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  1. No idea, we haven't been told, but I doubt it. Hammers already got their Lord Commander and nothing about either suggests a very particular allegiance. But until the book releases, who knows.
  2. Definitely HEAVILY considering going hard on Dragons. Stormcast were in a weird side spot for me, supplementing my Cities until I see if they can finally make pure Stormcast interesting for me. Now this. Oh my... Been wanting a dragon army for a WHILE, though mine had more ties to Soulblight....might have to figure some conversions...? Who knows.
  3. Oooooooh boy! Was not expecting this much, what a surprise! The irony that I already had lore for dragon riders but it was my Soulblight... Might have to go back and figure out my "Dragon rider kingdom" This is gonna be wild...and expensive. lol
  4. That's a fun inspiration for your orks! It's weird, that 80s fantasy style was never nostalgic for me as it is for those who grew up with it, but it was ALWAYS in the background as I grew up. lol The Kruleboys are a great way to bring out these inspirations. And I am quite fascinated about your painting process. Fun to see something new.
  5. Hahaha, just as I find this blog. Hey, I am right with ya, follow your dreams and passions! I have been going through the same, trying to motivate myself with schedules and pledges and while it can be fine, when it burns out, it burns hard. Your hobby should never be your job. Some people make it work, but god it is a hard road to travel. I'll be excited to see the Kruleboys grow, they are a cool force! May your hobby make ya smile.
  6. Ooooooh, always a fan of any Tale of X series! Looking forward to this, you two are a great part of the community and I am excited to see these projects unfold!
  7. The GW box for Timeworn Ruins on their website matches the rubble. Bit expensive for bases, but it can add to your bigger models and characters To help tie the infantry and such together with whoever gets the rubble bases, paint any non-rubble ground with a cohesive Texture paint or something similar. A cohesive color and texture can do wonders for tying an army together.
  8. Just wanted to hop in and weigh in on all of this, since whatever comes of "New Duardin Stuff" basically determines what kind of force I could be slamming money down into. lol The quoted bit I'll get to in a second. I am still hopeful that "Duardin Soup" doesn't mean "Fyreslayer and KO become sub-factions and get nothing ever again." Not only is "Ever" a lofty and over-the-top statement because just because something doesn't get something in a year or two or more doesn't mean it will never come back. Yes, I know GW have squatted armies and wiped model lines, but they've also reinvigorated model lines that were known for their "Never get new models" memes, such as plastic Sisters, Genestealer Cults, Mechanicus, and items like the refresh Lumineth got. Now plastic Death Korps of Krieg have the internet ABLAZE. They KNOW that injecting some love DOES work on selling models. The question is instead of a when. They can't release every model at once. Even outside of production, they have a storyline they are keeping to, space to let people build hype, time and space to focus on the new stuff, balancing out different model lines (Aelves have gotten a lot, yeah, but it HASN'T been aelves 24/7...) But that is all whatever talk, why I have hope is that Duardin Soup doesn't HAVE to be "cram 3-4 factions into one tome." Cities has been a HUGE indicator of that. The 1 in 4 model is perfect for splashing in units that are closer than allies. They even did it recently with the Beasts of Chaos/Slaves to Darkness FAQs, adding them to Mono God lists in new ways. If we do get a completely new tome, I wouldn't be surprised to see KO, Fyrelsayers, and MAYBE Dispossesed in as 1 in 4. What does go into the new tome...? Well, this quoted bit up here makes PERFECT sense to me. Sure, Grungni has talked about unification, but he is also hard at work on some project in Chamon. You don't have a GOD work on something to have it be nothing. Sigmar made the Stormcast, Morahi made the Scatheborn, Teclis had both Lumineth and Idoneth. Grungni will made a new race and amping up the Duardin connection to their homes makes perfect sense. Now, yes, this sounds JUST like Lumineth, bond with the elements and stand stronger, which would be doubtful for GW to repeat themes twice. (Bit of a shame, Lumineth's structure is PERFECT for Duardin, but hey....) But Dawi don't sit and commune with the land and find serenity in balance. They WORK and BUILD and CREATE! Grungni is the MAKER god. So instead of proving themselves to the elements and the land, they forge both the land and themselves. I think Grungni is making more than just Golems. I think he is also making a BLUEPRINT, a way to showcase how to truly THRIVE in the Mortal Realms. He took a page from Grimnir's children and using his tech, he crafted Ancestral Spirit Golems and potent devices, crafted not to be untouchable, but to be perfectly replicated. Bringing in Duardin reforged in resolve and spirit (renewed Dispossesed) alongside Duardin literally reforged in body. And that could be the Chamonic way, these golems and devices could be shifted to take on whatever realmstone and magic they can. Adapt and stand strong. The Root Kings of Ghyran, the Fyreslayers of Aqshy, the Rune Golems of Chamon, the Spectral powered statues of Shyish, the Gem Golems of Hysh, the Umbral golems of Ulgu. The Aelves have a perfect balance, the duardin dive deep into it all, go all in wholesale and take it up. It makes sense. Fyreslayers aren't a dead faction, they are the first step. Each realm can have bolstered forces tuned to their Realms, Duardin and their ancestor golems side by side in a multitude of ways. GW experiments with what worked, expand on what they have, and work with their rather large setting. We get an expansion of Duardin and they get to help a few factions that lost their way. And everyone doesn't lose a thing.
  9. Your whole project had been going for gold. And it's your "why not?" attitude that has pushed it to awesome results. Props for just diving in, following an idea and really going hard. To weigh in on the sculpting, fur fits your theme far too much so do it, love the ears, and honestly: I think the Ghorgon's feet work fine as is! You said this beast was a bound enemy of your diety? How much are you planning on adding, like chains of brands? Personally, he almost feels like a neighboring tribe. 4 armed elephant has some MAJOR Hindu vibes.
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