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  1. This looks and sounds awesome. I will be living through you for this! Followed as well. Best of luck!!!
  2. I also just saw that. Honestly i have struggled to bring her in my recent games. But having said that having a second one to buff a large dyrad unit does seem appealing.
  3. Sorry totally forgot about shades. I based coated the fang and shaded with nightshade. the pale bark i shaded with thinned down nurn oil
  4. @Trevelyan @Landohammer thank you both for the excellent points! You two are always worth watching 😄 I am rolling a list with Lords of the Clan and Drycha for a tournament this weekend - and having Drycha in reserve has been very much on my mind. Its was a way of protecting her and using her to counter turn 1/2 movements - since as in my local meta she is dead turn 1 most games (everyone hates her) but i am sure its also me playing waaay to aggressively with her. The plan being that between the TLA tree summons will ensure i have a good option for when she drops.
  5. @Naem Howdy! I have painted something similar for my army. the first pic is prob based coated the fang with celestra grey and ultuan grey for the light bark. (which is what i did). Its actually pretty easy to paint quickly (but i still manage to take weeks)
  6. This is awesome. Love the theme and it really comes across well on the models. I especially love the Kurnoth faces. When i can i'll post my own Sylvaneth.
  7. Yup this is in the back of my mind as well. And I agree with Trevelyan above - i would rather have an alive unbuffed Drycha turn 3 than dead Drycha!!
  8. I currently only have the old ones and only use the bases. I never actually transport the trees. Actually never thought about this. In the cases where I have dropped her in mid game, I have always declared what she was when deployed. But the RAW might actually mean you can't do that. Is there anything preventing us from just saying that she is angry or sad at the beginning of the round even if she isn't on the board?
  9. Excellent...............😈
  10. Was planning on running a very similar list as @Trevelyan detailed at my next tournament (26th Jan). But I also had a winterleaf list and was thinking about this combo but wanted to check here first: If i buff a unit with Arch Rev's Call to Battle and then pop the Kernel can that unit use the buff for an extra attack on both rounds of fighting?
  11. Something truly unique here man! Well done. I love the background you have created for the world and its certainly coming together well on your first model.
  12. This is next on my list to find out! Its currently in pieces on my table so i hope to start using it in my next few games. Excellent point about the movement. I never thought to move it like that.
  13. As i have finally managed to complete a 3rd treelord variant i am looking forward to trying it out - most of our battalions don't really interest me beyond the additional artifact/CP How are people finding it on the table? Do you split up the TLA's and run the TL with one of them? Or do you keep the battalion together for a larger potential are for the ability?
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