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  1. These changes, to both this and the Aelves, were made a long while ago. Ironweld, Collegiate, and Devoted are in the Free Peoples, all the other Aelves together in one group. This condensing happened...I forget, near the beginning of the year, I think? But yes, it does point to at least how the general grouping may be. With the cull now come and gone, we can also see who is left standing a bit easier. I am curious, is there anything on WhatsApp that adds to the conversation? Wouldn't it be easier and better for the community to just have one big place to gather together and discuss the Cities of Sigmar? I don't care where it is, but I sure would like as unified of a community as possible, especially given the concerns and sadness regarding what has happened so far. On a positive note! I have been meaning to post more on this thread (real life and the general backlash of the cull threw me off) to keep the discussion active and positive. While we don't know how all this will end up, we do understand the base concept, and that is plenty enough for lore and speculation! Here is a bit of my ideas I've had over the past few weeks. With the High Elves getting removed BUT their Dark Elf mirrors staying, I really think they might have a more generic "Aelf" warscroll to cover a lot of what was culled. Order Draconis and Order Serpentis were almost identical in many ways. I can see a Warscroll or Allegiance ability or something that allows you to choose either a "Light" idea or a "Dark" idea, giving you a similar bonus as the current differences. So, a "Aelf Knighty Order" warscroll, where all the basic stats are there, but you have a choice of either a choice of "Gleaming Armor" or "Shadowy Armor" for equipment, giving you either the bonuses save rerolls on either shooting or combat, respectively. Or they buff the whole Aelf line and just fuse all the abilities. All cavalry rerolls saves of 1 and 2 all the time, all Dragonlords have a command ability to reroll hits AND wounds and the horn is just a static ability for all. The designer HAD mentioned at the preview that Cavalry was especially pathetic and they wanted to buff them. As for what I plan to do with my city, I have an odd mix. I have mostly Freeguild, a bit of Dispossessed (with a strong desire for more of the current, gorgeous models...) and a smattering of aelves (mostly Order Draconis, as they were my "failed" Blood Knight conversions). My unopened box of Glade Guard will probably become Shadow Warriors and maybe some character conversions for the later. I started a Sisters of the Thorn conversion to make them Centaurs (got the idea from Warcraft, which will probably have quite a few potential nods to in my conversions by the end of it). I have an Ironbreaker box that will probably be Ironbreakers (have wanted a unit of them since I started Fantasy...) but I want to use the Irondrake guns SOMEWHERE and I already have Freeguild handgunners. The old dwarf warriors and thunderers will probably join the Freeguild Guard and Handgunner respectively to create a more cosmopolitan feel. For lore, I am still hammering out the ideas, but this is what I have cooking so far: The Realm of Light is one of my favorite Realms, just for how bizarre and surreal it has the potential to be. As well, my favorite aspects of the Cities of Sigmar idea has been the cosmopolitan melding of different races and cultures. This builds into the idea of Light and Prisms refracting into a beautiful rainbow of color. So my yet-unnamed city will probably be focused around a giant, magical Prism. Since my favorite factions for this are the Collegiate Arcane and the Dispossessed, I had an idea of an Ancient Duardin hold that was built around this massive Prism. The Prism refracts the natural Light magic of the Realm into all 8 "winds" of Magic. Word of this bizarre refraction of Magic spread, and mages from all across the realms came to study the wonder. This irritated the duardin, who viewed the Prism as a gift from Grungni and Grimnir (yes, ignoring the fact that it was probably Teclis, Tyrion, or just natural magic that made it. The Aelves tried to correct the duardin, but learned it was best to just...not). To disperse the coming rise of conflict between the pilgrimage of mages and the duardin, a enterprising duardin stepped forward and proposed a combined effect. The mages would be given free reign to view and study the Prism, but the duardin would be the overall rulers of the Light within the hold's walls. This created a council of 8 that would rule over the city and the Prism. Each member of the council would be a skilled mage in their respective "wind", with a Duardin mage of Light as the highest voice in the council. Yes, I am making Duardin mages! As a secondary aspect of the city, I considered a nearby Realmgate that flickered between the 8 realms, keeping a solid "schedule" of routes to all 8 realms. This meant that as the realmgate flickered to the next realm, a scouting party would immediately go through to ensure the other side had remained in Order control. Adds a bit more...connection to the rest of the world. So that is what I have so far. This makes a Mage/Duardin heavy combination that I really do like. It also allows me to create sub-factions within the city based around each Realm, letting my indecision win out by letting me do whatever idea suits my fancy! lol My long term hobby goal then is to have a core "Light" list and then 7 other smaller lists and groups based around each Realm. Mix it all, let the vastness of the realms bleed into each other! I am excited, I can't wait for the book! What other ideas have people had?
  2. I picked up the Cypher Lords because they were the Warband I liked the most that others didn't already have plans for. I love the models, and the playstyle has been fun and challenging, but... I have NO idea how I could fill out the warband. While I appreciate the simplicity of just multiple boxes of the warband fitting together so well, I think I would have preferred the Leader of each warband to be a character instead of part of the unit. Having more than 1 Thrallmaster, especially with that grandiose and hard to convert pose, just doesn't appeal. The Kairic Acolytes feel like the closest connection to the Cypher Lords, but the different helmets would feel off, and the more static poses also are kinda lame compared to the dynamic poses of the Cypher lords. BUT, the dynamic poses of the Cypher lords make them hard to build other than how the box demands, meaning...multiples just look meh. A big problem I've come to with new GW stuff more and more.....hmm... So, my Cypher Lords may just stay in the "base" mode, though currently there aren't a lot of builds to bother with other than different mixes of goons, so perhaps not that big of a deal? BTW, can you just take Furies/Raptoryxes in Matched Play? That'd be a nice addition and other conversion opportunity.
  3. This is awesome to see such an excellent job done so quickly. Eager to see the army finished and VERY curious how the event goes!
  4. Awesome! Glad to see you getting accolades! Your painting sure deserves it!
  5. Some fantastic conversions! I had several ideas for Scourge Privateers, fleshing them out into more ACTUAL pirates theme with Kharadron Overlords rules and such. Curious, how do you use them in game? Or are they just a for fun conversion project?
  6. In my mind, until GW fleshes out Firebelly and Maneaters, they are just ostracized Gutbusters. So, at LEAST 2. I've been iffy on fusing BCR back in. They are cool (ice pun) on their own. But, if both sides are still well represented and can live on their own, but a combined tome does EACH side justice and faster, I am for it. Ogor priests, cool artifacts, and a really unique playstyle that fits the 'all in on big guys' mindset and I would love it.
  7. Hey there, welcome to Age of Sigmar! First things first: Flesh Eaters Courts have plenty of potential to be super elite! Both the Horrors and Flayers can be battleline (the main part of your army) and you can even have an army ENITRELY out of Zombie Dragons and Terrorgeists! So, while you can just have hordes and hordes of Ghouls, there are many options to play them. Nighthaunt have a lot more variety to them. I am not much of an expert on them (reading more into them now) but they have a mix of speed, relative durability, and some literal scare tactics. They feels like an all-rounder, doing a little bit of everything but nothing super well. They do have the benefit of anything from the Soul Wars box can also be used in a Legions of Nagash army, giving you more healing and MUCH more options. So, if you want hard hitting berserkers who can have a lot of speed and absolutely brutal combat phases backed by nasty buff spells, the Flesh Eater Courts are for you! If you want a more all-around army that has disruption, some sneaky tricks, and a variety of playstyles, Nighthaunt might be more up your alley! If you want lots of shooting, you'll need to find a different Grand Alliance. lol But seriously, both of these armies can be a lot of fun! One final note: Flesh Eater Courts have a bit of an awkward problem: their support characters are all built out of the regular unit boxes (Horrors, Flayers, and Crypt Ghouls) leaving the remaining models as an understrength unit. There are some tricks for getting around this, but it will often mean some extra shenanigans, browsing Ebay for spares, and/or being good at converting models. There is a similar problem with units from the Soul Wars and other starter sets for Nighthaunt, in that they are (for weird reasons) not in the correct unit sizes... Outside of these two problems though, the two armies are cool, easy to paint, and can be rewarding depending on your playstyle.
  8. That would be 480 points is the main point you are missing, I am afraid. (OOPS! Never mind, I read Cannon. Carry on. It is possible, but a lot put into artillery. If only there was a Collegiate Arcane Merc company. My Hurricanum wants to have some fun. lol) Overall, I really do love the Merc companies, but they do fit a certain style. I doubt many of them will be an absolute must for allies, but they can shore up some weaknesses and be a fun addition. I want to see Dwarven Giants! lol Actually, the Giant Brothers one could be a great way to make a stand-in for big Dwarven golems. Ignoring the falling down deal... Also, Duardin from Shyish with some Skeleton Dwarves? Bones of the ancestors coming to fight along side ya! Some outflanking Pistoliers could be fun, but with the amount of grumbling around Freeguild and Dispossessed being potentially mixed, might not be to everyone's tastes... lol The Blood Knights and Flesh Eater Courts will help my personal narrative. My Vampire Queen will side with anyone against Chaos... Lots of fun possibilities. If the Dispossessed also gets some refined allegiance abilities and maybe even some sub-faction condensing, too!? Oh boy...
  9. I am honestly in love with the Merc companies. They all have cool flavor and give me a fun chance at small projects to help keep creativity and to build character. And I even have a chunk of the companies already!
  10. Wow....I... It's over? It's such a wonderfully bitter ending, that last seed of hope. Gorgeous. This has been...beyond fantastic. This is a beautiful story and honestly a really powerful show of how some simple short stories and beautiful miniatures can tell a fantastic story. This thread has been a MASSIVE inspiration, and I hope I can get my own self up and running well enough to do something even half as amazing. This will always be a favorite project of mine. I eagerly look forward to what else comes from your storytelling.
  11. 1 of each would be fine for most reasons, that covers any battalions. the exceptions are varghulf because if you summon any courtier it might as well be them. And Crypt Ghast, because they are cheap and if you want to run a ghoul horde, multiples are best. Sadly, offcial courtiers are built from their boxes, rendering the rest of the box awkward. For the Flayer/Horror/Varghulf courtier, I would just sacrifice a single box of 'knights' and build one of each. Some extra bits and greenstuff can help, as long as they look distinct. For the Crypt Ghast courtier, I would take all the extra arms and heads from the ghoul kit and use them to Ghoulify a few random humanoid models. An aelf, some Freeguild, old Brettonia, whatever you can find that looks extra fancy. That way, you don't have awkward ghoul models left over. The endless spells are fun but hardly mandatory. The chalice can be good, but is hard to use sometimes. As for what you need (I can't find your inventory) this is a general deal. For ghoul horde: 120ish ghouls, 3-4 ghoul courtier For Khight based: 18ish Flayers or Horrors, their respective Courtier For Gristlegore: 1-2 Mounted Kings, 3 Terrorgheists. For any lists: An Archreagent, 1-2 Mounted Kings. For FEC, conversions are your friend. The courtiers and Archregents (if you can't snag them) it is best to make your own. Cannabalize appropriate minis, it is thematic! lol
  12. I have my fingers crossed that maybe, MAYBE, there may be some Free Cities allegiance acknowledgment in the next General's Handbook. I have no idea what it would be, but there is a lot of allegiances from last General's Handbook that now have books and not TOO many more that still don't have allegiances (assuming some condensing is done and there are just one or two High Elf ones...) Would be absolutely delighted if they kept Firestorm "in the loop" by putting at least some of it into the General's Handbook. Not that I will hold my breath, but boy would I finally just pull the trigger and get my Order where I WANT it to be!
  13. Sadness. Well, thank you for the page and such. Pity, I was looking forward to 3 Walls (FEC, Fyreslayers, Primatic Pallisade) and making a castle... I guess I can do that with FEC Mercs inside a Fyreslayers list... Hmm...
  14. Is there something specific in the book stating that the Invocations MUST be in Fyreslayers allegiance? Because if you ally in a Stormcast mage, you can cast their spells. And the Nighthaunt and Flesh Eater Courts Endless Spells SPECIFICALLY mention Nagash casting them, despite Nagash being in neither of the two factions... I figured as long as I have a Fyreslayers Priest, I was good to go... Anyways, yeah, the Auric/Smiter combo seems super good overall, and for a rangeless army/alliance, it should be able to work wonders. I have some Keeper of Secrets to roast...
  15. So, with the advent of mercenaries, I may have finally be pushed into getting some Fyeslayers, as they can benefit more than just my order. Since my other armies are all Death right now, some ranged seems good. So my initial thought was: 10 Auric Heartguard and 1 Runesmiter. This would let me deepstrike the Aurics where I needed them and even give me access to the Invocations! Does this seen like a solid Ally inclusion, especially into something like Legions of Nagash or Flesh eater courts? Would love to blast those gorgeous Keepers of Secrets before they blender my poor Terrorgheists... Sadly, the Smiter only comes in the Magmadroth kit, so my model options are: Conver a Smiter from the Chosen Axes or something or Buy the Start Collecting and maybe user the cannons from the Iron Drakes to make Aurics from the Vulkites? Would this even work? Could I position the Vulkites into gun wielding position properly? Thanks for all the advice. One way or another, more Duardin shall be in my life! lol
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