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  1. I am a bit sad knowing this coming to an end! Very nice work on the wolf!
  2. Lol yeah the new models look great. I don't really want another unit of 5 Trevs but its new trees so i'll have to get them!
  3. Hello folks! Starting a narrative campaign in my local club tomorrow and really looking forward to trying some new play styles. Its a 500pt start with 300pts of possible reinforcements. Not really much wiggle room in 500pts and i don't know what kind of armies i'll be facing or what types of games we'll have but it should be fun. Think i will try this to start: Branchwych/wraith Treelord Tree Revenants (5) Dryads (10 ) I'll update you all with how i get on!
  4. Super work here my friend! The conversions really make your force unique! And the awesome paint job of course!
  5. @rosa @azmarus Hi guys I also made my own Branchwraith by converting from a Spellweaver and some spare parts. Not painted yet but its on the plan for this year!
  6. Phew! I finally caught up! Spent the best part of the last few weeks reading the old discussion and this one. Had such a great experience reading up on all your discussions and battle reports. Been fascinating seeing all the different lists being tested and watching the meta change and everyone adapting. I have been collecting Sylvaneth for a while now but only been playing since roughly AoS2 launched. Just a few games under my belt as the AoS scene in Cork (Ireland) is quite small but i hope to start contributing here and not just lurking! Thanks for all the great advice up to now guys!
  7. Yeah i am same. i have a bunch of Stormcast i painted last year but i don't any real interest in collecting them. They are good to paint tho.
  8. excellent side project from your side project!!!!!
  9. Thanks Eoin, I actually found those guys recently so hopefully I can get myself up for a game. Regards David
  10. Lol no worries! I take it you are studying there? That is a slick looking model! She is a beast in the game. I have gotten Alarielle for xmas but it will be while before i go near her. I need to build up the courage! For the models i own myself its probably my Durthu i am most proud of but least year I painted my brothers Mortarian and that by far is my best work.
  11. Thanks!! She is still unpainted as i am stuck for ideas. I need to get the finger out and finish her tho.
  12. Very simple this month....I want to get to grips with all my tress. 4 and half need to be done. its a bit soul destroying but has to be done!
  13. Very nice work! The Pale Orruk is class
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