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  1. I agree, but then it's still moving models, especially if you play games, and so looks a bit strange. And aye, I get your point, scenic bases for heroes I like, if only find a bit weird, but then they are much more specific models and what they represent. Anyway, I don't say it's wrong, just that I personally prefer immobile objects to be used for the terrain and something more animate for units.
  2. Well, a good fluff will not be in vain. But then I agree that new miniatures are the essence of the hobby
  3. He is of the opposite opinion which I don't agree with. I think the introductory book is "Getting started", not the "Mighty Battles", and so we already have it.
  4. True. In WHFB it worked but here - not so much. And anyway, my problem with it was always the logic - if it's a movable object or some creature, great, but if it's something immobile, it's strange, like crystals, mushrooms, statues... do they move with the unit too? too weird for my tastes.
  5. that's not true. Quite the opposite, in fact. Also because "Mighty battles" is much more about the plot and RW than the setting itself in comparison to the "Getting started" which is about everything in details and does what it is made for.
  6. I am afraid you are lost in time, because "Mighty battles" is not the introductory book. We have "Getting started with the Age of Sigmar" since forever, and it's an awesome book. Way better than 40k combined. Sorry, your info is obsolete.
  7. An old GW problem. Those zombies are awful. And it's not mentioning even the absence of plastic vampires... it's not the same league, it's the level of those guys casting things in resin in their garages. Sorry.
  8. As expected. Anyway, they are just a bunch of garage freaks, so it matters not. All the real "serious" guys don't allow other than their miniatures as well. As they should. Some go away, some go in. You will end up nowhere trying to please a few freaks.
  9. Which is really funny, but not that bad. Maybe even a bit of fluff in a new direction.
  10. What is even funnier, all the other companies like PP, Corvus belly and so on have the same exact policy. What a surprise.
  11. Seconding on that. And especially new starter set, although it's not a complete starter we are so used to. After all, the idea of editions must retire.
  12. https://ultraterrain.ru/products/category/7745
  13. If we are going down this route then why not introduce the Universal Special Rules? Like back in the day, you know.
  14. Actually, no, please. No old ways and certainly no old 300+ books, of which more than 100 were just rules.
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