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  1. It has been changed (back) again. You understand correctly. 1x 1-3 per cast/ability/etc. Not 3 seperate models anymore in one go.
  2. Ow that is a serious treat against portal bombing.
  3. But can you first cast your spells through the portal before the opponent can remove it?
  4. Do you also put the chalice on your wraith or on the warsong (more spells to benefit from it including a direct damage spell)? In yesterday's 1500 point game I had the TLA with the vesperal gem with Verdurous Harmony The Wraith had to make do with Throne for summoning The warsong had the chalice for Spellportal, damage spell and Treesong (or regrowth but didn't use that) I'll have to admit the Wraith did Throne turn one but had to move due to battle tactic (my fault) and afterwards only summoned 10 dryads turn 3. The Warsong was nice though had a few bad rolls and high unbinds so wasn't as good as I hoped but that was really in the dice The TLA was summoning forest (so no verspral gem use) first 2 turns due to lack of targets for Verdurous (I pulled back a bit turn 1 and then got first go in turn 2 and stayed put so no combat till enemy turn 2). With chalice on the wraith I probably would have summoned more but the damage of warsong would probably be reduced in an average game.
  5. Yes... the accepted strategy is to keep that up from the first hero-phase till the end of the game :D, nothing to be ashamed of since it's about the only powerhouse ability we have (and on a rather expensive model pointwise which certainly doesn't have the stats to back the point cost otherwise). And shhhh... GW hates sylvaneth and I'm still expecting them to put this ability somewhere with the other fast dropping stats in the damage table.
  6. I'd go for 1-3 or small variations on them (possibly enlongating the circle of 3 a bit?). I'd not go for 4-6.
  7. Well sort of but not because they are really better.. more because they are cheap IMHO. Dryads do well what they do for their points.. but you really need 20 of them so if you want to max out non battleline units (say hunters, drycha, TLA, Durthu and Alarielle) you don't want to go there. Since a small unit of any battleline won't really kill anything then it means that even though their damage is even more abysmal than the damage of the dryads and spites you still go there since it's a non factor really and just their teleporting remains as only relevant ability (vs nothing relevant for the other choices).
  8. But don't you have shelves and shelves with units you tried that didn't work out?
  9. I understood that from your reply yes. But just because I'm curious: if you want to try a list with new units (say the bow hunters or the irondrakes or SotW or whatever) you buy them paint them and then test them... and if the test is not satisfactory... they (represeting and investment in money, paint, painting effort etcetc) get shelved in you cellar or something?
  10. If you mean overrule I'd agree. As written now I'd say you get the placement range from the ability/spell whatever and then it's just 3' away from everything. And it's 1x 1-3 piece per ability/spell. I don't have the book here but the overgrown wilderness rule probably means it blocks LOS again? but not sure which rule makes that so since there is no keyword?
  11. It's called proxying and in non tournament games it's a thing.. I mean if you played the 10th game with the same unit I'd get them but when trying them out... PROXY edit: Saw I was late with this reply. Still you can use a tried and tested WYSIWYG list for the tourneys (I assume you don't go there with a testing list anyway) while testing the bows in other games.
  12. It's it so that several armies (incl stormcast) have more versatile teleporting? And while hunters are good most armies have an equivalent which is usually in the same ballpark in efficiency.
  13. I would not normally place a single 3 wood base but the obvious advantage is that is gets wyldwood LOS blocking rule. A 2nd advantage would be the size which allows teleportation of bigger units. Not sure if you can teleport a 30 man dryad unit whole within 1" of a single base (doing this from the top of my head, rule might have been rewritten or never been like that).
  14. If you have a warsong who might be able to heal him I'd go for the ward save. It also makes him drop less in brackets if he'****** hard before he can strike himself. Keeping him next to the healer might be a nice idea though.
  15. Lots of rendless and 1d attacks vs units that ignore rend or have a 1D damage cap? I think their damage ouput can be quite nasty... but obviously less so against 3+/4+ save units and after that they are dead.
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