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  1. RuinAtion... Destruction... . . ... .... ITS ORRUKS!!!! ORRUKAST!!!!
  2. I think it more had to with not messing with enlightened as they need to be fixed with disciples of tzeentch
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if for the upcoming Slaves to darkness that there was a kit for generic chaos cultists that visually worked with all the war cry bands and the warcry factions served as the "stormhosts\glades" for slaves/darkoath
  4. Theyve said in a community article the controlling turn player has full control of the order for "start of phase/end of phase abilities" https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/21/who-fights-first/
  5. Just gonna point out that no rumor engines so far have been for any of the warcry models
  6. New herald, this was the site of ghal maraz, in chamon i believe.
  7. Hopefully that means trees will be this month fingers crossed
  8. The mauseloum is ”treat as a gravesite for the Unquiet dead battletrait” per it's warscroll. The ability to resurrect a unit is the ”Endless legion" abilty a completely separate ability from the Unquiet dead battletrait @Mirage8112 not what @Ryan Taylor said I didn't mean garrisoning was related to summoning, garrisoning is just super useful and an extremely double edged sword for the player that sets up a Garrison before sides
  9. I really do think people are not actually reading the new rules and taking the previous edition into and trying to apply it to ghb2019 instead of just reading ghb 2019 on it's on. The one area where the new rules completely fall apart is tournaments as alot of faction terrain can't be set up but that's only in with tournament rules but other than that having done a few test games gnawholes placement is fine, the moseleums are not a big deal because they are garrisonable and you can't resurrect new units from them. The biggest thing I've seen from the new rules is how crazy multiple herdstones can be, but BoC could use the boon.
  10. The rules for terrain have fundamentally changed. First both players select ”any 3 terrain pieces ”no more than 10" wide and 10” tall and two that are between 6 and 4. Players alternate placing them a set distance from the board edge objectives and other terrain. This terrain can be ANY terrain piece and if it has a warscroll that warscroll must be used according to the rules In addition the Faction terrain section only says that allegiance abilities can allow you to set up additional terrain but it is subject to the same limiting factors. The rules for setting up terrain found in battletomes are allegiance abilities for terrain that is ”added to a players army”
  11. To bounce of Mirage's post with the new Match Play rules Every Army can place 5 Terrain pieces, This can be ANY terrain feature so long as 2 of them are smaller than 6"x4"2 and all of them must be less than 10"x10" After these terrain pieces have been placed, you can use Allegiance abilities to place terrain, These are what the rules say, a lot of people just jumped to the part were it talks about Allegiance ability placement without reading the general terrain placing rules.
  12. You wouldn't be able to summon destroyed units from moseleums tho, as it only counts for the battletrait and not the command ability
  13. I tend to go by what they can sell, all the gitmob kits were awefully dated, the greenskins were aswell excluding the boarboys kit which was imo great and I highly doubt they would scrap that mold so I expect them to come back along some other orruks in-between ironjaws and Savage orruks
  14. That artwork appeared in the original Fyreslayers tome, along side a bunch of wyvern mentioning a in BL novels, and the bonesplitterz book came out several months later with no wyvern in it. It was very odd back then.
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