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  1. I'm excited. I don't have much of my fantasy stuff left but will be interested to see what they do with this
  2. You are right Michu Hmm. I am sure I have made scenery out of similar bits from banners. Failing memory! Will need to check when I get in
  3. I think the High Elf plastic archers standard bearer had a mrtal tip like that. I can't google at the mo but that is what my memory thinks!
  4. Could the Oldhiem Ogres be a made to order metal set?
  5. Firestorm games seem to be taking orders for them. They were listed as preorder until 29th July and now available to order. I think Overread listed the old Empire stuff in another thread? Not sure it makes it any easier to understand what is going on but there you go
  6. Thinking about it, maybe Gaz is right about timing. Maybe it was an easy box to spot?, that's why 4 different people bought me one!
  7. The army book link is probably true but I imagine it sold well. Darksphere seems to have them on back order quite often. I sold a few halves, generous presents, and they sold easily and quickly.
  8. I love the named Keeper. Will be getting one of everything, maybe 3 keepers. Will admit, sad no mortals. Even sadder is the fact we won't even have rules so we can convert our own. Just StD stuff Ah well. Need to think of pure daemon fluff for now
  9. I need to paint 2 kits a month to have all the Gloomspite kits we want done by December. So this month Zarbag's gits Mangler squig Then Finish fungoid 4 very small mushroom scenery bits Stretch 4 40k crates 15 snotlings that have been undercoated for over a year Some brimstone horrors
  10. Well I managed to finish 10 squig hoppers The 4 Gloomspite spells The loonshrine Loonboss on squig Mollog's mob. Some movement trays- 7 I think Pretty pleased overall. Started the fungoid but not very far with him. I got a bit stuck with the loonshrine and I couldn't face it for a week or so. Didn't manage any of the stretch I set but the deadline was good. Helped with finishing Mollog last Sunday night as otherwise I may have put it off. Will put some pics up when I get back from site
  11. Gah! I just can't place the reference for the mirror thing. Is it a reimagined movie logo? I love it either way
  12. Yeah, probably wasn't explained all that well. The aim is to finish the pledge and see how much of thr stretch I can achieve-- I have a few days off do hopefully quite a bit of the stretch. Those are the goals. I was hoping this thread would help me keep going. I enjoy reading people's journeys. But my thinking since just before Christmas has been to try not let certain models stop me painting. So if I hit a wall with something rather than worry and slow down I will move some of the stretch or just random mini's to the front if the que instead. Working so far but early days. I am not looking for accountability though. Happy to drop out if I have misunderstood
  13. I have always been wary of pledging like this as I always struggle but I have managed to get loads done in Jan and Feb so will try and keep that up. Mostly working on my GFs Gloomspite army but also some of her creatures and my old Necromunda stuff. Going to restart my Tzeentch Daemons too. Pledge- Finish 10 old metal squig hoppers Build and paint Loon boss on squig Build and paint Gloomspite shrine and spells Paint 3 metal flamers Stretch- Mollog's mob Burning chariot Build my conversion Daemon Prince Finish the last 6 NCE Necromunda miniatures Won't get it all done but hoping the mix of flexibility and structure will help? Need to figure out images now too
  14. The new moonhead on the old- I always think of him as Khorne- champion looks brilliant. I love the old guys on new discs too. I might have to try that
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