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  1. a second SC is certainly worth it, having a TLA and a Durthu is good. The 3th is not a misbuy either, if you want to complete your treemen but.. not really for playing sicne regular TL aren't played that often.. though having more dryads is something you'll need eventually.
  2. So how about Wanderers joining Sylvaneth in the next book? Happening or not? Maybe a bit more distance from Sigmars crumbling alliance?
  3. Personally I'd use the models but proxy them as something that has CoS rules and points.
  4. Actually just less restrictive placement rules for the forest and a prayer on the wraith that gives it somewhat reliable would be a good start for the forests. Instead of more wounds a 2+ save on the treelords would be an option too.
  5. Ow I'll take that DPR anytime Just a bonus +1 cover save when fully in woods just for sylvaneth would be huge too.
  6. I honestly think returning models too the table should be undead only.. and not FEC either.. just zombeis and skeletons.. and I guess the abomination that is bonereapers. Healing and good healing.. ok.. summoning if not to much (ours is too weak) but not more.
  7. Yeah that is it.. you can have a great plan... but if the wood doesn't come which is a real posibility then one of the 5 turns is gone.. and 5 is optimistic.. a strat really has to be rolling in turn 1-2 really turn 3 will be reactive and turn 4 and 5 way to late
  8. Good point surprisingly many units have higher wounds while treelords should be one of the topdogs in that department. I'm not fine with the deterioration though
  9. I'm hoping - the wraith become priest, - wyches stay mages - 2 cast on TLA New hunter character, just a combat beast with a combat buff. - Alarielle becoming stronger (stats, abilities everything) with matching (but still competative) points to reflect her being one of the few gods. In comparison to Archaon her abilities are somewhat lacking eventhough they are not weak.. and in stats... well...
  10. Winterleaf, Drycha, a unit of T revs and a unit of 20 dryads and then hunters would be a decent list from the top of my head.
  11. Yeah, magic is unreliable as hell without bonus to cast and that removes forest and their mobility as a reliable strategy for Sylvaneth IMHO. Sadly without mobility Sylvaneth just isn't up to par. Summoning forests as a low roll prayer or as abilities might help a bit in that department. Also I think all units except melee hunters need to be about 10% cheaper. Another wound or attack on the Tree revenants would be nice too (another attack would keep their roll similar - glass cannon - but more viable and another wound would make them more durable still only average in combat but not glass cannon anymore. The Gem is nice but Gnarlroot should just give a straight +2 to cast to TLA's and +1 to other casters. Insta return of magic trees (they'd be more viable as opposed to other builds of our army... still don't think this alone would make a gnarlroot build viable overall).
  12. ' If a spell is cast, the opposing player can choose one of their Wizards that is within 30" of the caster to attempt to unbind the spell before its effects are applied. To unbind a spell, roll 2D6. If the roll beats the roll used to cast the spell, then the spell is not successfully cast. Only one attempt can be made to unbind a spell.' Maybe I'm missing something.. but where is LoS involved in unbinding?
  13. Could you delete some units yourself by alpha striking?
  14. I consider CoS the grand alliance in a more lore correct way with some background and rules that match the rest.
  15. No at your first line, Yes at the second. Outcasts comes with nothing except the rules it has. It has a requirement : you need to have 3 units of spites before you can pick it. You get no units form it just the rules, an extra CP and an extra artefact (the last being the main reason to pick a batallion for sylvaneth since the benefits from the batallions itself are quite a bit weaker than in other books). I don't use battlescribe but I guess the way you describe it you just pick outcasts, accept the units it gives you or increase it. No need for other battleline if you don't want. Yes at everything. 1 woods teleport and all TL variants get to teleport from wood to wood too and Trevs always and everywhere (everything 9" away from enemy of course which will be a problem often) Sounds like a good basic army - roll with gnarlroot or dreadwood. Just play a few games and get a feel for it and the strategies and see what you like (dreadwood is often used for a sort of alpha strike with a large unit of hunters for example and in combination with an endless spell improving charges to make the 9" charge more sure I've not actually played it but it might be a bit trickier to get done than most other strats so I'd suggest trying a few gnarlroot or winterleaf games first.. but that is just me)you'd like. Personally I'd say: with a single unit of 30 dryads, Drycha, a wraith and with a few units of hunters (9 or more models in total) back with an arch revenant you can't really go wrong. You get 1 in a basic army to go on any NON-special character (Alarielle or Drycha) hero. Then you get an extra artefact for every batallion you take. No matter how many artefacts you may take it's ALWAY max 1 per character. Your general could have a command trait and an artefact for more abilities but no hero can have 2 artefacts. Yes we have good artefact options (which is why I said it's the main reason to take a batallion) but our batallions are relatively expensive for what they do besides that in my opinion. Another option is to not take a specific glade so you have a free pick for the first artefact..but that means trading a lot of good abilities - and often a good artefact too - for that option (overall it's not done a lot I think).
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