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  1. I agree 4 casters and 4 endless spells seems overkill. And sure he has some nice teleport options and will get his charge in.. but there isn't that much to charge with.. so even a completely succesfull alpha strike will probably mean too little damage is done to prevent a serious counter attack which this small alpha strike force won't survive long enough to do more damage.: your army is probably split up in a little piece they can destroy with their whole army before taking on the rest.
  2. -Cities of Sigmar are like Stormcast and can ally with any Order. This would allow you virtually to ally anything with any thing right? I mean my sylvaneth have hardly any ally options.. but now I could just ally them with dark elves/high elves/dwarves in one of those cities?
  3. Same here.. but for IP protection purposes bland elves are probably not going to happen.
  4. I'm thinking of proxying my woodelves as stormcast vanguard in warcry … I mean... best ranged team should be wood elves right. I would probably just try some magnets to get them on the bigger bases. Not quite sure which unit should be which yet. vanguard hunters --> glade guard Hunter prime --> Glade guard champ with sword Vanguard raptor with hurricane crossbows --> Hurricane raptor prime --> Long strike raptor --> waywatchers Long strike prime --> waywatcher champion Gryphhound --> got a single old hunting cat from a beastmaster.. but might use the raptoryx from the warcry box.. those are cute. (Or I might buy gryphhounds.. they fit with the wood elves I think Aetherwing --> probably need to get these, no real replacement IMHO (might use furies since I got those) No real option for the hurricane guys yet; I guess most of you could use the sisters of the watch but I've not play wanderers a lot last years and if I did I used my waywatchers as brothers of the watch. Suggestions?
  5. Played against the eels today (with my sylvaneth) .. damn.. or cavalry is kinda lacking in comparison even after the point drops.
  6. You would be using original GW material.. so GW tournament legal. That said: I'm not trying it
  7. Hey, I think maybe I got the idea of using a deepcut studio's mat from you. I've been using it for 2 years now (so if you've been using it for a shorter time you maybe got the idea from me ) and it's great. I cut up a whole 3x3 swamp mat for 14 of the old bases so nothing is left but I hope to get at least 2 of the new ) - like bases out of each old base.
  8. 30 pounds = 40 euro is kinda strange to me though.. or is that standard GW conversion these days (I really wouldn't know atm). I'm pretty sure the pound is nowhere near 1.33 E OK decided to check and indeed.. the 30 pound ironbreakers are 40 euro.. insane but I guess it is what it is
  9. I'll get 1.. and just like now I'll get some exact sized bases for the rest.
  10. I think winterleaf is the better choice taking all into consideration.
  11. Great looks, different from other armies yet clear what they represent. Great cohesion in looks yet each unit is clearly different (unlike some armies). Several different playstyles. Yeah.. Sylvaneth all the way..
  12. This Old S is now to wound roll Old T is number of wounds Save is armor It's more logical than old system anyway. Once through armor or hide/scale etc there is no toughness.. Just meat of which you need to cut more or less which is wounds. Seperating hide /scales into T instead of just combining it with armor (as in aos now) isn't logical.
  13. Ah yes, the awakened wyldwood indeed says 3-6 citadel woods and then describes the new configuration.
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