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  1. Been eager to see this army get started! And I am not disappointed! Fun conversions, they look really cool and your use of the Wood Elf bits really tie them together! The orange and blue really pop as well! Can't wait to see more and see the dragons fly in!
  2. The dragoons are a bit big for Demis, but the mechanical hound riders would work! Just need some lances/halberds and to remove the more egregious tech. Archaeoraptors are WAAAAY too big for Copters! They are closer to a Frigate/Ironclad. Unless you meant the Pteraxi, the winged dudes. Guess they could be copters. Freeguild replacement is hard. Ad mech are ok, though can feel VERY out of place if the rest of your army doesn't have a Steampunk feel. Cutting back the extra button panels, wires, and excess tech can help. Some of the Warcry warbands can work with a bit of conversions back to Order. Might give a better aesthetic you want.
  3. Taking a generic curse doesn't remove warscroll ones, though he can only pray a certain amount of times. And unless a priest gets a BUFF to his prayers, they are still on a 4+. His warscrolls prayers are listed as 2+ but that only applies to those 2. He uses the general rules for priests for the generic ones. On the magic side of things, I think the Warsong/Ancient combo is SUPER good. Need to look over the Sylvaneth lore more, as that will make or break how useful that is. The Ancient is fine by himself, but it is all really expensive to add...
  4. Do you need them to keep up with something specific? Because 8+ is any decent run roll, so keeping up with aura and such is fine on foot. Sadly, if I understand your question, Knight Azyros WOULD fit, but he can't be your general. If you wanted a fast ADJUNCT, he works, but not as a general in CoS as coalition units can no longer be generals. You COULD create an Anvil of Apotheosis character for your specific need. So, depending on what ya need it for and who ya play with...
  5. Since Destruction hasn't had Centaurs until now, my hope is he heralds more variety for Destruction. Love me some Greenskins and Ogors, but we need more. For a bit of a spitball here, I would like to see/expect to see: Beastmen perhaps be the first cross Alliance army and start to mingle with Destruction, too. Literal army of Elementals (GW, pleeeeeease!) More generic God-ish beasts, preferably ones who fit all of Destruction. Would love to eventually just have a roster of massive beasts to throw around in any Destruction army. Perhaps even with 3.0 being more Destruction focused we get generic Endless Spells for them, like we did with Death endless spells in Forbidden Power. Makes sense and could be fun.
  6. YESSSS~! So happy you have posted again, this looks so amazing! Can't wait to see it all gathered together, this has been an absolute BEAST of a project!
  7. Sure! Avalenor is an epic beast and the Stoneguard are more elite version of Hammerers. Certainly perfectly fine additons, though the Stoneguard don't get all their toys and aren't AS unique with proper duardin running around. lol But make your army as you please, you are working with solid units!
  8. No idea, we haven't been told, but I doubt it. Hammers already got their Lord Commander and nothing about either suggests a very particular allegiance. But until the book releases, who knows.
  9. Definitely HEAVILY considering going hard on Dragons. Stormcast were in a weird side spot for me, supplementing my Cities until I see if they can finally make pure Stormcast interesting for me. Now this. Oh my... Been wanting a dragon army for a WHILE, though mine had more ties to Soulblight....might have to figure some conversions...? Who knows.
  10. Oooooooh boy! Was not expecting this much, what a surprise! The irony that I already had lore for dragon riders but it was my Soulblight... Might have to go back and figure out my "Dragon rider kingdom" This is gonna be wild...and expensive. lol
  11. That's a fun inspiration for your orks! It's weird, that 80s fantasy style was never nostalgic for me as it is for those who grew up with it, but it was ALWAYS in the background as I grew up. lol The Kruleboys are a great way to bring out these inspirations. And I am quite fascinated about your painting process. Fun to see something new.
  12. Hahaha, just as I find this blog. Hey, I am right with ya, follow your dreams and passions! I have been going through the same, trying to motivate myself with schedules and pledges and while it can be fine, when it burns out, it burns hard. Your hobby should never be your job. Some people make it work, but god it is a hard road to travel. I'll be excited to see the Kruleboys grow, they are a cool force! May your hobby make ya smile.
  13. Ooooooh, always a fan of any Tale of X series! Looking forward to this, you two are a great part of the community and I am excited to see these projects unfold!
  14. The GW box for Timeworn Ruins on their website matches the rubble. Bit expensive for bases, but it can add to your bigger models and characters To help tie the infantry and such together with whoever gets the rubble bases, paint any non-rubble ground with a cohesive Texture paint or something similar. A cohesive color and texture can do wonders for tying an army together.
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