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  1. Just had a discussion with gaming group, is it clear that summoned units can use the grand court rules? They argue that the grand court rules are added after building the army but before you summon units. I think they should because it says in the summon unit text that they are added to the army, but there is some disagreement.
  2. I think they might just be trolling everyone who was calling for those two rules to be nerfed. I mean, my gaming group is already considering banning Gristlegore in tournaments we host. Apparently attacking twice with two GKoT’s before anyone else is just going too far. Our local Nagash players have already gone out and cleaned out all of the Start Collecting boxes from the FLGS. Lol.
  3. In my experience, the hexwraiths have a tendency to make that big charge, but then be too far away for buffs or deathless saves. That's been the army's main weakness. Much of the power comes from buff synergy bubbles, so splitting up gets things killed. Haven't tried it with everything mounted though. That might work if you can keep the characters close. Plus I didn't have enough hexwraiths to do units of ten. They're much better at that size.
  4. I've always used the more liberal meaning for both these situations. For the first one, the rule is corresponding to the keywords, so in this case, the king on dragon and king on terrorgheist both have the keyword "abhorrent ghoul king." As for the second one, I've always set them up one at a time from different table edges, no one has ever challenged it.
  5. I did hear an example of someone running the "Mooclan" list (huge squads of grots shielding two or more thundertusk) where they selected the champion of the 60 man grot unit as the general so that they always had immune to battleshock. That might be an example of abuse, but maybe specify that a general has to have more than three wounds? Just a thought.
  6. It needs some work. My ironjawz list printed with one unit of ardboyz listed as having 14 bosses! It looks like it jumbles the numerical selections and battle traits every time you swap to a different app.
  7. Hold your finger on the warscroll you want to delete, brings up a menu that lets you delete, duplicate, add to my battle or go to the unit's page on the webstore.
  8. Good morning fellow megabosses. Bit of a rough Saturday for the Verdant Horde. I was meant to play against Sylvaneth, but ended up against Bloodbound. I had heard that the spiky gits posed a problem for us, so I had some trepidation going in. My list was 2 megabosses, a warchanter, a weirdnob, 6 pigs, 10 brutes, a 20 man ardboyz unit and two tens. We rolled up gift from the heavens and I got my stuff down first due to the ironfist formation. I let my Khornate opponent have first turn, and he predictably didn't budge. He had his army in a kind of meat grinder set up, a line of blood warriors sa
  9. Thanks guys. Tonight's work was building my second set of pigs. I used the brute box to make sure they were all unique and in a fit of OCD made sure that all the optional parts are on different pigs in the second set. Still need to glue on the spare bits for their trophies, but I can't spray them in the rain so it doesn't matter. Planning to get a 2k game in on Saturday vs sylvaneth, so getting them built and on bases was more important.
  10. My ironjawz are starting to come together. I'm enjoying adding all sorts of teef marks for their armor, and I like the yellow shoulder pads for the brutes. Need to highlight and add metallic scrapes along the edges.
  11. Well you only have one legal battleline unit there. Can't break allegiance and still have ardboyz or thundertusks count. It has to just say "battleline" not "ironjawz battleline" or "BCR Battleline."
  12. They both look great, I just think the shaman looks surprised. Maybe foot went off for once?
  13. Are those supposed to be from the realm of death? Cause they look awesome. Good work!
  14. That's a scary thought. But I think I will behave myself, I'll really need mystic shield with my seeming inability to roll 4+ saves.
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