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  1. That sure is an Owl, yep... Quick observations: It's a realistic looking bird, so almost certainly fantasy and not 40k Probably not Lumineth as it doesn't seem they are holding anything back, and they're too busy putting cows on everything these days anyway. It's very small, as you can tell from it being barely able to fit any feathering into the wings. Probably just an infantry or foot hero model. It would fit very well with Wanderers/Kurnothi/Sylvaneth, so I'll guess something along those lines. Probably just another Warcry/Underworlds thing, though.
  2. If the Stoneguard are 20 ppm with 1 wound they'll almost certainly be bad, though. There were a bunch of units like that in 1st edition AoS and I can't think of any of them that ended up being anything but super-niche. I'm just not sure how this army is intended to play overall. From the point costs we have, none of the troops are particularly elite. Some of them might prove highly cost effective with synergies ect but they're all likely to be fielded in high numbers. Generic heroes are...mostly nonexistent but the ones we have look like strictly support types, with only one of them being a Wizard. The only seemingly strong generic hero is the Cow Man. The special characters are all highly expensive and probably very strong, so it basically looks like a horde army backed with very powerful special characters, which we don't have a lot of in the game. DoK with Morathi are probably a decent comparison point, though the Lumineth units are at least in theory more well-rounded than that. There's also LoN with Nagash, but death armies play so differently than Aelves that it's hard to make a useful comparison.
  3. They feel like they're meant to be an elite unit, but 100 points for 5 put them in that awkward middle ground of units that are usually too cheap to have really good stats, too expensive to be spammable. Liberators are 100 points, for example. Saurus Guard are also 100 points for 5, and they are quite mediocre. Hearthguard are super strong at 120 points and a horde discount, but that's another matter. Most units that are 100/5 are 2 wound models with 3 attacks/1 damage and not particularly good at anything. The other Battleline units are similarly priced for their respective unit sizes-largely in that middle ground of not elite, not pure chaff. Mind you they could be a fair bit stronger than points values suggest, and that wouldn't surprise me, but none of them are initially pointed as powerful elite type units.
  4. Lumineth aren't even particularly hero heavy though. They just barely have any warscrolls period. (4 units, 6 heroes, 3 named characters) You can't call a faction with extremely limited hero options hero-heavy, they're just all around small from what we know so far. The only thing they are heavy on is Special Characters.
  5. The Fyreslayer tome hints at a grand Dwarf alliance under Grugni and indicates that he is working on some sort of secret project to unite his children, among other things there's the suggestion that he is trying to bring back Vallya. From what I hear the Soulbound RPG goes a bit farther in saying that Grugni is building something called "Reclamation Engines" to take back their lost holds. That said, model-wise there's been absolutely no indication of anything dwarf related. They could easily be years out still.
  6. Name is unfamiliar, so I had to look him up. It looks like his Black Library debut was the recent AoS short story "Blessed Oblivion." He's written other novels outside of BL though. Blessed Oblivion was...OK? I don't remember being particularly impressed or annoyed with it.
  7. GW was really betting that everyone would think the Stoneguard were the coolest thing ever, huh?
  8. I do think the various leaks pretty much cement the idea that we've seen the whole range. My feelings are...I dunno man. There's things I like but as a complete army it's hard to get excited for these guys right now. It is honestly surprising that we are only getting one temple to start with though. (Do I think the Lumineth will sell well enough to get three more expansions? Unlikely...) In terms of Warscroll count they are definitely very low for a brand new army. OTOH, it could be argued that it's because they have only a single dual-kit option. Lets see, KO had Three Boat Kits, basic infantry kit, balloon infantry, shootier infantry, 5 stand-alone hero kits. So 11 kits Deepkin had Two infantry Kits, Eel Kit, Shark Kit, Lord Kit, Turtle, Mathlann, and four more hero kits. So 11 kits Fyreslayers had Two Infantry Kits, Magmadroth Kit, three standalone hero kits. So only 6 kits, but tons of build options. (Still a pathetically small army in terms of models, obviously) Lumineth have 3 infantry Kits, one Cav, Cow, Teclis, Eltharion, Catcaller, Stonemage...that's it. 9 kits. You can blame them having limited hero options, but Heroes are still 5/9 box slots in the range. It's an army that has four reasonably diverse troop options, (Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Archers, Cav) and some expensive named heroes plus a bare smattering of generic ones. What they don't have is any non-hero options that aren't basically just core troops. And their troops aren't super elite judging by the point costs, so assuming they aren't massively undercosted the Lumineth are pretty much a horde army backed up by expensive named heroes. They have 3 named heroes and 3 generic heroes which is another slightly odd tilt compared to most armies. Overall sort of a weird composition, which explains the gut feeling of more being needed.
  9. The trend lately has been souping, so who can say. OTOH, it could just be a move to expand DoK without covering the same ground as their existing models. Assassins and Executioners and such were always part of the Khainite cults in old Dark Elf lore anyway, and the shadow guy almost looks like the return of the Mistweaver Saih.
  10. If we have seen the entire Lumineth range, at least for the initial release, then... I'll definitely buy the Starter Box, and some more core troops to fill out a small 1000 point army or something. After that, probably just wait and see if they get another wave. It's not that I hate the models, but an army where I'm not excited about the centerpiece or elite models, I don't think is an army I can see myself getting terribly invested in, ultimately. Especially with three other subfactions to come I'm not really inclined to buy and paint, say, 20 Hammerers just in time for them to release Swordmasters. It just feels like a terribly small army release though, if this is it. One battleline infantry unit, one light Cav unit, one missile unit. A single elite choice in the entire army with the Hammer guys. One big God Model with Teclis, a big Smashy hero with the Mountain Yak, and a handful of unmounted support heroes.
  11. I think if Warcry is going to go on, it's inevitable that they will have to expand the focus from just Chaos and the all points. As it is, they've pretty much expended the initial concept of doing a warband from every realm. Untamed Beasts: Ghur Iron Golems: Chamon Cypher Lords-Hysh Face Bucklers-Shyish Corvus Cabal-Ulgu Splintered Fang-Gyhran Scions-Aqshy Tyrants-All Points Only realm left out is Azyr, for obvious reasons.
  12. There isn't really anything to reveal for Underworlds at the moment. The last two Beastgrave warbands would probably have released already if not for the shutdown, and it's too soon to announce the next season which will come out end of September at best. At most they were planning to show a single mini from the next starter, like they did with the lion from Beastgrave last year. Warcry though, is primed for some kind of announcement. All the warbands/monsters ect that people know about have been released or revealed, as well as cards for pretty much all existing armies. Most likely announcement IMO is either a new Starter Set or a new Monsters and Mercenaries style supplement-there's a lot of factions that now have basic rules but no hero/monster options.
  13. Honestly if they're being evasive about it that's a good sign. Normally if the answer is "No" they'll either say that upfront or shift the topic to something they can say something positive about. Sudden Hysh article today was unexpected, and welcome.
  14. I personally think a lot of the design discussion is because a lot of people are on the fence about the army still. I criticize the models plenty, but I'm still leaning towards buying in, maybe. I want to see the whole range, and if they are setting up a second wave I probably don't want to worry about filling out 2000 points with the first wave. Most of the critics are in a similar boat, from what I can tell. With Bonereapers it was different, because while I don't care for the models, it was never an army I was going to buy into anyway so my participation in any discussions about them were minimal. We're not at that point yet for most Lumineth watchers, I don't think.
  15. You can't bend reality by trying to force positivity. The fact is the Lumineth models have been getting extremely mixed reviews all over the internet, especially among people who were or even still are excited about the army. You aren't going to get away from it because it's the people who are very interested in the Lumineth who also have strong criticisms about the model and art designs. Maybe sometime after the army is released and people have committed to playing them or not, the model discussion will die down. Maybe. Honestly I don't understand the sensitivity from people trying to shut down criticism. I mean, I play Fyreslayers, probably the most derided of all AoS model lines, and I have no shortage of my own criticisms of the models, especially vulkites. I still like them overall and I don't feel the need to say more than that on the subject. Objectively a lot of their models are badly designed and that is that. I play Seraphon and I love them but man do I hate some of the models. I love Ogors but you won't find me praising the terrible Slaughtermaster kit, ect ect. It's not a personal attack if someone doesn't like something you do, and it's entirely possible to dislike or even hate aspects of an army or model range while still loving other bits.
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