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  1. WoollyMammoth

    Making nagash work

    Nagash+Nef is going to be a common list now that Nagash cant get to 2+ Making him work? Hes the most powerful wizard in a game where magic casting just exploded. He more than works. I'm about 12-1 with Nagash since the Legions book dropped
  2. WoollyMammoth

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Yeah but that is offence and Mourngul can run defense for your army with his -1 to hit bubble. With it being nerfed to models rather than units however, his value is debatable. I think he's finally in a good place where you can take him if you like but its totally optional. Its hard to say what we will or will not take not knowing all the details of what this army does yet.
  3. WoollyMammoth

    AoS 2e previews

    Neferata comes along with Nagash, now makes him 3+ immune to rend, re-rolling 1s. Use Neferatas command alongside Nagash and you have -1 to hit if you try to get near them. Nagash can go with Arkhan and have 9" Hand of Dust while maintaining his key reroll 1s/immune to battleshock command. Neferata on her own can be 4+ immune to rend re-rolling 1, making her save much better. This also goes for the entire Nighthuant army. 30 arrowboys can easily get charged by some 60 point wolves and negate their shooting through the next turn. Nagash can still heal 2-12 wounds per turn while negating 66% of all wounds and mortal wounds in the First Cohort battalion. 30" unbind might be nice for a LoC, but how about a guy with +3 to unbind and 8 attempts per turn? Bolt might have gotten nerfed, but Nagash is going to have 7 realm spells per game along with the presistent/roaming stuff. A fully revamped magic phase might have some benefits for a god of magic. And we haven't even gotten a death preview yet. Maybe Nagash gets a point discount or something. Nagash & Death is looking real good in the new edition.
  4. WoollyMammoth

    Scgt : Predictions

    I don't think that the problem is with these armies being underpowered - I think that most of these armies are in a good place, its just that some specific lists are able to either break the game by removing interactivity for most opponents, or just get too much for their points. These lists clearly stand out, and are being played regularly by competitive-minded people. A lot of it is just the culture of the game. Competitive people have it in their mind that Vanguard Wing or Changehost is the best - and they play a ton of games with their list, especially against other competitive-minded players. So the 'pilots' of these lists are just better players. There are also more of these players than not; for example there might be 12 Vanguard Wing players and 2 FEC players .. even if these lists were equal, mathematically you are going to see more Vanguard Wings at the top. If competitive players decided that Ogors were the army to beat, every tournament is likely to be filled with at least a couple Ogor lists at the top. There are very few armies which just lack the tools to deal with most others. I took FEC to LVO and I beat Tzeentch, 90 bloodletter Gore Pilgrims, Sylvaneth. All my losses were mainly from mistakes, certain lists were more of a challenge than others, but nothing was impossible for me to overcome. Ogor lists can actually be very strong. The double general Slaanesh lists are oppressive. A lot of these lists might do well if .. anyone was playing them. Nothing in AoS feels like the brick wall that 8th edition power lists were. Some lists have disadvantages against others, but there is no list that is an automatic win button. I'm interested to see the changes they make in the new edition to level out some of the more annoying exploits so that the same lists are not being played so often.
  5. WoollyMammoth

    The Rumour Thread

    Lets say you are playing death, and you get some killer spell rolls to give your opponents units -2 to hit, -2 bravery, -2 attacks, and you have a unit that was buffed by damned terrain for +1 to hit . Especially if you are in a bunch of combats that you know are in your favor now, why not allow your opponent the double turn, which could lead to you getting a double turn, rather than give up all your buffs to take one turn, which could lead to your opponent getting two? Its a rare case, but if the game is going well for you its better to let your opponent take a double turn to set yourself up in the long game.
  6. WoollyMammoth

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    What are people thinking for Deepkin allies?? Looking at the Tidecaster, I realized the wording for DoK spells means that any ally wizard gets a spell! When led me to think that a plain old DE Sorceress is a great alternate spell caster for DoK at only 80pt. That -1 to hit spell shes got could help a lot. In contrast the tidecaster has a similar spell with 2" more range, and she negates the forst wound caused per turn for an extra 20 points. Aspect of the Storm is a nice beat-down hero with a bit more survivability than DoK models. Volturnos really shines as a tough to kill piece, with his 3+ immunity to spells. The Deepkin hordes kind of do the same thing as Witches (possibly worse) but with a Soulscryer you are all but guaranteed a first turn charge on anything you like. This concept is great for DoK - send in a kamikaze to distract your opponent first turn, then second turn the DoK surround and slaughter.
  7. WoollyMammoth

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I'm just going to call it right now. Everyone and their mother at every tournament is going to have aspect of the sea + vortex with a thrall or some kind of bubble nearby. Eidolon cannot be shot, cannot be charged, and hes giving D6 units within 24" -1 to hit/-1 bravery. Then he cast Tide of Fear to do it to another unit. In Ionrach he will be +2 to cast + he re-rolls a failed cast. Then you can take the Tidecaster for another -1 to hit spell and throw on Augury Shells for a permanent -1 to hit/-1 to cast on any hero that gets too close. For those of you counting that is up to nine -1 hit buffs at once. Welcome to the age of idoneth cheese. The only army that can compete with this is going to be the mortal wound insanity of Tzeentch. The +2 to dispel is not often going to work on Tzeentch's average roll of 13 to cast. Magic is the only thing that can do anything to this army. The top tables will be funny with all mirror match idoneth where both armies are hitting eachother on 6s.
  8. WoollyMammoth

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Mindrazor also says - pick friendly DoK unit. SO you cant ally someone into DoK for that either. They are most certainly allies but both armies kind of need their own stuff to work. With the scrolls we can see so far. the thralls are very elite and get to be Bravery 10 base with re-rolling BS, along with hits and wounds of 1 with incredible attacks. The thralls are super elite where they should cost like 140 for 10 .. but we will see what happens. The two big guys are 3+ non monsters so they are typically 2+ to start and nearby the turtles, so thats pretty damn strong. You need to kill them to manage the army but you can't target them and even if you could they are 2+. The -1 to hit/bravery spell is the best thing in death right now and the aspect of sea does it D6 times ... I'm hoping these bonker rules are properly costed.
  9. WoollyMammoth

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    @mmimzie I can't really understand what you're trying to say but, I didn't mean to just bash you. We both agree that GW doesn't just make armies super strong and then just nerf them later, although KO is the only example that could be made, because they were super strong and then did get very nerfed, but I think this is just a mistake GW made while trying to get them right. I think the fact that they didn't do super well before the nerf was just a coincidence - was there even a major tournament between their release and the GH2017?
  10. WoollyMammoth

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    This post shows a lack of understanding of the meta. That's fine, not everyone is a tournament player, but you can't make comments about the evolution of the meta if you weren't in it and watching it closely throughout the Age of Sigmar. Firstly, I'll address Sylvaneth; Sylvaneth sold like absolute hotcakes after their release. This is not necessarily because of strong rules. It was the first tome that pivoted to the new allegiance stuff including spell lores. Also the treelord kit is gorgeous and the aesthetic really appealed to many people (moreso than naked mohawk dwarves...). It has been so far also the most appealing army to female players - I've seen at least 5, and my wife told me her favorite model was my Treelord. Not to say that the rules were strong .. but yeah they were. When it came out it had tools nobody else did. It presented one drop armies to exploit deployment. The forests absolutely ruined peoples lives. It was even more elite than Stormcast at a time when the game was still hung up on all spells being some form of D3 mortals. Simply put, the meta just didn't have the mortals to keep up with Sylvaneth armies. Then the "21 Kurnoth hunters" mixed order lists started to show up at the top of every tournament list. Sylvaneth was the hot ticket even up until LVO2017, where they were the most common army at the tournemnt. Unfortunately a week later the Skyfires were released, Tzeentch took over the meta where it still exists today. Later in the second GH they tried to move the points around, lowering everything while increasing Kurnoth which I expected to make a bigger impact but it just hasn't; Tzeentch continues to keep Sylvaneth down. Now let's talk about KO .. they were dropped into the meta as a shooting army while Kunnin Rukk and Skyfires were dominant. Unfortunately their rules were a bit all over the place and it took some time for people to figure them out and get the models ready. When they first launched they were absolutely brutal. Just broken brutality. Just as people figured this out, the GH2017 dropped along with heavy nerfs. Luckily, the whole meta (other than tzeentch) came down hard after GH2017 so people figured out the clown car list which has been breaking the top 10 in many tournaments. That being said its important to note that this list could have been done BETTER before the nerfs, so saying they are doing better after the nerfs is silly. It just takes time for people to figure out how to best play their favorite armies competitively. To be clear, I'm not trying to argue for @Spiny Norman. I think that GW wants all the armies to be good. If all the armies are good, then one person is likely to buy more than one army. If an army is bad, then it appeals to less people and therefore they sell less of it. But lets say you are like me and just not into Tzeentch; making them good or bad is not going to encourage me to start that army. But say I really like BCR, but the army is really bad in the meta, which deters me from starting it. If they suddenly made BCR very good, then I might start them as a new army, etc. The longer BCR are good, the longer I play them, the more I want, the more I buy more models and test them out. I think their goal is to make all armies equally good, with different unique fun and thematic play styles. Sure, they may error on the side of making things more powerful than less powerful at first, but that is because they don't want to shoot themselves in the foot and release an army that is maddeningly bad and watch the sales tank. But at the same time, they are getting really good at play testing before release. DoK for example - they talked about some tweaks they made for them, and they clearly nerfed the face off Blood Stalkers for fear of what might happen if Morathi lets them shoot twice - and at launch they are borderline unplayable at their points. Its going to be very hard to judge Idoneth because they are a very new and unique army. If it sounds like they have a lot of power, but this is how all elf/aeldar armies operate. Lots of power but very difficult to play correctly. Idoneth appear to be a mixture of several things. They kind of have a high elf look to them and they are likely to have a lot of synergy and power like High Elves. They also appear to have some death themes with some control spells like the new death lore. Their Calvary remind me of dark elf cold ones - insanely hard to kill in combat. They also have a battle round table which is common for dark elves/Drukhari (but different in that it is not cumulative). The ship ties in the 6++ common to dark elves as well, with it being terrain that causes mortals which is like Nurgle, though I think they are just trying to make terrain features a part of more armies. Is it going to be crazy strong and break the meta? Probably not. It's not likely going to displace changehost on it's own. Its may damper KO and Kunnin Rukk lists with its new shooting rules, but its impossible to predict. If it's like most elves, it will be a powerhouse as long as everything goes exactly according to plan, but fall apart very quickly if mistakes are made.
  11. WoollyMammoth

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    I played another game of DoK. I just threw together what I had 1870 points, and that's after splitting 30 witches into 20-10 to make battleline. Hagg Nar with 10 SoS, Caundron General, 10 Blood Sisters, Morathi, a Hag and a Medusa. Two units of 5 lifetakers. Played a strong Tzeentch list. 30 tzaangors, LoC, 6 skyfires, 6 Enlightened, shaman, gaunt, 10 pinks, 10 blues. He made me go first, I got off Mindrazor, Sacrament of Blood and Mystic Shield on Morathi. My shrine had Blessing of Khane all game. He had deployed about 6" back so I couldn't do anything first turn. Then he easily charged me with all 30 mystic shield tzaangors along a big line including 20-10 witches and morathi and got a double turn. I slaughtered him. His tzaangors didn't have a chance. They saved like 9 damage on their 6+ shields even. My entire army was bubbled around the 5++ and he just couldent break it. Basically I cast a big DoK net and he walked into it. Doesn't matter who's turn it is when you are in the blood orgy of khaine. The Lifetakers came down, failed charge. they were a complete non-factor. After the Tzaangors were dead, Morathi charged into the heart of their army killing all their horrors and LoC and taking their key objective.
  12. WoollyMammoth

    Grand Host of Nagash - Making it work

    its earlier in the topic. Nagash first cohort. Archai, 40 skeletons, two units of 5 GG with 6 spirit hosts and a necromancer. Nagash gets his spells off almost always to control the battle with dread and fading vigor while blasting the board with wounds and healing. Nagash has never even come close to dying ever while giving everyone re-rolls to hit and save and not having to worry about battleshock. Archai are stupid strong with that and the extra attack from LoN. Grave Guard are often underestimated and hit way harder than opponents expected. Spirit hosts provide some mortal wound output along with being an immovable object and sometimes first turn charges. The list has the most brutal damage of any list I've ever played, while controlling the game, and resurrecting most anything that dies.
  13. WoollyMammoth

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Khalibron will give you a first turn teleport. After turn 1, with the insane mobility of your army should be able to easily get everything wherever you want, even closer than 9". The -1 to hit is very situational, but against heavy shooting armies it will be better than the 5++ which requires a lot of careful positioning. For me, Its not much of an issue conga lining and maximizing the 5++, then if you do the double save prayer, its insane. The army just wont die as fast as its killing. A lot of people get excited for 9" ambushes but in most games, you ambush, then sit there and do absolutely nothing. Even with re-rolling 1s. Unless you can do it with multiple units and can re-roll your charges, its generally terrible. Then when you factor in all the ways your opponent can mess with you by blocking, bubble wrapping and screening, it's just plain bad. Sure, you can teleport 20 snakes and make a lucky charge and it will feel good and win you the game against a bad opponent, but it's not going to get you anywhere against good players. Mistress of Illusion allows you to go anywhere (not just table edge) but all that means is you can walk right into the front of your opponents army, which is typically the most defended point. Don't get me wrong, a 'deep strike' is an incredibly useful tool, but not the way most people typically use it for. Charging one unit into your opponents territory is generally very bad. But, it can make your opponent fumble with their deployment - trying to make sure everything is blocked out. The most important factor is ambushing onto undefended objectives mid-late game. The problem with Mistress of Illusion is, for 80 points you can take a unit that does that automatically. So you don't need to sacrifice a better temple to get these bonuses. In certain very specific situations, Khalibron is the best temple to have. Against mass shooting (Kunnin Rukk, Mixed Order, Free Peoples or Kharadron) then the -1 to hit is probably better than the 5++. Unfortunately with either, this level of shooting is probably going to take out what it shoots at regardless. Also if you just don't want to play with Harpies or Morathi. If this is for you - you can buff up a unit of 30 witches and teleport it 9" - but this requires getting Mindrazor, a couple prayers, then making a 9" charge .. your odds are probably 30:1 here. Otherwise, if you want to play with at least a couple harpies, you want to protect your investment in Morathi and you are a half decent at conga-lining your troops, the 5++ is going to be the thing that elevates your army to a solid competitive list.
  14. WoollyMammoth

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Been playing a lot of DoK, and learned a lot of things that haven't been discussed yet. - Morathi - Morathi for me so far has been the queen of whiffing. This happens a lot for me with big monsters. Happens with me constantly with Nagash. You just cannot rely on monsters to bring the pain every time. Then there is her damage table - 5 entries. Really? 5 entries for a 12 wound model. Basically you loose 300 points of power once she loses 6 wounds. As a side note, her wounds table has made me really appreciate 40k - typically you have to lose 50-70% of your wounds before anything happens, whereas in AoS many damage tables are just brutal, losing key strength after just 3 wounds. Tie this damage table in with the fact that if your opponent scores 3 wounds on her first turn, you are starting her off with -6 wounds. Basically you cannot risk it at all. The high oracle is cute but no one in their right mind is gambling with a 480 point model that is taking double damage and can never be healed for any reason. If they didn't have the cool "double the wounds" rule then it might be fun to experiment, but as it stands there is no way you are gambling with your points. At least not if you are trying to play competitively or effectively. Now, you might think that I'm saying Morathi is not a good unit - but that is not the case. This topic is filled with examples of people declaring Morathi is amazing or that she is terrible. This is because the natural idea is to judge her value based on her killing over 480 points worth of stuff. The issue is that her strength does not lie in her ability to do damage, it lies in her ability to soak up tons of fire and never die. Shes just about the most ultimate distraction carnifex ever. Play her in Hagg Nar with MS and near a cauldron, and she is 2+/5++, which means your opponent may sink a lot of resources into getting those 3 wounds. The longer it takes, the more resources they will use, and the less resources they will use to focus on our armorless hordes. If one turn they fail to cause 3 wounds its a nightmare for them. In Duality of Death, she is broken. If you bubble wrap her on an objective, that's basically game over. No army needs a distraction like this more than DoK, so it's hard to judge whether 480 is too much, or crazy cheap. - The First Turn - The only thing to do (and as the battle reports on this topic have all reflected) is that you HAVE to go first and transform Morathi. You just have to. In addition to protecting your Morathi investment, you can also activate key prayers (which I'll discuss later) as well as the pivotal witchbrew. With models behind her, Morathi transforms about 3" forward, then moves 14" and gets in close for a first turn charge. A Bloodwrack Shrine can cast Steed of Shadow to get close as well, while Khinerai descend into position. If the armies are 18" away, there is a big risk of first turn charges from Witches and SoS. You might get yourself locked into a "I put 50% of my army into 100% of my opponents army" situation. Normally this is bad and loses you games. But in the case of DoK .. half your army has twice the offence, so this is not a big deal. The good news is that in the current meta, everyone is bending over backward to reduce drops and make you go first. DoK doesn't have to worry about this at all. The only issue is if for some reason your opponent decides to go first and - if they go first, they might be able to put 3 wounds on Morathi. With -1 to hit, the ability to deploy her hidden and a 5++ if in Hagg Nar you have some defense but its a very scary situation. Hopefully you get a double turn to make up for this. - Temples - For me its Hagg Nar all the way. You can double your invuln on an army who's only weakness is defense. The reroll hits is as good or better than the +1 to hit for Draichi Ganeth. Kraith is too swingy, and you can use a Cauldron command to attack twice anyway. Khailebron is a useful tactic but the -1 to hit with shooting is too situational. After turn 1 you don't really have any issues getting into combat and Mistress of Illusion becomes more of a situational thing. I don't really have any interest in trying anything other than Hagg Nar. With good conga-lining you can get all your key units with a 5++ that will drive your opponent insane. - Prayers - The prayers are what makes this army shine. Every one of them is "until your next hero phase" which means all the prayers you activate on turn one persist through an opponents double turn. Does your opponent want to charge a unit of witch elves with 5++ and 4 attacks each w/ extra attacks on 6s? The blessing of Khaine is insane in Hagg Nar. If you expect your unit to die, punish their army with mortals on 5+. Healing is in your turn but is amazing to have on a Shrine that is your general and just wont die. Immunity to battelshock is mostly overshadowed by 60 point Hags that provide that every turn.. but its still a good prayer. Sacrament of blood is my favorite in Hagg Nar - every turn after turn 1 the unit is re-rolling all hits. The best part is if your opponent goes into a double turn, its still active and since it's round 2 your unit picks up full re-rolls. Another key one is the ability to activate your statue. This is huge if your Cauldron general gets charged. Its very nice that everyone has it so it can be attempted multiple times and the range is infinite, so if you need it to go off you typically can get it. Note that after round 1 though, Sacrament is the same thing but better. - Witch Aelves & SOS - I'm just going to say it, Witches are broken. Every game this unit is my MVP. On its own it has the most wound output I've ever seen, then you factor in almost automatic wound re-rolls and immunity to battleshock. Then possibly -1 rend it gets insane. You can exploit Inspiring/sinister terrain, the Statue & Shroud of Despair to get 2 damage attacks which just - nothing is surviving 50 wounds with -1 rend and 2 damage each. Then they are easily 5+/5+++ or better. I'm used to trying to get the most of Ghoul hordes and - these just blow them out of the universe. If you have a unit of 30, and get all the buffs on them, and spread them across multiple units on the charge .. the game is just over for your opponent. This is like the most insane damage output ever. SOS are really funny in that they can retreat within 6" of an enemy and then pile in anyway. They can choose not to charge and then just pile in. they are really crazy in this way but at best they have 75% of the attack output as Witches for 20% more cost, so I just can't love them over witches. Thinking about trying the shields and using them more to pin stuff down since I'm never getting that many dagger attacks anyway. - Melusai & Medusa- Blood Sisters are really good. They are at a great price point and have a nice discount at 20. They can dish out a ton of mortals, especially in Hagg Nar when re-rolling, and even more with extras on 6s. When you bring a ton of them you really exploit their mortal wound output and discounts as @Scythian did to incredible effect at Adepticon. The unit just has great stats on its own then benefits from all the DoK buffs. I'm working toward a unit of 20 as a staple in my lists. Stalkers are just bad. I don't know what they were thinking with this unit. It was actually the unit I was most excited for pre-rules, but GW ruined them. I think they were afraid of exploiting Morathi's double shoot command. They just royally goofed here. I would never use more than 10 to fill out a Temple Nest, but I don't even see that battalion as very good because too many units have re-rolls and I don't even think DoK needs battalions anyway. Also the unit has a little dragon thing that's a waste and all kinds of like little grenades and stuff that they didn't bother writing rules for? The Medusa is nice as the armies dedicated wizard. Nobody is talking about how you can take like 3 of these and just obliterate hordes. The amount of damage potential each one of these has against hordes is amazing. - Doomfire Warlocks - I don't really like them. They have great movement, some shooting, a good spell. Kind of jack of all trades kind of unit which I never really enjoy. I prefer each of my units to excel at one specific task. Its a decent unit but I have a lot more things I'd like to spend the points on in this army. - Khinerai - The core value of this unit is in their ability to land anywhere in any turn. For this reason I see them both as interchangeable. Everyone figured out quick that Heartrenders have more utility but 5 single damage shooting attacks are not turning the tide of the game. The big thing is being able to move on the turn they land, but on a 4+ is un-reliable. Sure you can change them but they aren't much for close combat. Lifetakers in contrast have quadruple the damage potential when they charge, but I wish they had rend, or were able to come down like 7" or something to give them utility over Heartrenders. I'm going to try an get some love out of Lifetakers because I like the look/aesthetic more but I'll probably end up with just using Heartrenders for their annoying efficiency. - Summary - So far I've won my first couple 2k games by a large margin. DoK kind of feels like Khorne with equal (or more) damage potential, but with more resiliency (in Hagg Nar). I don't know if its competitive enough against all the craziness, and some of the synergy is a bit swingy. I think the key to success might be in some kind of first turn denial, to minimize the opponents effectiveness in turn 1 and 2 then when DoK are in range and warmed up, hit way to hard for your opponent to come back from. The Khinerai also present great opportunity to steal objectives in mid-late game. They are a great alternative to Khorne for someone looking for an army with incredible close combat bite, but there are a lot of things to juggle to make the army work. This is common for Elf/Dark Elf/Aeldar/Dark Aeldar type lists - they require a lot of finesse but when played right have historically dominated the top tables. - Other Notes - I agree with others on the Idoneth. They seems to be another form of dark elf with an aquatic theme. They are all beautiful sculpts but I much prefer the aesthetic of DoK. So, my father came to visit and really liked my painting, so he got me a few gifts from GW...... Here is my paint concept for DoK, next to some other models for refrence Here are some action shots of my first games Working on priming up my hordes now. Have to figure out my paint scheme for the snakes.
  15. WoollyMammoth

    Grand Host of Nagash - Making it work

    I'm 6-1 with first cohort. I can't believe it didn't do well at Adepticon. I don't think many people are doing it. It has no issues with controlling the game and obliterating opponents - its only weakness is objective management. If your opponent wins the turn too many times and racks up points you might not be able to kill them in time to get ahead.