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  1. VBS

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Yeah, actually I just checked that due to exchange price between £/€, it is cheaper to order from a UK store like Element Games than doing so from a local store in a EU country, even if it also has 15-20% discount and no shipping cost (assuming it's your local store). Without discount Soul Wars is 95£ (about 109€), yet for EU it is 125€!! Really worth considering ordering from Element Games from anywhere, more so if it supports TGA.
  2. VBS

    "Outside the box" factions

    Lots of great ideas here! I support the idea of Undead Order in the form of Tomb Kings. Settra coming back and sealing some alliance with Sigmar in his war against Nagash. Have the army be a collection of animated statues (Ushabtis, etc..) and some sort of molten gold skeletons to change a bit from the stereotypical skeletons (like Necron exo-skeleton structures?). Could also fit in Balti Gelt in here, he was an Incarnate after all so he should show up in AoS. Plus he was a mix of necromancer and gold/metal magic dude, the perfect mix for this. Idoneth Deepkin were a missed opportunity for Destruction Elves. Their fluff was so much more adapted for Destruction than just an "uneasy" relation with Order. Such a shame. I agree with many that Wood Elves, and more specifically Wild Riders, are a concept that would fit for Destruction Elves. But even then, GW might just stick them to Order no matter how feral and bloodlusty they become. DoK and ID are pretty wild and destructive too and still Order Order Orcs could easily fit with the concept of Black Orcs. I always thought Grimgor & the Immortals lived some sort of very disciplined military life, destroying all in their path of course, yet very far from the mindless squabbles and stupidity of the average greenskin. Similar to Orcs in Warcraft, they could be noble warriors with a strong sense of justice, acting as some elite mercenary force at the service of powerful lords (get ideas from historical honour guards with foreign origins like the Vangarian Guard or elite attached troops like the Janissaries). Now that would be cool. SCE could possibly fit anywhere: - Destruction: their minds degenerated to the point they behave like beasts and can only devolve into war-crazed maniacs following ages and lives of violence. Their animal-like state of mind somehow starts to merge/feed Waaagh power! - Death/Chaos: they become fully aware and conscience of what Sigmar designed them to be, and their ultimate fate. They turn to Nagash/Chaos Gods in a desperate hope to gain back what they lost, avoid reforging or to break free from the future reserved to them if staying with Sigmar. They become resentful against Sigmar, as they never asked to be like that and were not told anything, just used as puppets. If Death, this could be put into place by Gelt (again, if he comes back) as his ability with metal and necromancy could work in an alternative reforging. If Chaos, Vandus suspects of the full scope of Sigmar's intentions, as some sort of megalomaniac that does not care of his people's well-being to achieve his personal goals. Vandus then schemes a plan to change the whole SCE process with good intentions, which leads to a rebellion in a series of events known as The Vandus Heresy... Wait a minute, I've seen this somewhere!!!
  3. VBS

    Cheap bases

  4. VBS

    Endless Spells conversion ideias

    I'm planning on converting them all (or most of them). They look like a good sculpting project opportunity for greenstuff noobs like me. Head & Jaws: A skull of any big beast and greenstuff the flames. Thematically pick what creature it is depending on the army is cool too. Cogs & Shacklers: I'll just get the http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/ cogs & chains, should look just as good. Purple, Geminids, Maelstorm: I'll start with a ping-pong base, maybe something bigger for the Purple Sun. Will then greenstuff the details. Could use paper clips for the Geminids and skeleton skulls for the Maelstorm. Swords: Get a bunch of swords, make flames with greenstuff. This also lets you be thematic. Like for BCR, I'd get 4 or 5 Ogre Bull blades. Pendulum: Similar to the Swords, but just getting an oversized one from a big monster. Gravetide and Palisade: Greenstuff/Plasticard, not much else going on. Lifeswarm: I don't know if any hobby/miniature company sells very small insects that could just be put together. Tomb Kings, Skaven and Lizardmen all had swarms.... A combination would work great. Wood elves fairies/little spirits from the Dryad box also seems viable. Spellportal: I still have some doors from the plastic house that came with the WHFB 6th ed. starter box. I'll use those as the portal and add plasticard for the middle, and greenstuff around. I think this also lets you be thematic, just use a door frame appropiate to your army, and that's it! Hopefully we get access to the rules without needing to buy the whole box, or sell them separately. That's how I plan to do it
  5. Got busy this weekend making a Battletome. Wanted to give a personal touch to the project with specific rules! It is still a first draft, hence the not so great layout, fluff was left aside (you can read some on previous posts) and rules are not tested. Battletome attached for DOWNLOAD! In case anyone might be interested. Most warscrolls are inspired by existing ones, modified to reflect the fluff. I think this makes match points possibly balanced even without playtest. Took into account the "equivalent" warscrolls and more specific options that appear recurringly such as lack of command groups, reduced unit sizes and not that much synergy due to how the Allegiance abilities work. So points are possibly on point (lel). Also, it's none of the Grand Alliance but a whole new one! Fluff wise and miniature wise, it is somewhere between Order (but being hostile to Sigmar & Co.) and Chaos (but without acknowledging and kneeling to the Dark Gods)... and there is even some Death equivalent (Nighthaunts?)! So, making my own Alliance seemed the way to reflect the fluff in the rules. In case you are wondering, on the cover from left to right: Asphodellus, Noirythe and Mrothia. The Big 3 of the Principility! Version V.2.0 will have better layout, full fluff added and updated rules/warscrolls! This might happen in a many many months (years?). PS: Didn't bother tmaking it all neat with photoshop, was too time consuming Sorry! Battletome - Free Principality of Veriithas V.1.0.pdf
  6. VBS

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    The starter set + magic rules reminds me of WHFB 5th ed., at least in the way it is presented. Lots of stuff, so it should be cool! Regarding the core rules being 18 pages, I think that means nothing. Example: the w40k rules are 15 pages yet have about the same number of rules than the AoS 4 pager, mainly coz of layout, font and non-rules adding content (explanation of a full game illustrated with pictures for example). Might aswell remind that back in the days, there was this A4 sheet printed on both sides with all the basic info to play WHFB 6th ed. All the "must have" on 2 pages. Yet in the rulebook it spread out through like 120 pages. Layout, font, illustration, concise to the point info all play a role on how long a rulebook is. I'm sure that the initial AoS 4 page could end up being 20 pages with a little editing. Soooo, I honestly doubt the 18 pages will only be a full stack of rules, as the current rules are presented.
  7. Rename them to "Let's Chat..... V1.0" and make a sub-forum for a "AoS V1.0" for them. Then make "Let's Chat.... V2.0" as normal. Basically, like on many other forums, useful old threads and info is displaced to a sub-area were previous editions are stored. Info will still be available, and those that still want to use or play that version have their space. This can apply for future editions too. "Officially obsolete" info does not mean it has no use (ie. Oldhammer & such things). M2C.
  8. VBS

    The Rumour Thread

    I think we see a pattern on who is back. For now, every old character that has return had a connection to the winds of magic either by being an incarnate or being able to bind them, even if they died during the ET (Teclis turns to dust and Nagash crumbles after the ritual collapses, after all). These characters also happen to be Gods in AoS. Applying the same reasoning, maybe Grimgor, Gelt or Caradryan could be back in a different form? Would be fluff-consistent at least... Another case is Gotrek, who is not related to the Winds, but happens to "replace" Grimnir during the ET, so he also had some sort of "divine" power that could explain why he is back in AoS (I suppose the upcoming story will tell more). There is also Morathi, but I find that more random. She is not in the any of the previous cases but happens to have saved herself from Slaanesh (is there a specific reason? I didn't buy the DoK BT). If random escape is the explanation, might as well just get Caledor too for the fun. That would be awesome and consistent considering Morathi's case... Last case I can think of are the Mortarch Trio, brought back as servants of Nagash, even without being divine/winds of magic-infused. Undead just get resurrected, probably, for a lazy explanation. Though I suppose it is more due to the brand new kit that came out during the ET, and that certainly was not going to be discontinued... so shove it in the fluff somehow! This could be a solid basis to get back Vlad, Isabella, Krell, etc... So, I think there seems to be a reasoning behind who is back from a fluff perspective (and miniature wise too). Though GW can certainly just do whatever they want and give "reasons"... It's the over the top mega-magical Mortal Realms afterall.
  9. Of course there is context, subjective understanding and blablabla... Except that on a AoS Forum like TGA, the context will always be a bunch of guys/gals that enjoy this niched hobby just discussing and sharing a passion of theirs. No one will be judgmental or look down on your fun, since we all are part of it too! Thus, I find it difficult to see how can someone perceive the use of "toy soldiers" as negative/derogatory/etc... in the context of a forum like TGA. It is pretty obvious that, in the context of TGA, if the expression is thrown at someone who gets a little too upset over rules/minis , it is done as a gentle reminder to not lose perspective. Nothing else. The fact a expression like "toy soldiers" is used instead of getting all so serious adds to the general tone that wants to be transmited (ie. light-heartedly asking to calm down).
  10. If I ever do, it will not be before many many many months But I'd love to! Actually building both an AoS and a KoW army based on this fluff since I have a box full of old Empire & other random minis. And since the story till now seems to aim towards a mix of civil war, increased Chaos influence and the forces of Order wanting to wipe out the Principality, I can already see a narrative campaign on different scales (from a small AoS Skirmish to a large KoW battle) and up to 4 sides shaping up in the horizon...
  11. VBS

    The Rumour Thread

    Random thought but to develop on this, I have the impression a lot of people tend to be quite egocentric when dealing with toy soldiers. Possible explanation to the backlash towards the kids books for example (I'm totally fine with them btw). If a product from their favorite company that covers different lines does not appeal to them, they will make sure to be heard and can't (or refuse) see the objective and/or appeal of said product simply because they are not the target and will not buy it. They want the company to only concentrate on what they perceive as useful. We have plenty of examples even on TGA, illustrated through factions not being updated immediately (omg SC agaaaain?), the Warhammer Legends stuff or when 40k 8th dropped and got all the attention. Arguments revolve around "waste of ressources", "loss of momentum" or "how terrible it will for the company if I stop giving them my money". Basically nonsense as I suspect 99% of us here don't work for GW or have any knowledge of the company's finances/business. I suppose the internet and forums are an easy way to vent and nurture an illusion of self-importance and entitlement through a random granular opinion no one cares about (or almost). Warhammer books for kids is exploring new possibilities, as they have been doing ever since the CEO change (in case someone still didn't notice...) so I think it can interesting from a company development perspective, even if I don't see any personal appeal for the product. Yeah, people never cease to amaze me, more so when overpriced plastic toys are involved
  12. VBS

    The Rumour Thread

    Making sure children get hook on plastic-crack addiction from a very early age. Well played GW. Very well played.
  13. Minis start to get finished, with a bit more fluff and dug up some terribly painted old minis that need a new fresh start! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Last bit of fluff concerning the Order of Censors: "On certain occasions, the Order of Censors assist in battle the armies of the Principality, although this becomes rarer as the Principality develops a full autonomous military force. Instead, the Order focuses its activities on pacifying and maintaining social control. As such, they are often deployed in small groups, patrolling cities in pairs or involving half a dozen members when launching operations such as hunting heretics and infiltrating illegal cults. Theoretically, the aim of the Order of Censors is to preserve intact the Cult of the Primeval Truth, which has much evolved since its inception by the Founding Fathers. They show a regal and dignified appearance in public, with majestic ornamental golden armor and long colorful robes of the highest quality. Their immaculate appearance convinces the average filthy plebeian of the Principality of the good will and positive intentions of the Order, who rather use their reputation to do as they please. In case some ill-fated civilian suspects of the Elven order's hypocrisy and mischievous purpose, they are quickly arrested and dispatched to the Temple of Tolerance, a colossal fortress-like structure resembling a mountain surrounded by ever expanding barren lands, sterile by the miasma emanating from the Decaying Pit. Indeed, no law or authority is applied to the members of the Order. Not even the Princeps, or the Triumvirate for the matter, have any sort of control over them. This is exploited by the Order to enrich the vaults and terrorize the population, always with a certain restrain and staging to ensure no backlash or revolt reaction might occur. It is of course within their interest to maintain this equilibrium, as the Order and influence of the Cult of the Primeval Truth has thrived under their “unofficial” rule, and most notably due to the ruthless pragmatism of Master-Censor Noirythe, elven lordling who rose to the highest rank of the Order due to his impeccable understanding of the court's politics and foresight regarding the interests of the Order. Noirythe's guidance and consciousness of power is motive of great distress within the court of the Glimmering-City, as the rumors of an uprising of the Order of Censors grow stronger every day among the petty nobles. The inability of Princeps Asphodellus to even maintain minimal control over the group of elves has tainted the political scene of the Principality with great pessimism, uncertain on how the pressure of the Order of Censors will end in bloodshed if they continue squeezing power and competences from the legitimate authority of the Principality. The unstable balance of power between the Order and the Triumvirate is weaker than ever. The Order of Censors itself is a very horizontal structure. Besides the guiding command of the Master-Censor, unanimously voted by its pears for the greater good of the Order, every member enjoys the same rank and privileges. It is probably this quasi hegemony granted such power and discipline to the Order, stranger to insignificant internal fights and pesky political intrigues. Training for the Censors never ends, as they constantly accumulate an enviable knowledge in a great number of areas such as astronomy, alchemy, fine arts, theology, politics and obviously military training. As such, the Order of Censors claim to have the most formidable warriors and savants of the Principality and beyond, with a good reason." The Ritual Curator: "The Cult of the Primeval Truth heavily revolves around obscure ceremonies, mental alienation, intoxication, sacrifices and executions. Many of these customs are performed by a highly revered priest, the Ritual Curator. Versed in the arts of magic and the most visible authority of the Cult, his influence is immense within the tumultuous balance of the powers of the Principality. The current Ritual Curator is known to be a relative of Clairvoyant Mrothia, closest adviser of Princeps Asphodellus, raising alarms among the nobility on possible influences of the Cult within the court. Indeed, the separation of politics and religion is a pillar of the Principality, which may well be under threat..." ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Time to stock up on that nail polish remover! Thanks for reading
  14. VBS

    Religious Armies

    I like these kind of questions, I always try to theorize on political systems in fantasy/sci-fi settings and such. I think it is still very much religion as we see a series of beliefs, practices, ethics, world view and organization linked to each specific God. Even if they are present, there is still the fundaments of practices that constitute a "religion". As for the second part, I think that in AoS, it would mostly be a sort of hybrid. Take for example Sigmar. There is both the religious aspect and the political aspect. I'd say this is closer to a Theocracy, as the form of government will emanate exclusively from a deity. However, it is still a bit different than the real world concept of "theocracy" since this divine authority is usually "delegated" (or so they clame haha) through a particular group (spiritual leaders, religious authorities, etc...). In the case of AoS, the deity is actually present so there is no intermediary to apply the divine rule. In essence, the rule of Sigmar is linked to this idea, as the source of authority in Azyr most likely derivates from his divine condition. Of course, since he concentrates all powers (I suppose, even if he delegates stuff, he seems to accumulate all forms of powers and decision), we can throw in that he is a dictator, autocrat and such similar terms (not necessarily as in the modern pejorative concept) as his position allows him to rule by himself and doesn't seem to be ready to give up his power. The divinity aspect is also worth mentioning as it adds another layer. It makes me think of Plato's Philosopher King. I think this idea is what really describes Sigmar (or other Gods in AoS, probably only Order ones though) best. Indeed, his divine condition will certainly make him a source of wisdom and capable of dissociating from typical mortal pulsions, thus seeking what is best for the "city-state". Even the rest of the society could fit this idea of "ideal city-state", as SCE work perfectly as the concept of "guardians" (military dedicated to what is good instead of individualism) and Free People as the "artisans" group. So yeah, I think this last point would be the closest thing to describe the situation. Worth mentioning that the Philosopher King was often used as a base for absolutist rule, such as monarch or even dictators real world. Hence why one could consider Sigmar as such. I just think it is closer to some amalgam of theories since AoS has its own concept which doesn't translate well to what already exists.
  15. VBS

    Gotrek in AoS

    I was never a huge fan of the stunties, and read basically every Warhammer novel you can imagine from the late 90' till 2010 more or less (Brunner, Darkblade, Ambassador, Karl Hoche, The Blackhearts, Gilead, Vampire Wars, Times of Legends in full, Dead&Damned, Necromancer.... you name it. Even that terrible Wine of Dreams lol). And tbh, nothing comes close to Gotrek and Felix. And more particularly the first 7 books. And have a soft spot for Skavenslayer which is the best Warhammer read ever (in case someone didn't get it yet ). Clearly, there is something special about them if they have such impact. And not only the two, the whole series has a list of extremely emblematic and likeable characters, like Snorri that cracked me up or paranoid warp-addict Thanquol along his little helper Snitchtongue that made the perfect saturday morning villain duo. The whole black humour tone of the novels (as Double Misfire mentions) or sense of low fantasy (as offroadfury said) really helped redefine the concept of the Warhammer World for a lot of people. At least it did so for me. Those passages were they hang out in gritty taverns, fight in dark alleys or watch rats the size of dogs eating cats while walking around high-level districts in the Empire, yet also chillin' in Karag Dum slaying daemons gave a sense of fantasy immersion that made me devour the books several times in a row as a young teen. More so when the stories were through Felix's eyes. It was a duality and tone that, for me, was the very essence of THE Warhammer World. Can't think of other novels that caputred the feel that way, even if there are a load I really like too. Oh and since every incarnate/semi-divine being in WHFB is/probably will be present (or just forced into AoS for reasons like Morathi), Gotrek's return seems more than suitable. What's not to like?