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  1. @Jamopower For sure. But it seems like they are trying to balance it out. They are getting closer but they are taking a step back for every two steps further.
  2. I went through several phases with the double turn. I tried to understand it, i started to appreciate it. But recently I have been playing death lists against armies like Fyreslayers and Tzeentch - being forced to go first then having to sit through a double turn that obliterates 2/3 of my army. If the game were really well balanced, the double turn would be an interesting and appealing concept. But in the current state, where netlists can force you to go first and/or or can do guaranteed insanity first turn no matter what - the double turn really hurts. Most of the rules are designed to make melee armies not be able to do well when you are forced to go first. The GH compounded this concept further, while leaving shooting completely unchecked. The discrepancy between what you can do with a heavy shooting/magic army vs a melee heavy army is very unbalanced in the current state of the game. The double turn roll compounds this imbalance. To mitigate the double turn, you have to be aware of it, plan for it, know the game very well and understand exactly what you need to do and what you have to prevent your opponent from doing. When you are at this point, you have two options: A. Play one of the currently competitive armies. There is no way around it, if you can't bring the pain like your opponent can, you are at a huge disadvantage and will have a lot of depressing one sided games. GW wants to sell you more models, so its time to oblige. Pick your favorite netlist and get started. B. Don't play people with netlists. Pre-screen your games. Don't play kunnin rukk, fyreslayers or tzeench (in most cases). Don't play stormcast or kharadron if they are using a battalion. Generally don't play anyone using a celestial hurricanum or a balewind vortex. You want to screen people - there are people who just play for fun, people who play for fun but bring tough lists, and netlisting powergamers. You want to make sure they fall into the first two. In this case you really cannot go to any tournament or answer a request for someone to try out their 'tournament list'. - or of course you can have two lists, you fun list and your power list and take both. Take your fun list for fun or pain list if someone is trying to bring the pain to you. You can get experience with your powerlist and take it to tournaments.
  3. "Congo-lining is possible, so you can have a single guy within 6" and the rest string out to attack you turn one or wrap around an objective. This can be done to place the models base-to-base with enemy models." VANGUARD WING (Stormstreak): Instead of moving in the movement phase ... set up anywhere within 5" of a unit of prosecutors. CORE RULES When moving a model in the movement phase, you may not move within 3" of enemy models. Its a very long stretch to assume that using the battalion to do a special move in the movement phase does not count as a move in the movement phase. Its not a big deal - its not like the Libs are likely to fail a 3" charge ... but they have to stay out of 3" or enemy models. Fyreslayers have a whole list of things they can do. Generally the core of the army is built around 30 man units of Berzerkers with 5+/5++/4+++ and absorbing most everything you throw at them. The general idea of killing chars is good but most armies are not going to get the chance while there is 100+ models on 32mm bases covering most of the board. The general idea is to kill the general who is typically giving them immunity to battleshock. If they take battleshock, maybe there is hope. There are shooty hearthguard and X heroes allowing X units to pop out at 9", they have alternating runes which do crazy things. They are charging across the board, piling in super long distances, conga lining to keep all the buffs going at once. The overall thing here is they needed a buff in the GH2017, instead they got triple-buffed and their power level is off the charts. If you have a shooting army you can take out the key chars and pray you get ahead of it. If you have a melee heavy army .. well I'd grab a couple beers for this game, you're gonna need them.
  4. Heat 1 results.

    I'm most interested in the two death lists that broke 20
  5. The Name Game

    They are getting way too cutesy with named chars now, as evident in chars like Neave and Gavriel. They only are hammers of sigmar? More appropriately, it should be "Neave Blacktalon, Stormhost Assassin" and the rules should be like, you can represent her as Neave (of hammers of sigmar) or as a generic assassin. There is nothing really about her scroll that makes her a super amazing named thing. Especially Gavriel, who is simply a celestant with a shield same as the one on the dracoth or stardrake; both of which can be without a name. There is absolutely no reason for it. Continuing on this theme ... I don't care about them killing off old chars in the lore. In fact, I wish most of these living chars had died and were replaced with unnamed counterparts (Durthu style). Vlad for example could have been an awesome "Vampire King" scroll, but they lazily just made him nothing. For a lot of players, the GH:2017 was a huge let down. One of my friends plays Free Peoples (Empire from WHFB) and after they just deleted all the named people he said "now I just have 15 Freeguild Generals". There is absolutely no reason they cant make some of this stuff generic (as they did for many others) instead of just delete the scrolls. Another thing is - there would be no problem if they deleted all the stuff while there was an incoming release of new stuff. But deleting the stuff and leaving the factions empty really sucks. Tomb Kings were deleted because there is supposedly new similar stuff coming. OK that was 3 years ago now.... How about you let us enjoy our stuff until you plan on giving us something new to replace it? Command abilities are getting out of hand. They range from being the most important key synergy piece in your army, to a ****** attack that might cause one mortal wound. They have also largely been replaced by command traits. Its really time to re-asses this. Most of them can be adjusted to simply be abilities that they have, not tied to them having to be the general. One of the most important points of my post is that all big things are generally points inefficient and BAD, but the synergy with command traits and artifacts helps make up some ground. While named chars are unable to take these, they are left as a great way to loose to many points. There are some rare cases where you can support them with a ton of synergy to make them fieldable, but its typically not good to bend over backward to get your named char on the board. Nagash is the best example of this. no amount of rules are going to make up for the fact that that you are bleeding points with every wound. With all the crazy things that people can do now, there is no way to keep him alive for very long. At 600 points he would still be be barely fieldable. The proper solution is to make him customizable and let the players work him into their lists.
  6. Review - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Rotbringers Scrolls Pg3

    New info: clarification on the Glottkin- They are still 420, which is not crazy. A Vamp on dragon is 440 for example. Its not a 600 point stardrake or something. Hes on the point level of "wizard on badass monster" but with 18 wounds instead of 14. Hes does not take a huge commitment like Alarielle or Archaon. His thing was roll a D6 for each unit within 7", and if you beat their bravery they have -1 to hit in the combat phase. Now it is 2D6 vs their bravery characteristic. (this means the number on their profile, no modifiers). So everyone in a giant bubble is at risk of having -1 to hit. Hes got a new spell; Rancid Visitations. you cause a mortal wound to a unit for every model in the unit within 3" of him. So basically, if a horde surrounds him, hes going to obliterate the horde (if he survives). Sloppity gives -1 to enemies bravery characteristic within 7". He is Glottkins little buddy. Festus can hang out behind the Glottkin healing him D3 and tossing out permanent -1 saves. Personally, I would take the Harbinger of Decay as the general with The Witherstave artifact .. enemies within 12" of him re-roll 6s to hit. Now the Harbinger and Glottkin have the 5++ save (and every other mortal within 7"). Enemies that get to close to Glottkin fumble their 6s and maybe even -1 to hit! Sadly you have to forfeit Glottkins command but 5++ is a great replacement. Blight Cyst is 220. So you are paying out the butt for rending+ignore cover BK. It sounds like each unit throws one 4+3+ head, but based on the wording of the tome preview it sounds like you get a head per model. This is written poorly and needs a clarification - likely it means each model, so 20 Blightkings = 20 shots. You can only cast Blades of Putrefaction on a single unit so would only be useful if you are taking a unit if 20 BK (580) - Interestingly, BK are 20pts less per unit, but you are only saving 60 for 20 instead of 120 points before. The discount went way down. - Another tip I didn't see anywhere is the BK leader is 5 wounds. All Rotbringers are mortals. So they can choose any of the Rotbringer or Mortal stuff. I was so hoping the Herald became a wizard, and he is so awesome now. The daemon spells are so cool. Favoured Poxes is -1 to hit, wound and save ( and is permanent as long as the caster dosen't move or die. If you have two of them, the next turn another Herald casts it again to stack it .. -2 to hit, wound and charge. Throw in Festus for -3 to save. Glorious Afflictions - Debuff. 1/2 move, run, charge. Also cannot fly. 21" ... how about a Balewind Vortex for either of these ..... Maximum trollery.
  7. The Name Game

    The new Maggotkin: Nurgle book boasts an unprecedented 9 named chars. This is a big contrast to other tomes, such as Stormcast (1), Seraphon(1), Kharadron Overlords(1), Fyreslayers (0), Sylvaneth (2) and even the other chaos books Tzeentch (3) and Khorne (6). It may be a sign of the times, with Slambo, Vandus Hammerhand, Khorgos Khul, Horticulous Slimux and Neave Blacktalon being some of the most recent AoS releases. Now this name-filled Maggotkin tome, and the Malign Portents and its 4 named heralds. A new Death tome was announced as well, with armies organized under Nagash, Mannfred, Neferata and Arkhan .. another 4 named chars. Whats confusing is that this is a stark contrast to what we saw for the first 3 years of AoS - named chars were being taken out one by one on a regular basis. Kroq-Gar became a "Saurus Oldblood". Queek Headtaker became a simple Warchief. Seemingly unimportant chars like those in Tomb Kings became generic counterparts. The legendary Karl Franz became a simple Freeguild General. Durthu became 'a durthu'. The list goes on and on. What is the reason for this? Why did these chars lose their names. You might say the lore, but this is often contradicting. An immortal celestial daemon like Kroq-Gar can't survive through the ages while Kroak can? Vampires Mannfred and Neferata made it to the new age, but Vlad & Isabella didn't make the cut? This may make a good case for mortals like Franz, but it doesn't hold up to a lot of chars that were squatted. You could say that their models were old and outdated, which is true. But here we have old models like Epidemius and Festus being renewed right now. Meanwhile nice plastic kits like Durthu and Kroq-Gar are being changed in that their name is now generic. Some kits like Vlad are not discontinued, just stripped of their rules and made into a generic model. My point is that there is really no rhyme or reason to the naming process. GW likely had meetings and just decided on the fly who stays, whos gone forever or who gets brainwashed and sent back out as a generic hero. I wish I could say it was another one of GW's design pivots, but named chars were heavily deleted in the GH:2017 last fall, while at the same time lots of new named chars were coming out and are now coming out just a few months later. So what is the trend? Are we going to see more heroes stripped of their name, or are we in a new era of named chars? Named chars have a long and sordid history. Long before I got into the game, there was a generation of "Hero Hammer" where heroes were just too powerful and good and dominated the whole game. I think I got in during the aftermath - in 8th edition where named chars were pretty much exclusively overpriced and unusable outside of thematic games. Most rulebooks had custom generic heroes which cost less points and packed considerably more punch, and/or could be tailored to your list. In AoS, things are much different. We have great monstrous chars with considerably more wounds and degrading damage tables, and the way the game works chars tend to stick around for longer. Up until the first GH, there was really no difference between a named char and a generic char other than the fact that you could take only one of the named version. This is a sensible rule (sorry if you are infuriated that you cannot take a list with two Everqueens). Then there was a big design pivot with AoS .. First with Command abilities, spells and artifacts appearing in the Sylvaneth Battletome, then with points and competitive limitations in the first Generals Handbook. The command stuff - now tied to allegiances - works exceptionally well. It allows you to take your simple hero and really make a general out of it. Even with the increased wounds of monstrous heroes, they are still quite pricey per wound. For example, in the new book the points of the Glottkin are equal to 52 wounds of Blightkings. Thats 34 more of the same 4+ wounds you could get by investing in Blightkings for your army instead of the Glottkin. People who play the Glottkin often complain that he just dies too fast and your points are lost far too quickly. Alarielle is similar, though even with 3+ save and lots of healing ability, you are still paying 37.5 points per wound - one lucky Arcane Bolt could cost you 112.5 points. Alarielle is one of the more popular named chars, with her insane synergy, healing ability, 3+ natural save and serious healing spells, she can just as easily heal up 112.5 points as lose it. Regardless, she is still generally unpopular because when an opponent wants her dead, its not that hard to kill her by focusing her down, and these big models come with a target permanently on their forehead. What is immensely more popular is the Treelord Ancient and Durthu. Why? Because though they have less wounds they have the same 3+ natural saves, which can easily be buffed, and then take artefacts and key command traits like ignore rend-1. Combined with their stomps they end up with more staying power than Alarielle by far. In fact, whenever I've seen Alarielle, she was led by a Treelord Ancient general, which does not make a lot of sense thematically. The most popular of the giant heroes is likely the Celestant on Stardrake, a staple of Stormcast lists. you have the 16 wounds of a giant, with a 3+ natural save and rerolling 1s, very easily buffed to a 2+ re-rolling ones. If that's not enough, he can be healed by life mages and Lord-Relictors in case he gets in a bind. Add on to this he has the ability to take allegiance traits, artefacts and mount abilities to get the most out of your high-value wounds. -2 to hit in the shooting phase is going to give you a lot of breathing room during your games. So what is the key difference between the monstrous heroes you see all the time (Durthu, Ancient, Stardrake, Vampire on Zombie Dragon, etc) and those you almost never see (especially in competitive environments)? The NAME. And why is that? Its because of this one, painful line in the GH (pg117): (Named Chars) .. are singular and mighty warriors, with their own personalities and items of power. As such, these models cannot have a command trait or aretfact of power. Now, if you are like me, and I think a lot of you are, the FIRST thing you look for in the new tome is the allegiance abilities, the command traits and the artefacts. This is because they are going to set up the mighty power of your general, some of the most key synergy, and fun combos that make list building enjoyable. I understand the concept that Archaon has his own stuff already, but so does literally every non named char as well. Durthu has a 6 damage Guardian Sword, an oldblood has a Sunbolt Gauntlet .... so they can pick up an artefact and hold it with them, but Arkhan the black has a special blade and a staff so he just has no room to put a Cursed Book at his side? Meanwhile, Command Traits are often key leadership abilities, that many lists cannot live without. For this reason, great named kings and leaders are often led to battle by a lowly hero. From a lore perspective, and a common sense perspective, it doesn't really make a lot of sense that a generic Treelord would be leading Alarielle the Everqueen into battle, but the rules push this due to arbitrary restraints on named chars. Now, I know that there are some weird things that can go on. Some of the named chars are pretty crazy. Kroak with the Incandescent Rectrices would be weird, possibly just bringing him back when hes dead. I'm sure people can come up with some examples, but really we are sacrificing 90% of the fun for the 10% of the troublemakers. If Nagash got the back book or the cloak, it would (barely) start to make him worth his points. If the Glottkin could take some of the new artefacts, it would create some wackiness that would finally make him worth fielding. If there are a few kinks, they could simply be resolved in a FAQ, preventing any kind of overpowered combo that dosen't belong in the game (like ... Kroak on a vortex?) Overall the system is not very good, and high-cost models are not generally worth their points. The command/artefacts start to make up some of the ground where it can work. AoS was supposed to be the age where you can finally take your big monsters and enjoy epic fantasy battles, and sadly we are drifting away from this. The biggest baddest chars are rarely, if ever seen. With all the new named chars flooding into the game, I hope GW has a new pivot to get back to a game where you can really enjoy the big epic models, and they can that their rightful place at the head of our armies.
  8. Using a Balewind Vortex to move your unit up 3"

    Thanks for the replies I'm not trying to fix all the issues with the balewind, simply gauging opinion on this tactic. Its clearly using something not as intended for a benefit. If your opponent pulls off a first turn charge because he got a free 3" due to balewind, it really sucks. You can use it to push summoned/ambushing units from 9" to 6", breaking the foundation of the fact that if you ambush in this way, you are putting yourself at a big risk. There was an article on the GW site mentioning this, which I think gave it validity. To me it seems like rules lawyering to exploit the game which I think is no good, but its too legitimate at this point to fault your opponent for doing it. The wording is just to say, you think its appropriate or inappropriate. I struggled with the wording to try to avoid bias.
  9. Review - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Rotbringers Scrolls Pg3

    There is a lot of cool stuff in this book, but a lot of head scratching as well. I was really hoping for an epic Glottkin, but all we got is a worse tree stomp. They die too fast now and this book doesn't change that. This is the biggest let down for me. To be fair, this continues to be the case for pretty much every large named char. GW needs to come up with a better formula to get their biggest kits back on the table. Maggoth lords are still uninteresting. All these big, beautiful plastic kits are not that great meanwhile old/hideous/resin models like Epidemius, the Harbinger of Decay, Sorcerer and Festus did not get new models but the rules on these antiques were solidified to make/keep them staples?? Blightkings have this beautiful varied kit with all kinds of cool weapons/armor/shields and GW really copped out and created this generic simple 'blighted weapon' rule. Was really hoping to see more in the Blightking scroll. Overall though, I'm happy that you have a huge toolkit to really enjoy these beautiful models now. The updates to the Lord of Plagues and Gutrot sound great, and the Lord of Blights is a great new addition, though I was really hoping for a big beautiful "Lord of Contagion" style model. These guys don't greatly stand out from the blightkings they lead. But this can mostly be fixed by modeling/converting/kitbashing - its the rules that are set in stone, and they all look solid. Daemons got a lot of new tools. It sounds like nurglings finally do something. Heralds are finally wizards which I was really hoping for. Rotigus is an appropriate super special char - but no command ability? The Plaguebearer point increase is really odd. If you are familiar with them, you know they couldent hit the broadside of a barn. With +1 attack from the GUO, Re-rolls from Spolipox and new speed synergy, you can get more out of them, but at the same time they got a point increase. I would have appreciated a buff more than a balancing act. When your opponent snipes Spoilpox, you still have the same old rusty blades that snap half the time they are swung. Sure they are still hard to kill, but the only thing new about that is you are paying more for it. Drones changed a lot differently than I expected. They seem like the key centerpiece to daemon armies now. Horticulous seems like just a thematic thing where you go around sprouting 20 trees around the board. The Beast of Nurgle rules are surprisingly un-appealing considering it has a great new kit. I dont really understand the point of Sloppity Bilepiper. I wish they had given you something else to do with Contagion Points than summoning. If you could have done some cool stuff with them if you had an excess, it would be a lot more appealing. If you don't/can't risk summoning for your points (which is often the case), you don't really have any useful options. The spells, allegiance and artifacts are all well done, and that effects everything, so its nice there are lots of ways to enjoy all the Nurgle models, even if some of them still feel off. Overall Nurgle is a lot better than its disjointed former self. I have no idea what is going to happen when all of this stuff comes together on the table.
  10. The Rumour Thread

    On twitch today Phil Kelly said new factions super soon, keep an eye on MalignPortents.com. Could be a reference to the new death changes, but it sounds like new models. My local GW store manager said he 'saw an incredible new Black Coach'. I asked where and he said .. not on something public.
  11. Just want to see how the community feels about this.
  12. Low Points Games...Who's Playing Them?

    I'm talking about points, which could not have anything to do with the core rules, being that they don't include any points. The original design of the points was to match the 40k/WHFB idea of 2k games being the standard. Even without the points, take a look at the official AoS page: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NO/Age-of-Sigmar Explore the world of fantasy miniatures with Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Collect vast armies, engage in massed battles and read epic tales of great heroes through an exciting range of miniatures, books and games. Vast armies engaged in massed battles ... sounds a bit big.
  13. Is Competitive AoS Backing Itself into a Corner?

    Name the armies that are guaranteed one drop to force Tzeentch to go first. Stormcast, Sylvaneth? Even so battalion cost is through the roof, then you are possibly idling through two Tzeentch magic phases, shooting phases. So hopefully your one drop list can easily kill 12 skyfires at the back of the board turn one. I cant even name one army that I think could pull this off. Then you got complete magic domination, the most mortal wound output of any army and the fact that tzeentch can will things to happen without having to rely on dice like everyone else. Tzeentch is the top tier army right now, even without being able to force 6 mortal wounds at will. You list some great ideas for Fyreslayers to maximize your hope but its really not going to be enough in most cases. Also Fyreslayers are a really complex army, just b/c you have played against them, dosen't mean you have played against a super intelligent player who knows their list well and knows how to squeeze every drop of insanity from them. Regardless, I don't think they are 'the best' army, because Tzeentch can kill the general turn one and start forcing battleshock tests that will make them fall apart. But most armies are going to have way too much trouble killing the general and just spend their time losing an uphill battle against 90 infantry that wont die. In my post I wrote a lot about why Khorne is not a top-tier army.
  14. Low Points Games...Who's Playing Them?

    @chord I think its more at the time, 40k was 75% of sales so they wanted to match what 40k was doing. But regardless, a lot of people are playing 1k. its kind of standard for people who play evenings. Do you have a weekday game night in your community?