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  1. the conquest campaign mode looks like its an expanded versión on the campaign system from Warcry, so if its well received i could totally see that coming to AoS. And maybe the reworked Command Points could influence in some way the AoS CP system, but maybe is better to keep it simple in AoS and not overcomplicate everything
  2. hi! I'm building a Sacrosanct warband witha a witchhunters / inquisition theme... wich stormhost do you think would fit well? I'm a Astral Templars player in AoS and I was thinking on Knights Excelsior... but maybe something like Hallowed Knights, Celestial Vindicators or Maelstrom of Light would fit too... ¿what do you think?
  3. it's a shame there wasn't any love for some AoS events figures U_U
  4. aaaand another rumor engine solved
  5. It would be great if they use warcry to expand some ranges over the time without having to wait fora big splash release or to explore some units that don't fit or want to tease or try before a standard release
  6. wasn't the staff from a rumor engine?
  7. I'll go for rule of cool and when the box is out I'll pick the one that looks the coolest at the moment to add to the underworlds one
  8. true! Don't think much about warrior chamber nowadays U_U
  9. as it has been said before, the more "wavy" look of the tails makes me think more of Devoted of Sigmar than Stormcast, as all stormcast tails have always had strong straight shapes. That said, before a new stormcast chamber I would think of an underworlds warband or a new variation of a character. GW seems fond of knight questors and Incantors to release as limited editions
  10. it also could be another knight incantor... you can never have enough of them!
  11. I really like this models, so I'll probably start another warband from here... but this box is about 500 points, how would you expand the rooster? A khinerai box?
  12. Yeah, something around 50wounds and the monster's damage table should make it more playable.
  13. Gotz

    Future Warbands

    not complaining neither, cards are a nice comodity and will get outdated at some point. If the annual collects all the cards (including WD and special ones) I won't complain at all. I usually play with an old tablet to check the AoS warscrolls and I intend to do the same with the fighters cards.
  14. that could be the excuse I need to get the mangler squigs! I love the miniature, but just own a Gloomspite warband and I'm not thinking in upgrading to AoS
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