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  1. The new article touches on several ideas that I love. An order of necromages driven to compile and tend to mass graves to keep the deadwalker population so high is an interesting idea. Mirroring life gardens by having their own twisted sentience and unchecked growth is cool. More importantly, the idea that places of death could be haunted and empowered not just by those who died, but by Shyish itself is awesome. The possibilities are endless, even if GW does not directly capitalize on it! Imagine a haunted house not JUST infested with spirits, but the house itself comes to life, a shifting construct that slaughters the curious passerbys until it can animate itself completely and stomp around, a twisted giant golem filled with uncertain corridors and traps and trapped souls. Would be an amazing giant piece, maybe even inspiration for a Cursed City expansion or even just a wild mission and custom table! Fight your way out of the moving Death House!
  2. The swarms of bats and rats were ok for a while, but with THIS guy in context, it reminds me of what got me into Warhammer Fantasy: Skaven and the fantastic pied piper story. Now I am imagining a vampire that specifically "allies" with Skaven for even more undead fodder and some more swarmy friends, drowning people in a horde of undead rats of many different sizes. Love it.
  3. Overall, great preview! I admit to feeling a little let down, but that is MUCH more to me wanting a new fire in my heart over a new project. Soulblight WILL have my interest, but I may have to wait and deal with what I got in the meantime... But it ALL looks rad.
  4. I LOVE the new "Necromancer", especially due to the mentioning of Experiments. I would love a more "sculpted horror/Frankenstein" element to a new unit of sorts. This is definitely a buy at this point, especially because I feel like I am at a better point to actually play a separate game like Warhammer Quest.
  5. Oh my goodness, this is amazing! You aren't the only Horde/Warhammer project I have seen, but my goodness your work is gorgeous! The idea of doing Warcraft themed armies has been on my mind since Warhammer Fantasy and with several recent and amazing projects I feel like I gotta do SOMETHING.... Thank you for sharing and can't wait to see more!
  6. @Beer & Pretzels Gamer Bonesplitters are a tough one as they are basically a more aggressive version of Fyreslayers. They don't have a single unit like Bloodthirsters that spike so hard (Rogue Idol being their exception, but you noticed that). BUT, they have a LOT of potential buffs. If they bring their suite of mages, they can stack, like, 4 different exploding 6s abilities. That can be a LOT of attack spikes... So if they stack those buffs, that is the unit worth popping the Vulkites for. If they spread the buffs around, there isn't much of a point. Props on the battle reports, it is cool to see how others are faring. Don't get many games myself, obviously, despite having a big and growing community around me. Gotta keep this part of the forum alive! lol
  7. While this is the Cities of Sigmar thread and I always love Cities of Sigmar, for YOUR purposes I am gonna suggest an entirely different army for a dragon army. Flesh Eater Courts. Their dragons are bigger, scarier, and with Feeding Frenzy and their buffs, hit SOOO much harder. They feel like epic killing machines where Cities and even Stormcast dragons are so...pillowfisted and even squishy... You can even have an ALL dragon army, with battleline dragons. And while the Flesh Eater Courts use ZOMBIE dragons, there really isn't much super undeadness to them, so just having regular dragons as the models would be just fine. My 2 cents.
  8. Glad to see this topic still going. Realized I kinda dropped off the whole forums for a few months there. Hope things are going well, love the paintjobs I see! (Makes me almost want Lumineth, then my rage against Teclis and dwarf pride comes barreling in. lol) Keep it up, friends! Look forward to seeing more progress!
  9. Extra bits and such can be fun basing materials. Collect a pile of them and make a custom objective. Pile up a bunch of trinkets around a banner, plop it onto a 40mm base, and use it to mark the objectives under your control.
  10. Well, I bit the bullet and set out to found my own lodge! Start Collecting has been purchased and looking at a slow but steady build. MIGHT try to convert Vulkites to Hearthguard, but honestly not too worried about it. Bit by bit the Lodge grows! Now to start fleshing out the lore and looking for an IRL Book of Grudges to record games.
  11. Not sure how many people watch this space, but figure I'd ask anyways. Pondering some step into Fyreslayer territory. Was going to get the Start Collecting and convert the Vulkites into Hearthguard Berserkers. Then I checked the Vulkite sprue and saw that their arms were a part of their body, making it damn near impossible to make for 2 handed poses... Anyone got any experience with this? Would just bulking up one axe be good enough for a Hearthguard? Is there another way or do I just shrug and go Vulkites?
  12. I second the idea of just using the old boys as Savage Orruks. Their loadouts will be the same (dual choppas are Morboys, shields can be regular Savages and bows as....bows.) They will need some 32s at some point. Unless your friend group doesn't mind but personally rounds look better and have less issues. You might even consider painting some blue war paint or stuff to make them more savage. Using the chariots as Gruntas is actually rather inspired and old Warbosses can even work as either Big Bosses or Warchanters.
  13. Even if the lore did say something specific and there was an absolute reason they were always green...your models, do as you wish. ANYONE who complains about your color choices aren't people worth paying attention too. But even better, the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar are so WONDERFULLY open ended. Dozens of odd magics, countless weird landscapes and literal centuries to cultivate weird exposures and shifts. Greenskin orks/orcs/orruks are all iconic, but the point of AoS AND this hobby is to make your own icons!
  14. Hmmm, prices is a major issue. I get it, and was expecting in the Imperial Knight range because of the army style, but how did they rocket THAT much. Conversion from pound to dollar puts it at $155ish. (From £120). If it's $195....why is there a $40 jump!? I don't pay attention to pound to dollar conversions, is this normal? I know the conversion rate isn't an exact measure of GW's price, but why off by this much? Either way, I am excited for the army. I technically have 3 giants, one from my Fantasy days and 2 other DnD minis. The official DnD giants are the right size against GW's Mancrusher. Makes the group VERY hodgepodge, but I can work with that. I have some ideas for how this goes, but definitely want to see how the book/faction feels.
  15. This is gonna be a fun week! So excited for the previews!
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