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  1. it was told in an event some time ago by GW staff that we would be getting this year at least 1 new tome per grand alliance. This was some time after the release of FleashEaters, so most people have assumed (and some rumour engines point that way) that since all death factions have been updated to 2nd edition a new death faction should be arriving later this year
  2. being ghur... i wouldn't mind a Stormcast Astral Templars themed warband... not that I play them or anything 🙄
  3. yeah! Didn't realize that before It can't be confirmed until we can see the back of the mini, but looks like it could be
  4. unless is in an unshown mini I don't see the flayed face from the rumor engine here...
  5. it really could be anything from chaos warrior to space marine, or even a stormcast... but new chaos warriors would be nice
  6. ¿how about clockwise: Light Elves, Dark Elves, Ironjawz, Idoneth, Gloomspite, Deathrattle, DoK and Bonesplitters ?
  7. there is an Incantor that is bundled with a magazine for 6€ or something like that and is cool to convert. Also with the evocators box you can make one Incantor that can be easily converted into an Arcanum on foot
  8. I usually play 1500, but lately I've shifted to 1000 (so I can field a wholly painted army) and I've really been enjoying it, specially the shorter playtime. Also I used to play horde armies and switched to Stormcast, so that also sped up the pace of battles. I would try more 500points battles. The variety of troops would lack, but quicker pace means that more battles can be done changing the rooster more frequently
  9. Talking about background characters in illustrations... I haven't been that long lurking on the forums, so I don't remember wich was the output about the Shield and spear Stormcast in the Stormcasts 2.0 battletome cover (I'm sure it has been already discussed but...)
  10. Started with 4th edition (I believe it was the 1st one to be translated into spanish) collecting undead But didn't became really active until 6th, peaking at 7th. Then I was inactive for several years (although I got 8th ed rulebook and VC army book) and returned for AoS1, and I've been quite active since . I currently play Legion of Blood and Stormcast Eternals (Astral Templars).
  11. We could also pinpoint that those are 2 battletome only, 2 new range releases and 3 expanded armies. So for this year we could think we would get new armies in a similar fashion. I'm not sure to put Hyish Aelfs on "new range" like Idoneth or "expanded" like DoK, but pretty sure we'll see some aelfs this year
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