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  1. Kinda feeling the same as you @Craze alot of good options in the book and its very hard to justify not taking a glade. The new traits and artifacts are awesome but you really need to squeeze in a battalion to use them now if you are taking a glade. I've played winterleaf and gnarlroot and love them both for the different styles of play. I like Harvestboon for the same reason as you and will try to use it in my next game. Durthu with seek new fruit its just so appealing! add on something that gives a buff to charging or extra attacks and you have a thing of beauty. Best of luck @Pennydude!
  2. Keep at it!! i am thinking of doing something similar - don't have the space for a dedicated room and really let my progress go to nothing this year.
  3. Oh man you nailed this! Love the treecaster conversion! I struggled with my weapons for the Treelord and hunters. Love what you did here - definitely checking out the tutorial! Thanks for that!
  4. I love it! What a way to bring this back! Sylvaneth conversion looks great!
  5. I love the new stomp ability. Its incredibly useful. I have also always liked the basic Treelord and think he is well worth it now at 200pts. Even if 3 hunters can do more i think what he brings allows for some useful combos
  6. I wasn't mad on the design so i gave them a miss. I have the older ones made of wood and they are not the best. They always roll low for me!
  7. Going up against 1500 pts of Fyreslayers this weekend - which i have never fought. Should be fun. I have played Winterleaf and Gnarlroot so far and quite liked the differences in play they bring. Going to try a Harvestboon Durthu list this time as it seems ridiculous fun!
  8. I like where this is going!! Very nice painting style. The focus you give on them really shows!
  9. Phew! Finally caught up again. I take a break for a few weeks (months?!!) and I guess I missed a whole lot. Very exciting times for our favorite tree people. Been great seeing you all discuss and breakdown the new book. Really seems to shaken things up. Sprites being in so lists really tickles me since they previously were only taken to fill the Dreadwood battalion. I will hopefully start contributing something useful as I am in the middle of an escalation campaign at the moment run in my local store - up to 1500 this week. Any how just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome discussion folks!
  10. Arnied3

    AOS waterford?

    I would also be curious about this - there is a small community in Cork (where I am based ) for AoS and Waterford is not a million miles off! @Mortarch have you checked out the Warhammer store in Cork city yet?
  11. Such a great ending! You really did great work here @KnaveOfScribes. Absolutely inspired me to think more narratively about my own Sylvaneth.
  12. Very nice results! Always great to see a theme well executed! Army looks great all laid out together
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