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The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

Gaz Taylor

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Just because it's never too early to speculate on the next season, and honestly I'm just in that kind of mood, lets think about it...

First a review of factions already covered, with the acknowledgement that some factions get multiple warbands and some get zilch, ect ect


Stormcast 3

Cities 0

Seraphon 0

Dok 1

Fyreslayers 1

Deepkin 0

KO 1

Sylvaneth 1 or 2, depending on how you look at Wild Hunt

Lumineth 0



Nighthaunt 1




Gits 3(!)

Warclans 2

Mawtribes 1

Sons of Behemet 0 (would that even be possible?)



BoC 1

Khorne 2

Tzeentch 1

Nurgle 1

Slaanesh 0

Skaven 1


Now, a few additional notes. Obviously the setting for the next season will shift from Beastgrave to something else, or maybe go deeper into Beastgrave if they want to keep the Ghur thing going. Also every Starter Box so far has been Order vs Something,  Beastgrave, keeping with it's theme has been super heavy on Destruction warbands, which will probably not be the case for the next one.

With that in mind, first the next Starter set. I think there's a good chance we will shift to Hysh next, since that is where the story seems to be going, and so I'm guessing the starter will be Lumineth vs Chaos, 50/50 STD or Slaanesh.

If Stormcast get a new chamber this year, then possibly they'll be the starter faction instead but honestly not any real rumblings of that happening so far. I think 2020 is going to be an Elf year on the Order side of things, and their classic opponent is Chaos.

That leaves 6.  Assuming I'm right about Lumineth vs Slaanesh/STD, then the remaining factions with no warbands are Seraphon, Cities, Deepkin, OBR, and the other Chaos faction.

Also, it's not rare at this point for unreleased factions to get warbands ahead of armybooks but I'm not going to go too deep into the weeds on that.

I'm going to say Seraphon, Deepkin,  one of STD/Slaanesh again, OBR, Something for Destruction, and, uh...Skaven. Why not.

For the Destruction Wildcard, lets do Grot Scuttlers because why not. If SoB end up having anything on a scale that could be in Underworlds maybe, but not sign of that yet.



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Stormcast already have 4 warbands, we need another entire season with no Stormcast. Death are suffering a bit with 4 total warbands, although Chaos and Destruction aren't that far ahead. Ideally we see a 3 Death, 2 Dest, 2 Chaos, 1 Order lineup to bring things more even, but GW loves Order so much that hoping for just one seems unlikely.

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All is lost ! While Brewmasters are still on their play-test phase...  a new idea took me by suprise.

Get prepared to meet the Citadel Dwarven Ancestors Club !


CDAC_Annonce 2.jpg


also known as


Four Dwarves and a Bear !


By Grimnir !

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It's happening again ! While Ancestors were still on their play-test phase...  a new idea took me by suprise.

So get prepared to meet...



If you like typically dwarven things like Runes & Runic Power, Quests & Family Stories, Grudges & Severity, keep watching.

By Grimnir, have a nice week !

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Hi everyone ! A few days ago, I posted here a short preview...
Now is the time.




Go find this new set of 4 +32 cards ! All you need is a printer and 5 sheets of paper.




Have a nice week in Beastgrave !

GR - Whole set.jpg

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so, after yesterday reveals this is my bet for season 4 warbands...

3 of 8 are already revealed (Lumineth, Slaanesh, Seraphon) so that leaves us with 5 to guess and out of the AoS factions CoS, Idoneth and Ossiarch are the only ones still missing a band.

There are some rumor engines that point to Ossiarch, so I'm quite sure they're in and Idoneth could be there also.

I'm not sure about cities... some rumour engines point at something like exalted of sigmar... but could also be Stormcast related...

1- Lumineth



4-Ossiarch Bonereapers

5-Idoneth Deepkin

6-Something Cities of Sigmar related (could be something like the Wild Hunt or Sanrlfang that are somewhat related to a faction)

7-Stormcast Eternals (there's always going to be a Stormcast band XD)

8-I would love something Death related, but seeing the list above is more likely that its going to be destruction releated (¿Bonesplitters?)

what do you think?

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What I think is likely:


SCE (there's always an SCE release - even Beastgrave had Ironsoul's Condemnors - here's an easy one - they just use the ETB Castigators)

Chaos Warriors (not just STD marauder types - actual chaos armoured warriors). There are usually 2 Chaos bands in each season. (Nurgle & BOC; Tzeentch and StD; Skaven and Khorne) And the current/new Chaos warriors are monopose already.

CoS of some kind (maybe Duardin but maybe humans)

Death (they've done skeletons and FEC, and ghosts so either Vampires, Bonereapers or pure zombies with a Necromancer).


But that leaves out destruction completely. So I'd not be surprised if there were new rules for Giants to be somehow used, especially with SoB on the horizon.


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By Grimnir! Just a short word for those who, like me, can't play table top games anymore because of covid...

Don't forget Warhammer Underworlds : Online is still an option ^^

I was a bit disappointed myself in the beginning, because the initial game was buggy, but now it seems that the devs have work hard - the game runs smoothly and is much much better with more warbands and cards 💪

In particular, the last weeks with the Chosen Axes release have been a real blast! So join us online!

And in any case, have a nice week in Beastgrave!

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Hi, I don't know if this is the best place to post this, as it's not a rumour as much as a thought experiment.

So, with the final Direchasm Warbands on the verge of release, I thought it would be fun to speculate what may be coming for season 5 of Underworlds - that is of course supposing there will be a season 5, and that it follows a similar pattern to previous seasons.

first of all, after two seasons in the beastgrave, we'll probably be moving to a new location. Having already had seasons in Shyish and Ghur, I doubt we'll be going back to those, or indeed to Ghyran, which is too close thematically to the previous ones. I'd like to imagine that any new season might take place in a Realm that saw big changes during the events of Broken Realms, as it feels like they'd have the most narrative opportunities: having set aside Shyish and Ghur, that leaves me to suspect it could take place in Ulgu or Chamon - either could have further links with potential warband ideas. Aqshy is also possible, but I see it as less likely.


WRT the warbands:



Given Dominion's SCE and Kruel Boyz are the only confirmed factions to have new releases soon and are the only ones yet to have a WHU warband (with the exception of SoB), I think they'll take two of the 8 slots.

Other factions that have been (more or less heavily) hinted at as coming to the main game include:

  • Umbraneth - these could link up with the game taking place in Ulgu
  • Dispossessed/Grungni Duardin - these could link up with the game taking place in Chamon
  • Furnace Kings - this could provide interesting opportunities in the form of a central model being a hell cannon or other possessed  artillery piece, with an attendant artillery dwarf, an infernal guard, and perhaps a priest of hashût?
  • Order of Azyr - there are many possibilities on how this could be designed, though I have no idea how.

Were these all to get a warband (doubtful) that would mean 6 of the 8 slots are now filled, with:
Order - 4, Death - 0, Destruction - 1, Chaos - 1 (supposing Umbraneth stay order...)

Considering Death and Destruction have the fewest current warbands I tried to think of a few more ideas based on their current factions:

  • Irongutt and/or Firebelly warband - a super-elite warband, with only two or three ogor models, and no pets or attendants. In order to differentiate them more from the two Ironjawz warbands, I'm going to say 2 Ogors, making them the lowest model-count warband in the game.
  • Vyrkos Warband - While we've already had Vampires and Deathrattle warbands, I think there's sufficient design space in the Soulblight Gravelords to make a werewolf and pets warband. Think of Mollog's Mob and Hrothgorn's mantrappers in terms of design space: a big heavy-hitting leader, with light-weight harrassing pets and attendants
  • Frankenstein Warband - Again a warband from the SBGL battletome, with a Necromancer leader and a heavy-hitting Monster as his lieutenant, probably with a few mortal Nagash-cultists to round out the warband. Same sort of design space as the Starblood Stalkers in terms of gameplay.

Honourable mention: While I love the idea of Furnace Kings, I think there may be another Chaos Faction who may be even more deserving of another WHU warband:

  • New Skaven Warband - either Skryre or Moulder heavy warband, what with the first Skaven warband being more heavily Eshin (and perhaps Pestilens?) focused. As I've already speculated about the possibility of quite a few "big monster" style warbands, I'm going to go with something more related to Skryre, perhaps following the design space I mentioned for the Chorfs (ie, an artillery piece with attendants, and a tech-mage)



So, looking through the warband ideas, I can see a pattern emerging - mad scientists and/or dwarves: to me, that points straight to the possibility of Chamon. What with the destruction of most of its realmgates, it is in the most precarious situation of the Realms; and we know that Grungni has set himself the task of recreating a form of the Khazalid Empire. These are both very interesting plotlines that could be explored through Warhammer Underworlds, and they both give rise to potential "bottle episode locations": for example, a sub-realm at the edges of Chamon isolated by the destruction of the gates; or an ancient ruined Karak of the Khazalid Empire, that a Duardin warband is trying to take back for Grungni; or of course it could be a combination of both.

Going off the last point, here's my wishlist of warbands to take part:

  • Grungni's Dispossessed (starter set) - Themed around exploring the ruins of the old Karak: an iron breaker or hammerer, a miner, a ranger, with a rune priest as their leader
  • Skryre Skaven (starter set) - Themed as the remaining skaven that had taken over the ancient hold, or simply on the lookout for more warpstone, yes-yes. A warlock engineer leads a gang with some kind of artillery piece (needing two adjacent models to fire), a globardier and/or jezzail sniper, and perhaps one or more basic skaven warriors
  • Frankenstein warband - themed around a mad scientists necromancer on searching for alchemical enhancers for their work; with them, a Frankenstein monster who is the heavy hitter and is essentially the only one who can be bought back from death and enhanced multiple times, but who can probably not take objectives. With them an Igor and a couple of other expendable attendants
  • Kruel Boyz tasked by chorfs to retrieve artefacts... or simply trying to stop the Duardin from retaking their homeland out of spite. Until Saturday's preview, I have no idea what shape this warband could have.
  • Stormcast Eternals. Why? I dunno, they just seem to be around a lot 🤷‍♂️ A spear wielder and a paladin of somekind like the ones we've already seen seem like a given, but again, wait until saturday.
  • Vyrkos warband. Why? Pets seem to be in at the moment, and Death need extra warbands. A werewolf leading dire wolves and bats, similar to Mollog. No idea how to theme them though
  • An Irongutt couple - like, literally, Ogor and Wife, looking for the next bit of meat to put in the hot pot. Both heavy hitters, could perhaps go gold when killing an enemy through team work.
  • And finally... though I'd love to see a bit of Umbraneth and Furnace Kings, my gut tells me we're not ready for them, and we may only see them in Season 6. I'll go with Order of Azyr. A Witch Hunter, a Vampire Hunter, and a Rat Catcher (and his trusty dog!) walk into a bar... Could these be of each of the Cities of Sigmar races?
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