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  1. Oooh i do look forward to more stuff that isnt just mustache twirling baddies
  2. Squeee, hope its not only chaos but the models look amazing
  3. I'd say its sigmar, regretting 1) keep the tombkings alive, and 2) decided to free them during the soul wars
  4. Sigmar would certainly regret having anything to do with Settra, The tomb definetly evokes Tombkings, meanwhile the city above evokes Lustria. Seraphon vs Settra here we go
  5. Very interesting, that art also doesnt match the spire one, and the back end looks more like the warp grinder
  6. So i saw no weapons teams in the pics that were uploaded, that could mean something good, or it could just be they dont want to show any of the old metal models, we shall see
  7. You can also just not overcharge them. Also keep in mind currently skyre abilities let you boost your spell casting and reroll misses
  8. Im over the moon🌒 of a new book!!!! Ahhh time to blow up the moon!!! want this treatment for all the old left behind armies, I'm hoping <and based on beast of chaos and gloom spite confident> that these books will be great fun and we'll balanced Alternatively we could just get nothing and have to wait 3 years until the design team finishes a gloonspite level release... Yeah I know what I'd prefer book now models later rather than nothing now everything later
  9. The biggest thing for me so far has been how impactive (unit leaders), champions are, the missions grant champions bonus Victory points in interesting ways
  10. I've played a couple of games, and really like the balance of it so far. The missions are an absolute blast, and having access to every model is a definite boon and making the points system what you'd expect. Eager to see what happens with next months WD and the further rules that will be in that.
  11. The more I look at the art stuff, and look around it seems like they commission the artwork after they have the models made. If so looks like we have a Wyvern kit with Greenzkin and Savage orruk options
  12. Ima big fan of the Greenskin SC, the boarboys are great, the other models are fine other than the chariot. I find the standard Orruks to be leagues above the plague monks, any way what I was getting at with the Art thing is waaaay back there was this art Two wonderfully rendered Bonesplittas on wyverns, and in the age of combined battle tomes could we see a orruk combined battletome, with this model? This is found in the Fyreslayers battletome then 7 battletomes later, after Ironjaws we got the Bonesplittas. Im wondering if they've been sitting on this model for a while, with the option to have multiple riders
  13. So the things that Michu posted are all new from the new SC book, and those beasties are Ironbreaker are Dracoths with their heads down in bow
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