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  1. As I said over on Warseer, magnificent stuff mate :)
  2. That's a lot of floaty ghosts! I look forward to seeing more
  3. Thanks elfhead, really glad you like him Thanks Gr3g
  4. Warboss Morgrim: Part 2 I’m back working on Morgrim. I was struggling with some parts and the overall look but I’ve managed to get past those blocks. All the basics parts are in place ready for the next work session.
  5. Yeah, the Biel-Tan looks the best out of the bunch
  6. Nazgob, Iron Moonz Shaman Across Yss many orruk and grot shamans receive powerful visions from Gorkamorka, driving them to seek out the Toof beneath Skartoof Peak. These shamans cast off their loyalty to their tribes and make the long pilgrimage to Skartoof Peak in order to join other afflicted greenskin shamans to guard and tend to the Toof and the flora and fauna that thrives there. Very few shamans have ever managed to gain control of the visions and leave the mountain. The last shaman to do so was Nazgob. Nazgob remembers little of his time at the Peak, and nothing of his original tribe. The only thing he could remember was his name and an urge to seek out a Megaboss named Urzod. It took months of wandering for him to find Urzod and the Iron Moonz. Nazgob offered his loyalty to Urzod upon meeting him, saying that he was there to assist Urzod in fulfilling his vision. Nazgobs presence was challenged by Urzods shaman Bogrot immediately. Urzod quickly ordered them to duel to see who was best suited to serve him. Before Bogrot could get a word out, Nazgob had crushed him into a bloody paste beneath a colossal amount of Waaagh energy, along with a number of Bogrots grot assistants, which caused Urzod a great deal of amusement. Nazgob was welcomed into the fold thanks to his prodigious display of power and his cunning. Nazgob has held the position for three decades now, helping to oversee numerous victories and advising Urzod when needed. He has met numerous challengers and vanquished them all. As time has gone by, small snippets of fleeting memories come back to him of his life before, of great hordes, empires of men, of blood and fire. Each time a small piece of the puzzle gets filled in of what feels like a distant memory from somewhere else…….
  7. The most recent entry detailing the Kingdom of Esel, along with a brief descriptor and suggestions for building an Eselian force. https://theloreofyss.wordpress.com/2019/03/07/the-kingdom-of-esel/
  8. So the Lore of Yss project is just over two years old formally (Previously it was just “The Grunvale” till we expanded it), but far older in concept. My friend Phil and I started it properly so we could take advantage of the clean slate that the Age of Sigmar offered, allowing us to explore old concepts and build something that we could blend into the larger universe. The freedom to theme armies and realms was delightfully refreshing and we quickly came up with reams of background, armies and kingdoms in our heads. So much so that we are still trying to get it all on to paper so we can share it. Much of what we started was centered around a single region and its kingdoms, The Grunvale and the metropolitan city of Fyrdhathen (Fairhaven as it was). Once we established the core kingdoms, numerous others started forming and growing, their politics, their themes, and how they all interplay with each other. Naturally this has made writing down everything even more complicated. Despite all of the kingdoms we’ve created, we have yet to actually make anything from those kingdom for the tabletop (bar a few rpg characters), instead focussing on Urzod’s mercenary greenskins, Budahks herd, and some of the Revenant forces that roam Yss. We may get round to making skirmish groups and RPG character for these other regions, but we may not. However, we want to share everything that we possibly can. So we plan on writing up some descriptors and army suggestions for the kingdoms we have so far in the hope that we, but more importantly so others, can potentially use them as guidelines and build one of the many and varied forces that inhabit Yss. I hope that some of you will at least take some inspiration from the forthcoming scrawlings and ruminations, and doubly hope that some of you may wish to join us in building Yss and a community around the concept. The first three kingdoms we will cover will be the core ones that we have built up the most, The Kingdom of Esel, The Republic of Fyrdhathen, and the Mere March.
  9. *Insert comments made elsewhere*
  10. The project just keeps getting better and better. You're a painting and construction machine, and the fact that you keep the quality high is astounding. I struggle to do a unit every few weeks.
  11. I love the hair troll concept, and your Trogg Boss looks great :)
  12. Thanks Vasshpit. Hopefully there will be some more pics over the next few days now that components have cured fully and given me something to work over.
  13. The Weld Rifle test model looks superb. The components go together really well and look like they belong together. The whole army so far are gorgeous, they deserve a much bigger feature by GW in the future just to show what can be done in the AoS setting.
  14. While I've been working on Nazgob I set about the next character, Warboss Morgrim, Megaboss Urzod's right-hand Orruk. So I'm pretty set on Megaboss Urzod being mounted on a Maw Krusha or some similar beast. I also want a Megaboss on foot, but both the mounted and foot one have too similar a silhouette and wouldn't really show the foot one as being lower ranking than Urzod. So I've set to making one that's less armoured and closer to the grunts look, while clearly being their superior. So I dug around, found some bits, procured some others, and I roughly cobbled them together. And this is the result so far. He'll need a fair bit of work, but I think he's heading in the right direction. His armour will be reworked so it matches the Ironjaw aesthetic and he'll get a matching set of pauldrons too.
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