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  1. How’s everybody doing these days? Are your KO mopping up? Share your successful raids and plunders!
  2. I feel like my Endrinriggers are heroic enough
  3. Here’s my current list. It is a beta strike list with shooting that averages 59 damage per turn (before saves and rerolls) but can potentially do 178 damage per turn. Also can repair up to 24 damage per turn as well. *settle the grudges, always take what you are owed, without our ships we are naught General: Endrinmaster w/dirigible, endrinprofessor, phosphorus bombs Ironclad w/hull plates, volleycannon Gunhauler w/cannon x2 (1x with torpedo) Endrinriggers (3 man, ranged weapons) x 7 Thunderers (rifles, garrisoned, 10 man) Grundstock Escort Wing battalion
  4. That aelf mortal wound combo will be given the same treatment as our Thunderers were a month after they came out
  5. What's up sky dwarfs? How's the Volleygun working out for all you Ironclad users? I see a lot of talk about the cannons but no love for the Volleygun.
  6. Not with that list. I have an alternative build with 2 gunhaulers that uses Grundstok Escort Wing, but it only has 21 Endrinriggers.
  7. I play a custom sky port with ‘settle the grudges,’ ‘always take what you are owed’, and ‘without our ships we are naught’. endrinmaster with balloons, Ironclad, Gunhauler, 5x Thunderers and 30x Endrinriggers in various unit sizes and mostly ranged special weapons considering 180 points of arkanunts for screening but I’m not sure I really need them.
  8. If we can’t underdrop an opponent then we have to MSU and screen. Ideal builds and strategy change with each opponent but some general principles apply. I dont think KO is meant to be an alpha strike type army anymore, I think we have to deploy boats and important units 9” from a corner and screen with arkanunts another 18” from the boats, or about 27”-30” from a corner. Then prioritize your targets and try to kill the most threatening things first. Flamers are expensive with low wounds and low saves. They will kill what they shoot but so can we. Finding a way to shoot first is more important than having more shots.
  9. Our army mechanics are unique, and like with the first rendition, KO are trail blazing new rules possibilities. Tzeentch isn’t trail blazing anything new, they have a selection of good stats and good rule mechanics that everyone already is familiar with. The flamers are a powerful unit but they have lower defenses and wounds than most 120 point units, and no rend. We can just string out some units of arkanunts 18” ahead of our skyvessels, and feed them 180 points. For that we get 20x 1” models we can space 1” apart. Gyrocopters/bombers seem like they are also a good screen choice. Just remember flamers can’t teleport within 9” and make sure to prioritize them as targets. They’ll die.
  10. The infamous ‘Bearded Lady’ still need names for my gunhaulers though
  11. Drill cannons do 3 mortal wounds on a 6 to hit, so shoot volleyguns at enemy infantry and shoot your drills at enemy heroes, spell casters and monsters. Same idea goes for the drill cannons on gunhaulers.
  12. The ranged mortal wounds and the 6+ are the reason gunhaulers are awesome. They are like having a 10 wound, 4+ save flying wizard that can hurt you from 36” away but you can’t dispel, and they have a utility of helping bigger ships defensively. I think 3 gunhaulers can threaten most enemy synergies, and 2 can finish off weakened monsters and heroes pretty effectively.
  13. My current list utilizes shooty Riggers to maximum effect: Endrinmaster with dirigible suit general 1x ironclad w/volleygun 1x gunhauler w/drill cannon 1x5 Thunderers w/ rifles 10x3 Endrinriggers w/volleyguns & drill cannons I start the Thunderers inside the ironclad, and keep the general and 2 units of riggers close enough to repair and hitch I keep the gunhauler close enough to help defend the ironclad and give it 2 units of riggers as well, close enough to repair either Skyvessel. the remaining 6 units of Endrinriggers spread out, claim objectives, shoot at enemies, and relieve repair duty if one of those units hitching skyvessels is weakened. so I have a total of 10 ‘drill launcher’ attacks that do 3 mortal wounds on a 6 to hit at 24” away, or do 4/3/-3/d3 otherwise. Great for targeting heroes and high priority spell casters. Volleyguns are pretty good too, especially against low armored horde type units. That’s 60 shots at 4/4/-1/1 also from 24” away. Rivet guns are the weakest link, but 30 shots at 3/4/-1/1 is a good little boost when enemies are in range. so altogether my Endrinrigger’s shooting has a potential damage output of 120 per turn, averaging around 31 damage per turn if everything shoots. Since I have the mobility to pick and choose my targets, I think that’s really good. When I add my general, ironclad, gunhauler, and Thunderers to that and my shooting has 201 potential wounds per turn, or about 59 wounds on average (before saves). Defensive placement, priority targeting, and wise use of rerolls can make for a devastating hail of gun shots... and repair up to 34 damage per turn.
  14. Endrinriggers with guns aren’t going to do as much damage in a turn as they would with saws but they can hide behind a Skyvessel and survive longer, so they will do more work over time, on average. The saws are kind of a one and done technique, Endrinriggers in melee hit hard but die quick.
  15. I mopped up in meeting engagement tournaments with the old rules. New rules would be much better.
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