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  1. There's your problem, you don't like the best solution to the problem
  2. Got to be the Deceiver for me because your opponent has to play with the possibility of him turning up pretty much anywhere which can force his positioning and failing that the guy is both hard to snipe and stabby as hell.
  3. Box has arrived and I've got the FEC stuff repackaged (including tokens and cards etc) will pm for other details.
  4. I've painted exactly 5 clanrats so far of this army and one of them got repainted twice then stripped and repainted twice more until I was happy with a fast method of painting. Then it's time for mass batch painting! Not entirely sure how I'm going to do the bases yet.
  5. The review said it was Grey Seer only so that looks like a no. Still realm spells tend to be pretty good and they have pretty awesome uniques so that shouldn't really be an issue.
  6. I'm after the Skaven half but it's a pain to ebay off the rest afterwards so if anybody UK based wants the FEC half at 50% of the box price (£37.77) I will cover the postage.
  7. The plague scroll is still mentioned in the warscroll description.
  8. Thanks. Doesn't sound very useful but I assume it's probably cheap and an extra artefact and command point is nothing to sniff at.
  9. What's the claw horde, out of interest?
  10. Warpseers look much better while Warlock engineers of all flavours look a little rubbish. Interesting shift.
  11. Woot! Ratling guns escaped the cut. This bodes well for my warpfire thrower teams which are much newer.
  12. Nightrunners just look like godlike screening troops to me. I can't imagine building an army without them. Which makes the old kit even more of a shame. To be fair it's not that bad in person, I don't think the paint job on the GW site does them justice but they still look worse than converted clanrates
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