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  1. I think this is fair, although until you get 'Start Collecting Legion of Azgorh', there is going to be a premium. An issue with me for Forgeworld is simply that resin is harder to work with. The detail of the models is great, I especially love the Legion's beards, but you do have to work it quite a lot. Compare this to the modern GW Prime plastics which are almost cut-out-and-play levels of complexity and there's a major time consideration here. One thing I have noticed is that the Legion are actually one of more fully 'stocked' armies out there. When compared to the Fyreslayers or Ironjawz, the Legion have a reasonable number of choices. Mostly though, they're lacking in hero choices, which is something that could be easily improved without the sort of costs of putting the Fimir together.
  2. So, what is it with all the people on stilts in Warcry? I would guess they want a variety of scale, but is there some sort of Chaos fashion for this?
  3. I'd like to see non-Freeguild, non-Bretonnian humans. I'd like an elite army where I could paint up a variety of liveries. I'd like Fyreslayers to be expanded, so I wouldn't need to field 50 identical naked duardin.
  4. Possibly just weight of traffic then. Thanks for letting me know. Thanks EMMachine, but I referring to the Core book with the background not the rules themselves.
  5. Hopefully this is a quick and easy question, but has anyone tried to download the Core book from Warhammer Digital? I keep getting 404 errors.
  6. Has anyone had a good look at the statue that the Grimhailer is jumping over? It would make a great Wight King and the whole aesthetic would be a very AoS style update for Wights.
  7. Oooo, how about the revival of halflings? Terrorbird riders who just get everywhere being ridiculously stealthy for giant squawking cavalry.
  8. Is this necessarily an Aelf-wide thing, or is it rather part of the extra spells that Morathi used to get more than her share of souls? Also, who is the narrator? The Knight of Shrouds? They seemed mortal to me, and they have feet, so presumably not. A random necromancer? Seems too important.
  9. Seems reasonable. Maybe some T'au suit or new Primaris? Alternatively, if you wanted wild speculation: It's deepkin land suit for breathing in the hated air
  10. To anyone who believes that the Stormcast are unemotional automatons I can only say "HAMILCAR!"
  11. As others have said, thank you for running the site. RPG.net has a decent model, with a couple of ads on the front page, nothing too heavy and all relevant and a yearly donation drive for membership. A small subscription would also be totally reasonable.
  12. To be fair, Tolkien was explicitly myth-making and the four big novels are at the 'Death of Magic' ends of the myth cycle. The earlier history is a lot more out-there with demon spiders from beyond reality, lost kings murdering trolls by the score, and flights of Balrog. In comparison, I'd guess that AoS is somewhere between the two, the Age of Legends is over but being almost literally made of magic is unlikely to have a death of magic era. Is there any fantasy style that you think they won't include? Weird Western? Wuxia? Mecha? Wouldn't they end up becoming Bloodreavers, Rotbringers and Arcanites though? Chaos doesn't seem to naturally promote cities and an infrastructure that could support Free Guilds.
  13. I completely agree. It's the old Harold Bloom line of Yeats 'misreading' Keats and producing something new in response. No-one creates anything in a vacuum, but good artists and designers recombine the elements of the old with their own originality. The Kharadron Overlords are a great example of this, steampunk dwarfs flying around with what really sound like Buck Rogers ray guns. Or Troll Slayers take a slight step to the side and become intensely religious and psychotic dwarves from the Nibelungenlied, with just a touch of Babylon in their make-up. No one part of the design is original, but taken as a whole, it becomes a bit more interesting. In the picture of the Aelven Gods, T&T are fairly unchanged so maybe the core of Hyshian Aelves will be unchanged, but maybe exaggerated and folded in with some other elements. If we're expecting Aelven Angels, maybe we're not looking at Catholic-style angels but something more from Persia and Iran? Similarly, one reason I would hope for Settra (if not Tomb Kings) to return is that it makes Death multi-polar rather than just Nagash & Co. And with the cutting of the link to the Old World, they can properly develop the theme and take more from the mythology of the region rather than just the trappings.
  14. Hehe, I was really hoping no-one would pick me up on that! It would be an interesting and structured way to bring some of the old heroes back. Setra becomes the Last God of Khemri; Greasus becomes the Prophet of the Maw; the Araknarok Spider becomes an aspect of GorkaMorka (something like this last one was mentioned in Spear of Shadows). I do get the feeling that we're seeing a plethora of local and demi gods, in fiction even if it doesn't happen in the game.
  15. Alongside the Greek aesthetic of the new Daughters of Khaine, I'm sure I've seen some suggestion of a Spartan idea for the other Ulgu Aelfs. And of course there's the perennial favourite of Cthullhu Aelfs. Which leaves me thinking. What other new aesthetic styles might we see for factions? The justification of the death of The World-That-Was has always been how it opens up the possibilities. Of the new designs, the ones that jump out more are steam-punk Duardin, nomadic Ogors, honorable but cursed knights insane ghouls, and the for me Fyrslayers have a Wagnerian death of the gods feel. If the Aelfs of Ulgu are Greek, will the Hysh Aelfs be Roman? Tyrion/Teclis as some sort of Janus two-faced god would be interesting. For a start Aelf Legions marching out of Hysh conquering all before them would be an interesting parallel, and threat, to the Stormcast. I've always thought that the Root Kings of Ghyran have sounded interesting, although I've assumed that they're your standard Dispossessed. Whether they just use iron-wood weaponry and or go further and replace the Norse feel for one with a bit more Celtic influence, charioteers and lots of good mail from the Gods. Maybe with Slaine-style warping Unforgiven. Or how about Brettonians coming from Lileath's realm with a 'low-fantasy' Arthur style. Sarmatian lancers backed up by Longbows, maybe mixing humans and aelfs in a unit. I'm really curious what other ideas are out there for other factions, either new or updated, with an aesthetic we wouldn't have seen in The World-That-Was.
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