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  1. I mean, we just had a huge AoS only preview show like two weeks ago. I'm sure in time they'll do another one. If AoS 3rd Edition is still slated to come out this year especially, that's going to be the biggest possible announcement for AoS.
  2. At this point I'm reasonably confident it's either Morathi-Teclis-Belakor-Alarielle-Gordrak, or same, but squeeze Grugni in there somewhere. Destruction has so far not been touched in BR outside the short stories. They're pretty obviously being built up for the big update at the end, IMO, so the last book will be them. Belakor will be the main Chaos update book, probably bringing Skaven along with him. Alarielle is literally mentioned alongside Morathi and Teclis when BR was announced, she'll definitely get her book. I'm expecting it'll be Sylvaneth, BoC, (Plays well off Kurnothi, old Wood Elf rivals, and Nurgle already used) CoS (Because Greywater is a big part of her storyline) and two others. Tzeentch maybe, since he's also involved with Greywater. BR Grugni is the possible wildcard, it feels like one too many books to fit in before 3rd edition, but the dwarves definitely have their own narrative building and have so far been mostly left out of BR happenings, even in the short stories. They don't seemingly fit too well into Belakor or Alarielle either, from what we know so far.
  3. If they were plastic models maybe, but there is no chance they are repacking resin models, which is most of what is going to sold out. All those models are online only and come in plain white boxes already.
  4. No one in Underworlds is anyone important, because in canon they are all trapped forever in Underworlds.
  5. Yeah that's a pretty crazy teaser. There's some vague Lumineth design cues going on, but also some blatantly undead ones. Overall I'm leaning Gravelord.
  6. They don't all necessarily need hooves. When Beastgrave came out, BL also released a short story "The Warden in the Mountain" that is about a group of Wanderers taking a test in beastgrave. Some of them have hooves and/or horns, which is taken as a sign of divine favor but is otherwise unremarkable. With this model, I'm pretty sure that's the direction they are going with. Kurnothi are going to be rebranded Wanderers.
  7. On topic with all the Kurnothi discussion! It's worth noting that this new Kurnothi model is a bit less out there than the underworlds warband, more Wanderer with horns.
  8. If Cursed City is meant to tease Gravelords, and it seems that way, the actual army release for Vampires will probably be several months later, likely in late fall. The next BR book after Teclis should be Alarielle, following the teases GW laid out when they announced Broken Realms.
  9. The other thing with TW3 is that it's starting with 4 Chaos Armies. That's all well and good but adding Ogres and Chaos Dwarves to that mix means you've got a new expensive launch game that's basically just a whole pile of evil monsters beating up on each other. Adding two human, "Good Guy" armies to the starting lineup makes the game way more approachable, especially to casuals. Even for Chaos fans, if there's no civilizations to destroy, it's a little...? This is also why the announcement trailer focuses on Kislev. If it was just Khorne wailing on Nurgle or whatever, the stakes would be a lot more muddled. You'll be able to play older factions in TW3 eventually, of course, but it will probably not be for at least six months after release, looking at TW2. Having a varied and satisfying base campaign that everyone will want to buy in at the start is an important consideration. It's also nice that Kislev and Cathay will basically occupy opposite ends of the Darklands map, so two very different campaign experiences.
  10. The FAQ they put out today says the starting factions are Kislev, Cathay, and the 4 Chaos Gods. There won't be any other base factions, but there will be a pre-order DLC army.
  11. KO is only similar to the extent that they are also dwarves, they don't use shields or dangly icon bits attached with chain links. It's not modern looking enough to be KO, much closer to dispossessed. Whatever it is, it's also clearly big, so it's not some random dwarf model.
  12. There's an interesting rumor engine for a change. Looks suspiciously Dwarven, but not KO or Fyreslayers.
  13. It's quite possible. The Fox Spirit isn't that big a model. I'm a little suspicious of the two guys jumping over each other in particular.
  14. Truer words were never spoken. Once I had my first Lumineth models in hand they instantly became my favorite army, and I already have like 8 of them.
  15. The Mounted model from the New Year Video had a shield, which doesn't mesh with archers at all. Could very well be a hero version, or perhaps this kit has melee/ranged configurations.
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