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  1. Could you delete some units yourself by alpha striking?
  2. I consider CoS the grand alliance in a more lore correct way with some background and rules that match the rest.
  3. No at your first line, Yes at the second. Outcasts comes with nothing except the rules it has. It has a requirement : you need to have 3 units of spites before you can pick it. You get no units form it just the rules, an extra CP and an extra artefact (the last being the main reason to pick a batallion for sylvaneth since the benefits from the batallions itself are quite a bit weaker than in other books). I don't use battlescribe but I guess the way you describe it you just pick outcasts, accept the units it gives you or increase it. No need for other battleline if you don't want. Yes at everything. 1 woods teleport and all TL variants get to teleport from wood to wood too and Trevs always and everywhere (everything 9" away from enemy of course which will be a problem often) Sounds like a good basic army - roll with gnarlroot or dreadwood. Just play a few games and get a feel for it and the strategies and see what you like (dreadwood is often used for a sort of alpha strike with a large unit of hunters for example and in combination with an endless spell improving charges to make the 9" charge more sure I've not actually played it but it might be a bit trickier to get done than most other strats so I'd suggest trying a few gnarlroot or winterleaf games first.. but that is just me)you'd like. Personally I'd say: with a single unit of 30 dryads, Drycha, a wraith and with a few units of hunters (9 or more models in total) back with an arch revenant you can't really go wrong. You get 1 in a basic army to go on any NON-special character (Alarielle or Drycha) hero. Then you get an extra artefact for every batallion you take. No matter how many artefacts you may take it's ALWAY max 1 per character. Your general could have a command trait and an artefact for more abilities but no hero can have 2 artefacts. Yes we have good artefact options (which is why I said it's the main reason to take a batallion) but our batallions are relatively expensive for what they do besides that in my opinion. Another option is to not take a specific glade so you have a free pick for the first artefact..but that means trading a lot of good abilities - and often a good artefact too - for that option (overall it's not done a lot I think).
  4. Drycha is good at most point levels, certainly at 2k. If you want to play outcast it means you need to have 3 units of spites in your army before you can select outcast (and pay the points for that). The tree-rev's are not needed unless you want another 3 smallish units with weak defense (my suggestion: if outcast go 3 units of spites , MAYBE a single unit of tree revs and then get some more heavy hitters --> hunters or if you need more bodies get a big unit of dryads or increase size of the spite units). Spites are glasscannons , in large units maybe a bit of a hammer but you certainly shouldn't think T-revs are an anvil. They are very much NOT an anvil (for their points relatively low wounds, lowish and no other defensive option) their teleport is where the magic is: perfectly placed roadblocks, the treat of getting behind lines forcing the opponent to keep stuff on objectives and actually getting behind lines if there is something weak or an undefended objective. Hunters and dryads are anvils (though usually you'll be using hunters on the offence, but if the enemy hits them they can certainly take a punch). My experience that is unless you take specific items summoning dryads isn't very reliable but in gnarlroot it should be an option.
  5. As he said: you pick a specific piece of terrain that becomes your place of power, not a terraintype.
  6. Well... I have exactly the same problem. Going first SHOULD give you the option to place one somewhere if there is some room. About the forest. Wyldwood and awakend wyldwood use the same models (atm 3-6 of the new bases or 1 old base) if it's placed as regular terrain it's a wyldwood, if it's placed as faction terrain or summoned forest (spell, TLA, acorn) then it's an awakend wyldwood.
  7. The longitudinal one mentione above with 4 is legal right?
  8. You can use a single old wyldwood base as a complete (single placement/summon) forest (so not 3 bases anymore, it's only 3 bases if you use the new woods). Doesn't it say so in our book (not sure where I got this rule from really)?
  9. yes.. but not an awakend wyldwood... there is a difference... a rather important one for Sylvaneth
  10. Yeah just read it myself... means my table will be just as filled as is was I guess. If you win the roll to setup the terrain you can put more (all) on the sides though Just line em up on one side (I'd never do this tbh but would be legal). But putting a few of the larger piece more towards the corner might help deploying forests
  11. Wow.. only 5 pieces of terrain.. that really makes a difference.. I usually play with no less than 9 including some pretty large pieces (and I usually set up the table myself). If the rules now clearly state 5 I can leave SO MUCH more of the table free. I usually try to get the first one in the middle (but that was 1" away from enemy territory so still not THAT offensive) and the 2nd one near one of my own objectives, but I often had difficulty getting even a 2nd forest out there (this will partially be solved by the new rules - see above in this reply) but trying a TLA will be nice anyway.
  12. I know, but I wasn't advocating it at all . Interesting build. I must admit I'm not going to try it right away since I'm first gonna try my full on 1D approach with tons of dryads, spites and T revs. I think Alarielle might be a weakpoint in the specific army I was against since it had quite a lot of pretty high rend shooting though. If you use your summoner to cast throne 2 turns you'll only have 30 dryads extra max since she only has one cast even in this build right? Also there is a high chance of 5 wounds characters dying early on (as by personal experience).. but I have no real idea what to do about that except take a TLA which also gives the 2nd forest without a cast which means I'll certainly be using that one in a rematch. Drycha just has so much potential so she's to good to ignore too so she'll be there too (but she got killed in turn 2 by bastilladon shooting I think, 2 bastilladons, one double shooting hurts. I didn't know he could move and shoot so wasn't out of range as I though I'd be turn 1). I've personally not average more than 1 succesfull summon last games so I'm quite jealous. Partially because failing casts, partially unbinds (that terrible Slann for example) but also lacking good target wyldwoods due to the 9" rule when enemy has engaged.
  13. Yeah for 2020 GHB I think that would be it. In the link I found I didn't see it described but since objectives is still mentioned in the rule that must mean you FIRST pick scenario, then 1 player sets up all terrain (so you can stay away from objectives) and then the other player picks a side and after that the first player (who setup terrain) starts deployment?
  14. Odd post.. it was Nos who was talking about focussing on magic (against coalesced) and me saying it wasn't a good option against that army due to the Slann and it's magical options. Also I didn't focus on magic, I just had 3 casters and no magic specific items which is fairly standard in this army. So how you make that into me saying you should dominate the magic phase (let alone all your assumptions about me and other phases which I don't mention here) and him being right about everything I can't follow since you directly contradict that part of his post. I can accept you saying he's right about the rest but the above is just a plain contradiction.
  15. I think focussing on magic might not be that easy. I had 3 casters and his single +2 and 3x cast and unbind over whole table slann made sure I only got a single spell off my last game against them. Not to mention he killed my 2 wraiths (5 wounds) in 2-3 turns (also the arch rev btw) with his annoying signature spell. I took an all comers list with a bit of everything, 9 hunters, not that much since I didn't know anything about his army and also because I don't often tailor lists in general. As I said, in a rematch I'd try to tailor a bit since the difference in power was significant and I'd go with lots dryads and spites (I don't have that much T revs).
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