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  1. Yeah, this seems good. Was already iffy on digging around through a dozen places. At least now I can ignore the other Order stuff. Might Dispossesed/Wanderers/etc go in? Cities has SOOO many options it is hard to categorize it all. Especially with stuff that can be used (KO, Sylvaneth) but has their own tome. I know there has been some Tempest Eye discussions in the KO thread. lol "Good luck. We're all counting on you."
  2. But you apply cover (and other bonuses) as you take an attack. Which is only time you ever care. So, resolving all attacks, close combat and ranged, you will then check modifiers. Since a Drakkfoot attack is being resolved, ignore Ethereal, so Rend and Cover now kick in. Either way, I am excited for this book. Cities will have my heart and time for a while, but I started Warhammer with Orks, so they will always have my heart. Money and time willing, there will be a Great Waaagh! in my future!
  3. Feels like a no brainer somewhere. There is apparently a buff chart for the Dark elf Dragons and Hydras. Anvilguard will be a great theme city. And being able to take in all but Daughters in your army without even touching allies feels worth it! Whatever Allies the Cities have will probably include Daughters (my guess is All Order for Allies). There should be spell lores for your Sorceresses and your endless spells will be buffed. Also, there was talk about the sub-factions keeping at least some of their synergies if not a bit of their allegiance included as well. Cities is a sheer upgrade for Darkling Covens, especially given that they avoided all of the purge.
  4. I doubt it was DESIGNED as a nerf of counter. More they had an idea of Bonesplittas that through their crazy belief ignores magic and supernatural protection. They figured Nighthaunt fit the bill. Doubt it was malicious. Also, this is a subfaction and requires pure Bonesplittas, which means giving up The Big Waaagh! Points and such, which look amazing.
  5. I put my hat into the ring. I like my concept and my characters, but boy do I feel rusty with my creative writing as I have mostly done various pieces of copy, ads, and forum posting. Gonna try to write more for a blog space and my Cities of Sigmar army. My concept, for those interested, is an old noble of Ghur becoming a Vampire and gathering a motley crew of an army to retake her old Kingdom overrun by Chaos. The idea of noble knights in Ghur is fun enough, and toss in Death magic, alliances/friendship with a Orruk Megaboss, and some cool fights, and it should be cool! The core centers around the trio of sisters pitted against each other (the vampire, the sister who turned traitor and fell to Chaos, and the sister who exiled herself to become a Sylvaneth monk). Lots of potential for familial heartbreak and drama. We'll see. If it gets rejected it may go into my project pile for "More dyanimic audio drama battle reports". If THAT ever gets off the ground, of course...
  6. They also don't split, as summoning is in the Tzeentch allegiance and not in their warscroll. This makes them WAY too expensive... What are you looking at taking that ruins your chance at just making a Disciples of Tzeentch list?
  7. Thinking on the "something we've never seen before" deal, it is either a brand new faction or a really out there way to play Underworlds. Keeping in mind, this season is the Realm of Beasts. For the out there way to play I can see: One man warband, either epic hero or a monster (monster would fit with Warcry's expansion) A warband that summons the models you need. Basically a wizard, maybe an apprentice, than a bunch of weird animals or something. A warband of shadow clones that all activate at once, but always do the same thing. For new factions, my money is on Grotbag Scuttlers or one of the Missing Aelves. Previewing the Aelves though in an Underworlds warband when they are probably a HUGE reveal in concept and story.
  8. Oh man, that is awesome looking! Any more pictures? I assume this is one of the pics from Cities of Sigmar, with a book full of conversion ideas. Really makes me think the warscrolls will be a bit more streamlined to allow for lots of odd conversions and details! Also, that is not just a different headswap/color scheme of Dark Elves....that's a hag queen! I mean, obviously it can make a good Sorceress, but that makes me wonder how many other kits and ideas can be blended... I just want more! More info! More ideas! More time and money! lol I am with the other people here, I never seem to have time for all the things I want to do, and definitely not the budget...
  9. I picked up the Cypher Lords because they were the Warband I liked the most that others didn't already have plans for. I love the models, and the playstyle has been fun and challenging, but... I have NO idea how I could fill out the warband. While I appreciate the simplicity of just multiple boxes of the warband fitting together so well, I think I would have preferred the Leader of each warband to be a character instead of part of the unit. Having more than 1 Thrallmaster, especially with that grandiose and hard to convert pose, just doesn't appeal. The Kairic Acolytes feel like the closest connection to the Cypher Lords, but the different helmets would feel off, and the more static poses also are kinda lame compared to the dynamic poses of the Cypher lords. BUT, the dynamic poses of the Cypher lords make them hard to build other than how the box demands, meaning...multiples just look meh. A big problem I've come to with new GW stuff more and more.....hmm... So, my Cypher Lords may just stay in the "base" mode, though currently there aren't a lot of builds to bother with other than different mixes of goons, so perhaps not that big of a deal? BTW, can you just take Furies/Raptoryxes in Matched Play? That'd be a nice addition and other conversion opportunity.
  10. This is awesome to see such an excellent job done so quickly. Eager to see the army finished and VERY curious how the event goes!
  11. Awesome! Glad to see you getting accolades! Your painting sure deserves it!
  12. Some fantastic conversions! I had several ideas for Scourge Privateers, fleshing them out into more ACTUAL pirates theme with Kharadron Overlords rules and such. Curious, how do you use them in game? Or are they just a for fun conversion project?
  13. In my mind, until GW fleshes out Firebelly and Maneaters, they are just ostracized Gutbusters. So, at LEAST 2. I've been iffy on fusing BCR back in. They are cool (ice pun) on their own. But, if both sides are still well represented and can live on their own, but a combined tome does EACH side justice and faster, I am for it. Ogor priests, cool artifacts, and a really unique playstyle that fits the 'all in on big guys' mindset and I would love it.
  14. Hey there, welcome to Age of Sigmar! First things first: Flesh Eaters Courts have plenty of potential to be super elite! Both the Horrors and Flayers can be battleline (the main part of your army) and you can even have an army ENITRELY out of Zombie Dragons and Terrorgeists! So, while you can just have hordes and hordes of Ghouls, there are many options to play them. Nighthaunt have a lot more variety to them. I am not much of an expert on them (reading more into them now) but they have a mix of speed, relative durability, and some literal scare tactics. They feels like an all-rounder, doing a little bit of everything but nothing super well. They do have the benefit of anything from the Soul Wars box can also be used in a Legions of Nagash army, giving you more healing and MUCH more options. So, if you want hard hitting berserkers who can have a lot of speed and absolutely brutal combat phases backed by nasty buff spells, the Flesh Eater Courts are for you! If you want a more all-around army that has disruption, some sneaky tricks, and a variety of playstyles, Nighthaunt might be more up your alley! If you want lots of shooting, you'll need to find a different Grand Alliance. lol But seriously, both of these armies can be a lot of fun! One final note: Flesh Eater Courts have a bit of an awkward problem: their support characters are all built out of the regular unit boxes (Horrors, Flayers, and Crypt Ghouls) leaving the remaining models as an understrength unit. There are some tricks for getting around this, but it will often mean some extra shenanigans, browsing Ebay for spares, and/or being good at converting models. There is a similar problem with units from the Soul Wars and other starter sets for Nighthaunt, in that they are (for weird reasons) not in the correct unit sizes... Outside of these two problems though, the two armies are cool, easy to paint, and can be rewarding depending on your playstyle.
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