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“A man can hold many names, and each will be a part of himself that he acts upon. What, then, of the names held by our gods? What weight and duty most those names bring? And how many names have been f

Hello out there.... So in between getting very distracted by thoughts of Inq28 and Necromunda and Blood Bowl, as well as a slight urge to paint at least one Primaris Astartes, I got my dryads under

“A lord becomes a beggar. A god becomes a fairytale. A name once whispered in awe now lies forgotten by all. Tell me, o King, what is left for you?” Mother Aldwynter   ~  



“I bear more names than you have bones in your body. I am iron-toothed, gore-eyed, and winter-boned. I am forgotten and I am now returned.”






Mother Aldwynter, the All-Crone ~ The Harvest Maiden, Sister of the Cold Nights

(Branchwraith ~ Branchwych)




Crone-Touched Daughters

(Kurnoth Hunters with greatbows)




Crone-Touched Children









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“For as long as the Darkwood endures, so shall we be its wrath and its shield.”






Corwyn, the Knight Of Feathers





Ingharnanasharal, elder of the Grove. The Warmasked





Guardians of the Grove




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“Even in death we still serve. What a cursed existence. We would choose nothing else.”






Raest the Undying, Huntsman of the Crone





Tarat Vaun and the Talons Of The Crows

(Steelheart’s Champions)




Eyes Of The Crows





Wings Of The Crows




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“Even at the death of things, there is hope. The essence of life is hope, and you are those seeds.”






Blessed Loclaranam; the Man-Stag, King’s Reeve.





The Child of the Godbeast

(Spirit of Durthu)




The Last Hope; Numenorin of Spring, Moralanith of Winter, Nilith of Autumn, Ilaranim of Summer

(Ylthari’s Guardians)


“The Darkwood Endures.”



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  • 3 weeks later...

Afternoon folks, and apologies for not replying sooner - been a busy old few weeks since finishing up the Court.

@Arnied3, thanks very much man - great to hear you're thinking of jumping on the narrative train. I might be biased, but I think it just makes everything better in terms of how you feel about an army and how enthused you are to paint and play it.

@martinwolf- Haha thanks man :)

So it's not all been resting on my laurels over the last month or so - there was an Everchosen entry to paint (more on him in a separate post) and plans to make for my next big army project. Anyone following me on insta will know that Eldar are next up for me, with a twist of course. But once those and possibly some Inq28 goodness is done, it'll be back to the Mortal Realms for potentially some Shyish flavoured IronJawz fun.

Anyhoo, thank you all very much for all the support, encouragement and kind words you've given over the course of The Darkwood Court project, its been amazing. You guys have been ace, and its been ace to know you all enjoyed this so much. Thanks for coming along, and I hope you'll join me on the next project.

All the best,

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