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  1. Seems like a lot of jumping to conclusions here. Waiting for more details/the actual book would make sense. Maybe GW is going in a new direction and this will essentially be 7 battletomes in 1? Maybe not. But literally everything about this book is currently speculation.
  2. Other than BoC for the most part, has this ever happened before?
  3. So in line with my previous post, thinking about possible endless spells. A Great Maw - feel like this is obvious. Offensive MW spell, maybe has the possibility to keep eating like the butcher spell. A primal beast of some sort - bridge the gap between BCR and ogors, assuming combined book. An Everwinter storm of some sort. Enemy debuff or defensive friendly buff. -1 to hit vs shooting? Impose a -1 to hit when near enemies? A fire spell to give Firebellies something to do. If Spiderfang got their own, this isn’t too crazy. All pure speculation of course! Now I’m hoping they’ll do a full Ogor revamp like Gloomspite with some new models! Firebelly battleline??
  4. Note that it did say a “full 7 allegiance abilities” so it at least appears they’re trying to keep the individual factions playable on their own. I highly doubt the units they’re talking about relegating to Legends will be staples like Warriors and Thunderers. With the FAQ increase to Warrior points, hopefully they’re here to stay AND getting better.
  5. Same sculpts just repacked to have 40mm round bases.
  6. Who knows, definitely possible. I haven’t kept up a ton with lore lately. Is the Pack of Bones something we’ve heard about before, or new today? My guess is it’s new and is going to be how they frame expanded Ogor fluff and bring the two factions together.
  7. Agreed. They sort of did this with Gloomspite, giving the moon a different effect on different keywords. But fully fleshed out, totally separate allegiance abilities for each faction plus an over arching one sounds interesting. The issue will be making all 3 (in Orruks or presumably Mawtribes) equally appealing from both a rules and fluff standpoint. They did a decent job of this in Gloomspite, but let’s face it...playing all Trolls or all Spiderfang just isn’t that great. Granted, Gloomspite in general isn’t top of the line in the current meta. Regarding the “wandering, barbaric, warrior-king” line, this is more evidence to me that they’re combing all Ogors. Makes sense to tie both major Ogor factions together by playing up the “we’re just savage nomads just looking to consume some bones” aspect of both types. Pumped for this release, really hoping for an Ogors vs. X combined box like Looncurse that’ll include the new Tyrant. Lastly, assuming an Ogor release brings endless spells, can we envision a scenario in which one of them is NOT a ravening Great Maw?? I don’t think so. Too obvious and cool.
  8. Anything is possible now. I’m guessing it’s likely. Mawtribes could be the battletome name like Orruk Tribes or Cities of Sigmar...and you could choose to play Gutbusters only, BCR only, or mix and match. Makes sense from a time standpoint. They want to get as many armies a 2.0 book as fast as possible, as seen with combining IJ and Bonesplitters or combining a bunch of sub-factions with Cities. But who knows. Orruk Tribes is combining 2 factions that had 1.0 battletomes. Cities looks to be combining strictly factions that have never had a tome. So, no precedent really to go on.
  9. Hordes of small bases aren’t uncommon. Decimators might not be so bad at carving up the likes of rats and such.
  10. Good points, definitely not what I expected in GHB, so anything is probably possible now.
  11. I’m hoping this is evidence that they’ll be releasing a combined BCR/Ogors book this year. Rationale being they plan to leave BCR rules mostly unchanged but did some things go help them via points, while they left Ogor points the same and plan to change up some rules a bit to make them more worth their points. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself!
  12. I airbrush Tamiya Clear Red (acrylic) over VMC Gold. Looks great. Give it a really light wash with Nuln Oil, but you could also shade more carefully into recesses.
  13. I've only used Troggs of either variety once but they both seem fine. I'm partial to Fellwater for looks and for -1 to hit. MMM is definitely a nice Endless Spell. Scuttletide is also widely regarded as a quality Endless (maybe our best).
  14. They could definitely combine BCR and Ogors into one large faction with few models needed (well, by needed I mean technically. There are some ogors that could use a redo but not that bad). I’d be very happy to see this happen like Gloomspite where it’s totally viable to play any of the sub-factions alone, or a mixed force.
  15. Any word on how many releases will be “big” (ie. new models/faction expansion) and how many will be “small” (ie. book and endless spells)?
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