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  1. Hi all, Probably a basic one, but came up in a game and I can't seem to find a phrase in the rules to confirm either way. In the attached image, the Lumineth Wardens have attacked the Blightkings and killed three. The Nurgle player removes the three casualties highlighted in red. The Elves normally have the option to attack again, and as such would normally attack with the Dawnriders, but because of the casualty removal, they are now out of range. As they have been picked to fight, they can Pile in 3". What happens if that "Pile in" does not reach the Blightkings, are they locked out of fighting? choose files... Click to choose files
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience or was interested in looking at a way of playing 500 point games in AOS. The recent 40k articles make it look like 'Combat Patrol' is going to be supported moving forward, and I wondered if in future we may see a version for us. There's a great article in an old WD (Jan 313) looking at 500point games for Warhammer Fantasy that got me thinking about a more modern version. We do have Meeting Engagements and to an extent Path to Glory, but I wanted to know if we had general consensus on some limitations, battleplans and ideas for our own version. Lots of club nights start slow grow campaigns or 'getting started' nights with these sorts of matches and I'd love if we could find some common ground on ways to balance it a little. Battleplans are probably the most important thing, as grabbing objectives can be a little harder with just 3/4 units on the board. I'd love to hear peoples suggestions or even systems already created. My initial thoughts were; - Board size: 44 by 30 (Keeps in line with probable future sizes) - 1 Hero, 1 Battleline, 0 Behemoth? Let me know your thoughts and ideas. I do think 500pts can be a great size game, especially given sometimes hectic real life commitments, and a wandering eye when it comes to new releases!
  3. Morning all, Little update from me. Firstly my weekend hobby job to tide me over until next Month, is this little set of four nurglings. I'm using them as counters to represent (Left to Right) 'Inspiring Presence' 'Favoured Poxes' 'Blades of Purefaction' and 'Mystic Shield' They should help me keep track of what's going on! Also finally got my Feculant Gnarlmaw painted. Hopefully looking to get a game in later with a 500pt/PtG list.
  4. Morning all, So I mentioned previously having my April purchases as the Spoilpox and Feculant Gnarlmaw. I want to keep the purchases around £30 a month, just like the old Lure of the Gods series and hopefully to stop me going mad and buying all the plastic! So below is my finished Spoilpox, yet unnamed. Really fun model to paint. I've also started the Gnarlmaw, which hopefully will be finished by the end of the month. All in all this lets me complete my 500pts, which also nicely fits in with the Path to Glory system too. Poxbringer, Spoilpox, 10 Plaguebeaer, 5 BlightKing. For May I think I'll aim to add some more plaguebearers, a unit of 20 would be far better, with the assorted hobby supplies I need I think that will take me up to my allocation for the Month. Will hopefully get some games in too so will try and report on those. Loving all the updates so far and looking forward to seeing some of the first encounters.
  5. Afternoon all, I keep putting off my updates but thought I'd should get them on! I started a Nurgle force last year, but never got much further with them. So I'm relaunching them now with this as the perfect opprtunity. I thought I'd strip the force back to the 'Start Collecting' blueprint and then see how it grows depending on games, money or inspiration! Looking forward to hopefully getting along to the Kirton store for some games as it's only an hour or so away for me. The old 'Lure of the Gods' article by Paul Sawyer was my absolute favorite by White Dwarf, so I'm hoping this blog keeps me on track in a similar style! I've purchased the Spoilpox Scrivener and a Feculant Gnarlmaw so I'm looking forward to getting some Path to Glory style games in. I also have five of the old metal plaguebearers, so am keeping my eye out for some more to round that out into a second unit.
  6. I think you're on the right track. That would give you 860 points if you got the Iron-fist battalion and ignored the extra 5 'ardboyz for the moment. So a Megaboss added to that would round out your 1000 list. Additionally those extra 5 'ardboyz are fine if you're playing Path to Glory (1 pick) or - when the Shadespire warband comes out you could effectively have a unit of 9 with some unique looking models. Great choice of army though, and plenty of options now with GHB17
  7. Yeah we're going to just run the Stonehorn as per the PTG list. Makes it more fun to add stuff. I think you're right in the start collecting box will just run over me!
  8. Thanks guys. I'm hoping the power of the stonehorn will be offset against the objective based scenarios, so hopefully it will work. Else my fledling Nurgle warband are just going to take a beating! Cheers
  9. Yeah some look really good. My my main concern is that he will be starting with a single model, rather than an army of such. I did think 'Cornered' could be a good one to start off with. Any thoughts on some others?
  10. Hi all, Hopefully I've put this in the right place. My friend and I have recently started afresh with AOS, with skirmish and PTG being great entry level stuff. I've bought the Nurgle 'Start collecting set' and he the Beastclaw raiders. We're aiming to do a Path to Glory style campaign. The initial issue is of course the warband make up of the two forces. (instantly rules Skirmish out!) For starting warbands in PTG, his Frostlord of Stonehorn is a single model, wheras my warband has between 3/4 units. Does anyone have good suggestions for some initial battleplans for our first few games? I want the games to be as fun as possible and I think some objective based ones may be a struggle to start. Any ideas at all would be great. Thanks,
  11. 25 points now ready to hit the table. Hoping to get the first couple parts of the campaign done tomorrow. Also ordered some BlightKings... Has anyone played through the campaign with anything similar?
  12. Great report! Looking forward to seeing the next battle. Those Orruks look great too. Be interested to see how much damage the gore-grunta does in the next game.
  13. Thanks, The marauder is just the standard kit, I think the champion has an option to have a sword and an axe, I just used it on a regular guy. I'll probably use him as the champion given the extra attack. I wanted to make each marauder a little different, hence the knights shield on the sword guy. Here's the work in progress so far. Found a few more plagubearers too. So have the potential to add up to five. Aiming to convert another marauder into a packmaster looking chap and give him some hounds.
  14. Evening all, So with the exciting release of Skirmish I'm making a bespoke Warband to battle through the campaign. I thought I would track their progress and painting in this thread. The plan is to battle them through the Shadespire campaign, and then refine the list around 50pts for future matched play. Dependent on my painting speed this week I will be playing against stormcast for the start of the campaign. Just to start it off here is the group coming together, My intial list is; Lord of Plagues, 3 Marauders, 1 Plague Bearer. 25pts. The picture is missing the third marauder. Will hopefully get some colour on them tomorrow! Any suggestions or thoughts what I could add next? I'm worried about speed so have some hounds/knights lined up though I really would like to get my hand on one BlightKing too!
  15. They look brilliant. Can't wait to see the mechanics and them in action!
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