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  1. WiP Wednesdays

    Not very exciting WIP but it's Wednesday somewhere and I have started my skull crushers. Juggernauts built and primed, riders built. First colour and wash applied. These guys will take me to 2k with spare units and characters, so lots of options for lists.
  2. New player is a Khorne mortal amry viable?

    Gore pilgrims is a battalion in the blades of khorne book. It is a good one for mortal armies as it buffs up the blood specrator and slaughter priests. It's a fairly easy build to get too and effective. My list above uses gore pilgrims 👍 There are other battalions but this is tried and trusted one. Other exist but are either not as points effective or require models outside the core boxes. Slaves are a good addition as they can take a khorne mark. This opens up some fun synergies e.g. Marauder horse men or gore chariots both love khorne buffs. I sometimes run a gore chariot or two and plan on some marauder horsemen
  3. Game 5 new BoK army v Seraphons

    Hah I am new too, I get you logic for units of 5 handy to cover areas if you misplace 10. Thanks
  4. New player is a Khorne mortal amry viable?

    As mentioned above the list I am working towards is Mighty lord of Khorne (S) Lord in juggernaut (Sc, kit bash) Slaughter priest (Sc) Slaughter priest w hack blade (priest clam pack or Gc) Blood stoker (S) Blood secretor (S) 10 blood warriors (Sc) 10 blood warriors (S, Fg, E) 10 blood reavers (S) 3 khorgorath (S and 2 spawn count as) 5 skull reapers (Fg) 5 wrath mongers (Fg and E kit bash) Most of this comes from some core boxes. The letters in brackets above indicate where I got the bits from. S = Starter set Sc = Start collecting Fg = Frenzied goretribe E = Couple of easy to build warrior boxes Gc = gore-chosen plus some spawn to count as khorgorath
  5. New player is a Khorne mortal amry viable?

    Hello, in short yes a khorne mortal army is viable and very engaging to play. However it won't be as competitive as other armies - mainly as its nicely balanced with loads to delve into. It synergises really well with slaves and opens up loads of fun. The danger being it's easy to get confused and buy a bit of everything. I would suggest having a goal to work towards and stick to it e.g. Build a gore pilgrims list, before you do start get the opinions of others here as somebuilds are better than others. One thing I have found being a newbie too is there is a lot going on in a khorne army, lots of buffs and effects to track so I suggest start w small battles to learn abilities e.g. Path to glory, get tokens to track buffs and make a cheat sheet of what to do in each phase. I am at work now but can post my list later on if that would help, it's a 2k mortal list.
  6. AoS Wish For 2018

    In addition to some of the great ideas above, I think for 2018 seeing the current interest in AoS continue to grow at my local store in Bury would be great.
  7. Game 5 new BoK army v Seraphons

    How are you finding the small units of blood warriors? I usually run mine in groups of 10 which I like but also curious to hear about other options. Are you doing it for blood tithe and more champs? I also love em!
  8. Uverons Painting Blog.

    I am sure others have said, but excellent minis. The colour selection makes all of them look suitable for Khorne 👍
  9. The Rumour Thread

    If tilted 45 to left it looks a bit like the chains in the chaos chariot that the driver is using to control the horses. Maybe an aelven chariot - could be flying or land based. I prefer a flyer - aelven Cthulhu sky pirates
  10. Slaves to darkness tzeentch

    I am not a tzeentch player so can't give too much advise; however I have been up against them a couple of times. I would consider adding in some pink horrors, a nice big unit. Gives you board control, a big horde and a range attack. I do like the lord on manticore too, both flavours will offer you something plus it's another behemoth to scare your opponent. I can't work out points but if this is 2k then keep the lord of change, he is a bigger investment at lower points.
  11. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    Thanks, got the agrellan on after that photo and they are drying over night, quick wash then dry brush tonight and it will be finito 👍 Will be glad, great models but taken me all month Next challenge is to pick the next project - skull crushers w kit bashed lord or kit bashed wrath mongers from the left over parts...
  12. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    @Kramer I use retributor armour base, Agrax wash and then Gehenna to highlight on my khorne models. Comes out ok see pic In other news bar bases I am calling these skull reapers done, anything else this month is a bonus.
  13. Varnish?

    Really helpful discussion. Looks like another project to varnish my khorne army
  14. Varnish?

    Hello TGA painters. So this may be a newbie question but with the new varnish can coming I wanted to understand more about varnishing. I tried Dr Google but all the answers I could find were old and not overly clear. I am close to finishing my first army that I intend to use for gaming. All the minis are plastic and it has taken time and money. Should I be varnishing them? If so how e.g. Spray or brush, matte or gloss or both? I have read that varnish will dull the highlights, if so can I rehighlight and going forward highlight after varnish? Anything else?
  15. Let's chat : Khorne!

    I would be tempted to give your blood secrator brazen run for the magic protection and 1 of auto unbind. Useful if you need to move him which makes your priests a bit more flexible. Maybe drop the blade of endless bloodshed for it. I am fan of blood stoker. Both his buffs are potent and will get units into combat faster. Maybe drop a priest for him. In my battles so far the khorgorath have been excellent value. In my last battle two took out 2 morghasts and survived. I would consider rejigging to getsome in, I take 3.