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  1. Aezeal

    Sylvaneth New Army.

    If you don't go Alarielle this is a nice list. However I do think the seed is the lesser of the things that give durability though (briar or oaken seem better to me) I'd also not go silverwood but acorn, then maybe trading the 2nd verdant for another spell. BTW one of the wraith will need to be a wych for household/gnarlroot but that doesn't change much.
  2. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Would be great for an army with lots of dryads I'd say.
  3. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Survivability we have, damage output on the other hand isn't always enough. I see more value in the loremaster.
  4. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Anyone having an opinion on this?
  5. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    This list or something similar will probably be my list as well next game. My last little idea's (most of which I think I'll end up not doing btw): 1. The main thing is that just have not enough points for the real interesting endless spells. Dropping 100 points of dryads for that is an option... 2. Maybe a different spell on the wych.. but a double regrowth has advantages too. 3. For Alarielle and/or the TLA I'm considering The reaping. I mean... if you cast 2 spells there is a decent chance that reaping + alarielle's spell will do more damage than ToV + her spell. 4. For the TLA you can also consider dropping the Oaken Armor for the gyrstrike not sure I'd do it.. but it would give him more punch (and.. I often find him lacking in that department for 300 points) 5. Is the lore master still a thing (140 points is kinda steep but.. he'd fit nicely with Alarielle, TLA and a summoned TL. How to get the points is another thing.. you'd have to drop 10 dryads.. and the pallisade.. and still you';d be short.
  6. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    BTW I have a question. I'm pretty sure the answer is going to be negative but I can't find the rules why it would be: Do your wyldwoods could as enemy models for your opponent for the purpose of teleporting (9"outside of enemy models). I mean.. they are in our army, if we aren't sylvaneth we'd have to pay for them etc etc. I know it's probably just me being a sylvaneth player and trying to push the rules but it popped up and I can't really find the rules to disagree with me (most of my stuff is in another location.. that doesnt help).
  7. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I'd go 2 units of dryads myself and do exactly as you said with the spells and items. (I've been trying a wych with reaping and extra range through item and maybe balewind but it's not often been that succesful so I'm now leaning towards that acorn since getting a 3th or even 2nd wood on the table has been difficult for me too). If you go Alarielle keeping 2x20 dryads will mean you'll have to cut in the endless spells though.
  8. Aezeal

    Custom KO color scheme, could use help

    Those are not what I'd advice. Seriously... keep the purple an accent, dont'do such huge surfaces with it. IF you use it I'd say use a very dark purple for the suite like you used the dark blue @ bottom right, not the brigth purple you've been using here) I'd say that you should pick between silver or brass.. 1 metal color, OR if you do 2 at least 2 somewhat similar: maybe a dark metal (titanium like) for armor and a lighter one for the blades. Anyway: IF you want silver green and purple I'd say: Dark purple suit and everything you have brown now dark green (or vice versa), All metally armory bits dark greyish metal and blade brighter (I'd not go silver but more steely) metal. also use the brighter metal for a few accents on the larger armor parts like the helmet. This would be closer too upper right I guess.. (but darker purple). If you don't mind loosing the green I'd keep the brown part brown instead of green btw. I'm probably a bit conservative but I prefer 3-4 colors on my models except for a few additional for small details (and ofc excluding shades etc and highlights)
  9. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    OMG YES THAT. If stringing is gone dryads do need a price drop though. 2-6 damage doesn't seem like a very reliable way to kill most 5 wound hero's ... let alone 6 wound hero's with a better than 4+ save (yes... bloodsecrator) I agree.. their spell is just so subpar.. especially when looking at the newer spells and endless spells (yes you pay for those.. but still). I personally would like the Ancient to have 2 spells btw, just because I think ancient treelords should be better casters than most. I'd not mind loosing an attack for it..
  10. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I'd say a further points drop is more in GW's alley... since it would mean we would buy more of those.
  11. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    The -1 to hit being wholly within would SEVERELY suck. Without it they aren't really worth their points, NOW we get it almost always, especially when on defense. Wholly within would make that happen way less.
  12. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Good internal balance
  13. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    I'd say waystones are not things that are placed together myself... but on certain points over the realms. 1 would be enough to start with or to get during a game (like slann maybe trading spells for points that you need to get it?)
  14. Aezeal

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    The bow on revenants has potential as a unit I'd say.
  15. He doesn't say the other OP stuff doesn't have to get increases in points.. I think he actually said the OP stuff needs to be fixed... but this IS a stormcast topic.