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  1. The Warherd Grows..... Along with Warcry, I've been building up Mr S'/Budahks warherd. He decided that he wants a really varied herd after reading about the different varieties of beast forms in the background, so he gave the nod for me to explore any and all forms of beast. Heres what I have come up with so far....... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIP Gor WIP Ungor
  2. Beyond the Grunvale "Bullneck Git Basha and his Boyz clash with the Crimson Guard amongst the moonlit ruins of a long lost kingdom....."
  3. Warboss Morgrim ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Morgrim is done! It was a tough slog getting past the mental block I had while building him, but persevereing with it paid off! I couldn’t be happier with how he turned out. Some background will follow shortly…..
  4. As usual, excellent work. I've shown some friends what you've done and they love every bit.
  5. A bit of an indulgence away from the usual stuff.My local GW store, in Milton Keynes, had it's anniversary today. Along with all the usual goodies and special edition models, they held their store competition. And I did pretty well with Nazgob as my entry, nabbing the award for best converted mini Needless to say I'm pretty chuffed. It's a huge boost to my confidence in my skills, particularly sculpting and converting. So much so that I'm considering a few endeavors that I'm hoping will come to fruition next year, so watch this space
  6. Really loving the look of these Melcavuk since seeing them on FB, they have a really classic grim dark vibe to them.
  7. Thanks Kramer, there should be an update later
  8. Building Yss I felt it was time to build a new gaming board that could be used for AoS (and occasionally for Historicals). I've spent about six or so months looking up youtube tutorials and educating myself on various techniques and materials in preperation for the big build. Board wise I contemplated a number of options and their pro's and cons, before settling on a modular system which I could add scatter terrain to. In the end I went for Sally 4th's Terra-Former Tiles, a well rounded range of MDF frames with a magnetic locking system. The frames themselves are well designed and do pretty much what they say on the site. The neodynium magnets really lock them together really well and the frames are nice and sturdy. I used superglue to put mine together for speed and efficiency, but woodglue would be perfect if drying times aren't an issue for you. The frames require some form of polystyrene filler, either the simple jablite stuff or the lovely pink insulation foam. I went with jablite for affordabilities sake and ease of access. While jablite isn't my first choice for terrain building it is fine for this, as it will be covered up with filler and pva to strengthen it. To save time I whipped up a template to help with cutting out the inserts. Having to hand measure each one prior to cutting would have been labourious and tedious. With the template it was barely a twenty minute job to cut all of them out and fit them. Make sure you use a nice sharp blade to cut them, I used a snap off knife with the blade extended all the way to cut mine clean through. Then it was a case of gluing and adding detail. The cliff faces are made from discarded slate shards I found in the fathers hoarded building material pile. I just stacked them up and glued them in place. I used PVA which I regretted, as it didn't really stick them down all too well, it was the filler that really secured them in place. Next time I'll use the hot glue gun. Then it was on to adding filler. I used plain old polyfiller. I did start putting it on with a spatula, but it started looking unnatural, so I slipped on some gloves and applied it by hand. It's helped maintain a natural look and allowed me to get the filler into all the nooks and crannies around the cliffs and into the stream bed. Once dry, I added some citadel trees and textured the board with coarse and light sand, along with aquarium gravel for smaller rocks. The larger rocks were either slate or decorative garden stones. When applying the sand I used a watered down mix of pva with a little flow aid added. Then I painted it all. A black undercoat on everything, with some zenithal highlights of a medium grey on the trees, cliffs, and rocks, along with some splashes on the dirt. Then I added a chocolate brown emulsion, and once dried I used a large make up powder brush to drybrush the whole board with Buff Titanium from Daler Rowney. It took about thirty minutes to drybrush the whole board. I'll be buying more make up brushes from mini painting after seeing how effective it was, after a quick wash it was good as new with zero wear. If I had used my usual choice it would have killed the brush and only been good for rubbish jobs after. Flocking was fairly easy, I used the same watered down pva mix with flow aid to spritz the sections. Then I went along the edges of each section with the mid green flock so as to prevent strange lines cutting off between sections. Then I gently added light and dark tones before giving the whole thing a hit with mid green flock. I simply sprinkled everything on, as just chucking on the flock creates a lot of waste. After this I started detailing.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some links for folks.Materials.Sally 4th, suppliers of the Terra-Former Tiles.Arcane Scenery, suppliers of the various flocks, foliage etc. B&Q, for the polystyrene, woodglue etc. Tutorials.TheTerrainTutorLukes APS
  9. As I said over on Warseer, magnificent stuff mate :)
  10. That's a lot of floaty ghosts! I look forward to seeing more
  11. Thanks elfhead, really glad you like him Thanks Gr3g
  12. Warboss Morgrim: Part 2 I’m back working on Morgrim. I was struggling with some parts and the overall look but I’ve managed to get past those blocks. All the basics parts are in place ready for the next work session.
  13. Yeah, the Biel-Tan looks the best out of the bunch
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