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Tell Me About Wanderers


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Know if any Wanderer info, Please post it hear, along with any sources, I'm looking to read up on em, even if its just a mention.

With them getting allegiance abilities I might want to dive into them, any info/points of discussion  is highly appreciated.

I'm also curious very curious about their lore, If you know any books that mention them, or any random tibits please post =D,

are waystones still a thing? and if so what do they do and what was their purpose in the old world as well?

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Pesky sneaky buggers that don't know that repeater crossbows are superior to their primitive bendy sticks with strings attached.


They're as squishy as you'd expect an elf to be, and don't pack much of a punch, but they make up for it with accuracy (i.e. consistency) - great mobility (really only challenged by swifthawk agents in this regard, within order), and a fair bit of tricks up their sleeves.

They have a fair bit of compendium models, so make sure you're aware of those before getting into it to avoid throwing time and money out of the window. 

Their new allegiance abilities will surely make them a FUN faction to play, with a bunch of movement shenanigans ;)

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9 hours ago, Mayple said:

Pesky sneaky buggers that don't know that repeater crossbows are superior to their primitive bendy sticks with strings attached.

Primitive? More like technology vs. magic. Real heroes wear green and use primitive magic bendy-sticks, it's more 'sporting' that way. ;) 

linkMen in tights

Plus Wanderers have a penchant for theatricality. B|:ph34r:

Related image

More importantly, how can you do this with your fancy crossbow? 9_9

Related image


But back on target: I've searched, but Wanderers seem to have not received the slightest mention in the novels so far. Aelves in general seem to be completely absent from the realmgate wars and I believe have only somewhat recently appeared as characters in the City of Secrets novel, and even then (understandably) only those city-aelf types showed up. They did however get a couple paragraphs of fluff in Grand Alliance: Order, and Waystones were definitely mentioned there. In fact, their lone warscroll battalion is the "Waystone Pathfinders" and the bit of lore we did get describes them as travelling the realms, following the laylines of the magic of life, and setting Waystones along the way to empower and repair these laylines to strengthen and spread life magic across the mortal realms. They are known to travel along hidden paths and strike from nowhere only to again melt away into the wilderness. It briefly mentions the rift between the Wanderers and the Sylvaneth, caused because they were largely forced to flee Ghyran during the Age of Chaos in a great diaspora, and also because the Sylvaneth see them as "divorced from nature." This is basically all from page 264 in Grand Alliance: Order, which is all I could ever find for them as far as AoS lore goes. They ostensibly still worship Alarielle as their goddess though, and we have seen a good bit of her in the lore so far. And they do get an ever so slight mention in Grand Alliance: Order's Sylvaneth fluff section as they describe how the Sylvaneth view the other races of order (from page 85): "...while aelves are seen as estranged cousins at best, in the case of the Wanderers, and as treacherous and bloodthirsty at worst." So they do like Wanderers more than most (not saying too much), and perhaps this hints that these 'estranged cousins' could at some point be reconciled. However, skimming through the Sylvaneth battletome's lore I never found any further mention of Wanderers, even in passing.


Gameplay wise, as far as how they play and strategies and lists and such, the Let's Chat Wanderers thread here on TGA has been pretty active and quite informative for me:

As mentioned by Mayple, they do have a number of pretty good compendium options you'll see talk about, but I think a number of them could be converted without too much trouble (and the right paint job). Ex:

Waywatchers = glade guard with hooded heads + maybe some fancy bits added (sisters of the watch fiery bow?)

Wardancers = Witch Aelves + some wanderer heads (the glade guard half-masks?)/other added wood elfy bits and weapons

Forest Dragon = high elf dragon + wood elf rider, executed to perfection here:


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Wanderers are what remain of my first and favorite army. They have excellent mobility and shooting, but they really need to exploit their Alliance abilities and their single battalion 'Waystone Pathfinders'. This is a really demanding Battalion that limits your build options, but I found a way to play it that I like. 
At 2000 points I want to maximize shooting and mobility, and you have to take all the presquite items on the list.
My list:

Governor Trojanoak's Diplomatic Entourage 

Nomad Prince (Gov. General W/ Starcaster Longbow, Stalker of Hidden Paths) 80pts
Spellweaver (Wending Wand) 80pts
Waywatcher 100 pts
Waywatcher 100pts
Waystrider 80pts
20x Glade Guard 240pts
20x Glade Guard 240pts
20x Glade Guard 240 pts
20x Glade Guard 240pts
5x Sisters of Thorn 220pts
5x Wildriders 140pts
Waystone Pathfinders Battalion 240pts
2000 points

The Idea here is to teleport around the board edges and shoot targets from a safe distance.
This is a 'one drop' list, except you don't actually have to place anything on the table. If you give your opponent the first turn they cannot do any damage.
I try to keep all the units close enough to the General to use his 'Stalker of Hidden Paths' and 'Lord of the Deepwood Hosts' abilities.  I want the 'Sisters of Thorn' and the 'Wild Riders' to block and screen anything that comes after the archers, or to rush out and snag objectives if the enemy cowers away from them. If anything charges I want to use the General's 'Protective Volley' to double my shooting output before retreating everything to another board edge. 
The Glade Guard's 'Arcane Bodkins' can delete powerful units when combined with synergies, and this army has 84 of them per game. They can buff up to hit on +3, reroll 1s, and wound on 4.  That averages 65 hits and 32 wounds per turn, with -3 rend once per game. -3 rend is better then mortal wounds in many ways. The Glade Guard units are soft as butter and lose their '+1 to hit' if they lose a single model, so pick the targets to use the Bodkins on and try to hit them quickly, before the Glade Guard take any damage. The Spell Weaver can revive d3 models with her 'Blessing of Life' spell, so if you lose one or two somehow before you use the 'Bodkins' she can bring it back to 20, otherwise use it to revive the cavalry because they have 2 wounds per model.

This list has 110 basic shooting attacks per turn, and the General's 'Protective Volley' Battalion ability can potentially double that number.  Combats will be hard to win, but the Waystrider and Nomad Prince can 'finish off' weakened enemies. Objectives will be hard to take and impossible to hold, archers will need to clear areas for cavalry to try and take them late game. 


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On 8/18/2017 at 6:57 PM, awcamawn said:

But back on target: I've searched, but Wanderers seem to have not received the slightest mention in the novels so far.

A bit of threadomancy here. 

Still to highlight and update to this: the amazing Guy Haley has written a short story and audio drama about a Nomad Prince on a great stag.  I highly recommend people pay for them to support Guy writing more which he hinted could be in the pipeline.



They both tie into Malign Portents well so it is worth it for every AoS fan to pick them up :D 


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@Popisdead Those stories were great, was super stoked when Wanderers got a mention in black library back in that audiodrama in December and with last month's Sands of Grief it seems Prince Maesa is going to potentially be a recurring character, which is awesome! Don't think his quest will have a happy ending though.

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3 hours ago, Easygrin said:

Kinda seems they are made to disappear. Also I'm wondering why there no more wardancers and waywatchers in their army?

Older style metal models, while waywatchers fit, they have replaced by sisters of the watch, shame about wardancers though.


Although if you look at order aelves as a whole, witch elves (newer plastic kit) do the light armoured skirmish deadly combat, and one thing I have noticed is little toe stepping when it comes to aelven factions

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