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  1. This is how my khorne have progressed in last 10 months. Blood reaver is an early model through the khorgorath to taking on conversions and big multi piece models like the chariot. And my latest model Sgt Lorenzo from space hulk
  2. Teeth painting for a novice

  3. Transporting Prosecutors

    Glad I read this, I am looking for a solution for my larger/spikier models. Thanks for posting @Tidings
  4. The Painting Contract - September 2017

    My son's Mistweaver, he is 8, for the local GW birthday painting completion in October. Bit of tidying up, highlights and a base and this will be pretty nice. Fan of the mist
  5. Slaves 1250 fun game list

    Looking forward to pics
  6. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Thanks for the input, will consider and revise the list
  7. Let's chat : Khorne!

    I must love red, but fancy making a 2k khorne daemon list to go along side my 2k mortal army. this is the black ravens host (the daemon prince in the list) The ravens champion: Wrath of khorne blood thirster, general, 330 Lord black raven, daemon prince, 160 The ravens beak, herald, 80 The ravenguard Bloodletters 30, 270 Bloodlettets30, 270 The pack fleshhouds 5, 100 fleshhounfs 5, 100 fleshhounds 5, 100 fleshhoundd 5, 100 Thetalons skull cannon, 160 skull cannon, 160 murderhost, 120, bonus move every round as 8 units total of 1950 if I added it right Obviously misses some key mortals, but I can always make a mixed list from the two armies, Any thoughts besides don't tell the wife ?
  8. The Painting Contract - September 2017

    Work is getting the way this month, built some blood warriors and started 2, built 2 spawn to be counts as khorgorath, painted 1 terminator and got two more on the go with armour done and onto highlights and detail work. Have got my 2k khorne list planned so at least I know my next purchases
  9. Let's chat : Khorne!

    I am keen to get these 5 reavers, I have 25 from the starter boxes so want to round it to 30 so this gives me a way to do it with out more starter minis. Shoeless Sam will be their chief
  10. Let's chat : Khorne!

    We came not to conquer but to steal your shoes
  11. Slaves - The Good, the bad, the ugly?

    I love my gorebeast chariot, it's a great kit with lots of useful spare bits and loads of potential. I have a plan to add an aspiring deathbringer as the guy on the back and maybe do one with juggernaughts pulling it. I also want to make a wrecked one as a piece of scenery/objective. The spare horses are good for conversions too, plus lots of heads and weapons and bits. I may well be buying the allies box once or twice. its also really good with a blood stoker - whip, charge, smash 👍
  12. Horde Meta

    It's probably not the best use of points but my son's old blood on carnosaur eats my reaver hordes for breakfast 😎 I do like skarr blood wrath, small footprint but big range on that special if he survives 😁
  13. Horde Meta

    Enjoyed the show while I did my hobby last night. will continue to listen for sure
  14. The Painting Contract - September 2017

    I need to change my pledge, still working on the blood angels but decided Kevin the khorgorath needs some friends - so Thing and It have joined my mortal Khorne dogs
  15. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Hmm chaos spawn as counts as khorgorath? Bit smaller but similar style. What say you Khorne dogs?