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  1. I've posted this publicly on their pages, on twitter, on Instagram, and will also be emailing it to Games Workshop's investor relations and customer service emails. I invite you to join me in demanding GW do more. If you want to steal any or all of the letter I have written, feel free.
  2. It wasn't Mortal Wounds before. It was just wounds that could not be prevented by any means. Now it is mortal wounds, so Morathi can only take 3 per turn.
  3. It's to mitigate the fact that Total Carnage is no longer unsavable in any way and now just does mortal wounds. I think it's a good change overall.
  4. No idea! But this was my last theory, back in July, long before any Dankhold Troggoths were hinted at! 😉
  5. Theory: The Ruination Chamber will be made up of all the Stormcasts who have been reborn so many times they have lost all humanity but gained strange abilities and are now essentially little more than daemons of lightning and order. Dangerous and unstable but powerful.
  6. Man, I have zero interest in CCGs, but that makes me want to play an AoS CRPG so bad.
  7. Hahaha! You can thank my partner, who happens to be a graphic designer. If it wasn't for her influence it would be a complete mess of unlabeled mishmash in any order they were randomly created in. I'm sure she'd still have approximately 7000 notes on how I could better achieve what I'd set out to do and how to better organize it. And if you do run your own Battle for the Christmas Ham, take pics and share them! I'd love for the tradition to spread!
  8. Also, I got a request on Twitter for a template for the Realm Rules, so figured I'd post here. Here's a PSD. You'll need the fonts Minion Pro in Medium and Italic and Pompei STD in Bold and Demi Bold. Realm2.psd
  9. So the tradition was actually started by one of our members, Johnny, and his buddy Casey in Texas when they were growing up. When Johnny moved to the Bay he turned it into a tournament to keep the tradition alive. This is probably the 6th or so Ham we've done, but it was on hiatus for 3 years.
  10. So my club in the SF Bay Area has a tradition of an invite-only mini-tournament called The Battle for the Christmas Ham. It's a 3 game, booze soaked, gift giving tournament, traditionally with silly rules and low levels of play. The Overall Award is an actual Christmas Ham. This will be the first year of reviving the tradition since AoS dropped, as our club was hit pretty hard by the death of 8th and it's taken us some time to rebuild. Anyway, the tournament will be taking place in The Realm of Christmas, so I figured I'd share the backstory and realm rules, in case anyone else wanted to play some games in Solstyr! Note: I'm not looking for notes or critiques. I realize the rules are inherently unbalanced. That's the point!
  11. There is a prominent person in the US gaming scene who I will not name who CONSISTENTLY smells absolutely terrible. Like, overwhelming from across the table bad. Having talked to some of his closer friends, it has been brought up. I don't know if he just doesn't care or has some type of moral opposition to deodorant, but it does happen.
  12. People who don't drink at tournaments. You teetotalers are the worst. ?
  13. Hey @sal4m4nd3r, congrats on your high paint finish! Sounds like you really revamped the army from the one I played at A-Con (which makes sense since you can't run the Plaguetouched Warband now). Well done! You got pics of the army somewhere?
  14. Like all new factions, they're gonna lean heavily into the epic high fantasy thing, and they're gonna release at least one large centerpiece model, probably multiple. I'd love to see giant fungal trolls in the faction. Trolls have always been tied pretty close to goblins.
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