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  1. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Bretonnia Discussion

    I think that it's odd that a stormcast character is larger than a stormcast grunt. It's a thing I only associate with non order guys (Orcs, Chaos mostly). I think there is size creep but that it's fairly limited. Should Idoneth be regular sized elves? If so how do they match up.. and Kharadron/Fyreslayers to old dwarves.
  2. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Bretonnia Discussion

    Sizewise I'd say reavers yes.. they should be human just starting on the bloodbound path and while being muscular they should be normal lengthwise. How do they compare to old elves or empire guys?
  3. Aezeal

    returning wfb player....aos daemon confusion

    To be honest the OP would have known al lot more if he'd just read the rules... Its not hard to find those either. ..
  4. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Bretonnia Discussion

    Stormcasts are big... bigger than normal humans sure.. but relative to their size are they really that bulky.. I mean... completely armoured guys ARE bulky. Especially the less armoured stormcast don't seem that bulky to me.
  5. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Well the main selling point of our army is that it's the only one with this aesthetic and if you like it then you have no alternatives... I personally like playing magic heavy so gnarlroot helps.. even without gnarlroot all our characters are casters so that's a nice thing. I don't think we have anything really special that other don't have either.. we are durable.. but so is nurgle we play around our terrain.. but more armies do that these days (nurgle amonst them). I tend to play with 2-3 behemoths more than anyone else I know.. most armies often only bring 1 behemoth and I usually bring at least 2.. but yesterday I brought 3 and summoned a 4th.. I like seeing my big stuff on the table.. but it has to be your thing... PS I think Nurgle is the stronger army
  6. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    If your nurgle is slow it's probably you... Everytime I play against nurgle I get turn 1 charges in my face even at 24" between us.
  7. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I usually try to place a wood, as big as will fit in the centre near or overlapping with one of the objectives on one side. Usually the opponent will give you that side, rightly being afraid of MW due to magic if he positions near there. If that happens I'll put 20 dryads next to it. It's not often I get to place more than 2 woods and sometimes I'll have to do with one... teleporting is something that happens surprisingly few times in my games... you usually deploy to counter enemies and then you'll need those troops there to keep or take a certain objective. Having said that sometimes stuff goes to hell and you'll need reinforcements or once the table gets a bit empty in turn 3 a teleport in turn 4 and then a move and charge in 5 to claim an objective can give you just the points you need to win. I don't play dreadwood myself Deployment is so dependant on everything (your army, enemy army, enemy positioning during deployment, terrain) it's hard to give general advice. I myself often play with 3 units of dryads and I'll try to keep a unit near objectives since most other stuff I'll take will have less bodies so dryads will be important in claiming objectives. I usually pick first turn because running dryads will be able to claim midline objectives and I've noticed those points during turn 1 are often crucial.... and we don't hit THAT hardbut are relatively tough so if the opponent does the same it's not easy for us to remove them while if we do it's it's not easy for them to remove us. (today on border war I was able to take 5 points for 3 turns against Khorne because of dryads bodies near the midline objective.. winning me the game). Keep positioning in mind.. most importantly dryads and wyldwoods…. -1 hit is great.. it's worth sacrificing nearly anything else in positioning even sacrificing cover to take that. For the rest for me the most tricky stuff is to remember all the abilities (and we don't even have that much compared to some armies). Remember to stomp, remember the -1 to hit, remember the +1 to hit in your own combat phase. ( And.... referencing to my game today.. remember to keep Alarielle in range of the regrowth spell if you have a caster that is supposed to heal her.. and not have drycha run of somewhere else when alarielle gets a beating … she survived btw). Alarielle and a TLAwill not be worth their points if only used for support usually. They need to fight to get the most out of them... pick those fights carefully. Enemies WILL pile up on them and a double turn even if she's just fighting some battleline units could kill her (I got 12 wounds in 1 round of combat against 10 bloodwarriors today, ****** big sword thing mauled me for 8 wounds). AoS in it's basic isn't rocket science obviously... and I'm not a great player but I can't really give more general advice than this.
  8. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Yes.. not taking possible rerolls in the equation which would make scythes better again and not taking scythe range into equation either.
  9. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Pay points and get a TLA for his 4+ ability would both be needed. So that won't fit with a big unit of Dryads.
  10. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Against 3+ it's equal... lots of monsters don't even have that.
  11. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I think this could be very good for 1K actually. I'd probably loose the wych though if you have someother stuff you'd like unitwise. I think Drycha, hunters, units of 20+ dryads and a single wraith are good choices from our army list. Maybe going 20 x dryads would be a good idea.. but not sure it's that much better really.
  12. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    It's a missle weapon with a shooting attack... that activates as an ability which has that wording.
  13. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    No. The ability just says all units for flitterfuries there is no disclaimer that it's otherwise.. it's an AoS ability. Even for squirmlings I don't think line of sight is needed myself it says pick a unit and that is all that is relevant. My reaction to that argument would that you are right.
  14. Aezeal

    Help with Reaver Themed Army

    Stormcast cavalry I'd say lots of choices to keep the army completely cavarly. Don't think full cavalry will be worth it though since GW values high move more than most players.. you'd be paying points for that while generally not needing that much objective grabbers.
  15. Aezeal

    Were Jabberslythes considered too powerful?

    Having played nurgle twice recently I have to say that that ability is crazy strong though...