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  1. Oh yeah, I didn't meant to suggest we were getting a third edition. You're both probably right and this just means we're getting normal Sacrosanct/Nighthaunt battleboxes, which doesn't interest me in the least but hey, they can't do any worse than the Vanguard/STD battleforces did.
  2. That's a pretty blah list, but I can see the sense in Stormcast/Nighthaunt sets if they are planning to discontinue the Soul Wars starter box(s) and break them into Getting Started sets down the road, like they've done with the other starter sets. I have to wonder how well those battleforces would actually sell though, Stormcast may be popular but Sacrosanct has been dirt cheap to get into for more than a year now. On the plus side, could indicate a new Starter box next year?
  3. I'm waiting for errata to decide on whether I'm going to add shields to my Eternal Guard/Wild Riders, but I will be more than happy to leave them off. Less work and the models look better without them, honestly.
  4. Nice to finally get a date for the Idoneth book, though David Guymer talking about it on Stormcast (He said he tried to wing it with the book like he does with Hamilcar and realized too late that it's a terrible idea for the type of story he was doing for Deepkin and had to beg Black Library for extra time to finish the book) didn't exactly inspire confidence. Still hoping for the best, though. The heavy Black Library focus on Neferata continues to be interesting given the current state of Vampires. I would normally be all over the novellas but recent experience has taught me to wait for the inevitable compilation books. On a side note, didn't really care for Beastgrave as a novel. It wasn't awful, and I wasn't expecting it to be anything like Shadespire, but...eh. Also the focus on Dryads as protagonists felt weird given that they're not a thing in any of the Underworlds games. Would much rather have learned more about the Kurnothi, or even the Revenant warband from Nightvault.
  5. New rumor engine is a tough one, extremely elaborate for a hammer. I'd almost say Aelven if an elf carrying a hammer wasn't clearly heresy, so I'm going to say Duardin instead, since Dwarfs also like elaborate weapons. Looks possibly flame stylized, which is interesting.
  6. I think adding more factions to the book is definitely the smart move, there's not even that many more it would need to cover most allegiances really. Death just needs to add rules for Bone Reapers, Destruction needs Ogors, Order is missing Fyreslayers/KO/Sylvaneth/Seraphon and maybe some sort of Free Cities faction. Chaos already has all it's new warbands but adding Beastmen and Skaven to the mix would be ace.
  7. Not at all, no. If anything what few hints we get are towards Dispossessed eventually becoming something. The Fyreslayers talks about a possible alliance between Dispossessed, Fyreslayers and KO, and also drops hints that Grugni is up to something or other.
  8. Overshadowed by all this Armybook goodness, but the reveal for Grymwatch says to check back tomorrow, so I expect the FEC and Gobbo warbands will be next weeks pre-order. After that I dunno. Some 40k thing perhaps before coming back to AoS for Bone Reapers.
  9. Wildwood Rangers aren't flashy or aggressively strong, they're just solid. They're basically Deepkin Thralls with +2 bravery, +1 run/charge and 2" reach on 25mm bases vs the Thralls 1" reach on 32mm bases. Against Monsters they are strictly better than Thralls, against 1 wound infantry or heroes it's sweeping blows vs being able to get vastly more models in to realistically attack and unless the unit is down to like 5 models Rangers win that pretty handily. I wouldn't take the battalion either because I don't think full aggro is the Wanderers strong point but Rangers are fine.
  10. I never said they didn't, just that it's meaningless until/if we get Devoted heroes added back in. Which I think is more likely than not, Warrior Priests and Witch Hunters have a long pedigree in Warhammer, but it could be a long wait.
  11. Also the unlock requirement for battleline Flaggelants is simply that your general is human. So devoted is very much a dead subfaction for now.
  12. I don't know the old point costs, but: Ironbreakers are 130/330 Longbeards 110/270 Cogsmith 60 Runelord 90 Warden King 110 Gyrobomber 80/210 GyroCopter 70/180 Hammerers 140/360 Irondrakes 150
  13. Full reviews of the Battletomes are up on Youtube as usual. Living City allegiance abilities look quite good at first glance. In terms of Points, Nomad Prince is 120, Eternal Guard are 130/330, Wild Riders 130, Rangers 130, Sisters of the Thorn 130, Sisters of the Watch 160
  14. They seem to have forgotten shield rules for Eternal Guard/Wild Riders again, or just decided it doesn't matter how they are modeled. Other changes: Across the board for Wanderers, Banners are now +1 Bravery and Musicians are now +1 run and charge Nomad Prince has a 3 up Save, his command ability is +1 to hit, and his Hawk lets him reduce Spellcasting/Dispel rolls or Attack rolls by -1 for one enemy model. No longer re-rolls all saves WildWood Rangers look pretty much the same, flat 2 damage against monsters instead of d3 Sisters of the Thorn pretty much unchanged except their spell is now treated as giving the unit cover and does mortal wounds on unmodified 6s. No Casting bonus for 10, apparently. Wild Rider spears are now 2 attacks 3s/4s - 1 rend one damage. On the charge becomes -2 rend 2 damage. Sisters of the watch also largely unchanged except instead of + wound rolls vs chaos, they do mortal wounds on wound rolls of 6s regardless of target. Overall good changes, but lack of shield re-rolls or any bonus whatsoever feels like an oversight.
  15. With them curiously not releasing an actual Free Peoples box, it definitely feels like there is a Battleforce opportunity there, or maybe an upcoming vs Box. Previous Battleforce Boxes include Beastclaw Raiders getting a box that had Yhettis, Kitties, and the Resin Hunter, so I don't think model quality is a major obstacle. Fyreslayers have never gotten a box, but what would they put in it? The only thing not in the SC box is the Hearthguard kit and a couple of heroes. Slaanesh has a similar problem, and they just got a big vs box last Christmas. Stormcast are also pretty much out, their whole range has been pretty covered by prior Battleforce/Starter boxes. Aside from Gloomspite, I feel there's going to be some real surprise choices this year.
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