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  1. That is a Witch Aelf right? in Underworlds. Is this a DOK underworld's warband tease? And where is this image from it can't find it anywhere else but reddit?
  2. Use Vallejo metal colour paints for this. They're designed for Airbrushing. You can use the GW paints for drybrushing. Vince Venturella has a great video on the topic here:
  3. Sorry dude, but no. The grammatical class of "each" is not the issue. The fact is that each and every are used synonymously in British English. In this case "each" is "all". Using each to describe a group of models (each with their own individual profile) is more correct than saying "every" or "all".
  4. The chaos warrior warscroll is crystal clear: In English this means all models in the unit are armed in the same way. Compare with Tzaangors: Same with Kairic Acolytes: Comapre with Blood Warriors: As you say GW is consistent regarding varied weapon usage within a unit. They say "Each unit fights with a variety of weapons". With Chaos Warriors they don't say this. While the rule writting might be slightly different i.e it doesn't say "the unit is armed with" , the sentence as written (and as clearly intend, see box art etc), in English, means that each model in the unit is armed with the same one of the options. Any other construction on that sentence is not English grammar, and to be frank, is wishful thinking at best.
  5. I used Vallejo surface primers too in a zenithal method. Worked okay for me - but it was for a dark colour scheme. I also used them over the Rustoleum gray on some terrain. It's okay - not exactly what you'd get over grey seer but not bad. BUt honestly I did go back and re-basecoat the skulls with wraithbone. Also, just to stay wraithbone spray is a really good basecoat for skintones when not using contrast so it is worth it.
  6. Yeah but that's not what's happening on the net with multiple Nerd culture fanbases. Comics, Star Wars, GoT etc etc. The rational dissenting voices are always a good thing (some in the writers room of GoT might have saved the show tbh). But the toxic "fanboi" (and TBH I use the word 'fan' extremely loosely) is a whole other issue. Equating any change with what they describe as evil or nefarious ideologies, mingled with a rigid entitled notion of what corporations "owe" them is not "a few black hats". It's an illness. And one not fixable by any act, decision or release GW (or Disney or WB or whoever) could, would or did make. These ppl HATE. In this case many hated GW before AOS and I mean for years. Reasonable ppl don't lie about criteria for judging business decisions - even if they dislike those decisions. And for the record I to this day do not agree with GW's WYSIWYG rules for heroes in AOS - I want to go back to the days when I could put my hero I bought in one box into a chariot or mounted on a horse / monster etc etc that did not come in the same box. This decision drives me insane. However, it is a good business decision and one reflected logically in the game system. TL;DR whining doesn't help anyone.
  7. TBH I don't think TOW has anything to do with the ppl lost when AOS launched. Change Management is a thing and one of its core tenets is that you won't take everyone with you. The die hard AOS haters will not be mollified by ANYTHING ever. A large subset of them probably hated GW before AOS and weren't buying GW product for WHFB anyway (and then they wonder why WHFB died). TOW / HH for AOS will be targeted at AOS players who either were WHFB players or are WHFB-curious. The GW haters aren't the target market for this nor were they for AOS in the first place. It'll be a boutique game for AOS grognards and neck beards like me who can find another one who is willing to learn the new rules, buy the models and play the system (this is my experience of HH and Necromunda - YMMV). Any nonsense about GW's recent business decisions being a "mistake" is whining. And contradicted quite clearly by GW's share-price, earnings etc. What would have been a mistake was to keep WHFB going as was with no story progression, a delinquent fanbase who resented the company, and ppl like me who were well disposed to the game but who had bought everything they were ever going to buy 10 years ago. That's not a business model, that's a going-out-of-business model. TOW won't hurt AOS - like all FW products, it'll be high price with high shipping costs, and therefore for a smaller market just because of that. Don't get me wrong I think it's cool and a great addition to the Warhammer family (and a way better solution than Legends) but the whining is nonsense.
  8. I like this but I'd have gone Yr 1 Sigmar vs Norsii (Mortal Chaos) Year 2 Dwarves vs Orcs and Gobbos Year 3 Dark Elves vs High Elves Year 4 Wood Elves vs Beastmen etc etc There are loads of natural pairings in the old world that would make good box game releases as well as independent factions.
  9. I might be alone on this one, but IDK and DOK need endless spells. They're both AOS 1.5 armies. They aren't fully 2.0. So after all the other armies in desperate need of updates (Seraphon & KO I'm looking at you) then I expect a book and very small or no model release for IDK and DOK. (I'd be hoping for more but I expect nothing). After that Light and Shadow Aelves and please GW some new mortal human order models. It'll be 5 years in July since AOS launched with not 1 new mortal human (i.e not SCE)!
  10. I buy from Firestorm games in Wales and have my orders shipped. Even with postage and shipping I regularly save 30euro on an avergae spend of 50. (That's a 50ish euro cost in Firestorm with shipping, for what would cost me 80ish to pick up in my local GW shop). Until Brexit this is fine but when that happens it's gonna cut my spending to a quarter of what it is currently. GW's EU prices are killing their own EU shops right now.
  11. This is good news. No longer DOK and LON hegemony. It's interesting there's no BoC (anywhere) though. Will be interesting to see what impact the Sylvaneth, CoS and Orruks books have in year's time.
  12. I generally agree but what I find interesting is what Warhammer fans define as limits (it too often smacks of "I want the old world back"). I seriously don't have any problem with 8 infinite and expanding universes of magic. That kinda works TBH. But I agree they needed to populate each realm with something static. Something people could buy into. Even if there was some uncertainty about the edges. Which is what they've done with the last Core Rulebook. And frankly I don't think it's fair to be harkening back to the early days and ignoring 4 years worth of lore. GW provided much of this stuff over the last 3 and a bit years. I mean look at Shadows over Hammerhal. It was an OK game but as a deep dive into the part of the city in Aqshy it was great. From Cinderfall and the short stories in Malign Portents I learned how the city worked, more than I ever did about Marrienburg, or Clar Karond TBH. Does that mean I don't want more? No, quite the opposite.
  13. Sure, but AOS was NEVER sold as a game setting of realism. The expectations were set pretty clearly from the start. It begins with Sigmar hurtling through space meeting a cosmic dragon. It laid its cards on the table from word go. This was going to a mythic setting of Gods and Monsters. I'm not ragging on ppl enjoying gritty low fantasy - I prefer that myself. But I do think this is a bit like asking Fanta to change its recipe so it tastes the same as Club Orange. AOS is it's own thing. Furthermore I actually think the argument is a fallacy. The novellas and novels DO look at things from a pov of mere mortals. That was one of the best things about the Malign Portents short stories. I don't get why people say this kind of thing doesn't exist when it patently does. Moreover we have new battletome armies based on normal Joes - just not Order humans (and again I'm not saying we don't need a new order human one - we do, it's crazy there hasn't been one).
  14. Seriously I think this is a bit of a confused problem to have with AOS. I get it, Stormcast are Space Marine level Superhumans and we all want ordinary people to relate to. Sure, but having SCE doesn't give me a problem. I mean look at all the factions in Order - Fyrelayers, KO, Sylvaneth, DOK, IDK - they've all got regular Joes and Josephines. Seriously just because they're not human doesn't make their non-superhero perspective a problem for me. Also - Chaos. We've got books about ordinary guys falling to Chaos (the Korgos Khul book) and we have the Kairic Acolytes, Blood Reavers, all the tribes from War Cry. As well as the companion novels and novellas. The lore is there. Sure I would love a new human order army with AOS standard models. It'd be an auto-buy for most everyone I know in the hobby. But TBH the lack of that to date doesn't mean I can't enjoy and relate to AOS.
  15. The Formor / Formorians were ancient Irish giants / Lovecraftian fish gods / pirates (it's not straightforward). Their name has been translated into English as Fomor and Fimir, so its perfectly possible GW took two different inspirations from the same myth - and it doesn't necessarily mean there is an AOS connection between the 2 races at all. The AOS Fomoroids might just be a cousin of the Ogroids. TBH he does look a little like the OgroidThaumaturge, just beefier. Also a one eyed Formorian is totally inspired by Balor (which is cool for Celtic myth nerds like me). Cannot wait to get my hands on this model tho!
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