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  1. I think I'd have gone for consistency and made them triplets with the same head/headgear, maybe using the horns from this wild rider helmet added behind the horn-like-thing-tiara the others have. maybe I'd even put that in the middle of the helmet on the pricess model you have now for consistency. Also. I THINK I'd try to add some lenght to that scythe (towards the ground).
  2. I think warscroll only count for the models associated with them. The fact it's the same name might imply a lot.. but I think untill there are new treerev warscroll they'll use the ability on their own warscroll even if it's the same name. It hardly makes sense otherwise: - would tree rev's keep their own ability in addition to this one? - would tree rev's only get this ability when these guys are on the table? or always even if these are not on the table or not even in the army?
  3. No I'm not convinced either. BTW.. I think they aren't good enough to be playable. Basicly they are more expensive than a wych and 5 revenants and have about the same damage output but less wounds (faster drop in damage). The wizard is slightly better than a wych.. but not much so basicly she's worth 80 points... then it's 100 points for the other 3.. while they are not really better than 5 revenants. I don't see the teleport ability on the warscroll at all which is usually what people mention as the only real point in favor of revenants... so a real point against these guys. So now you have 100 points for 3 wounds which are even more glass cannons than the regular revenants but without teleport. Ow .. and not battleline.. the only reason I ever use tree rev's myself. The shooting is ofcourse a nice addition certainly worth something... but 2 shots isn't really enough to keep the whole band out of combat.. Am I missing something? I doubt I'd play them for 160 points. Even at 140 I probably wouldn't use them since they aren't battleline. Nice models though and an auto-buy anyway if only to have an alternative branchwych model (I know she's a thornwych). If I can get her cheap later I might even get another of the witch because I think combining her with a dryad would give me a great dryad champion (my biggest problem using them is identifying my branchnymphs)
  4. I was wondering whether our revenants (elite infantry) would get the fyreslayer treatment and get an additional would. This warscroll has only 1 wound for the grunts so I guess that is out. These guys do have more attacks per grunt than our regular guys have, the same as a champion... I guess it's too much to ask for all revenants to get that.. but it would really be what I think revenants need, I just don't like them as they are. If that is our new The reaping it's a huge nerf btw. The reroll ws the hitting early is probably a small bonus but it's on 3+... which is kinda meh.
  5. Great post. While would agree that complete balance isn't possible in a game as large as either 40K or AoS I think that some sort of near balance between armies is preferable and if possible even some in-army balance between units. Sure a unit can a slightly less effective and thus not end up in net lists.. but the difference shouldn't be as large that you're almost wasting points when picking a unit.
  6. You are allowed to paint them...
  7. Most of my matches have about the same or slightly more in volume (generally not more... but bulkier). Hard to place woods. BTW the list I posted before with the wych, balewind and portals... I'm dropping it. Way to hard to pull it off. The castings aren't that bad.. but the unbinds @ 30 inch are killing me. And if not that the squishyness of the wych. Against the stormcast shooting list the wych was dead when he noticed the problem Today against Khorne I get unbound and endless spells get removed left and right. I'm not going to pour that many points in such a vulnerable idea next time. I also ran forestfolk, mostly for the item.. but also because teleporting sounds nice.. but I park my dryads on objectives.. in the game I generally just don't want to remove all of those and loose the objectives (and if I'm correct you have to remove the whole batallion so leaving the one unit that is defending the objective against 30 bloodletters isn't an option.
  8. Anymore units in this category?
  9. All enemy units luckily not everything
  10. It's not the cheap option
  11. You get a 2nd cast when you are on the balewind so gnarlroot isn't needed. Also: umbral spellportal only works once per phase so you can't use it for both AoE spells anyway (which is why i've put it into the non gnarlroot list. I actually ended up playing non of those lists since I DID want a 2nd item so I added a forest folk batallion and dropped the loremaster. Not sure that is worth it btw.
  12. Yes.. and no. The NP will most likely be in a unit of something. They could potentially charge to 0.5 of some other model but outside 3" of NP and then pile in and have the NP within their attack range. However this would not be the case often I think since piling into the nearest model would prevent to much movement there. THe mentioned oval base which can be turned might facilitate that somewhat though.
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