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  1. I'd go for 1-3 or small variations on them (possibly enlongating the circle of 3 a bit?). I'd not go for 4-6.
  2. Well sort of but not because they are really better.. more because they are cheap IMHO. Dryads do well what they do for their points.. but you really need 20 of them so if you want to max out non battleline units (say hunters, drycha, TLA, Durthu and Alarielle) you don't want to go there. Since a small unit of any battleline won't really kill anything then it means that even though their damage is even more abysmal than the damage of the dryads and spites you still go there since it's a non factor really and just their teleporting remains as only relevant ability (vs nothing relevant for the other choices).
  3. But don't you have shelves and shelves with units you tried that didn't work out?
  4. I understood that from your reply yes. But just because I'm curious: if you want to try a list with new units (say the bow hunters or the irondrakes or SotW or whatever) you buy them paint them and then test them... and if the test is not satisfactory... they (represeting and investment in money, paint, painting effort etcetc) get shelved in you cellar or something?
  5. If you mean overrule I'd agree. As written now I'd say you get the placement range from the ability/spell whatever and then it's just 3' away from everything. And it's 1x 1-3 piece per ability/spell. I don't have the book here but the overgrown wilderness rule probably means it blocks LOS again? but not sure which rule makes that so since there is no keyword?
  6. It's called proxying and in non tournament games it's a thing.. I mean if you played the 10th game with the same unit I'd get them but when trying them out... PROXY edit: Saw I was late with this reply. Still you can use a tried and tested WYSIWYG list for the tourneys (I assume you don't go there with a testing list anyway) while testing the bows in other games.
  7. It's it so that several armies (incl stormcast) have more versatile teleporting? And while hunters are good most armies have an equivalent which is usually in the same ballpark in efficiency.
  8. I would not normally place a single 3 wood base but the obvious advantage is that is gets wyldwood LOS blocking rule. A 2nd advantage would be the size which allows teleportation of bigger units. Not sure if you can teleport a 30 man dryad unit whole within 1" of a single base (doing this from the top of my head, rule might have been rewritten or never been like that).
  9. If you have a warsong who might be able to heal him I'd go for the ward save. It also makes him drop less in brackets if he'****** hard before he can strike himself. Keeping him next to the healer might be a nice idea though.
  10. Lots of rendless and 1d attacks vs units that ignore rend or have a 1D damage cap? I think their damage ouput can be quite nasty... but obviously less so against 3+/4+ save units and after that they are dead.
  11. I've read some compelling arguments in here that you can place 1 or 2 seperate pieces. A 2 piece single forest seems out indeed.
  12. TBH, golems are probably to main stream for GW to avoid 3th party models
  13. You can make your lore whatever you want.. even it it's more clearly defined later you can say they are magical experiments/Seraphon cold ones/whatever the lore conjures up that escaped and your army recaptured them ages later after they went fully feral.
  14. It's been a while since a new army didn't get a behemoth.....it seems part of GW's formula for AoS armies
  15. There should be no God sized dwarves. A new dwarven behemoth should be a Golem or a walker style dwarflike construct (similar to a 40K knight) in full steampunk glory.
  16. Hadn't seen Yndrasta's warscroll yet... wow.. that ability.. it's pure anti sylvaneth.. no army has monsters that would suffer such a drop in efficiency as ours.
  17. TLA seems a geven in 2k lists (i made a few 1k lists and the benefits are less since the TLA and battleline hog a large share of the points ). Especially with our non battleline units with high saves its great.. really cuts down on damage when you go fron 3+ to 2+.
  18. GL digging in.. but I'll give you a hint: he's right. I personally think your whole semi-love affair discussion is going a bit into nowhere (but still fun to read).. the relevant rules have been quoted IMHO. The combination of 'GHB is core rules' and 'core rules are trumped by warscrolls' settles it I'm sure even Penny agrees. (He who remains silent consents). On the Warsong item topic: I'll be trying out the chalice on the warsong a bit more personally. Rolled a triple 1 last game which didn't improve my mood but still think the warsong bomb would be a nice thing.
  19. Nice paint job on that wandering monster
  20. Now now.. the Gnarlroot offensive buff can be usefull for hunters too.
  21. I certainly agree with you but we have some high base saves on the major stuff incl the TL so that makes it already less vulnerable than most rank n file.. and we do have the blanket +1 so that is a bonus too... ofc after that it's the same for all armies but we are a bit ahead there. In the end I do agree to much big stuff is too much since big stuff is often expensive per wound. But I think a TLA that stays out of combat shouldn't really be counted and with her healing Alarielle really does bring something extra. So I think TLA, Alarielle and Durthu isn't too much.
  22. While true in general Sylvaneth have a lot more +1 save abilities and a aoe +1 save CA which can be used in addition to the standard one. Healing is the same to a lesser degree.
  23. Yeah I agree which is why I don't have a regular TL in that list. The TLA is not in the list for combat but for a spell, a dispell, a forest and some weak (but potentional character sniping) shooting and ofc a great CA. Only to be risked in combat when things go wrong or there is some screening and the battle is relatively save. Durthu with a 3+/2+ save before rend (and options to further increase it if needed) and a 5++ has a certain toughness but since he needs to be in combat he's a bit more of a risk.. he's not invulnerable but you have healing spells and abilities in the army which can be mostly reserved for him (assuming Alarielle can mostly do her own healing). Alarielle 2 me is more like the TLA than Durthu even though she's ofc got some damage output. She needs to be save in the back at start, if she dies there is a problem but if she dies before summoning it's basicly done then and there. She's too expensive NOT to fight at all her abilities are good but not good enough to justify the points (though that spell can be NASTY) but you really need to pick your battles.. which with her movement and flying is not that much of a problem. Retreating and charging/shooting on her is a godsend. Before in turn 3-4 if she'd just joined a battle it would be devastating not to get her attacks in and you'd usually keep her there because her not fighting would mean a lost game so why no try it (and the she'd die and you'd still lose). Now you can go away, shoot, charge (+ bonus) in another battle... or in the same but from a saver angle with less people hitting her. I'm a a bit sad she didnt't get 20 wounds or a ++ save last update but I can see they went for the healing theme and that is nice too.
  24. It's part of the battlepack, under realm rules (GHB 2021 page 12) Feral Roar. Targets monsters, no other restrictions. * Dammit got ninja-ed while making the long last part of this post. * Tbh, locally we generally didn't play realm rules so I wonder if we'll adopt this it's a realm rule even though it's the only one GHB seems to have selected for 2021. That command ability might be a reason to play something like this though: Allegiance: Sylvaneth- Glade: Gnarlroot- Grand Strategy:- Triumphs:Alarielle the Everqueen (740) in WarlordSpirit of Durthu (340)- Artefact: Amulet of Destiny (Universal Artefact)Treelord Ancient (295)Warsong Revenant (275) in Warlord- General- Command Trait: Nurtured by Magic- Artefact: Chalice of Nectar- Universal Spell Lore: LevitateBranchwraith (95) in Warlord5 x Tree-Revenants (80) in Warlord10 x Dryads (95)5 x Spite-Revenants (70) *Total: 1990 / 2000Reinforced Units: 0 / 4Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 72 *You'd probably prefer another 5 T-rev's since that would take you to a nice clean 2K points and you aren't going to go for damage or holding power with a unit like this anyway and as an objective taker or speedbump the teleporting ability would be a much better option... but I only have 5 of those myself The combination of Alarielle healing with the healing spells you have (at least for free on Alarielle and the warsong) and possibly on TLA and wraith too if you think those 2 might have other stuff to cast (say: throne + warscroll spell) and the amulet on Durthu quite reliably give you more than the meagre 72 wounds noted above. (summon healable Hunters ofc or 20 wounds of dryads if needed). You;d need to avoid combat where monsters would get deleted in a turn and try to avoid similar shooting damage output too. If all fails the command ability will give you a chance at a good last strike at least. (PS I can see the argument for making D a wizard, the reroll will help with his reliability in damage output but I think a hard edge in survivability will be more important for a combat unit since it will also help keeping his healing needs lower and the RR 1 to hit isn't lost to him anyway). The army obviously lacks much in the way of screening though so you'd have to be careful with alpha striking/shooting armies before your TLA can activate his CA (and before you can get the hunters to project it to the 2nd part of your army). PS am I the only one who sees the warlord batallion as quite OP.. if we had some better or cheaper (in case of warsong) subcommander options I'd probably just take 2 of those. Magnificent is just so much better than the rest .. the abilities you get (I assume you'd generally take a magic item but if you have a setup where something else like a spell would be more powerfull than even that it would be the same) are more powerful than most command abilities and not limited to 1 phase. PPS How would you rate 1 Durthu vs 2 regular TL? It wouldn't fit in this list unless you went 3x spite but in general it's a choice. You'd not have the option of the amulet then but you could put a casting artefact on a caster and that wouldn't be much weaker if at all. You'd have much more wounds, board presence. Damage output would be lower at full strength but after that not much lower I think (the CA mentioned above ofc would favor Durthu)
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