain is a great source of scale trees and are relatively cheap.
  3. What he means is he'll get me to cut you a tray. What size Alex? How much space does your army take up?
  4. Hey Gents, just finalizing the list. Need a confirmation. Am I writing a 2500 point army list, artifacts battle traits and Battalions included? Or a 2500 point, pool of choices to make my army with on the table? Many thanks Kye
  5. My Twitter handle is @KyeBaker As for a less obvious realm choice, how about the Realm of Ruin and the Skaven Gnaw holes that run through it
  6. Have you got space left, for a little one? @HobbyHammer's constant badgering has worn me down
  7. Top notch group of people, and a wicked venue!
  8. Kye Father, painter, avid reader of fluff. Started playing at 14 but took the same break most people do at 18. Started up again when j became a father, ten years later. Currently at the end of the Skaven army, and haven't jumped at anything new yet.
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