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  1. I think it's 50/50 between Direchasm and Deathguard. I don't think the Warcry books will get their own dedicated release week.
  2. Don't forget the nailbat or the Vulture, either. Lots of crudely hammered weapons coming together.
  3. Ogrors have always been able to ally Aleguzzlers and Troggoths
  4. Slaanesh and/or Nurgle or Death, sounds like.
  5. That's 100% an Ogor of some description. Both Ogors and Ironjawz make heavy use of rivets, but Ironjawz use it to attach metal teeth to metal weapons, while Ogors bolt stuff to wooden weapons/hafts all the time. They love their nailbats. It's not a giant because the scale is too small, and also too big for goblins. Too much metal for Bonesplitterz, not enough metal for Ironjawz. Definitely an Ogor.
  6. It's one of those things. The main benefit to the generic cow is being able to take it outside of Ymetrica, but all the Aralith stuff has such tight internal synergy that if you're using them at all you almost certainly want to play Ymetrica anyway. Needed if you want to run two of them I guess.
  7. There are a grand total of 6 generic artifacts in the LRL battletome, and they are locked to specific heroes. Only the Cathcaller is able to take the blade of leaping gold, and realistically never will.
  8. We get 8 Warbands/season not 6., just FYI With 3 confirmed, that leaves 5 slots. Deepkin are very likely, as is OBR, after that it gets murky.
  9. There was something like 9 Psychic Awakening books, each one focusing on around 2-4 factions, released monthly or near monthly until 9th edition, with at least one new model release with each book.
  10. Yes. At the end of the day it's not an aggressively priced box. You get a SC box worth of miniatures, a battletome, and some extra random stuff. The price is justified (depending how much you value a "LE" battletome) but it's not a steal by any means, and there's no point in buying multiples since a good chunk of the price is tied up in that battletome. If I look at the SoB box by comparison, that one had more models, and sisters were an existing army, so getting the codex early had more value-people that already owned SoB could start playing right away. Even if you snap up the LRL box right away, it's just a painting project while waiting for the rest of the army to be released.
  11. That's a pretty good summation. In retrospect, the "initial" reveal was half of the army release already. After that was the Stonemage and the Sentinels, and by the time of the controversial "cow" reveal there was honestly nothing really left to show, despite that exact reveal being the one talking about how they got excited and made too many models, and we were all just dipping our toes into the full army, ect, ect. It's been a strange rollout with strange marketing all around, even without circumstances causing the release of this weirdly small army to be dragged out half a year or more.
  12. Yeah, as written they don't get Sunmetal Weapons, and the hammer type that has mortal wounds is only two attacks. The Stoneguard look to be defensively oriented units that can cause some damage, vs the Wardens being a little bit defensive but mostly just uber killy.
  13. Yes. It's a weird book where artifacts and command traits will barely matter because all the strong heroes are special characters. Not to say the Stonemage and Veil lady aren't useful/important characters, but they're too squishy and limited to heavily base your artifact/CT strategies around most of the time. In practice I see a lot of Stone Mage generals being the norm.
  14. If they actually engage them, sure, but the Wardens are also slow, not super-tough (4+ save, 1 wound, lowish bravery, ect) and reliant on staying still for bonuses. They can be very dangerous to engage, but they're not exactly Petrifex Mortek Guard with a 3+ re-rollable save, immune to battleshock and able to replace models, they can very much be killed. At minimum I think the archers are pretty much necessary for force-projection and the Riders are really useful for their speed and hitting power, although they can only really perform vs infantry. I'm not sure about the hammer bros, I feel like there's an alternate build out there when going full mountain to use them as a somewhat more offensive replacement for Wardens, but in general they seem to fill a similar role.
  15. Yeah, they're an unusual army in a lot of ways. MW heavy, which is always annoying for opponents, but most of the units are soft hitters otherwise, with low base attacks, low rend, low damage, 4+ wound rolls pretty much across the board for battleline units. The Cav is specialized to be extremely lethal charging against weak infantry and extremely meh against anything else. They can be tanky if they're able to stack up faction bonuses and hero synergies, but are pretty squishy if caught out of formation, and bravery is actually quite low without things like the Cathcaller backing them up. Lots of units are otherwise Bravery 5 after using Aetherquartz, that's not great. In practice I think they will end up being a fairly tactical army, it doesn't look like any of the basic units are spam to win, units are mostly slow except for your specialized Cav and the heroes are expensive. Granted, I haven't seen the warscroll for the Hammerers yet.
  16. From Half-remembered point costs, the box set should be ~500 points worth of guys. It's pretty much a SC box with a limited edition army book rolled in, it's good that GW is apparently not pushing too hard on the price of it.
  17. Eh, it's common sense that in the long run, GW will eventually update armies that they still want to support. Looking at 40k and the WHFB though, those updates have always been pretty sporadic and unpredictable. It's great that Sisters of Battle got a big release this year, but how long has it been since their range had a meaningful update before that? I think we will continue to see what we've been seeing with AoS, lots of smallish new army releases, and rules updates for existing armies bundled with small model additions and in some cases folding new armies together. Basically, I see the Warclans model as the dominant one. Ironjawz and Bonesplittas got folded together into a single rules update for 2nd edition yes, but prior to that both of them were released as "new" armies.
  18. Yeah, my first instinct was to say 40k, but it's got a crude gear heavy look that would work for AoS's more advanced tech factions.
  19. That sure is an Owl, yep... Quick observations: It's a realistic looking bird, so almost certainly fantasy and not 40k Probably not Lumineth as it doesn't seem they are holding anything back, and they're too busy putting cows on everything these days anyway. It's very small, as you can tell from it being barely able to fit any feathering into the wings. Probably just an infantry or foot hero model. It would fit very well with Wanderers/Kurnothi/Sylvaneth, so I'll guess something along those lines. Probably just another Warcry/Underworlds thing, though.
  20. If the Stoneguard are 20 ppm with 1 wound they'll almost certainly be bad, though. There were a bunch of units like that in 1st edition AoS and I can't think of any of them that ended up being anything but super-niche. I'm just not sure how this army is intended to play overall. From the point costs we have, none of the troops are particularly elite. Some of them might prove highly cost effective with synergies ect but they're all likely to be fielded in high numbers. Generic heroes are...mostly nonexistent but the ones we have look like strictly support types, with only one of them being a Wizard. The only seemingly strong generic hero is the Cow Man. The special characters are all highly expensive and probably very strong, so it basically looks like a horde army backed with very powerful special characters, which we don't have a lot of in the game. DoK with Morathi are probably a decent comparison point, though the Lumineth units are at least in theory more well-rounded than that. There's also LoN with Nagash, but death armies play so differently than Aelves that it's hard to make a useful comparison.
  21. They feel like they're meant to be an elite unit, but 100 points for 5 put them in that awkward middle ground of units that are usually too cheap to have really good stats, too expensive to be spammable. Liberators are 100 points, for example. Saurus Guard are also 100 points for 5, and they are quite mediocre. Hearthguard are super strong at 120 points and a horde discount, but that's another matter. Most units that are 100/5 are 2 wound models with 3 attacks/1 damage and not particularly good at anything. The other Battleline units are similarly priced for their respective unit sizes-largely in that middle ground of not elite, not pure chaff. Mind you they could be a fair bit stronger than points values suggest, and that wouldn't surprise me, but none of them are initially pointed as powerful elite type units.
  22. Lumineth aren't even particularly hero heavy though. They just barely have any warscrolls period. (4 units, 6 heroes, 3 named characters) You can't call a faction with extremely limited hero options hero-heavy, they're just all around small from what we know so far. The only thing they are heavy on is Special Characters.
  23. The Fyreslayer tome hints at a grand Dwarf alliance under Grugni and indicates that he is working on some sort of secret project to unite his children, among other things there's the suggestion that he is trying to bring back Vallya. From what I hear the Soulbound RPG goes a bit farther in saying that Grugni is building something called "Reclamation Engines" to take back their lost holds. That said, model-wise there's been absolutely no indication of anything dwarf related. They could easily be years out still.
  24. Name is unfamiliar, so I had to look him up. It looks like his Black Library debut was the recent AoS short story "Blessed Oblivion." He's written other novels outside of BL though. Blessed Oblivion was...OK? I don't remember being particularly impressed or annoyed with it.
  25. GW was really betting that everyone would think the Stoneguard were the coolest thing ever, huh?
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