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  1. Hi i find this list on honest wargamer what do you thing? How its worka? This list can be meta counter ? Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: Flayed (Host of Chaos) Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut (160) - General- Command Trait: Vessel of Butchery- Artefact: The Slaughterhelm Slaughterpriest (100) - Artefact: The Brazen Rune- Blood Blessing: Blood Sacrifice Skarr Bloodwrath (100) Bloodstoker (80) 9 x Mighty Skullcrushers (480) - Ensorcelled Axes 9 x Mighty Skullcrushers (480) - Bloodglaives 3 x Mighty Skullcrushers (160) - Bloodglaives 1 x Riptooth (40) 3 x Magore's Fiends (80) 9 x Untamed Beasts (70) 9 x Untamed Beasts (70) Brass Stampede (140) Bleeding Icon (40) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 155
  2. Hi i need advice with 1250 list on my ecalation league(i loved skullcrushers) this is my proposition Allegiance: Khorne - Mortal Realm: Ghur - Slaughterhost: The Goretide LEADERS Bloodsecrator (120) - General - Command Trait: Hew the Foe - Artefact: Thronebreaker's Torc Bloodstoker (80) Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh UNITS 6 x Mighty Skullcrushers (320) - Bloodglaives 6 x Mighty Skullcrushers (320) - Bloodglaives 20 x Bloodreavers (140) - Meatripper Axes 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Meatripper Axes TOTAL: 1250/2000 WOUNDS: 112 LEADERS: 4/6 BATTLELINES: 4 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 0/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ENDLESS SPELLS: 0/3 ALLIES: 0/400
  3. hey i start with the FEC i need help from the 1500 list schedule i'm totally noob i thought about something like that
  4. hi i would like to start with this army i really like the models question can this army play with any army? play tournament? or is it a shelf army?
  5. hey i need your opinion which list better for the tournament 1000 points:
  6. Hi can you help me with 1k list? With mortals ? My minis: 20xbloodreavers,10,bloodwarriors,2xpriest,bloodstoker, bloodsecrator,daemonprince,12xskullcrushers,
  7. Hi guys before i Play w40k i have big orks army but my community moved to AoS so i do it too i pick orruk warclans are models are great but i hate maw crusha tell me this army can by strong with mega Boss on foot ? Spam górę grunda and ardboyz ? Brutes ? Without maw crusha?
  8. Hi i need advice with my tournament list 1250 points
  9. Hello I have a question, is there an equivalent of Tyranids in AoS? which army is most similar?
  10. Hi i need advice i with is the best mortal hammer unit? Im still learning about this army and skullcrushers spam is not good way i need some dmg what is the best khorne mortal hammer unit ? Skullreapers? Maybe marauders?
  11. Hi i need advice i Play only khorne mortals i need strong mortal general on my goretide list i have lord on Juggernaut but its soo meeeeh
  12. I whant massed Line charging with their lances swords and brake enemy lines
  13. This sound amazing i thing the obr work only with mortek spam i try to make list thanks so much
  14. Hi i need your advice i whant Play pure Cavalary Army i hate IDK so i search some diffrent i have brass stampede but i whant to try some more competetive
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