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  1. DeathCat147

    The Lore of Yss

    Thanks guys ☺️
  2. DeathCat147

    The Lore of Yss

    A wip shot for folk of the next Brute squad. As the Brutefist formation can take a Big Boss, I decided to make their leader a little larger and generally more imposing.
  3. They look great, the Weldguard work really well
  4. DeathCat147

    The Lore of Yss

    The Orrgedon Crater The Orrgedon Crater is home to monstrous beasts, savage humans, beastmen, and all manner of greenskins. Blasted into Yss’ surface shortly after its formation, the Orrgedon Crater was created by a large piece of fused realmstone plunging from the ether. There are some amongst the academics of Yss, that believe the debris from that event created Thuine, Yss’ moon. The crater is home to a diverse and terrifying ecosystem, one that pushes survival to the extreme and creates hardy flora and fauna. As such it is unsurprising that orruks and their ilk are drawn to the area. Under the great peak at the heart of the crater, the very realmstone that created the crater hangs like a jagged tooth from the roof of a vast cavern. This place is venerated by the greenskins of Yss, it draws the orruks and grots of the region to make pilgrimage there, as it is infused with Waaagh energy in its rawest form. The greenskins of Yss believe that the “Toof” was one of Gorkamorkas teeth that he spat out during a brawl with Sigmar, and as such is infused with his essence. No clan rules over Skartoof Peak. Only maddened Shamans, Weirdboyz, and their mushroom addled servants live there, guarding the cavern, cultivating the unique mushrooms that grow there, and tending to the innumerable squigs that reside within the tunnels and caves of the peak. The crater harbours all manner of monstrous creatures, Basilisks, Dreadmaws, Arachnarok, Gruntas, Maw-Krushas, Wyverns, along with Drakes of all forms and variety. However the most common creatures are squiggly beasts, or “Squigs”, that come in innumerable forms across the craters environments. From the common squigs that live beneath the mountains and in caves, to gargantuan squiggoths that roam the vast wastes and plains. Across the region, there are many human and beastman tribes wandering the area and carving out territories. But they are vastly outnumbered by orruk and grot clans and the various tribes and factions amongst them. Each clan and tribe is unique, with their own beliefs and traditions. Many follow the savage path, eschewing armour and carrying stone weapons, while others actively create and scavenge metal. The pyromaniac orruks of The Scorch use the primal heat of the land to forge armour and weapons. Whereas the orruks of The Pale Waste use obsidian shards dug from under the ash hued sand, and bone taken from beast and kin to fashion their weapons. Orruks and grots from Gruhks Teef through to the Stonedagger Bluffs reside amongst the cliffs, mesas, and rocky hills so as to have some respite from the searing heat of the red desert. The clans and tribes of the Crimson Rivers and the Maw Hills tend to live in the saddle, keeping large numbers of boars, gruntas and squiggoths, so as to maintain a semi nomadic lifestyle. The orruks and grots of Da Green are a sinister bunch that outsiders are wary of disturbing, rumours of strange temples and effigies put off even the most belligerent boss from trying to lead their clan or tribe into the area. The Great Skar is home to many trogg holds and grot lairs, no orruk lives there and few venture through it unless they are en masse and moving to the reaches beyond it. Staying there too long either ends with a shiv in your back while you sleep, or waking in a cave just prior to becoming a meal for some beast. Thankfully for the rest of Yss and the other inhabitants of the crater, the orruks and grots are almost permanently at war with each other, with numerous tribal and clan disputes fueling their natural drive to fight, destroy and despoil. But the clans and tribes do on occasion pour out of the crater, either with allies or on their own, into the lands beyond. Often garnering the attention of greenskins in the areas they move through, riling them up so they join the Waaagh and steamroller regions until the Waaagh loses momentum or is destroyed.
  5. DeathCat147

    The Lore of Yss

    The Uilebheist Plateau and the Border Kingdoms
  6. DeathCat147

    The Darkwood Court

    As I've said elsewhere mate, lovely stuff
  7. Congrats on the feature on the community page sir. The Weld Guard look great thus far, and I look forward to seeing more
  8. DeathCat147

    Warriors of Azhya

    Really stunning work. They are such brilliantly unique takes on the Stormcast
  9. DeathCat147

    The Lore of Yss

    Boss Ghazgrim and his Boyz, of the Iron Moon Clan
  10. DeathCat147

    The Lore of Yss

    Czarny Jacek, aka Karmínová Sekera, aka Czerwona Pięść, Captain of the Crimson Guard. His names are many in the Deiran tongue *, Czarny Jacek, Karmínová Sekera, Czerwona Pięść **, but we'll simply use Jacek for the purpose of this entry. Jacek has long held the reigns of the Crimson Guard. The tales associated with Jacek are littered with folk foolishly trying to stop him and the Crimson Guard from their course, from bands of Eselian knights to brash watchmen and adventurers, all felled by his poleaxe and the blades of the Guard. There are many accounts of villages and townships beset by marauding forces suddenly being freed from their terror, the Crimson Guard appearing in the night and hacking apart the assailants and leaving grisly displays as warnings to others that might try and prey on the common folk. As with many of the revenant that stalk the Grunvale, Jacek and the Crimson Guard have a complicated mythology, attacking warriors, vagabonds, and ne'er-do-wells that cross their paths, yet actively protecting the common folk, albeit in an unnerving and grisly fashion. Their links to other revenant figures within this tome only adds to the mythology surrounding them....... ~Excerpt from "The Lore of Yss" by Jhez Al'Waide. *Or Nord Eselian if you subscribe to the court approved Eselian Historical Treaty, a rather dull tome filled with mendacious accounts of Eselian history and "ancient" claims to territories via blood rights and writs of forfeiture. ~ Jhez. **Loosely translated into the common tongue as Black Jack, The Crimson Axe, and The Red Fist, respectively. ~Jhez.
  11. DeathCat147

    The Lore of Yss

    A Topographical and Political Map of the Grunvale
  12. DeathCat147

    The Lore of Yss

    The Crimson Guard Cross hill and dale they rove, those men of crimson and black, Seeking out their quarry, so judgement can be had, In the darkness they find you, no matter where you hide, The sentence is upon you, now’s your time to die... ~ Verse one from an Esellian folk song, often used to scare children and adults alike.
  13. DeathCat147

    The Lore of Yss

    Warmaster Budahk Chain-Gor, Lord of the Minos, Tyrant of Blood Gor Peak The rise of the powerful warlord Budahk Chain-Gor is a lesson in the Minos society. Of huge stature early in life, he soon gained the respect of dark warrior kin and orc-foe alike, due to his shrewd tactical awareness and ferocity in battle. Minos culture has two clear methods of promotion. One is to kill the incumbent in a straight fight. The other is staggeringly subtle, and would be missed by most. A simple nod of submission and the leader submits to his superior challenger. It is said that Budak, having defeated a particularly cunning and brutal Orruk Warboss, laid his kill as a sacrifice before the venerated Cygor, Bogut the Unworldly. Bogut, struck by religious fervor, then laid prostrate before Budak. A sign that Budahk had truly honoured the gods and was marked for greatness. Upon seeing this Budaks warmaster, Hacker Bloodhorn, submitted with a simple nod, and Budak was now Warmaster of the Northern Herds. Upon killing the last rival warmaster, Gruffen the Three Armed, King of the Southern Herd, by butchering him alive and finishing him by strangling him with his chain whip, Budak enjoys an undisputed autocracy. Having unified the Minos, the brayherds, and beasts of the Uilebheist Plateau, he has brought the Orruks to a tepid truce based upon fear, respect, and a healthy stream of trade, mostly slaves. ~Excerpt by Filib Stjerne, Scholar of Thériology at the Learning Halls of Esel Din, and author of “The Superior Hunter's guide to the Beastly Mind. A cultural and psychological treatise on the Gor-kin”
  14. DeathCat147

    The Lore of Yss

    Introduction In the primordial times before the Age of Myth and the coming of Sigmar, the mortal realms were forged, bound and molded by the magics they embodied. But in the aetheric void, the ash and embers of the reforging of the world-that-was came together to form the Shard Realms, a multitude of fragmentary worlds rendered into curious aspects by the debris that formed their mass, realmstone scoria and crystal fused into the essence of the shard realms creating strange fusions of magic that permeate the lands and infuse the environment, spawning creatures both fantastic and fel. The permutations of these fusions are endless, realms of fire and death burn in the void with a baleful glow, plains stalked by beasts of molten metal spawned of Chamon and Ghyran magic, cavernous deeps inhabited by shadowy beasts. These realms are only as limited as the realmstone that makes up their form, some only fusing a handful of types, to some riddled with debris from each of the realms creating a Shard Realm of infinite variety. The Shard Realm of Yss is such a place…... The Shard Realm of Yss Yss is a shard realm filled with a myriad of environments, from the mundane to the reality defying. A realm of ancient kingdoms and fresh frontiers, treacherous oceans and unfathomable subterranean expanses. As such, its inhabitants are as varied and colourful as the places they inhabit. In the Grunvale and its surrounding regions the Free People settled, building great cities and forging vast nations. In the distant west on the Al’Arkan peninsula, explorers led intrepid colonists from beyond Yss to settle the coastal regions, with powerful city states blossoming on the fringes of the great deserts, the vast savannahs, and primordial jungles. Amongst the alpine peaks of the Reach lies the great elven province of Ahmarha, its citizens hardy and pragmatic. In times of war, hunters, woodsmen, and pathfinders answer the call to protect their secluded alpine realm. In the north lies the the Uilebheist Plateau, a nest for all manner of primal horrors too terrifying to describe. And beyond that is the Sundered Veil, a vast stretch of lands tainted and misshapen by fel magics during the Age of Chaos, a realm of unnatural horrors. Gibbering men cavorting amongst the ruins of lost kingdoms seeking eldritch power and the patronage of abyssal beings. To the east of the Uilebheist Plateau is the Isle of Elthuin. An ash choked volcanic landscape with vast tunnels that lead deep into the under realms below. Few travel there, the stories of the Ashen keeps sane folks away. These are just a small number of the many realms, wild regions and savage hinterlands of Yss, there are many more to be explored and revealed. An endeavor I hope you will join me in…… ~Jhez Al’Waide, Explorer and Scholar at the University of Fyrdhathen, Professor of Psariology, Amphiviology, and Yssian History. Author of the “The Fulminous Kings: The Concise Lineage of Esel’s Royalty” and “The Spined Merwyrm: The Fisherman's Bounty”.