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  1. SlaaneshCultist

    The Rumour Thread

    Like all new factions, they're gonna lean heavily into the epic high fantasy thing, and they're gonna release at least one large centerpiece model, probably multiple. I'd love to see giant fungal trolls in the faction. Trolls have always been tied pretty close to goblins.
  2. SlaaneshCultist

    The New FAQ (23/07/2018)

    Tony is a buddy of mine, and spends a ridiculous amount of time updating and maintaining scrollbuilder. There's a group of about 15 of us with a wide range of armies who are friends of his, play with him regularly, use it consistently, and point out any errors we notice, so it stays pretty error free. That being said, if anyone sees any mistakes or issues at any point feel free to send it to me and I'll pass it along. Tony is also active on twitter, so you can reach him there.
  3. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    I do not. Thanks though! I currently live in a one bedroom apartment with two cats, so taking pictures of my minis is... difficult to say the least. Hopefully within the next year I will own a house and have a gaming room where the cats aren't allowed, and the cat hair is cut down by like 82% (because let's be honest here, it'll never be fully cut out). At which point expect me to show of my painting skillz.
  4. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    Hey Garret. I will have just moved to Minneapolis (moving the week between Xmas and NY) so I don't think I'll be able to swing LVO this year. If I do anything about that time it'll probably be Paca, since it's drivable. Unfortunately I won't really know what my time looks like until I'm out there, which means Paca will likely already be sold out.
  5. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    I feel like there's a decent sized tournament in most states at this point, though it may take a bit of traveling to get there. If not, why not try running one! That being said, in the last year I've probably flown 7000+ miles to go to various tournaments, so I may be a bit biased on what "a bit of travel" might be.
  6. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    I could be wrong on this, but I believe that his two lists were a Bonesplitterz list with Kunning Rukk, and a snowball throwing beastclaw list. The terrain on that particular table is actually among the worst of any of the tables, and it's solid. Everything on it is official GW models, but there were a bunch of other tables with awesome 3D printed pieces. The coolest was a coastal table with a giant (like probably close to 2' tall) lighthouse on it.
  7. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    It's a really cool award actually!
  8. SlaaneshCultist

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Well. That makes shutting down LoN's summoning significantly more difficult.
  9. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    That's super generous Mathew! Thanks! But the bigger issue would be flight as well as the booze/food while I'm there. You'll be seeing some more of me in the mid west/east coast next year hopefully, after we move. Until then my last tournament of the year will be SoCal Open in San Diego I think.
  10. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    No worries Trey! Yeah, 9 points a scheme is a big deal, which is why I placed so high even with a loss. Means 40% of the max points comes from schemes. Appreciate the vote for best opponent, although it was Best Chaos not Best Sports that I won. Got a nice dagger out of it! I think the Best Sports award was the Kukri.
  11. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    Thanks! And that's a bit hyperbolic there. I count 5 Stormcast and 8 other Order lists. Which seems about right, given the poster boy nature of Stormcast.
  12. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    Thanks! Once again my one loss boiled down to one silly mistake. In game 4, Scorched Earth, I had a single (full health) Khorgorath holding one of my objectives on the 5th turn, which was threatened by his Lord of Afflictions. We were tied up on objective points and I had him on kill points. I won the initiative roll, and had the blood tithe points to move a unit of Skullcrushers basically across the board (16" + a charge + 4") to tie up the Lord of Afflictions and help hold that threatened objective, but I was focused on the other side of the board where I was threatening an objective (which I failed to take due to poor rolls) and didn't think about it until later. Instead I used my Blood Tithe to dispel Rotigus' spell on his turn, which would have been largely inconsequential if I had played correctly. His Lord of Afflictions takes the Khorgoroth down to 3 wounds. I think I've won anyway. He points out that he forgot to roll to see if his Lord of Afflictions does Mortal Wounds in the hero phase. I of course let him go back, cuz I wouldn't want to win that way anyway. He roles a 2+ to do 1 mortal wound, then rolls a 6+ and rolls a 3 to do 2 more mortal wounds, killing the Khorgorath, taking the objective, and gaining the Major Victory. Literally came down to the last roll of the game. It was a very unlikely series of events, but if I'd moved my Skullcrushers it would have been impossible for him to take the objective. Oh well. Still a very fun game. I would love to go to NOVA, but I'm definitely not gonna be able to this year. Too much money spent on traveling already when I'm trying to buy a house.
  13. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    Council of Blood was definitely at least one of his two lists (Nashcon has you bring two lists, each of which you must play at least once. Mine was just an artifact change) and it took down a Change Host in round 5, which I'm always a fan of Khorne doing.
  14. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    It really was a blast! I definitely highly recommend it for next year. It's especially fun to get wrecked around a bunch of grumpy old historical gamers! 🤣
  15. SlaaneshCultist

    Nashcon Results

    Nashcon was an awesome event! Thanks to @David Griffin for running an awesome event. The terrain was solid, the army painting quality was super high and everything went super smoothly. I had 5 good games (not that I remember a whole lot about game 3 on Saturday.) Here are the results, as well as a few pictures from my game one, before the beer and whiskey made me forget to take pictures.