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  1. Yes. True line of sight. Even if the line blocking was entirely in base-to-base contact, as long as you can see part of the model you can shoot it.
  2. Post Thu Feb 27, 2020 2:07 am Hey TGA. Really hate to do this, but got slapped with a big IRS bill. The Ogors are my least played, so they’re on the chopping block. Only looking to sell right now. US only unless buyer pays shipping. The army is built, mostly on correct round bases but a couple models are on squares. Not many are painted, some are primed. Butcher Firebelly Tyrant Slaughtermaster Frostlord on SH Huskard on TT 21 Ironguts 35 Gluttons 20 Leadbelchers 2 Ironblaster (one in mediocre shape with no oval base) 8 Mournfang Cavalry 6 Maneaters (“counts as” ... they’re all kitbashes from various kits, priced as Ironguts) Ogor Warscroll Cards Total retail is about $1150. Hoping to get $600 but I am motivated to move the lot so feel free to offer up! Pics available on request. PM or email parksd70@gmail
  3. However, my other main reason for thinking it only works with 1 hero is lack of precedent otherwise. But, I’m hesitant here because I only know the full scope of rules for a few armies. Is there ANY other CA that works in the way the OP hopes? I’m not saying that’s a sure fire reason it shouldn’t, but I still just doubt GW intended it this way.
  4. At least the CA is very solid in Bloodgullet.
  5. Average damage from 700 points of Gluttons should be much higher than 3....assuming all of them get to strike. Not by a lot, but 3 damage is lower than what should be average. Did one of you roll really poorly/well? There are plenty of targets that Gluttons thrive. They’re widely regarded as a great battleline for good reason.
  6. Tough call. It says "...wholly within 18" of a friendly freeguild hero..." however normally to exclude multiple instances of an ability in AoS, effects usually say something like "...within X" of any units/heroes/etc. with this ability." To me, "a" is singular so it only means 1 general, and that's probably the spirit of the rule. I can't think of any other command ability that works in the way that you're suggesting. Though, RAW, I can see your case. I just wouldn't assume this is correct and check with opponents and TO's. No matter what, a max of 3 units can benefit, you can just spread out more if your interpretation is right. This would be an easy FAQ, change the wording to "pick up to 3 friendly Freeguild units wholly within 18" of the same Freeguild hero with this ability..." or something more focused on the hero like "choose one friendly Freeguild hero with this command ability and then choose up to 3 friendly Freeguild units wholly within 18" of that hero..." Or, they could simply change "...of a friendly..." in the ability to "...of one friendly..." Wouldn't count on an FAQ of it though. In my mind it would take something more than the vague a/one difference to convince me that this is intentionally meant to apply to multiple heroes at the same time. Mostly just because there's really no precedent for it.
  7. Honored Retinue on a valuable unit like Greatswords probably isn't the best idea. Feels maybe a little lite on bodies? What does the Arcanum on Gryph offer? I don't play SCE anymore, but I don't remember him being that useful other than for bringing Sequitor battlelines.
  8. Ok that makes more sense. Gluttons definitely would have given you more trouble. I’ve played a few games with them and they’re awesome.
  9. I wouldn't be too impressed with these results. Not sure how, but your opponent was 280 points below 2000 in the first game, and 120 points short in the second game (assuming those are actually 6 in each Maneater unit. If not, they were even shorter on pts). I can't imagine they were just going for extra CPs. Are you sure those lists are accurate? Sounds like they took Maneaters in 4s in the second game, but they're bought in multiples of 3.
  10. Not at all uncommon I'm afraid. They include a different set of instructions with the boxed sets based on what it's supposed to make (read: what is depicted on the box). I don't know if this is universal. Can't recall if the Feast of Bones instructions has the Gnoblar launcher instructions in it. Honestly tho, if you're ever lacking instructions, just email GW. They're fairly easy to acquire. There is also a reddit page that posts many.
  11. Right, missed the monster only part. I would probably say loading so much into making Mournfangs as fast as possible is also a trap. It won’t necessarily be the best idea to speed them up and just charge head long into enemy lines (as you’ve said). I was just suggesting before that their additional move over Ironguts is nice, and in a pinch you can get them up to higher speeds. Totally agree that if you’re going to run any number of big beasties, Boulderhead is ideal.
  12. Only 2 games with Ogors so far but I’ve loved Mournfang. A few things not mentioned that I like about them compared to Ironguts: -Built in Ironfist. Mournfang are going to be in the thick of things, and reflecting the occasional mortal is nice. -+1 to charge. Not huge but when you fail an Irongut charge by an inch it’ll feel huge. -Extra speed. 6” vs. 9” might not seem huge but I think it is. In Boulderhead near the general Mournfang are moving 12” when hungry (its +2”, not 3). Plus if you really want to pile on, 3” from keening gale if you’re lucky. -Buffs available to Mournfang and effect of various buffs. Some great stuff out there for them. Attacks from blood feast for both weapons (I know Ironguts have the bite but that’s only doing 1 damage), Huskard to-wound buff (somewhat helping with the 4+ to hit of the tusks), extra damage from HoSH, Keening Gale. -Footprint. Mournfang are better at board control, tho this can make them a bit unwieldy.
  13. I have a bunch on the way. I haven´t used them yet tho. In theory they sound good. A nice 3+ save that become 2+ in round 1 (go first, run forward, make your opponent cut through 30 wounds of 2+ saves). Their attack profile is only ok, but with 2 separate buffs available that add attacks it wouldn´t be hard to have each one dishing out 4 3+/4+/-/1 attacks. Throw in a Runelord and you can get a little rend. Stick 10+ Longbeards nearby and grumble for reroll 1s to wound. Things can quickly add up. CoS is already big on synergy. A nice wall of these could still put out some good damage and let your other units (counter-charging Hammerers, Great Weapon Longbeards, Irondrake) get into position. Now, my strategy above falls to pieces if you don´t go first, and probably isn´t exactly super competitive.
  14. Fair points, especially about Johnson. I only know of him because of 40k. In my experience there are even some things that when I was young (started playing Warhammer in at age 10) I learned about first in Warhammer. I distinctly remember my 7th grade English teacher introducing the word ¨Chaos¨ to our class. I could not understand how my classmates did´t already know what that meant! It wasn´t til much later that I realized I had known only because of being exposed to Chaos in WHFB and 40k.
  15. Ok I skipped a few pages so I'm not sure he's been brought up but...um... Lion El'Johnson, Primarch of the Dark Angels? Drawn from late 19th century poet Lionel Johnson, who wrote the poem "Dark Angel." That always struck me as a phone-in but at the same time, there's so much of this even in old WHFB. Luthor Huss, warrior priest obviously named for Martin Luther and Jan Huss? There were so many that it almost become part of the novelty of it all. I personally don't have much of a problem with the naming.
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