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  1. flamingwalnut

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    Some tournaments may ban them, but they are still intended and legal for Matched Play. And honestly, they should be perfectly fine, none of them are really that broken in practice. When in doubt, though, as the Tournament Organizer before the event.
  2. flamingwalnut

    New player, bit confused...

    All the compenduin stuff, for better or for worse, has slowly been phased out. The warscrolls will always work (unless they radically change AoS, but not likely for years now) But more and more events will not want to use them. Fine for random games with friends, but their points won't get updated. Look up Order Draconis rules. Despite being elves, they are the generic enough to be fine using old Empire Cavalry as their models. But good luck GETTING old Empire Cavalry models. One thing I do want to add to is: As long as all your models are in one Grand Alliance, you are golden. All Dwarves, all Empire, all Stormcast, High Elves, Dark Elves, or mix and match to your hearts content. The only details that matter is the more specific you get, the more bonuses you can get. Pile on all the dwarves and mix and match as you please, but go all Fyreslayers and get their allegiance ability and bonus battleline options, as well as refining your synergies. Either way, welcome to Age of Sigmar! It is a fun game with a lot of possibities. And lastly, look into the new lore when you get a chance, maybe borrow the big core rule book from someone and read through it. I know as a fan of the Old World the new stuff can seem too weird and daunting and filled with Space Marines. But the lore has really grown into something fantastic, and still has the true Warhammer feel of epic combats, valiant heroes and over the top villains. Good luck!
  3. flamingwalnut

    Help with picking a secondary army

    Stormcast seem your best bet. Cheap $ wise, elite, durable, not super aggro like DoK. You can even have a goal to build up a Shadowhammer Compact to play them together (though they ally just fine, too.) Without Chaos of Death, I think that is your best bet. Sylvaneth and Kharadron Overlords would fit the other notches, but are NOT that cheap, either overall or due to needed Wildwoods. Idoneth Deepkin might be ok, but if you focus on the eels, you'll just have an elite version of DoK. But Namarti heavy might be a way to have variety and still cover all your bases. Not...cheap, but hopefully they'll get a good battleforce this December
  4. flamingwalnut

    The 2018 "What's your current main army?" poll

    So, I will choose Legion of Blood, since it is my current project and I have been playing it pretty exclusively over the past few months. Free People/Mixed Order before that. But...well, I've got that new army itch, and it doesn't help that while I love parts of both of my armies, they aren't as...fufilling as I had hoped. They aren't perfect, either in models, playstyle, etc. I am on the search for something to fill that void, but also struggling to keep my vow to paint what I have first. lol
  5. flamingwalnut

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Well, I am excited. Was pretty sure I could skip this release as while I like Beastmen (tried to scratch build an all Chariot Beastmen army in 8th...oof) I was sure I could just watch this one and let the hardcore Chaos players have fun. Then they announced Marks again...and Thunderscorn look good...and potentially God Marked BATTALIONS! Suddenly the Slaanesh idea I had in mind gets the hooved troops it desires and a Battalion to go with it'd theme. The Beastlord is better when he also generates Depravity points on his hero hunting/suicidal adventure. lol
  6. flamingwalnut

    Are you excited for C7s AoS RPG?

    I can't wait. No, literally, I can't wait. Planning a Pathfinder game in the Mortal Realms now. Will definitely look into the official AoS book when it comes out, but like others have said, until I hear otherwise it is...gonna be a while.
  7. flamingwalnut

    The Painting Contract - August 2018

    These models feel unfinished (ignoring even the bases) and certainly of a lower quality that all the gorgeous stuff on here! You all are making me jealous... lol Anyways, 5 Blood Knights, and 2 units of 5 "Dire Wolves". Not a single actual Death model in them...
  8. flamingwalnut

    The Painting Contract - August 2018

    This is awkward... I did get some painted (will post pictures later) but failed on the heroes. Still working on bases as well. Sadly I am feeling burnout and again a bit letdown at putting too high goals and failing. Oh well, in the mood for a new project, will see what I can come up with...
  9. flamingwalnut

    Gutter Runners

    Basically, the Warscroll minimums are for Open and Narrative play, where you are just using the base rules of Warscrolls and not really caring about most army structure. The Warscroll Builder operates on Matched Play, which is the more often accepted measure of army building, since it uses points and more "reasonable" minimums.
  10. flamingwalnut

    The Painting Contract - August 2018

    Gonna be a bit tight, I think. Blood Knights are...nearly done? Don't feel confident about them, but after this will focus on the easier elements of the army before coming back to the other units. Spiders (Dire Wolves) are easy and nearly done. But...character models. Ooooh boy... We'll see...
  11. flamingwalnut

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    An FAQ made them able to tunnel via pick and not count as moving when they arrive, so you can plop them in position and blast away from there. So...I have been meaning to post here for a while. I have a dwarf sized lacking amongst my armies. A cannon, a custom Cogsmith, but I need MORE. Problem is, every dwarf faction looks super expensive, even for a small chunk in a Mixed Order army. (Excluding the older Dispossed models, but they just don't compare to the new Hammerers. So, I ask this whole group of duardin gamers, if you had to focus on just a small (ha) duardin addition to an overall Mixed Order collection, what would you prioritize? For reference, my Order so far are Freeguild and Sacrosant Stormcast, with a Hurricanum and some artillery for spice. Keep up the stubborn and the glorious beards!
  12. flamingwalnut

    Allies & magic in Aos2

    While I always support Battlemages and all things Collegiate Arcane, the Knight Incantor from the new Stormcast might be the better choice if you want Magic Defense as she gets 1 automatic unbinding. As for general lists for Freeguild, mobility is their biggest weakness. The Skycutters are a fun idea...but aren't a legal ally for Freeguild, so you don't get the Freeguild Allegiance abilities, which are super good. If you don't care and want to go Mixed Order, more power to ya. If ya DO care, then look to the infaction speed guys: General on Griffon. They are awesome. Demigryph aren't bad either, in certain uses.
  13. flamingwalnut

    Sword Skeletons are often better than Spear Skeletons

    Seems legit. I am expanding my 10 man block of Skellies despite starting Death to avoid "hordes". (I have odd perceptions sometimes...) Glad to know that the sword and board that just looks better to me still works fine. I felt it was a moot difference, but sometimes the way people swear by spears... Not competitive myself...sorta, but could to avoid shooting myself in the foot either way.
  14. flamingwalnut

    The Rumour Thread

    This makes me really think Spiderfang might be involved soon... I guess you could do an underground grot theme, with caves of spiders and squigs. Would be a good move to buff up the grot battletome roster and not leave poor Spiderfang out in the cold (who get a SURPRISING amount of lore time for a 3 unit army...)
  15. flamingwalnut

    Orcy or Chaosy or too 'legion of the damned'?

    Seems great. Black armor is very Orky, citing the Goffs from 40k. The flames also work just fine. The combo just makes the orruks look like serious business, which fits Ironjaws perfectly.