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  1. What I think is likely: IDK SCE (there's always an SCE release - even Beastgrave had Ironsoul's Condemnors - here's an easy one - they just use the ETB Castigators) Chaos Warriors (not just STD marauder types - actual chaos armoured warriors). There are usually 2 Chaos bands in each season. (Nurgle & BOC; Tzeentch and StD; Skaven and Khorne) And the current/new Chaos warriors are monopose already. CoS of some kind (maybe Duardin but maybe humans) Death (they've done skeletons and FEC, and ghosts so either Vampires, Bonereapers or pure zombies with a Necromancer). But that leaves out destruction completely. So I'd not be surprised if there were new rules for Giants to be somehow used, especially with SoB on the horizon.
  2. GW please take note: this is how future Slaughter Queens should look!
  3. Generally. Yes but like @Zamik says All glued back fine. It was like I touched Lethyr's left hand sword and the whole blade part detached. Same with Morgwaeth's spear bottom third. It just was broken when it came off the sprue and I'm a very very careful clipper with very very sharp snips so I don't know how it happened. It didn't look broken when I looked at the sprue. All easily fixed though. Just strange.
  4. Did anyone else find the plastic on these minis to be unusually brittle?
  5. When the new DoK Battletome comes it needs to forget and re-imagine the temples completely. Hagg Narr is a monster and it's why DoK are seen as an S (skewed) Tier army. All the other Temples are 'for fun only' which is a real shame.
  6. Honestly I'm surprised we haven't got a new Battletome announced on the back of this. We have 3 new units, 1 might even be battleline (if GW keep the tradition of making warcry units battleline). I guess the Morathi book is going to basically be a DoK battletome 1.5 ruleset.
  7. New DOK models for Warcry previewed today. New DOK models for Underworlds released today. New Hero model and a boxset with Slaanesh ... and a book with rules (but not a Battletome) coming in November! It's a good day to be a follower of Morathi!
  8. Again I see your point but I don't think so. If that were the case why update KO? Or Sylvaneth. Exactly how many new models did they get? Or Fyreslayers. All they got was ... Endless spells and terrain. And the Orruks and COS didn't get endless spells argument is a chimera. Orruks and COS both got rules for existing spells. DOK and IDK have nothing in that line. A part from that the tome does need a complete rework. For different reasons but just like KO and Fyreslayers and Tzeentch did. Also Keep in mind, Nurgle will get a new book. There has not been a year without a new Chaos book. Khorne, Skaven, BoC, Slaanesh, STD and Tzeentch are just out so unless they create a new chaos faction (which would be great) that leaves Nurgle next in line. I'm not saying any of this is going to happen tomorrow but 18 months time ... probably.
  9. I tend to disagree based on all the other factions. Fyreslayers and Sylvaneth are on their second battletome as are Seraphon, SCE, Orruks, Ogres, Khorne and Tzeentch. Technically Skaven are also on battletome mark 2 (Clan Pestilens was an early release). And I mean KO just literally got a new book and their book only launched in Spring 2017. So that leaves the following factions to get updated tomes: Nurgle (winter 2017) DOK (spring 2018) LON (spring 2018) IDK (spring 2018) With the exception of LON, the other 3 armies were definitely designed with AOS 2.0 in mind but were finalized before the new edition was fully conceptualized/planned. DOK and Nurgle have no endless spells or any explicit mention of them. Neither do IDK, but at least the fish elves have scenery, the other 3 don't. So just going by the evidence of what GW have done with ALL their factions so far, DOK are in line for an update in the next 18 months. Just as they were in line for an Underworlds release - which is coming. I know re: the rule of cool but these days there does seem to have been a pattern to what gets released. While I'd love to see a new wave of stuff and a replacement for the Warlocks with a new kit, going by GW's form with other updated tomes, it'll be a Hero, some endless spells and a piece of scenery and a reconceived book. That's what I'll put my money on, but like you I'd much prefer a wave of new models and to wait a few more years.
  10. My solution was to get a few magnetic steel sheets from greenstuffworld and glue in some small magnets to the DoK bases. Then I lined shoe boxes with the steel sheets. If you then put bubblewrap or tissue paper clumps in the box it should work. But only if you're carrying it and have control of the box. May not be suitable for planes etc.
  11. If spray priming isn't working - most likely you're doing something wrong. Watch this video from LukesAPS: https://youtu.be/vbLi-pm9EhU Weather conditions are a factor in extreme climates. In parts of the US and Australia you can have this (extreme cold and extreme heat). GW does make these products with UK's temperate climate in mind. But TBH there is A LOT of exaggeration on the net about climate and spray primer. Just don't spray on a windy or rainy day or when it's snowing or when it's too cold or too hot to be comfortable outside. If you can stand around comfortably without getting wind or rain in your face you should be good to go. Like @Sonnenspeer and @RuneBrush say Citadel contrast primers are great. Hell the corax white primer (if used right) is pretty damn good too. And honestly you can't go wrong with Chaos black. But I use rustoleum, army painter and other brands with ZERO problems too. The only one I'm not crazy about is Halfords (it's a hardware chain in the UK and Ireland) - it tends to be runny. As the video shows there are some handy rattle can rules of thumb: Keep your rattle cans in a normal room not in your shed/garage. Shake the can for 5 minutes before use Ensure you spin the agitator at the top and bottom of the can Some ppl let them rest in luke-warm water (I've never needed to YMMV). Spray on in bursts not continuously
  12. As someone who walked away from 40K (and has two different 3K pts armies in mothballs) because of its tendency to attract the most toxic of "that guy" type gamers. Sure I can see how this would drive them nuts. There is nothing stopping you having a pickup game at 48"x72". It just means that if somebody only have a standard 44" x 60" kitchen table they can still play a ≤2K game. I fail to see HOW that's a bad thing. Nobody's banning 48"x72". Great if you've got that size of table - so do I. But the majority of ppl I know don't. And at 3K (aka Apocalypse for this neckbeard) 8'x4' is still perfect. But if all you have is a dining table that can extend to 90" then you can still have a huge epic 3K 40K battle. What's so terrible about that?! Most people in the world don't have the space for an 6'x4' gaming table or a bespoke gaming room. Most of us have families and need our rooms for the kids or an office. And some of us barely have space for our collections in our garages. All GW are trying to do here is make games accessible to more people with normal sized tables. (Hell it'll make building a gaming table 100% easier if you can start with a standard frame bought in a shop.) They're not banning 6'x4' or 4'x8' (or bigger) games.
  13. Honestly I think these sizes actual correspond to modern standard dining table sizes in the UK and US. I don't know about anyone else but I had to scratch build my 6'x4' table (and when I grew up it had to stay in my parents house until I could afford to buy my own). When Warcry came along with its 22" x 30" it kinda felt weird until you add the cards and a dice rolling space for both players then its a whole regular-small kitchen table. Warcry x 2 = 30 x 44 btw which is a normal size table (in Europe our equivalent is 114cm x 76cm) and the size of combat patrol above. GW are just trying to let people use actual dining tables. They're not invalidating our custom made gaming ones. What I'd actually like to see change is the semi-official display board sizes going to (or allowing) 22" by 30". Then you could use them for gaming too. 24" by 24" is cool when you have a 8'x4' or 6'x4' space. But if GW are going from mutiples of 2'x2' to multiples of 30" length and 22" width then a display board should be 30"x22".
  14. Might be the light but looks like Bugman's glow. Or could be Barbarian flesh from Vallejo. There's a useful comparison chart here: https://redgrimm.github.io/paint-conversion/index.html
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