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  1. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Going to continue my journey into Hammerhal, finish cogsmith and then the 5 blight kings and archimaine the gryph hound. Anything see is a bonus, but if I can then the reavers or 2 of the characters would be a nice addition.
  2. Can anyone explain Khorne Factions to me please?

    Blades of khorne is the latest battletome for all khorne, mortals and daemons including bloodbound. It replaces the bloodbound battletome.
  3. Can anyone explain Khorne Factions to me please?

    Welcome First the apps are a tool and should not be used to determine rules etc. Briefly you can mix and match units to build your army. The allegiance is selected by you but all the units must share a key word. So you are free to build a khorne army from khorne bloodbound, khorne daemons and other factions e.g. slaves to darkness, if you assign them the khorne key word. On top of that khorne can take allies from certain other armies that don't have a khorne key word but allow you to still be a khorne army - see the GHB 2017 for the list. In a 2000 point army you can take 400 points of non khorne allies. Garrreks reavers can be found on the gw website, they cost 60 points. However note they don't count as a blood reaver unit when determining battalion composition.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    Mighty lord of khorne's axe has a chance to give her a shock with a potential visit to Mr Khorne, if he reaches her and gets the 5. If it does not work the lord will most likely be doomed.
  5. WiP Wednesdays

    Golnir Coalbeard, cogsmith of Hammerhal. WIP and in game he is a beast!
  6. Help Khorne vs Tzeentch 2000 points

    Great write up, good to see the chicken worshippers getting what they deserve. I hereby designate this as a Khorne-approved thread
  7. The Painting Contract - February 2018

    It's a great kit, loved building and painting them. The scroll I did by filling the indents with the green then overbrushing. Now onto hammerhal heroes
  8. The Painting Contract - February 2018

    Part of my pledge done. May add some details to the bird and finish the bases. But for now these guys are ready to scare some heros under Hammerhal
  9. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    Skull 💀Those fools spreading discord. The lord Khorne shall protect us and we shall spread his word to all the realms.
  10. WiP Wednesdays

    Leader of my Hammerhal acolytes is done, tried some blending on the feathers.
  11. The Painting Contract - February 2018

    Work had been soooo busy, only just on to my pledge. Here is a wip shot of my last 5 remaining acolytes.
  12. Shadespire Undead Team

    I recognise those skeletons from other places on the interweb - welcome aboard!
  13. Unglorious Heroes

    So so many options in my khorne army. The daemon prince who got swamped by skinks and then vaporuized by a bastiladon. My mighty lord who led his army to victory in a path to glory campaign but was rewarded by being turned into a spawn! The exalted Deathbringer with impaling spear who has failed to get into combat more times than I care to remember. Herald of khorne who seems incapable of making even the shortest charge. My new squad of skull reapers who unadvisedly charged 40 zombies, killed about half of them before being overwhelmed and zombified themselves. I honestly don't know why my reavers and blood warriors follow this bunch of numpties. Many khorne likes the lols. Not AoS, but squad Lorenzo in spacehulk. They regularly volunteer for deadly missions but end being food for the genestealers while failing to get a single objective.
  14. The Painting Contract - February 2018

    I am continuing my foray into Hammerhal. I hope to get the following done 5 Karic acolytes to finish the acolyte unit Elven loremaster 5 blight kings Lord castellant Build the other heroes play first mission or 2 (I can use my existing reavers if needed) It is going to be tough as work is busy this month.