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  1. I’m doing a chaos-themed City - I’ve swapped the head on my Griffon with a Lord of Change head, and I’m using a lot of chaos models for parts. I’m in the process of converting chaos Chariots to be my Scourgerunner Chariots.
  2. I mostly ran Depraved Drove last year - I’ve never been big on DP generation, I’ve always been about those exploding 6s leading to some truly absurd numbers of saves. I’m just frustrated that the warshrine battalion is Syll Host locked because I’d much rather run Godseekers. Chaos lord is cool, I just couldn’t make room for him. I wanted redundancy on the reroll hits / wounds, and so adding him meant dropping from 3 marauders to 2 or dropping the keeper or Epitome, and I felt all three were core to the list.
  3. This seems like the type of obvious oversight by GW that some TOs say obviously do the thing that is obvious and others say well it’s technically legal. If you’re planning on bringing it to a tournament, I’d ask the TO how they’d rule it in advance - 30 or 45 for soulfeaster.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking something like Syll Host Keeper (with thermal) Epitome 3x40 marauders Sorc Lord warshrine Bridge warshrinebattalion. Gives you 4 primary threats of which 2 can have long range on any turn, and 124 bodies holds objectives good. And marauders with reroll saves will be super tanky vs no rend and somewhat tanky vs rend -1.
  5. Have you experimented with marauders? With reroll hits and wounds from a chaos Sorc lord or warshrine, and triple exploding 6s, they force 2 saves per model at -1 rend. Need to kill a bloodthirster? Get 10-15 marauders in on the thirster and pile the other 25 into the next 2 units. 81 saves at -1 kills 30 Hagg narr witch aelves with buckler and blessing, or 14 Hearthguard Berzerkers with a nearby battlesmith. It’s like 30 Slaaneshtigors on the charge plus 33% extra damage just for fun, except you aren’t reliant on the run roll in the movement phase or the charge roll when you’re already committed - you can check your buffs and bridge in the hero phase and decide if you’re going in or if you don’t want to if you fail a spell cast. I’m thinking of running Slaarauders with Sorc lord, warshrine, Epitome, and Soulscream Bridge. In Godseekers, they literally can’t fail a charge from deepstrike, and that gives them an effective 25” guaranteed charge radius if the spell goes off.
  6. I think you two are basically saying the same thing from different directions. For me, I first identify the subset “what factions/builds/lists are good enough for me to win a tournament with” and then I’ll assemble an army from that subset that I think would be interesting to build and paint and play. A casual player or hobbyist would probably say I’m just doing it to win because I’m restricting myself to certain choices that can win it all; other competitive players would see that sometimes I’m only playing the third or fourth best army at the moment, or a weird nonmeta take that somehow works on the best army, and agree that I’m doing lists and armies I like rather than just purely whatever is the very best.
  7. Lol. When Cities is one of the only armies that can beat bonereapers. And when Cities just absolutely curb stomps Mawtribes. Until the release of Bonereapers, I was expecting Cities to become the new meta - I think it's S tier. It shoots Slaanesh and Khorne off the board. It outranges Skaven shooting and can gyrocopter plague monks off the board. It kills the Harvester and then can whittle down bonereaper mortek bricks. It can pop the general in a Daughters of Khaine hagg narr army. Hyperefficient shooting like Cities has breaks Age of Sigmar just as bad as stuff like reroll 3+ saves, and the fact that people like you think that Cities is so bad that it's a country mile behind new releases like Mawtribes.... man, I don't even know what to say, Icegoat. I don't even know what to say.
  8. The best part about your post about "CoS won a major basically the first time it was playable" is that I thought you were talking about a different tournament - it also 5-0'd DaBoyz in the northeast US and placed 2nd after a FEC list. List was arkanaut / EG / scourgerunner Tempest's Eye and I lost to it with my Syll'Esskan Host and oh man is that TE list hard to play against. Also, that guy about "no competitive player is switching to CoS" is super out of touch. And I'm saying that as a competitive player who just switched to CoS from hedonites of slaanesh and just placed 3rd at a tournament with CoS. And I'm playing a completely different TE list than the one James was running at DaBoyz - I'm using scourgerunners, griffon, pistoliers, and gyrocopters. Both of which are completely different from the Hallowheart list that won B+G.
  9. My goats style involves Depraved Drove with 30 Bestigors, 20 Seekers, 60 Ungors, a Keeper, an epitome, a great bray shaman, and Cogs. But you can swap out 20 Seekers and put in whatever you want - another 30 Bestigors, or 3 Doom Bulls and the Masque, or another Keeper and 10 Bestigors, or 9 Bullgors, etc. Alternately, if you’re looking for less of a tournament competition build, Doom Bulls are great from a # of wounds to points perspective, and generate a lot of depravity when they die. I sometimes play Depraved Drove casually with friends with no keepers and instead 4 doombulls, 2 Ghorgons, 6 Bullgors, and some mix of Bestigors and Ungors. It’s pretty bad but it’s great fun for playing against friends who don’t have tournament lists and aren’t super familiar with the game.
  10. The Fyreslayers White Dwarf has points but is still not matched play legal because one of the heroes was listed with points but no battle role, which invalidated the whole thing. And any White Dwarfs with points from before the GHB 2019 are not matched play legal, so if this is matched play legal it is only legal until the next time a GHB or similar announces that stuff not in the GHB is invalidated. So I'd say it looks like it's probably legal to use until June 2020, unless GW switches to a different points update schedule and invalidates things in December rather than in June. Adding Palisades means losing units and I'd rather keep the Epitome and Hellstrider over the endless spells you mentioned. In my experience, unless Syll'esske were to be physically touching the center of the palisades, it's too easy for shooting units to move to get LOS. And even then, Syll's whip is so long that there's a non-zero chance that shooting units will be able to get LOS anyways on the tip of the whip, no matter how you position Syll'Esske.
  11. Ulgu, SyllEsske host. Keeper, Keeper, Shalaxi, Syll’Esske, Epitome, Hellstrider x 4, Seeker Cavalcade. Give one Keeper Doppelgänger Cloak, give the Epitome Sword of Judgment. Start with 2+D3 cp turn 1 and generate infinite depravity as you push forward. You can give up a command trait in exchange for double depravity.
  12. Man, I hope this doesn’t get treated as legal for tournaments. It’s just so absurdly strong that I’d feel obligated to switch to it for tournaments, if only to keep up with the power creep of other Slaanesh players doing the same.
  13. Running 12 in groups of 3 costs as much as running 10 in groups of 1, and dramatically reduced your drops. Hurricanum also means that the +1 to hit is often unnecessary. But the cost decrease from running in groups of 3 is worth it on its own. Portal+Spray, cast by Sorceresses from outside unbind range, gets the spell off through the portal 70% of the time. 70% is a damn good success rate for something that is game changing. You think it’s a trap army; I think that I can win a tournament with Anvilgard. I’ve already put my money where my mouth is and purchased 2000 points of new stuff. But rest assured, I’m not trying to lead anyone astray - I honestly, truly believe that I can build an anvilgard list that just counters most of what people bring to tournaments and is efficient enough to table the ones it doesn’t hard counter.
  14. I don’t think you’re arguing in good faith when you keep saying this. You can’t say “except for the synergies the army has, the army had no synergies” and expect to be taken seriously.
  15. And not everyone can get 9 Chariots into a battalion that gives +1 to wound against monsters and makes the army lower drops. Corsairs and Fleetmaster are also solid for their points. If you’re building around Chariots, you probably want to go Anvilgard, same as if you’re building around demigryphs go Hammerhal or Helstorm Rockets go Greywater.
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