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  1. Arnied3

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Lol yeah the new models look great. I don't really want another unit of 5 Trevs but its new trees so i'll have to get them!
  2. Arnied3

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Hello folks! Starting a narrative campaign in my local club tomorrow and really looking forward to trying some new play styles. Its a 500pt start with 300pts of possible reinforcements. Not really much wiggle room in 500pts and i don't know what kind of armies i'll be facing or what types of games we'll have but it should be fun. Think i will try this to start: Branchwych/wraith Treelord Tree Revenants (5) Dryads (10 ) I'll update you all with how i get on!
  3. Super work here my friend! The conversions really make your force unique! And the awesome paint job of course!
  4. Arnied3

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Very well done!
  5. Arnied3

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    @rosa @azmarus Hi guys I also made my own Branchwraith by converting from a Spellweaver and some spare parts. Not painted yet but its on the plan for this year!
  6. Arnied3

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Phew! I finally caught up! Spent the best part of the last few weeks reading the old discussion and this one. Had such a great experience reading up on all your discussions and battle reports. Been fascinating seeing all the different lists being tested and watching the meta change and everyone adapting. I have been collecting Sylvaneth for a while now but only been playing since roughly AoS2 launched. Just a few games under my belt as the AoS scene in Cork (Ireland) is quite small but i hope to start contributing here and not just lurking! Thanks for all the great advice up to now guys!
  7. Yeah i am same. i have a bunch of Stormcast i painted last year but i don't any real interest in collecting them. They are good to paint tho.
  8. Arnied3

    The Darkwood Court

    excellent side project from your side project!!!!!
  9. Arnied3

    AoS Campaign In the War Room

    Thanks Eoin, I actually found those guys recently so hopefully I can get myself up for a game. Regards David
  10. Lol no worries! I take it you are studying there? That is a slick looking model! She is a beast in the game. I have gotten Alarielle for xmas but it will be while before i go near her. I need to build up the courage! For the models i own myself its probably my Durthu i am most proud of but least year I painted my brothers Mortarian and that by far is my best work.
  11. Thanks!! She is still unpainted as i am stuck for ideas. I need to get the finger out and finish her tho.
  12. Arnied3

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    Very simple this month....I want to get to grips with all my tress. 4 and half need to be done. its a bit soul destroying but has to be done!
  13. Arnied3

    Some Smashin' Ironjawz

    Very nice work! The Pale Orruk is class
  14. Love the spells and the Deepkin. you got some serious work done. This is a great idea. Didn't realise how much i actually managed to get through. Started off the year with painting my brothers Nurgle 40k, tackled Mortarian which was quite stressful but I am delighted with the results. So on the AoS front I entered a competition in my local GW and won! Was chuffed. It was my first diorama - Knight Venator vs a Plague Drone. I took a big break from painting after that and got cracking into my own Sylvaneth - 10 Tree Revanants, a converted Branchwraith (from a Spellweaver), 6 Hunters (3 bow and 3 Scythes) the bows are done but i don't have any pics on my phone. Then on to Durthu!