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OscarLars Painting Stuff - Ossiarch Bonereaper Update!

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Welcome to my Painting Log!

This log contains a lot of old pics as well as new. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if you have any.

I work as a full time commission artist. If you're interested in any work done by me, do not hesitate to let me know and ask for pricing on your idea.




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The horde is coming, @Soulsmith!

But first; some more mixbreeds.

Another 6 Ledbelcher Nobz including a bellower added. I haven't decided how I want to distinguish the leaders.



A Stonehorn conversion on its way. This one is taking a long time for me to do. I'm usually considering myself a fast painter but this one is getting a lot of TLC. :x


This is the shaman that "may" have been naughty with some chaos magic here.



Finally posting my scratch built Rock Lobber with Orruk Crew. Two more are on the way but I need another 10 boyz to be able to have enough crew for them so it may be a while. BIG THANKS to @NoobhammerN8 for the 40k ork shoota arms I used to put this idea on the table!



Don't forget to check out my Terrain log too. Biggest project I have ever taken on happening there.

Thanks for looking! :)

Waaagh! out.


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18 minutes ago, Ademo said:

Good job, like the mixed greens, makes them more individual, do you paing in batches by skin tone?

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Thanks! :)

I don't I paint them by the unit to make sure I have somewhat an equal number of forest green and Warboss green and some stray darker ones and off greens.

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2 hours ago, Carnelian said:

Yes exactly! Haha didn't see these. I don't have any orruks or ogors at the moment, do you think any orruk heads would suffice for the frost lord?

The regular orruk heads are way too small. I used The 40k meganobz heads (you get like 7 from ebay for a descent price). Then I also ordered some jaw guards to make the illusion of a bigger head. That balances out the size compared to the body.

One problem tho is that the anatomy of the orruk are different from the ogors. Which makes it not really add up. But I just didn't care too much about that but rather think it looks even more unnatural and chaoslike to have the anatomy change slightly.

Either way I would recommend getting a few of those heads. :)

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6 minutes ago, Carnelian said:

I second that, it looks frokkin fantastic!


54 minutes ago, Ademo said:

Immense! That has almost persuaded me to pick up a stonehorn for my ogors. Reallu nice subtle natural colours - any chance of sharing your method?

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Thanks guys, really appreciate the excitement.

I have to think a little bit about how and where I placed the colors. Off the top of my head I would say:


Base: Rhinox Hide

Drybrush wash: Steel legion Drab, Agrax earthshade.

Moving up towards the top: layers of Doombull brown, Skrag brown, skragbrown/screaming skull, reikland flesh shade.

Moving down towards the bottom: Baneblade brown, Karak Stone, Palid Whych flesh, Administratum Grey.

Top furr: Black foundation, -eshin grey, dawnstone, administraum grey (all subtle drybrushes).

Face and skin marks: Skrag brown, and fleshtone mixes. dragging the brush inwards to make lines and create the illusion of texture around the mouth.

Tongue: Pink horror, Emperors childre, my own pink mixes with a expensive cadmium red mixed with titatium white to get a super poppy pink. white highlights.

I hope that helps. Basically its just really working in the colors and working with thin washes and glazes.


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34 minutes ago, Soulsmith said:

Hey there, your work is awesome. I'm definitely going to give the brown a go on my boars, with a black spine of fur instead. Also the black horns are great, I may try it on my savage orruks stone weapons.

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You should do that and post pictures of how it turns out.

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