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  1. You always want a branchwraith and dryads to summon in, its so cheap for so much
  2. I'd agree in thinking it'll be underworlds
  3. Random speculation time, how do you think the aleguzzler will change, im thinking that the rules for a horned one will be drastically different
  4. So these two havent been revealed and both look decently gianty esp the shield made from shields. I'm hoping for a unique character Have there been any new armies without one unique named character? The last one I can think of is beastmen
  5. So currently we have 4 generic heroes, 2 on foot 2 behemoth, 2 unique heroes, and 4 units, so how does that stack up with other releases, definitely seems low. Im thinking they will do the same thing they did with sisters for 40k as others have suggested
  6. I'm thinking new models In a vs box with sons of behemat
  7. A while back there was some concept art of a "butcher/frostking on mount" I havent ever been able to find that piece of art since the firsttime I saw it, it was a leaner more predatory beast... anyone know what im talking about or did i just hallucinate this in a fever dream?
  8. Can someone give me a compilation of where the Giant rumors come from?
  9. So all the armies that got new models haven't really had a release of the new model, it was only a bundled product, with two exceptions, realm of chaos, karnack, the hounds, and the infernal enrapturess and fiends who both a larger expanded release when they're kits were sold outside of realm of chaos. I think looking at that is a good indicator of what they will do in future especially how they did khorne, a box set with new kits followed by a release of new kits along with more new kits, only this time this release won't accompany a new battletome. You also have all this staff and writers dedicated to battletomes, theyve been cranking them out at a crazy pace so once all the times are out they must have something they want to shift the writing staff to, maybe furthering the lore of the world in other ways than just battle times ala malign portents perhaps This makes slot of business sense imo
  10. A while back there was a piece of concept art floating around of a new mount, I was wondering if anyone has it/ knows what I'm talking about or if Im just hallucinating XD
  11. Really not a fan of faction terrain as it is. I Think they should by and large be pointed out. Everything that adds value to an army can be given a point value. Every allegiance ability should have internally identical point values ( or as close as possible). terrain can be so impactful, on some armies [dryad heavy sylvaneth] and completely pointless/ detrimental in other lists [troggoths army]. So imo it should be given a point value and left to the player to choose if they want it or not.
  12. Was the gargant always in the gutbuaters section?
  13. Firebelly and butcher are in the preview
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