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  1. This is so cool! I love the bases you have built and the Cawdor body looks great when all put together!.
  2. Very ambitious project! Fair to you! Those are some old school models!
  3. Thats a fine looking group of angry tree ladies @Xil
  4. Great idea for a thread and it caught my eye as i am considering picking up a second ( i am pretty new) army this year. That said my one and only approach was not at all like the others! I started Sylvaneth pretty much when Alarielle was announced. Knowing nothing about the game i just picked what i like the look of and started building. It was only when i decided last year to actually start gaming that i got the battletome and dove in. From there I started building lists, youtubed and googled tons of info before coming here. Its hard to get games were i am as the AOS scene isn't that big so generally speaking its tough to play test lists/units so i am by no means near mastering them. But every game i learn a little more about what works. Whatever i choose next will have a completely different approach now that i have a taste for gaming so i'll probably pick up a battletome and find a style of play that suits.
  5. My club started one but it never got off the planning stage which was unfortunate. Would love to get involved with one. How did this go?
  6. Also don't forget to pick up some awakened wyldwood if you don't already have the old models. They are very useful for all sizes of games.
  7. Awesome idea for a thread and there is some really great work in here!
  8. Bummed i won't make it - enjoyed the Pre-GT event back in April....even tho i came last. Hopefully with get myself to the next one - Best of luck Mick.
  9. I generally do the same. I hate having repeated models and avoid them at all costs! If i can't do something like a head swap i try to vary the paint scheme so even if the parts are the same they have something to make them look unique. Doing extensive work on 60 plus dryads is exhausting so i try to keep it simple. Also adding something to the base can be another way to customise a model in a unit But on larger models I will spend the time to come up with some different poses and invest in some greenstuff . For example my Kurnoth Hunters: (sorry i don't have a pic of the second unit painted).
  10. Well your list doesn't have alot of bodies so maybe the extra 3 hunters may be useful, depending on how aggressive you are pushing the bow hunters.
  11. Kinda feeling the same as you @Craze alot of good options in the book and its very hard to justify not taking a glade. The new traits and artifacts are awesome but you really need to squeeze in a battalion to use them now if you are taking a glade. I've played winterleaf and gnarlroot and love them both for the different styles of play. I like Harvestboon for the same reason as you and will try to use it in my next game. Durthu with seek new fruit its just so appealing! add on something that gives a buff to charging or extra attacks and you have a thing of beauty. Best of luck @Pennydude!
  12. Keep at it!! i am thinking of doing something similar - don't have the space for a dedicated room and really let my progress go to nothing this year.
  13. Oh man you nailed this! Love the treecaster conversion! I struggled with my weapons for the Treelord and hunters. Love what you did here - definitely checking out the tutorial! Thanks for that!
  14. I love it! What a way to bring this back! Sylvaneth conversion looks great!
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