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  1. In the GHB, yes, but Greenskins were completely removed from the store. Given the direction of updates since the store was re-organized, I give the store organization more deference than the GHB these days. It may be that Greenskins will persist until the new Ironjawz book swallows them up or somesuch. ManEaters and Firebellies are also in the GHB and I don't expect them to persist a day longer than it takes to get the next Ogor battletome.
  2. I don't think that's new artwork, I'm pretty sure I've seen it before. All reservations aside, the Savage Ork on Wyvern literally used to be a model, it's by no means a stretch to think Bonesplittas may get a new Wyvern model down the road.
  3. I think the main thing (aside from rules) holding Gutbusters back as a marketable faction is not having a single plastic hero kit. Several factions so far this year have gotten a new plastic hero with their new book, that's the bare minimum I'd expect from a Gutbuster release. We do have a rumor engine hinting in that direction already.
  4. Doubtful. That cog icon isn't used in any KO units or artwork so far, at least as far as I can recall. I think this one is probably 40k.
  5. All in all, I think that rumor engine looks much more like an Ogor weapon than an Ironjawz one. The wooden weapon haft bolted to the weapon is something only Ogors have currently. I also think at this point a Gutbusters tome is looking increasingly likely. Ironjawz just got heavily updated allegiance abilities, point drops, and a spell lore, while Gutbusters and Bonesplitterz weren't even touched in the GHB. (and pretty much every faction besides those two saw at least one point adjustment, even Greenskins) To me that suggests that the GHB rules for Ironjawz (and Seraphon, sadly) are meant to keep those factions going a while longer before they get their battletome, while Gutbusters and Bonesplitterz are much closer.
  6. Honestly, that's my take. I mean, Greenskins were literally squatted and they still got point adjustments in this book. I'm very confident now Gutbuster and Bonesplitterz books are coming soon, but it does look like BCR will remain their own thing. Aside from Gutbusters/Bonesplitterz, I'm pretty sure literally the only other factions that didn't get point adjustments were the ones that got books this year and Sylvaneth, who were supposed to have by now.
  7. Just because I'm surprised it's not posted here yet, BCR point changes: Stonehorn Beastriders from 320 to 300 Thundertusk Beastriders from 340 to 320 Mournfangs from 160 to 140 Icebrow Hunter from 140 to 120 Huskard on Stonehorn from 340 to 320 Yhetees from 120 to 110 Olwyr Alfrostun from 190 to 100 Skal from 150 to 130 Svard Alfrostun from 150 to 80
  8. In theory, perhaps, but in practice I think not. Even in most video games a three month update cycle is usually far too fast and results in a constant flood of kneejerk changes and burning out the playerbase over time. And that's a medium without nearly the time or financial investment tied into any particular game piece.
  9. Ironjawz aren't exactly festooned with double-edged blades either, though, and the attachment point is much closer to what various Ogor weapons have. Mournfangs, Ironguts, and Tyrants all have weapons with those riveted wood pieces on the side, I don't recall a single Ironjawz weapon that does. Ironjawz weapons also tend to look more like great big hunks of steel, while Ogor weapons are typically a bit more restrained like this. Covered in teeth but otherwise usually not as outrageously proportioned. Given the proportions of the weapon, I'd say this is some sort of Spear or Glaive, which leans a bit more towards Beastclaw than Gutbusters, but it doesn't rule them out.
  10. Ironjawz and Ogors both have that weapon style, so it could be either.
  11. I think the only thing to takeaway from the new GHB having just the leftover allegiance abilities from last year, is that GW is moving away from using the GHB as a vehicle for providing stopgap/test rules for unsupported or older factions. We already know they have plans to support all factions (in some form) by the end of 2020, this just means they don't see any reason to provide additional emt support for factions that don't have rules yet.
  12. I just don't have enough of an opinion of most of the factions to participate, I think. I will say I think Fyreslayers internal balance is solid, Deepkins is dire, and trying to evaluate Beastclaw Raiders broke my brain. If pretty much all the units are bad, does that mean the faction is internally balanced?
  13. Eh, yes it's full of mentions of other factions, but I found the framing for those three to be unique. Just because I haven't quoted literally the whole book doesn't mean I didn't read it. Time will tell which of us is correct, but I don't personally find, for example, Gordrakk raiding a stormvault and getting a cool battering ram to be on the same level of "these are formerly reclusive factions becoming active because of the stormvaults being unveiled". Also do you really think Grotbag Scuttlers and Devoted of Sigmar are going to come before Slaves to Darkness and Seraphon? Based on what? Edit: I think the one thing that works against the Soulblight theory is that nothing about the Forbidden Power story references Vampires in any way. OTOH, no one has said there is only one new Death army coming, and there has been a lot of Nerferata fiction coming out in recent months.
  14. As others have said, the cover doesn't necessarily hint at anything, but it's interesting. I posted the exact passage in another thread, but there's a bit in Forbidden Power that talks about certain native factions being "stirred up" by the intrusion into their sacred lands caused by Stormvault Seekers. specifically Chaos Tribesmen, Seraphon, and Wanderers. It's interesting to me because two out of the three mentioned are almost assuredly getting battletomes soon, so I do take it as a likely hint. Scourge Privateers are a good counter-example though, since they get referenced a lot in the lore and yet I don't think anyone expects them to become a stand-alone faction. I do think there's a good chance of them having mercenary rules though.
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