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  1. Hidden pathways two units (say 30 sisters and a nomad prince) Shoot and scoot (1cp) Shoot and scoot (1cp) Shoot and scoot (1cp) Shouldn't need to move again, plop shadow warriors in the midfield (strike from shadows) and you should have rolled over a flank with eternal guard holding the center
  2. Love all the wanderer changes
  3. So kinda new to this whole warcry thing, but I have chosen to go with my nighthaunt Campaign list below
  4. Made a spiderfang themed loonboss
  5. Female dwarf models would be really cool
  6. Really curious as to how wanderers will work in cities if that rumour is true, wait and see I guess
  7. There wasn't much mention of wanderers in the previous battletome either, yet they do get a fluff section in the big rule book
  8. Idoneth deepkin have namarti reavers, you know, a elf unit with bows
  9. Ignore my painting for a moment, see how the glade guard model doesn't fit with any of the new plastics
  10. It's taken abit of a backseat so I can finish my Lord discordant, but my next aos project for my spiderfangs. After this, it's a waiting game for cities of sigmar and see what comes with the kurnothi from underworlds
  11. Glade guard are very patchwork with little to no metal and everything being all layers on layers. The newer eternal guard have armour and clothes that are one piece, same with the wild riders/sisters of the thorn. Those kits fit better with sisters of the watch/shadow warriors then with glade guard
  12. Wow, that's a lot of salt in the last couple of posts. We knew we would loose stuff when the cull happened, it sucks sure, but we didn't loose everything. Glade guard and the metal heros don't match well with the nomad prince, the wild riders/sisters of the thorn, eternal guard/wildwood rangers and sisters of the watch. They just dont, now we will be in cities so we can still be played until whatever happens with the kurnothi happens
  13. Either these are their own thing, or they are going to roll with wanderers, and we have a full awesome battletome with lots of cool options Either way I'm all in for the kurnothi
  14. I think those type of aelf armies will be made from cities of sigmar, where the newer aelf armies will be all the stuff coming out
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