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  1. I expect Nova will bring us more information on Ogors/Death/Beastgrave. Maybe teasing the last Chaos book this year but I don't think we'll get any more than that for AoS.
  2. Yeah I think this pretty conclusively kills "Tomb Khans" in favor of this being a true remake of Tomb Kings. Which is perfectly ok with me.
  3. To be fair, battleline Steam Tanks was teased by GW in the original CoS announcement. And Dwarves getting their artillery in this case would just be the Gyrocoptors and the Cogsmith. Quite likely that they would have axed ironweld arsenal and split the units back into Dispossessed/Freeguild where they always belonged. There's some other details from the rumor that weren't posted but it's too troublesome to dig up. Overview of city benefits and such, overall I found it surprisingly plausible, but time will tell. The minor collapsing of old subfactions is more or less what I was expecting, keeping just the ones that have a strong theme or most potential to be expanded later. So Ironweld goes away and gets divided up between Dispossessed and Freeguild. Collegiate Arcana and what's left of Devoted also go back to Freeguild, giving us merged old Dwarf/Human factions again. The one remaining Swifthawk unit gets folded in with Phoenix Temple, giving us a leftover High Aelf faction that will slot neatly into Hysh Aelves someday. Wanderers keep their identity, which lets them get expanded/merged with the Kurnothi. Dark Aelves they collapse Shadow Blades and Order Serpentis into the only two Dark Aelf factions that matter, Darkling Covens and Corsairs. Corsairs mostly just from a flavor standpoint, but it will be interesting to see if they snag anything new from blades/serpentis or if Covens gets everything. Assuming it's true of course, but it's roughly what I would have done with subfactions, so I'm biased.
  4. Obviously I disagree. I'll say this though, Age of Sigmar in truth has very few brand new armies. Stormcast, Fyreslayers, Deepkin and KO for Order. Ironjawz for Destruction (Whoops, actually no, they kept Ard Boyz), and nothing for Death and Chaos so far. Daughters of Khaine, Seraphon, Sylvaneth, all the Chaos factions, all the Death factions, (including NightHaunt), Bonespitterz, Gitmob Grots, Beastclaw Raiders, Gutbusters when they get their book...by far the vast majority of armies in this game are a mix of old and new models spun into something new...or something quite old, in many cases. Beasts of Chaos is just the old Beastmen army, for example. GW is certainly interested in making new armies, but decent plastic kits are a sunk cost investment they're still very obviously interested in utilizing when possible. I see Cities of Sigmar as a purely stop-gap book, like Legions of Nagash was just a way to salvage Death into something playable while everything got sorted out. But that hasn't stopped them from spinning Nighthaunt into their own thing, not to mention the coming Death army and probably eventually at least Soulblight. Regarding Kurnothi specifically, I fully expect they've been in the pipeline for a long time, and that's why Wanderers have gotten more support than the other old Aelf factions. None of the High Aelf stuff ever got reboxed on rounds, or GHB support and oh look they're dead and gone. Wanderers and Darkling Covens (and Dispossessed) did get that kind of attention over the last few years and they're still around, minus a couple of old boxes and finecast models that people have literally been predicting would be axed for years now. Doing it all at once was sudden, but all of the lost models for Wanderers/Dispossessed were easy to see coming.
  5. That one is easy. Butcher+Grots, or Hunter+cats.
  6. Possibly, but I think they will get combined. If there was no future planned for the Wanderers, there was no compelling reason to give them GHB rules for several years and keep the bulk of their range intact for Cities of Sigmar. It's not as if Cities with it's 50-60 updated warscrolls was so hurting for an extra 3-4 elf kits that they desperately needed to keep them on board while piles of stuff was getting tossed out the back door. Honestly, I think everything that survived the Order purge has a future of some kind. Wanderers will join the Kurnothi, Dispossessed will get their own book, Phoenix Temple will join the Hysh Aelves, and some chunk of the Dark Aelf range will join Malerion. Freeguild will I expect get a larger overhaul at some point and most of their range replaced. The thing is, they can spin things out that way and still keep them in Cities. Some Wanderers join the Wild Hunt, some of them prefer to stay in the cities, Some Dispossessed join Grungi when his plans get rolling, some stay put, Perhaps the bulk of the Darkling Covens join Malerions forces when they emerge but some few remain loyal to the cities, or at least so they claim in order to act as spies...ect.
  7. Yes, I agree that probably not all resin models are marked for death, yet anyway. If we look at Ogors specifically, I expect Maneaters, Firebellies, and Gorgers are gone for sure. They're pretty vestigal models in term of the role they fill in the army, and really the inclusion of Maneaters/Firebellies as mercenaries was the kiss of death I think. OTOH, there's not really any plausible chance of removing the finecast butcher without a replacement, that's the core (and only, once the Firebelly goes) wizard model the entire faction is built around. Likewise, axing the finecast from the BCR side would be reducing that entire army/subfaction to two kits and remove a lot of the options and flavor they currently have. It would be like the Orruk warclans keeping Bonesplitters as an ostensibly fully supported subfaction but removing all but one of their heroes, at that point they don't actually exist anymore except on paper.
  8. I've said it before, but yes, totally. If you look at the Wild Hunt models they're a blatant love letter to Wood Aelves. You got 80s Wardancer Hair, Wild Rider stylings on the Centaur, Eternal Guard style leather weaves everywhere, and Kurnoth himself is an obvious Not-Orion. I've seen some people argue that they're going to be Sylvaneth somehow, but other than the ties between Alarielle and Kurnouth (Which was also an old Wood Elf thing, mind you) I don't see it. What I do think will probably happen eventually is we will get the Kurnothi/Wild Hunt armybook integrating the remaining Wanderers with the new Centaur and Satyr models, and then further down the line, maybe in 3rd edition we will get a combined Sylvaneth/Kurnothi tome that is basically bringing the Wood Aelves back together.
  9. August is basically a bust at this point, it's looking unlikely we'll get anything on pre-order before the 24th for release at the end of the month. It's weird though, we got the big expansive AoS preview showing a bunch of stuff that was apparently two months out at best, while the 40k preview had pretty much one thing that came out immediately.
  10. One way or another there will be a reorganization, yes. I expect a lot of the old keywords will go, but it's always possible some are kept for future expansion reasons, like how Nighthaunt were kept in Legion of Nagash even though they had a battletome coming shortly after.
  11. Fluff changes with new battletome releases. Mounted Ogors weren't all fleeing an Eternal Winter that follows them everywhere until suddenly they were, The Bonesplittas weren't obsessed with hunting great beasts until they got a battletome, ect. If Wanderers get rolled into the Kurnothi, which I fully expect they will, it's likely they will lose the Wanderer keyword and were devoted followers of the Wild Hunt all along, or perhaps the Wanderers ranging around the Free Cities sometimes feel the urge to go native and join the Wild Hunt, much how regular Orks sometimes take a knock to the head, strip off all their clothes and join up with the nearest Wurrgog Prophet. Fluff is malleable, but relatively modern plastic kits that fit the theme are golden, is what I'm saying. That said, re Wanderers in the core book, it's talked about more in the history of the Realm of Life.
  12. Well, in the short term at least you can still use the old models/GHB rules for now, even combined with the updated warscrolls we'll get in Cities of Sigmar. By the time those rules expire we should have a good idea what is going on with both Cities of Sigmar and Kurnothi, so at least you'll be able to make an informed choice.
  13. Seraphon also deserve mention, they have no less than 11 different finecast kits, and even a lot of their plastics are badly in need of replacement. Makes me wonder a bit about all the rumors of the Seraphon release being pushed back, I could see squatting a third of their range without replacements or upgrades for existing kits not going particularly well. They could always give them the Skaven treatment instead, but who knows.
  14. It's not the units, it's the three finecast heroes. Not to mention their one plastic hero comes with a built in square base that includes part of his foot. Would be nice to see some replacements but with the merged Orruk book I'm not sure how likely that is. Similar problem to Ogors and their extensive range of finecast heroes/units that will probably be fully or mostly purged with the Mawtribes book.
  15. Eh, the Melusai and Khinari also are not aelves and lack the aelf keyword, I don't expect it matters much. There's also no shared visual design between the Corsairs and the Idoneth, so I can't speak to people making that assumption off of limited information but I don't find the comparison equivalent.
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