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  1. It really isn't though. Checking Battletome:Orruk Warclans it seems they've named the Yellow and Black minis as "Ironsunz" but originally Gordrakk's yellow and black clan did not have a name. The Ironsunz were/are predominantly yellow with red accents and red spikes/triangles on their armour. This is best seen in the original Ironjawz Battletome on page 33-34. Some Brutes have a small amount of black on the armour but it's mainly yellow and red. (Not sure if it's ok to post a photo of this) Also the painting tutorial for the Maw-Krusha shows off the scheme and specifically calls it out as Ironsunz. https://youtu.be/qollOdPJ8Oc
  2. Got the latest White Dwarf. It's great to have a Tome Celestial for the Ironsunz but it is kind of weird the painting tutorial is for the yellow and black scheme Gordrakk is painted in rather than the yellow and red I'd normally associated with the Ironsunz themselves. The only red used in either the Classic or Contrast method is for the eyes which is downright bizarre.
  3. Oh nice one thanks for that. Never even occurred to me to check that OST.
  4. This is pretty cool but I was hoping we might also get a roundup of the music used in the Warhammer Community videos. I've always wondered what the source for the music in the Kharadron Overlords announcement video (mainly so I can get more of that). It doesn't seem to be the same musician they used for the Necromunda videos and I can't seem to identify it with any of the music identifying software I've tried. From an AoS perspective, any idea if the AoS Champions music would be worthy of inclusion on this?
  5. Gordrakk got himself the skull of a godbeast and is building a ram to batter down the gates of Azyr and torch Sigmar's realm until the Hammer God comes and fights him himself. Warhammer Community article with the short story. Not sure if he has tested his new ram yet but there is a reference to fighting in Azyr in the Celestial Hurricanum warscroll so maybe Destruction will beat Death and Chaos to be the first to bring the fight to Azyr. There are probably a few more bits and pieces in the Mawtribes, Warclans battletomes but I can't recall them off the top of my head. I do think Destruction will always tend to be that spanner in the works faction. Generals across the realms going "This war is going well, but I'm sure we're forgetting something..." before a tide of green pours out of a nearby realmgate at an inopportune moment.
  6. This is so damn good. I fear I may spend an inordinate amount of money trying to recreate it.
  7. No because the Ancestral Pick-Axe has you remove the model and set it back up which Avatar of Grimnir prevents.
  8. I kind of like them, though this particular Stormcast looks like a Deadite from Evil Dead: I'm sure it's just the angle/lack of a paint job, but all I can think of now is "SWALLOW YOUR SOUL! SWALLOW YOUR SOUL!!"
  9. I believe this is one of those times where it is appropriate to declare something an "absolute unit".
  10. I really like that combo of Kurdoss Valentian and a model with The Aetherquartz Brooch. 5+ on the enemy hero phase to steal your opponent's Command Point using Kurdoss and a 5+ on spending a CP to recover it from the Brooch. Don't know how much it featured during the games, but on paper that looks like a great way to nearly always have CP available to you.
  11. Don't have the battletome handy but I remember reading that at some point after her death, she did assume rulership of the same region she ruled while living and it was partly this achievement that prompted Nagash to make her his Mortarch. (Which occurred post necroquake.) She was a powerful Nighthaunt prior to being made a Mortarch, and was cursed to feel all the grief of the realms, but wasn't imbued with a portion of Nagash's power. (I may be entirely wrong about the above, this is half remembered from my first read through of the battletome)
  12. If I ever wanted more Hexwraiths I'd certainly consider it. Those miniatures are a complete pig to put together. Around the third one I started thinking if I could contrive a reason for them to not have any arms...
  13. I don't know, the thought of Khorne struggling to design and build a Wile E Coyote style contraption that would cut his own head off, strip the flesh and position it in a place of honour brings a smile to my face. Sure I'd like to see more reveals on upcoming models, rules etc but it does seem GW are keeping their powder dry for the AoS Open Day on the 30th. If we just get some fluff pieces between then and now, it'll suck a bit but will be quickly forgotten.
  14. Well you can do so right now, Number 8 will surprise you!
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