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  1. Easygrin

    Easygrins quest

    Ok a big mixup of pictures for both SOH and Shadespire. A lot off Shadespire warbands will do double duty in Shadows over hammerhall and Shadespire as heroes or monsters .
  2. Easygrin

    Easygrins quest

    2 more warbands to go
  3. Easygrin

    Easygrins quest

    My Cursebreakers for my Shadespire they might find a place in whq at some point
  4. Yes yours are fantastic.... better than mine... and i love mine
  5. I kinda like the idea of multiple tribes gathering to form an Army and the dark oath forfill a part of this. Would love if they are able to form a full army ofcourse. But i think regular old Chaos Warriors should never be pushed out. They r the T800 off Chaos. But maybe they should give the marauders a model update. Wouldn't it be more impressive if there were lots of barbarian tribes enslaved instead off ... just this 1 tribe... the others said no
  6. Yes they are better than i would have hoped for. Love the one with the sword he looks so much better thenhen does on the art . The one with the axe is good i had a head swap in mind for him but thought it might npt fit the pose he had on the art but now it might actually be perfect for what i had in mind. The others are great aswell the archer and the dog or leopard? Are a nice bonus.
  7. Anyone has any idea when the next 2 teams get released?
  8. Im soo hyped about the Dark Oath. Love the old Conan Style Barbarians that are Chaos but dont feel as pure evil. Hope the Models will be good and hope they get a fun playstyle the ultimate mix of sword&sorcery.
  9. They do i think the big lady in the background art is casting something I thought.
  10. Seems like the new teams all do have casters maybe not the dwarfs and the Troll?
  11. So... no nurgle no Bonesplitterz no Dark aelves no Slaanesh no deepkin no gor beastmen was hoping for epic posed Gor and a Minotaur no more of the older races no wanderers guess the half aelf half rotten tree things are 25% ael ves 75% bark kinda like them though love the Dark Oath group I like the goblins I don't like the mushroom Trol and in not sure about the overlords. Kinda excited and disappointed mostly disapdisappointed cause there are no nurgle but really happy with the Dark Oath they really look Conan&Red Sonya might change the hairstyles and do a headswap here and there but i love the Dark oaths
  12. Yes glad I have both allready but was hoping they would continue to support it and release a third compatible version but it seems they are changing to a 40k setting which is kinda unfortunate sinds I personally have no connection to. Weren't the games doing well?
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