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  1. Unit Fillers in AoS

    Not sure it would be too practical for AoS due to skirmish based. It is more viable in rank type as you just required to meet the "global" regiment size (100mmx80mm for 20 humans for example), which would not have an impact on the game. So you could have different base sizes within a same unit, making it easier to add unit fillers. How could that be achieved in a skirmish game? More so when base sizes uniformity is supposed to be really important... Can you use a single base to represent more than one miniature? Not sure that would be accepted (I probably would mind though, if it's not too obviously forced).
  2. Totally convinced me, Sir.
  3. Great stuff Reminds me of that Border Princes map + campaign rules that came along the General's Compendium, which was so practical for easy pick up narrative campaign.
  4. Out of curiosity, why wouldn't Mantic matter? Or would not be considered real "serious" guys? They seem to run the company decently enough with their webstore, retail distribution and promoting quliaty games. Is it because they don't make the same decisions as others? Don't always seek to maximise profits as much as they could? I think that is independant of being a serious company or just dismissing them coz they're "freaks".
  5. Well, in Kings Of War events you can use any miniatures... Guess it's down to how you want to run your business. Excluding other company minis is obviously the logical thing to do marketing-wise but has the downside of driving away some people.
  6. The Rumour Thread

    Probably trolling as in internet troll Would love if it was the case, and even if the theme is aquatic (Mathlaan...), that type of behaviour reminds me of Loec. They do have the most recognizable aspect of the laughning god such as being elusive and no one appears to ever knows what they up to. And just like his 40k counterpart, the God could have very well have survived the ET due to ****** around like a joke while the rest of the pantheon shattered (and since they made Elves in AoS much closer to what Eldar are in 40k....). Obviously we know close to nothing for now, but for wishlisting it'd be a direction I'd appreciate. Vampiric fishelves on flying sharks trolling through the mortal realms. Ridiculously awesome.
  7. Fluff Problems

    I always thought GW could do something along War of the Ring for AoS, as a form of "revival" for WHFB. Build upon current AoS to give an alternative, one that people that liked WHFB can additionally enjoy without taking anything out of AoS. You don't need to maintain a "third game" or range of models, just put out a book and eventually give FW or specialist range some ownership to put out some supplement from time to time (some not so ambitious version of Tamurkan or whatever). I think it would be beneficial for the company considering there is a market for that and the upkeep cost would be limited considering how it can overlap on many aspects (rule bases and miniature range) with AoS. I think it would be cool, and as BunkhouseBuster said, more gaming options is a good thing. Especially if it should most likely be viable, have a crowd and not really have a negative impact of other games. More for all, and would call down a lot of the "my game against your game" that appears to happen whenever AoS is mentioned. My humble opinion, as someone who doesn't see WHFB or AoS as something bad or incompatible.
  8. New Aelves

    If what was posted on WoS is true, the Sea Elves are related to T&T to some degree, at least to one side: Teclis’ first enclave were called the Idoneth - although they disappeared, and future projects proved better. Looking forward to that!
  9. Fluff Problems

    I think something just doesn't add up in the recent Morathi fluff.... Like she is deceiving her followers to worship a dead god for her own benefit. Couldn't any of the elven gods that were around when Khaine died just let everyone know? I mean, Malekith could go: "Oh you know your god is dead? Yeah, my mother is just lying. She does that a lot. Always was a manipulative *****, that ol' hag".
  10. Gotrek in AoS

    This is quite awesome, just a shame it's audiodrama, would picked up in heartbeat if it was on paper! Also I don't see a problem in having Gotrek back. Characters that had some relation to old divinities/Incarnates are suppose to be (demi-)Gods or whatever in the MR, so I don't see why Gotrek would be an exception. And you can't really dissociate AoS fluff from WHFB since the former is a continuation of the later... Keeping iconic characters is also a good way to maintain a certain fluff interest for quite a few people (like me!). I wouldn't be interested in this if the character was a new random loincloth mercenary dwarf instead of the most badass Slayer ever
  11. Maybe it's not a very competitive opinion, but I think that regarding square bases, it should be considered on a relative term. The square base advantage comes into action particularly with large units with certain weapon range, as per Twitch of Izalith's example: 7 (weak) extra attacks for a 30 man unit. How much does that represent in terms of performance? 1 or 2 extra wounds? Moreover, how many times during a battle would the unit take advantage of this (rounds in combat making use of the extras)? If it starts getting decimates (weak unit), it won't matter much coz there will be no one to squeeze in anyway, and even then their impact is quite limited. On top of that, in your average army, how many 25-30 man units do you have to take advantage of these little extra attacks? Unless really focusing on hordes (which aren't super super common I assume), not much I guess. Overall, my point is that the impact on the outcome of battle could very well be anecdotal regarding the use of bases, unless coming up with very specific cases where it actually made the difference between victory and defeat, which I highly doubt are enough to want to force other people to play a game the way you want. This is from a non-competitive-balance-obsessed perspective, and I understand that for some people it can be a big deal. As a complement to the above, I also think that square bases have a disadvantage compared to the larger round bases, as the unit's footprint will be smaller which influences their threat bubble (as they are closer to remain cohesive) or range for charges/objectives.
  12. Look totally amazing. I love Adrian Smith's artwork! Didn't get in the KS, but I wouldn't grabbing a few of those if they sell individually instead of the whole pack.
  13. Check your local community to see their consensus, as you will be playing with them. I don't think there is anything "outlaw" since GW will probably never give a strict guide on bases for AoS (if they keep on being as inclusive as they are now, as forcing rounds will turn off a lot of people, especially those with large pre-AoS collections). If you play KoW, squares are quite useful but making future armies on rounds (for AoS) combined with adapted movement trays (for KoW) is probably the way to go. Would definitely protect you from whiny ******. Flexibility for multiple gaming systems. That's what I'll do at least when I remake my Free People army. Can't bother rebasing old armies though, I'll gladly stick to WFB/KoW if it's a problem for certain AoS players.
  14. New Aelves

    hmmmm why? Doesn't have wings, and the model from 6th edition was even more naked than that TW pic. My comment regarding this new model is that having a gap on her outfit to reveal her belly (independently of what the previous model looked like) is not aesthetically pleasing to my eyes, hence my comment.
  15. New Aelves

    Minis are quite nice, though not too convinced by the "normal" Morathi (wings and "look at my belly" detail are meh). Half tempted in getting a few to mix with the Dark Elves line of Raging Heroes, which have a few models that could fit very well. They could also work really good for other stuff, like slaanesh demons or even dark eldars for 40k. Also, is Khaine dead or not? Pretty sure he didn't do well during the ET