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  1. Hordes of small bases aren’t uncommon. Decimators might not be so bad at carving up the likes of rats and such.
  2. Good points, definitely not what I expected in GHB, so anything is probably possible now.
  3. I’m hoping this is evidence that they’ll be releasing a combined BCR/Ogors book this year. Rationale being they plan to leave BCR rules mostly unchanged but did some things go help them via points, while they left Ogor points the same and plan to change up some rules a bit to make them more worth their points. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself!
  4. I airbrush Tamiya Clear Red (acrylic) over VMC Gold. Looks great. Give it a really light wash with Nuln Oil, but you could also shade more carefully into recesses.
  5. I've only used Troggs of either variety once but they both seem fine. I'm partial to Fellwater for looks and for -1 to hit. MMM is definitely a nice Endless Spell. Scuttletide is also widely regarded as a quality Endless (maybe our best).
  6. They could definitely combine BCR and Ogors into one large faction with few models needed (well, by needed I mean technically. There are some ogors that could use a redo but not that bad). I’d be very happy to see this happen like Gloomspite where it’s totally viable to play any of the sub-factions alone, or a mixed force.
  7. Any word on how many releases will be “big” (ie. new models/faction expansion) and how many will be “small” (ie. book and endless spells)?
  8. Haven’t been keeping up with rumors. Is it confirmed that there’s still ANOTHER destruction book coming in 2019? Or was Gloomspite the one?
  9. I'd really like to see Squig Herds gain a max size discount. Something like 70/240 would be nice. It's not going to break them but it could give you some room for an extra support character or unit, or an endless spell. I don't think a point change alone will do it for Gobbapalooza. Unless they're changed more substantially, you're just going to be paying a tax to get 2 or 3 (I think the Spiker is borderline and very army-build dependent) decent characters and 2 that are basically a waste (Brewgit and Scaremonger). If they allowed them to be taken individually tho, 2 would just not see much play and GW doesn't want that. They're also unlikely to change Warscrolls dramatically in GHB, so I'm not holding out hope that the Gobbapalooza will change enough to be competitive. Fieldable in a friendly game sure, but not otherwise. It might be extreme, but I think the wizards from Gobbapalooza should be allowed a lore spell, and I wish the other 3 had a table of 3-6 "Know-wotz" abilities that they could pick from (like prayers) but still only be allowed 1 per hero phase. A big miss in the book if you ask me. Prayers are cool and characterful, and they seem to have just thrown Gloomspite a half-baked version, most of which are just plain meh in practice. I have little hope that they'd do this, but I'd take them at their current cost if this happened.
  10. Hi all, Looking to part with my Stormcast. Varying stages of built, however not much paint on any of these. See pics, but most is bare or primed if assembled. The Stormcast lot: Vandus Hammerhand (Dracothian lord) Castelant Lord-Celestant Heraldor Lord Relictor Gavriel Sureheart 4 Knight Incantor Lord Arcanum on Gryph 2-4 Vanguard Palladors (not pictured), can’t remember but know I have some, NoS 15 Vanguard Hunters (might have 5 more) 3 Vanguard Raptors (longstrike) 3 Ballistae (might have a 4th on sprue?) 10 Crossbow Judicators ~20 Liberators, 11 built, rest just need assembly (in the reddish box in pics) 10 Evocators 40 Sequitors (mix of weapons) 5 Retributors (two need built/finished) 2 Dracoth Cavalry (NiB, not pictured) 6 Castigators (Also think I have an Aquilor and Prosecutors on sprue. Not factored into price but if I find them I'll include them.) Retail is around $1225. Going to start with an asking price of $500. Feel free to negotiate. Pretty motivated to sell. Located US but would be willing to ship elsewhere if you're willing to cover shipped. Pics of everything I had handy - https://polishlightning.weebly.com/polish-lightning/knights-and-stormcast Wants: I’m mainly looking to sell, but I would trade for some 30k stuff (Thousand Sons and Imperial Fists). I need some mkIII and mkIV despoiler marines, they're a top priority in trades. I'll also consider a mixed cash/trade scenario. PM me here or email parksd70@gmail.com.
  11. I do for Stabbas/Shootas. 3D printed my own in 5 man sets, so instead of moving 60 grots I'm moving 12 trays. A little bit of a pain to negotiate rough terrain, but not a huge issue. Almost always removing casualties from the rear, and once a try is empty I can just remove it.
  12. I have probably 200 grots still unpainted. I’m really thinking this might be the way to go. Spray, use the darker green for skin, black for cloth, brown for spear hafts and shields, really any color for shield moons but probably yellow, then pick out remaining detail in normal fashion.
  13. Yep. Both will work, however if they're the old multipart kits, the scale is a bit off. Mixed in it shouldn't be a huge deal. I'm partial to running Stabbas with, well, stabbas (swords)....but I know a lot of people advocate big 60 gobbo blocks of spears. With the prevalence of -1 to hit effects, making spears hit on 6+, I'd rather take my chance with less stabba attacks. I've never found in the games I've played that an extra rank of attacks is that necessary. I think the math on it is pretty negligible, barring any specific buffs.
  14. FPC

    Magma Dragon

    Ah yea. Their quite potent at magic. Just still seems like a lot to get 13 MW.
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