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  1. Ditto. I wouldn't read anything about new minis for the other 9 factions from the reveal. And given that this IS based off Killteam then I would say it'll be a new way to use existing models and probably batteline units (at least at first).
  2. I'd love it to be better airbursh paints in proper dropper bottles. But I think that's just wishlisting. I think Jack is onto something and I bet the update is as simple as this: the current app but each painting technique / colour /model links to a Duncan or Peachy video Not that I don't enjoy Duncan and Peachy (all hail to the painting demigods), but honestly I'm setting my expectations to low for this one.
  3. These don't all look to necessarily be monopose. First look at the bases. All the monopose AOS stuff has modelled bases (i.e the Underworlds and Easy to build stuff) - these aren't. In fact the minis with any kind of molded bases are the furies/harpies. Also the red masked guys look way too static to be monopose. I'm thinking this might be a hint that GW are going full on I.G for Slaves to Darkness with different models for different clans.
  4. Loosing doesn't mean a game is inherently flawed. That's a childish attitude. Playing does not equate with an entitlement to win. Winning any game takes mastery of it and/or luck. To deal with the frustration of loosing: 1) Learn from it from a social POV. Maybe the OP's friends who are hyper competitive are actually no fun to play against. Because they aren't coming with a "play" mentality but rather a "dominate" mentality. 2) Learn from it from a game POV. Maybe you made a rookie mistake or maybe your opponent was tactically or strategically better than you. 3) Relax and take yourself a little bit less seriously. It's a GAME! Winning is fun but it is not everything. 4) Enjoy the scene. Enjoy hanging out with other ppl. 5) Blame the dice gods. Maybe like me they hate you too.
  5. DoK Khinerai, Orruk Brutes, Ogroid Thaumaturge, and Sepulchral Guard
  6. TBH I think this is the solution medium term. Free peoples for each realm can be made with judicious conversion already. Kairic Acolytes make good Swordsmen and Spearmen. Witch Aelves do too. Phoenix Guard and Black Guard and Sisters of Silence from 40K are all easily repurposed with Headswaps (this is where Forgeworld's Stormcast heads are useful). I'd love to see more diversity in the human Order offering and I do think Freeguild will be taken a) in a Guild (or chapter) direction with the possibility of imperial guard style duplicate / cultural variant units with apposite rules (i.e Catachans, Elysians, Steel Legion etc etc). But this will take years upon years. Honestly though it would be a better route than more and more SCE chambers I'd be all in on a Ghyran amazon warrior freeguild army! Or a Ghur living city army. Or ... I can keep going as I'm sure we all can! But for the moment I'm converting my unit of Sisters of Silence
  7. I love this! Seriously great work. Re: the hair. Like you, I would fade into a grey or white colour. Chris Peach does strands of grey. Personally, I do a feathered graduation of colour to grey. Ulthuan grey looks quite bright near a vivid colour and even pallid wych looks super-bright. So I wouldn't go "pure" white more off-white.
  8. Use a different body and head. There are some great conversions using Melusai tails and Khinerai bodies or Hag Queen bodies in the old DoK thread.
  9. Honestly I thought the easy to build sequitors looked an awful lot like Steelheart's champions. My guess is that it was teh other way around. That the Ironsoul’s Condemnors were co-opted as easy to build sequitors.
  10. Totally agree. Another thing that makes me skeptical is if all the Underworlds warbands have rules how can there be no magic in the game? All the Nightvault warbands are based around wizards. It'd be great if this was true but some of it doesn't make sense (Exiles and Highborn) and the rest does smell of wishlisting.
  11. I personally get why the OP is asking this question. But for me the problem currently with the GAs is not about the GAs per se but rather the allies system. The GAs largely make sense, maybe with the exception of my beloved DoK, IDK & Dark Aelves being Order factions - there's an argument for them forming a 5th (Dark or Neutral) alliance. But the interaction of the allies system with the GAs is silly. Why can what used to be Dark Elves only ally with former Dark Elves and former Dwarves ally with former Dwarves, or former Ogres ally with former Ogres. And why in Nagahs's name can't FEC ally with Nighthaunt!! I mean what is the actual point of GAs in the face of pointlessly restrictive allies systems. My solution is simple scrap the ally lists in favour of allowing X amount of ANY other units from the same GA.
  12. I dabbled with 3rd edition. Played mainly in 5th & 6th. But 7th killed my interest so I went 40k for a while. Then took a longish break (due to lack of time and cash) until AOS.
  13. It is really hard to say what this might be. Underworlds and Kill Team are completely different. And if it was a Necromunda clone they would have said so. And if it was a replacement for Skirmish they could have teased that. What's similar about the 2 games they mentioned is this: Squad based combat Squads are related to Units from the core game (i.e 40K or AOS) Quick games that are easy to get into Both games use special dice. What's different is this: Underworlds has a completely different ruleset to AOS. Kill Team is closer to 40K than Underworlds is to AOS. Underworlds uses hexes. Kill Team measures movement like 40K. Kill Team uses the same models as 40K. Underworlds has specific models for specific warbands. Kill Team uses Terrain. Underworlds uses a 2D board. Underworlds uses lots and lots of tokens So what are the best bits? IMHO: rules closer to AOS than Underworlds, measuring distances. Specific models, use of Terrain. Special Dice. I am a bit worried this will be a Gore Chosen successor. I could live with that - I have 3 Chaos armies. But what I think we all want is AOS kill team not a chaos only thing.
  14. I really don't see the issue here. DoK, Sylvaneth and Fyreslayers all have low kit counts if you exclude heroes. DoK have 3 and a half with no heroes sold separately (excluding Morathi). Sylvaneth have 4 kits excluding all of their heroes. Fyreslayers have 3 (if you count the Chosen Axes) excluding Heroes, as do the FEC. If that works for GW financially then yeah Darkling Covens, Wanderers and Gutbusters should be fine as factions and get their own seperate battletomes. The only last group that requires a compendium (LoN/BoC/Skaven) battletome to work are High Aelves. And TBH I hope they get one (just not one that includes Darkling Covens or Wanderers). I really don't see the LoN/BoC armies wiping out the smaller factions. They can and should co-exist. As we see with the Gitz & BoC the bigger books allow for sub-groups (i.e Tzaangor only armies) so there's no long term benefit in fold armies with GHB allegiance abilities into bigger books. The only factions that are in really disfficulty IMHO are Dispossessed and Greenskinz due to the age of the models, and the non-Darkling Dark Aelves (Scourgerunner Privateers, Shadowblades and Order Serpentis) they have maybe 2 kits max many of which are half kits shared with other factions.
  15. Love the Hags! Especially like the one converted from the Dark Sorceress - brilliant!
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