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  1. zedatkinszed

    The Rumour Thread

    Totally agree. Another thing that makes me skeptical is if all the Underworlds warbands have rules how can there be no magic in the game? All the Nightvault warbands are based around wizards. It'd be great if this was true but some of it doesn't make sense (Exiles and Highborn) and the rest does smell of wishlisting.
  2. I personally get why the OP is asking this question. But for me the problem currently with the GAs is not about the GAs per se but rather the allies system. The GAs largely make sense, maybe with the exception of my beloved DoK, IDK & Dark Aelves being Order factions - there's an argument for them forming a 5th (Dark or Neutral) alliance. But the interaction of the allies system with the GAs is silly. Why can what used to be Dark Elves only ally with former Dark Elves and former Dwarves ally with former Dwarves, or former Ogres ally with former Ogres. And why in Nagahs's name can't FEC ally with Nighthaunt!! I mean what is the actual point of GAs in the face of pointlessly restrictive allies systems. My solution is simple scrap the ally lists in favour of allowing X amount of ANY other units from the same GA.
  3. zedatkinszed

    How Long Have You Been in the Hobby?

    I dabbled with 3rd edition. Played mainly in 5th & 6th. But 7th killed my interest so I went 40k for a while. Then took a longish break (due to lack of time and cash) until AOS.
  4. zedatkinszed

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    It is really hard to say what this might be. Underworlds and Kill Team are completely different. And if it was a Necromunda clone they would have said so. And if it was a replacement for Skirmish they could have teased that. What's similar about the 2 games they mentioned is this: Squad based combat Squads are related to Units from the core game (i.e 40K or AOS) Quick games that are easy to get into Both games use special dice. What's different is this: Underworlds has a completely different ruleset to AOS. Kill Team is closer to 40K than Underworlds is to AOS. Underworlds uses hexes. Kill Team measures movement like 40K. Kill Team uses the same models as 40K. Underworlds has specific models for specific warbands. Kill Team uses Terrain. Underworlds uses a 2D board. Underworlds uses lots and lots of tokens So what are the best bits? IMHO: rules closer to AOS than Underworlds, measuring distances. Specific models, use of Terrain. Special Dice. I am a bit worried this will be a Gore Chosen successor. I could live with that - I have 3 Chaos armies. But what I think we all want is AOS kill team not a chaos only thing.
  5. zedatkinszed

    The Rumour Thread

    I really don't see the issue here. DoK, Sylvaneth and Fyreslayers all have low kit counts if you exclude heroes. DoK have 3 and a half with no heroes sold separately (excluding Morathi). Sylvaneth have 4 kits excluding all of their heroes. Fyreslayers have 3 (if you count the Chosen Axes) excluding Heroes, as do the FEC. If that works for GW financially then yeah Darkling Covens, Wanderers and Gutbusters should be fine as factions and get their own seperate battletomes. The only last group that requires a compendium (LoN/BoC/Skaven) battletome to work are High Aelves. And TBH I hope they get one (just not one that includes Darkling Covens or Wanderers). I really don't see the LoN/BoC armies wiping out the smaller factions. They can and should co-exist. As we see with the Gitz & BoC the bigger books allow for sub-groups (i.e Tzaangor only armies) so there's no long term benefit in fold armies with GHB allegiance abilities into bigger books. The only factions that are in really disfficulty IMHO are Dispossessed and Greenskinz due to the age of the models, and the non-Darkling Dark Aelves (Scourgerunner Privateers, Shadowblades and Order Serpentis) they have maybe 2 kits max many of which are half kits shared with other factions.
  6. zedatkinszed

    Three hags and a nag.

    Love the Hags! Especially like the one converted from the Dark Sorceress - brilliant!
  7. zedatkinszed

    Hag progress.

    Great work! Amazing how much a head swap and weapon swap livens this mini up!
  8. zedatkinszed

    Sentiment about the new releases

    Have to say I'm really annoyed by the attitude on the 'Net to this. This is a bonus surprise release. No-one, and I mean no-one, called a FEC-Skaven starter set with a BoC style battletome for Skaven and an updated FEC book. This was a bolt from the blue that improves things for Death and Chaos players in general. If the community was offered this a few months ago we would all have been delighted. The saltiness online towards this is illogical. And the whining about the laziness of the sculpt of the FEC character are silly - he's a box exclusive!
  9. zedatkinszed

    Age of Sigmar Music?

    For me orchestral game music is by far and away the best. Often looped and extended. Any of Jeremy Soule's stuff (he composes the Elder Scrolls music) is great for mortal Chaos, Stormcast, Duardin & Aelves. For DoK the Witcher 3's battle music especially "The Song of the Sword-Dancer", "Steel for Humans" & "Silver for monsters" but "Eyes of the Wolf" "Hunt Or Be Hunted" and "Cloak and Dagger" work too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAGm9MTyRJ8 For the Deepkin: Legend of Zelda Water Temple. The remixes are better though. For Daemons and Undead the music of the Dark Souls games. For Orruks and Ogres, I like the music to Witcher 3 again but Skyrim's soundtrack works too And for the realms and cities of Order: Zelda Breath of the Wild and Twilight Princess music.
  10. zedatkinszed

    Making female Doomfire Warlocks

    Thanks. But just to say that the only issue might be the warlock's back. I'm okay with it as is but the Warlock spine is very prominent (ridgey). Some GS straps in a n overlapping | and X motif would hide it. So would a cape but YMMV. The chest piece fits on surprisingly well. I didn't even need GS for it and the Stalker head is a simple swap. I would be cautious about Witch's arms, from memory Melusai arms are better. But whatever arms you use you'll need the pauldron or some GS work to hide the join.
  11. zedatkinszed

    Making female Doomfire Warlocks

    What I did was assemble the warlock body but without arms or head and add a Blood Sister chest armour to it. Use whatever leftover Melusai arm bits you've got and a spare female elf head and you're good to go. I used the existing Warlock hair on a Blood Stalker head. It takes some dremell work to get that to fit but IMHO it fist the pose.
  12. zedatkinszed

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    My pledge for this month is: The Thorns of the Briar Queen (start to finish) Lord Executioner (start to finish) Knight of Shrouds on an Ethereal Steed (start to finish) 5 Chainrasps (start to finish) Base 10 painted Witch Aelves Paint Strip Ironsjull's Boyz Assemble & Basecoat Azyrite Ruins
  13. Absolutely. I have a huge GW collection of paints and I'll still be buying some but nobody should feel locked in. If they want equivalents they can have them. But I totally agree paint is very personal, but I regret not experimenting with other brands earlier than I did. Thanks for the resource man! It's helped me a lot over the last few months
  14. For anyone who wants cheaper paints there is a paint comparison chart by somebody called Redgrimm on Github: https://redgrimm.github.io/paint-conversion/index.html It only deals with the bigger brands (eg Citadel, Vallejo, P3 & Army Painter) and there are a few colours missing from the chart (i.e P3 Eldrich) but it’s a good place to start. These are the best known brands but there are others out there (eg Warcolours) and new ones are popping up all the time, Vince Venturella did a great review of Creature Caster paint. If you really know what you want you can get equivalent colours in better ranges cheaper. Same with spray paint if you REALLY want to you can use the appropriate mass market primers (Halfords, Rustoleum, Krylon etc etc) or if you shell for an airbrush you can use Vallejo airbrush PU primer which is the best value primer IMHO. GW's shades, glazes and technical paints are great but you get better value and higher quality metalcs elsewhere (Vallejo metal colour) but their other paints in my experience generally interchangeable with Vallejo and P3.
  15. TBH this thread is veering WAY off topic into the launch of AOS and how that could have been better. The OP asked a simple question: why did WHFB get canned and why did they choose to do AOS at all. That's been answered multiple times and comprehensively with the great post by @Kaleb Daark I don't know why @Skreech Verminking is only showing GW's stock for the first few years of AOS timeframe, because there's really little point showing that in the absence of context. By the way AOS was decided upon in 2012 or 2013 according to Jervis Johnson so any stock analysis (which TBH is not all that helpful) needs to go back to 2008 or 2009. Now, here's the stock picture for GW for the last 5 years: As you can see GW stock took a slight dip in 2016 and then rocketed up after Kirby left. Honestly I'd love to say that the stock upsurge was about AOS's reform and the improvement in the GW marketting style. But TBH it was about the CEO. Oh and BTW GW itself is saying it's in a bubble and that it's stock will fall. It will so don't panic when it happens (unless you invested at the high point - in that case bummer).