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  1. My solution was to get a few magnetic steel sheets from greenstuffworld and glue in some small magnets to the DoK bases. Then I lined shoe boxes with the steel sheets. If you then put bubblewrap or tissue paper clumps in the box it should work. But only if you're carrying it and have control of the box. May not be suitable for planes etc.
  2. If spray priming isn't working - most likely you're doing something wrong. Watch this video from LukesAPS: https://youtu.be/vbLi-pm9EhU Weather conditions are a factor in extreme climates. In parts of the US and Australia you can have this (extreme cold and extreme heat). GW does make these products with UK's temperate climate in mind. But TBH there is A LOT of exaggeration on the net about climate and spray primer. Just don't spray on a windy or rainy day or when it's snowing or when it's too cold or too hot to be comfortable outside. If you can stand around comfortably without getting wind or rain in your face you should be good to go. Like @Sonnenspeer and @RuneBrush say Citadel contrast primers are great. Hell the corax white primer (if used right) is pretty damn good too. And honestly you can't go wrong with Chaos black. But I use rustoleum, army painter and other brands with ZERO problems too. The only one I'm not crazy about is Halfords (it's a hardware chain in the UK and Ireland) - it tends to be runny. As the video shows there are some handy rattle can rules of thumb: Keep your rattle cans in a normal room not in your shed/garage. Shake the can for 5 minutes before use Ensure you spin the agitator at the top and bottom of the can Some ppl let them rest in luke-warm water (I've never needed to YMMV). Spray on in bursts not continuously
  3. As someone who walked away from 40K (and has two different 3K pts armies in mothballs) because of its tendency to attract the most toxic of "that guy" type gamers. Sure I can see how this would drive them nuts. There is nothing stopping you having a pickup game at 48"x72". It just means that if somebody only have a standard 44" x 60" kitchen table they can still play a ≤2K game. I fail to see HOW that's a bad thing. Nobody's banning 48"x72". Great if you've got that size of table - so do I. But the majority of ppl I know don't. And at 3K (aka Apocalypse for this neckbeard) 8'x4' is still perfect. But if all you have is a dining table that can extend to 90" then you can still have a huge epic 3K 40K battle. What's so terrible about that?! Most people in the world don't have the space for an 6'x4' gaming table or a bespoke gaming room. Most of us have families and need our rooms for the kids or an office. And some of us barely have space for our collections in our garages. All GW are trying to do here is make games accessible to more people with normal sized tables. (Hell it'll make building a gaming table 100% easier if you can start with a standard frame bought in a shop.) They're not banning 6'x4' or 4'x8' (or bigger) games.
  4. Honestly I think these sizes actual correspond to modern standard dining table sizes in the UK and US. I don't know about anyone else but I had to scratch build my 6'x4' table (and when I grew up it had to stay in my parents house until I could afford to buy my own). When Warcry came along with its 22" x 30" it kinda felt weird until you add the cards and a dice rolling space for both players then its a whole regular-small kitchen table. Warcry x 2 = 30 x 44 btw which is a normal size table (in Europe our equivalent is 114cm x 76cm) and the size of combat patrol above. GW are just trying to let people use actual dining tables. They're not invalidating our custom made gaming ones. What I'd actually like to see change is the semi-official display board sizes going to (or allowing) 22" by 30". Then you could use them for gaming too. 24" by 24" is cool when you have a 8'x4' or 6'x4' space. But if GW are going from mutiples of 2'x2' to multiples of 30" length and 22" width then a display board should be 30"x22".
  5. Might be the light but looks like Bugman's glow. Or could be Barbarian flesh from Vallejo. There's a useful comparison chart here: https://redgrimm.github.io/paint-conversion/index.html
  6. It's really hard to say - the middle one is very androgynous. The hair could be either male or female. The headdress is historically more female (witch elf). There is a hint of under-boob - but this could just be an optical illusion. And the leg pose is unusual for a female Aelf - reminds me more of the Tenebral shard (i.e more masculine) but again this could just be the camera angle. The video spin is too dark to help. I love this set and it'll be one of my instant buys but TBH I don't like the centre model so much - too much going on. I love the two assassins though! Re: their allegiance - everything we have so far says Morathi again and again. I'm hungry for some Malerion Aelves but my gut is that this aint it. What they could be (given the new symbol and slightly different design) is something much more exciting. A hint that Warcry will do for Order and Destruction and Death what it did for the STD - multiple cultic mini factions. Imagine an offshoot of the IDK or KO or Sylvaneth. A super specialized unit like this that is part of an overall AOS army but is its own thing in Warcry
  7. you're right concept is king. And what are DOK? Aelf Amazon blood cult with Greek myth inspired monsters (Melusai and Khinerai). To be honest their concept is one of the clearest and most unique as it stands. IDK are souless Atlantean Aelves, Sylvaneth are Dryads (in the mythical sense) and COS are the remnant of surviving Aelves from Azyr. I'm not a fan of the pointy Aelves as the elemental (geomantic magic) stuff makes them seem to me like High Elves with a less iconic design. Malerion's shadow Aelves have two prototypes in the Tenebral Shard and Mistweaver Saih. Sure, we have no clue if they'll be like this but look at what do they have in common with the info on Malerion. They're mysterious and well, misty. The DOK have a very clearly Greco-Roman aesthetic so if Malerion comes out in that style then sure they could fit (awkwardly). But I doubt it. There's far more scope in the mist and dragon aesthetic for the lore around him.
  8. Ok, first off I actually don't care if DOK gets folded into an Ulgu aelf thing. But it's unlikely to happen. And I apologize if my response sounds snarky I don't mean it to be, but your basing this on flawed analysis - let's take your points: 1. This is not a reason. This is Old World nostalgia. 2. So that thing when all those meta chasers suddenly bought DOK when the book was hot didn't happen? That said at this point in time I take your point - but this is a good reason to update the faction not fold it into something else. 3. Really? There couldn't be spear/Hoplite Witches, Assassin Witches, Aelf Sorceresses (not Medusae), minor priestesses under Hag Queens, Heavier armoured Witches (not Melusai or Khinerai), warmachines, tamed shadow demons. a new type of Slaughter Queen. Named Heroes, different actually relevant cavalry, a chariot, Monster Mounted characters/cavalry. 4. You base your argument for Malerion and Morathi together on an assumption that Tyrion and Teclis are both in the Lumineth army. And I would love Lumineth to have Tyrion in it. But honestly there is zero evidence for this now. And even less for a Morathi & Malerion book. Also what evidence do you have for GW wanting a lid on independent Aelf armies? There's Sylvaneth, DOK, IDK, Lumineth, and the COS already. Heck there are 3 Duradin armies currently (COS, Fyreslayers & KO) and there'll likely be another one in Order eventually and that's not including the Chaos Dwarves that don't exist anymore. By this logic you also exclude the future possibility of there ever being Chaos Duardin or Chaos Aelves - and we have models in warcry that demonstrate such beings exist. Again I don't care if DOK merge with Malerion's Shadow Aelves (most likely I'll be collecting that army too anyway). But I see zero reason for it here. Let's look at your next points: This is much more interesting. But your referencing to Vince's survey is selective. That Homer Simpson quote comes to mind: "People can come up with statistic to prove anything, Kent. 40% of people know that." Seriously for anyone who hasn't watched the show, you should listen to Vince, Tom and Tyler's analysis: https://youtu.be/53004peUBmU?t=4960 1. This is surprising. But "meh" was 5 out of 10. They also had a fairly low 1 out of ten rating and an ok 10 out of 10. 2. This is true. And IMHO a feature of the fact GW refused to fix the Hagg Narr problem. (The problem being that Hagg Narr is the only way to play DOK in a Tourney). And I suspect the reason for that is that the fix involves a completely new temple system (i.e new book). 3. As above there are only so many ways to write a powerful, affordable, paintable Hagg Narr list. To me these points just say the battletome has run its course and needs updating. Given that DOK is in line within the next 24 months (COVID-19 allowing) to be updated, it seems like GW was expecting the battletomes to have a 3 year lifespan. And the data bears that out.
  9. I love these models. Even the Melusai Bloodstalker. The Hag looks amazing though - even if I just use them as swaps for AOS minis they are an auto-buy
  10. These are exactly what the DOK needed. Delighted with them.
  11. Sorry but your argument doesn't stack up. KO's updated book gives them access to Endless spells (spell in a bottle). The IDK and DOK books don't mention endless spells because they predate them. Orruks and COS get supped-up endless spells and Ogors like Beastmen and Gitz got terrain (as will Seraphon). Sure DOK might never get their own spells - fine. But GW changed the game just a few months after releasing DOK by adding in Endless Spells and frankly it is inevitable that the DOK and IDK and Nurgle books get revamped. Everything else (new factions, revamped sculpts etc) requires a lot of new plastic and a lot of new designs. Revamping books has in the last 18 months required 1 new hero model and a cheeky boxed game, plus some made in China Terrain / Endless Spells - it's easy money.
  12. Sorry but no. IDK and DOK have no endless spells. They are in as much need of a minor revamp, especially DOK (And I mean minor, fix a Hagg Narr, add endless spells, release a hero you can buy in a clam pack). They are also next in line. And @Mutton is right all 4 have issues that could be easily fixed with a quick and simple update. I agree with @CommissarRotke it's too static for an underworld's warband element. If it is an underworld's thing it's probably not for Beastgrave - could be Underworlds 4.0 terrain/objectives markers.
  13. That is a Witch Aelf right? in Underworlds. Is this a DOK underworld's warband tease? And where is this image from it can't find it anywhere else but reddit?
  14. Use Vallejo metal colour paints for this. They're designed for Airbrushing. You can use the GW paints for drybrushing. Vince Venturella has a great video on the topic here:
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