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  1. What I'd like to see over the next year: More rules for existing Chaos units i.e Gors, Tzangors, Daemons (all 4 battleline types) , Kairic Acolytes, Skaven, Blood Warriors, Blood Reavers, & Blightkings. A Heroes supplement with a way to integrate Path to Glory. A mechanic for more than 3 rounds. Rules for existing magical scenery (Realmgates, balewind vortexes etc). Ways to use Underworlds warbands (yeah probably not going to happen beyond conversions but I can wish). (I can't believe I'm going to say this but ...) More Stormcast options. Rules for Fyreslayers, KO, Sylvaneth, Ogurs & Chaos Dwarves. Rules for other beasts (direwolves, lions, cold ones, etc) and bigger targets like Gargants, Trolls, Manticores. Head swaps for the 6 Chaos warbands. A Rogue Trader-like supplement for Warcry. And oh yeah a second phase with the same realm based treatment for 8 free peoples warbands.
  2. DOK: I starte dcollecting Warhammer in the very early 2000s. I saw an image of Witch Elves, with a Sorceress and some of the old Furies (not the harpies). I was hooked then and there with Warhammer. I've got about 11 armies in Fantasy & 2 in 40K but it all comes down to the Witch Elves and the Sorceress. I just loved the aesthetic, the vibe and the feeling that the Dark Elves (specifically the females) had. It took more than a decade to get plastic Witch Elves but it was worth the wait. And it the new Morathi is stunning. And the fact that GW gave me an army of the models I loved and then expanded it with the drop dead gorgeous Khinerai and Melusai kits is just fantastic! All my other forces (ok maybe not the Darklings and Scourge runners but the rest) are mainly for the lore and rules. Mixed Chaos, Mixed Death and Mixed Order are great fun to think about and play with the models are cool too. But when in comes to Warhammer the truth is I'm all about those Witches 😛
  3. RAI: Warscrolls including pitched battle profiles can be used. Mind you it annoys me that GW don't include the limited, one of or Warhammer World models in the GHBs.
  4. From what I've heard IN GENERAL about this kind of issue (not this one specifically) is that if the Ts aren't crossed and Is aren't dotted on manifests and customs forms aren't perfect this (delays and red tape) will happen. I had tea shipped from China through Holland and it got delayed in Customs. Eventually, it came to me with a big yellow sticker telling me that the vendor had sent it via the wrong system (that it was liable for customs charges). The reason GW can't/won't release it is because it's an asset tied-up in legal limbo. Let's say they released it digitally only or with a softback print run in the UK - they'd lose all the money in the hard copies. And without insurance, they have no comeback. So as a business decision the delay is the only viable option (mind you this is why we all take-out insurance)
  5. The point changes don't fix the issue with Hagg Narr. They're just a sop to the ravening hordes on the web demanding points changes - but until GW fix the Hagg Narr battalion (which they could fix with an errata) things won't actually change. For everyone's sake they need to encourage us DoK players to use other temples competitively.
  6. Absolutely & TBH this was the same attitude to Dogs of War back in the day in WHFB. It's a crazy attitude. Who cares if your opponent has Skeletons and Giants in an army of ratmen as long as it's legal. If one wants to have a purist army that's AOK but let other people have fun their way too. Agreed but I think GW has mishandled the allies system. It feels very arbitrary (especially in Order) and relies on too many World That Was associations that should no longer apply.
  7. 100% If you want to grow an army. Then buy a small force for Path to Glory and add and paint as you grow it. If you buy more than you paint you're doing yourself and your wallet a disservice. In the words of Uncle Adam Don't be a Wargaming Hoarder:
  8. Well said. Running back to basics is a good call for everyone. Having smaller games (skirmish level) with the basics of basic play is a great idea and gives everyone a chance to refresh their basic etiquette. Things like declaring rolls is something we've all learned socially not from the rulebooks. There's actually a gap in the market for an Honest Wargamer style workbook on "How to be a Great Warhammer Opponent". And as @svnvaldez says a playerbook is essential (even if it's one page) as is the club rules that @warhammernerd mentioned. Dealing with ppl who have social anxiety or social issues is hard. But becoming a member of what generally is quite a cliquey thing like Warhammer is REALLY hard. Even for ppl without such issues, something as simple as moving from one gaming group to another is not always easy/smooth. So some ppl do need a break and some tolerance. In the OP's specific case, like @JackStreicher said, technically speaking what your mentioning is not 100% a toxic player. Just somebody who is massively socially awkward. I've taught a lot of guys in their early 20s with ASD. Sometimes you need to set boundaries. Such as , being socially awkward is fine but cheating is not. That said there is no need to attack someone for it. I know lots of great guys who on one or other occasion I've seen nudge things, sulk over bad dice, take Comp lists (hell some ppl think that's the ONLY way to play warhammer) - lambasting them for it is no good for anyone. Also from experience you will get all sorts of bad behaviour at any free event. If you want to control behaviour make tournaments ticketed. That way if somebody is being toxic - give them their money back and tell them to get out. In my ideal world you'd use part of the Tourney fee to pay a roving TO/GM/referee to walk around the room and make sure everything is kosher in each game (I know a lot of ppl have a problem with referees but srsly it works).
  9. Its listing is weird - it's not listed in the last chance to buy section (for me at least) but it has the icon for "last chance" under it in search and on the Fyreslayer page. Maybe a mistake?
  10. In a friendly game worst case I'd let you take it as an ally if you let me take 420pts of allies. Simple as that. Best case I'd let you take it as an ally and not be bothered that its 20pts over.
  11. Oh please. 1. GW don't make models on a rota ("this faction hasn't had a update in while let's fix it"). They go by 'rule of cool' and sales. It would be an inane business decision to update forces that aren't selling until a saleable / cool concept has been achieved in GW. 2. The silver tower models are perfectly usable. Sure the spider grots aren't but get over that please. Who exactly was planning a whole force around them? 3. What is with the whining about cool new stuff? Get some perspective. StD haven't had new model kits in aeons. Warcry or not these warbands all give unique flavours to mortal chaos factions. And this new one even references the Crow tribe from the mid 2000s Whfb Chaos book. Giving a force with many cultures multiple core kits is a damn good idea. They did this with IG in 40k years ago. I only hope they do it for free people's too.
  12. Vallejo Metal Color for airbrush. These are airbush paints but you can use them straight out of the pot for brush application too. There is nothing to compare it to. I've tried everything and with the exception of drybrushing (GW's metallic base paints are the best for this) the Vallejo Metal Color wins every time.
  13. My suggestions are based on the pattern of release so far Season 1: SCE, Khorne, Fyreslayers, Ironjaws, Skaven, Death, Khorne, SCE Season 2: SCE, Nighthaunt, Tzeentch, Sylvaneth, Gitz, STD, Gitz (and technically SCE and Nighthaunt with the "beginners" Underworlds box using the easy-to-build Banshees and Sequitors) AOS year 1 and 2 had the release of battletomes and armies for SCE , Khorne, Seraphon Fyreslayers, Sylvaneth, Ironjaws, Clan Pestilens, Tzeentch and KO. So far the seasons' Order releases have roughly corresponded to the GA battletome releases with one or two wild cards thrown in here and there, and 2 SCE & at least 2 Chaos releases each. The wild cards were STD and Death. And the notable absences are Seraphon, FEC, and Bonesplittas. So of the armies with battletomes what's now left (in order of release: Seraphon FEC Bonesplittas BCR Nurgle DOK IDK BoC LoN Slaanesh And we know there's some kind of Lion, that looks Aelfy. So High Aelves of so sort is a slam dunk. And frankly Nurgle is a definite given the sequence of Chaos Godmarked army releases corresponding to teh AOS Godmarked army releases. What I'd like to see for Season 3 is : FEC, DoK, Bonesplittas, Nurgle, BoC and this random High Elf thing, and no SCE. What do I think we'll get: 2 SCE releases, 2 Chaos releases, 1+ Death, the Aelf release and probably IDK or other Order. Overall my feeling is that this season didn't take off as well as the last one. That might just be the meta here but I wouldn't be surprised if this season was a smaller release than season 2.
  14. My guess is that they do very little. Maybe a points change for Death Hags but I'll be surprised if it as extreme as 60 to 120. And maybe Witches and Sisters loose the 30 model discount. But TBH I expect GW will realize the problem is Hagg Narr and either errata it or leave it till the next DOK book. My dream is that the GHB gives us Khelt Narr temple rules. Something that would stop people playing Hagg Narr but it's unlikely.
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