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  1. Does this solve any of the tumor engines?
  2. They did, they can jump anywhere on the table now! That's a huge buff
  3. Though details are foggy nagash worked with chaos to make sure order lost the All Points
  4. Yea the story isn't resolved In forbidden power, it's gonna continue, my money is 100% on Be'lakor anyone else got any idea who this old Ally could be? And gods are more abstract they are like a collection of energy able to move and change, as such all of them has to be destroyed for them to truely die. eg as long as there is urgold Grimnir still exists as that is what his energy has coalesced into
  5. Okay so that isn't Nagash's initial betrayal, as his initial betrayal that got him kicked out was done pre stormcast back in the age of myth. Sooo what book talks the Nexus Wars, cause that is when Nagash seemingly fully joins the side of chaos?
  6. Where is the source of nagash saying he'd send and army a breaking that deal? I know he did that during the realmgate wars but I'm curious about before all that in the age of myth Nagashes first betrayal in the mortal realms
  7. That was after the gates of azyr were closed, but Nagash and sigmar had a falling out before that
  8. Is it known how Nagash and sigmar fell out? they used to be buddy buddy killing chaos n such and then Nagash betrayed sigmar and sigmar threw a fit and kicked him out of his cool kids club. I know that it occurred in the age of myth before stormcast where a thought but that's it, is there more info out there?
  9. Its the piece with Oly and Prime, the Big guy between them, Figured that's is Be'lakour His ultimate failure revolved around the Lady of The Lake The Skull like features, and super high cheek bones match incredibly well The crown 3rd Eye sorta made sense, but then we releasied its not an Eye, it looks sorta like a heart Those of you who remember the Endtimes *END TIMES SPOILER* He was bound in chains of Light, And Nagash was going to have fun tearing him apart and putting him back together for all eternity. The Deamon was imprisoned in The jewel of Alarielle Its a fitting punishment, He wanted the 3 eyed crown so badly and now instead he is crowned with his cage, his ultimate failure Thats what we came up with. The Only hole I found was the reference of Nagash and an "Old Friend" Im not sure where this is said but I know ive read it somewhere, And I dont recall Bel and Naggy being allies at any point, EDIT*Also the hand looks daemony*
  10. I saw a piece of artwork that had a ghostly Be'lakor in it with Alarielle's Heart gem on his forward making a crown like Archaon, does anyone know where that art piece is from/ If there's a high res version out there?
  11. Oooh i do look forward to more stuff that isnt just mustache twirling baddies
  12. Squeee, hope its not only chaos but the models look amazing
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