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  1. I’m working my way through the journeys, and can appreciate the slow ramping up of the difficulty. Sure the heroes gradually level up, but the increase in opposition (numbers and strength) more than makes up for it. I think it plays like a video game, where you expect to clear the first levels, but then it gets harder. Also the decapitation journeys works like boss levels with added difficulty. I dont expect a narrative game like WHQ to be hard - just enough difficulty to add a looming risk of the occasional defeat, while my heroes go through the campaign.
  2. This is an official response from yesterday I got when I wrote to GW to ask when Cursed City would be back in stock: -- Hi there, Thank you for your email, unfortunately, Cursed City is sold-out on games-workshop.com and we are not expecting it to return online. Many copies have been sent to local stores across the world. Please check with your local Warhammer store or independent retailer to see if they can help. Stores will not have more stock sent, once these copies are gone. Miniatures from the set may become available in different formats in the future, and we know th
  3. I would say the second zombie moves into the same square as the first zombie. Small enemies will always try to end their move 1) adjacent (or as close as possible) to a hero it can attack and 2) in the same square as another small enemy. If the zombies start from the same square, they will take the same path, towards the same hero, and end up together?
  4. Wow, then I was lucky. I got mine exactly 8 minutes after it all begin. Not the collection edition, though. It was already unavailable. But I’m happy with just getting the game.
  5. I agree! It is like a fresh take on unexpected events from ST and/or challenges from BSF. I’m so close to stay up all friday night like the fanboy I am, just to be among the first to preorder in the morning...
  6. I really like the fixed-path level up system and the streamlined slots that keep track on weapons, armour and equipment. It seems similar to Zombicide, where it works well. When solo playing, it can get real messy with 2 x 4 upgrade cards per character - especially if you play with all four characters! I like the inspired/un-inspired mechanic of Blackstone Fortress for how it - to a certain degree - adressed this issue, but this seems even better!
  7. I really like her pose! I wonder if she will have any kind of ranged attacks.
  8. Yeah! This looks to be just as great as I hoped for. Strong ties to Blackstone Fortress, with the initiative track, the custom dice, the enemy portals/spawn points. The AOS/fantasy remake of Blackstone Fortress I dreamt of!
  9. Yeah, minigames just like FireAbend states. BSF is area-to-area exploration/combat, with several rooms and corridors revealed at the start of the current section of the dungeon. Sometimes, instead of combat, explorers undertake challenges. This is where the minigames come in. Often these challenges are resolved with a minimum of tiles setup. Thus challenges / including dice stacking / (or Hazard Rooms, taking a cue from Advanced Heroquest) are never in the middle of a hectic fight, with dosens of enemies, events and different room effects overwhelming you a the same time. I quite like it
  10. Greasygeek, in my humble opinion, your first point about easy slaying until swamped by monsters (and/or events in Silvertower) is one of the main improvements in BSF over Silvertower/SoH. Even the smallest grot (or lasgun-wielding cultist in BSF) can grievously wound one of your explorers, via a new combat mechanic with custom dice that rolls misses, successes, and critical succeses / wounds. As they explore deeper, the party gradually gets more and more beaten up. In BSF, every attack can potentially result in a grievous wound. It is brutal, but I quite like it!
  11. I came here to participate in the hype. This looks fantastic so far! Just what I have been waiting for for years. I have, and love, Silver Tower, Hammerhal and Blackstone Fortress. I think Blackstone Fortress is an improvement compared to the former two iterations of WHQ. But I much prefer the fantasy/AOS universe. So here is hoping that Cursed City is more or less an AOS reskin of Blackstone Fortress. The bosses and city districts are to be unlocked like the Strongholds in Blackstone Fortress. Initiative mini-game, custom dice, unhealable grievous injuries, hostile behavior charts based on di
  12. Hi PeterN, I can download the file; it should be available?!
  13. Greetings fellow gamers. This autumn, lockdown and everything, I have been working on a solo mode for Warcry, as I wanted a way to be able to play through some of the campaigns of the starter set. Forlorn Lands is based on this philosophy: Remain as true as possible to the core Warcry rules (from the player’s perspective) and keep fiddliness and AI-bookkeeping to a minimum, while providing a reasonable tactical challenge. The player should never have to make a tactical judgement on behalf of the AI-warband. If you want to have a look - or maybe even try it out - I have attached the
  14. Just discovered these solo modes by accident the other day, and I'm super excited to try them out. It seems like Warhammer AOS meets Warcry meets Blackstone Fortress!
  15. OK, below is an attempt at homebrewing Warhammer Quest rules (Shadows over Hammerhal) for the new Chaos Warriors. I have looked at their AOS warscroll, and compared them mainly to Blood Warriors and Tzaangors, which seem to be about the same tier of adversary, judging from their AOS points values. ---- CHAOS WARRIORS Move: 4, Vigour: 6, Agility: 4+ Weapon Action: Chaos Hand Weapon, Dice: 2, Range: Combat, Hit: 3+, Damage: 1 ---- Exotic Adversary: This exotic adversary group consists of 2D6 Chaos Warriors (up to a maximum of ten). Aspiring Champion: Roll 1 ext
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