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  1. So I recently started Darkoath/STD when a bunch of cheap preowned STD models fell into my lap. I've had a few games with them with about a 50/50 win rate mostly against stormcasts and death armies. We tend to house rule things from time to time to make things interesting and with the lack of a proper chaos undivided army, we decided that heroes from other chaos armies (provided they still remained within the 400pts of allies) benefited from the keyword bonuses of STD. So with that in mind I made a undivided list with what I currently own: Chaos Undivided 1960pts Heroes: Lord of chaos -mark of the undivided Chaos sorcerer lord -nurgle Valkia the bloody Ogrid Thaurmaturge Masque of slaanesh Units: 2X5 marauder horsemen -javelines -tribal banner -horns -khorne 1X20 marauders -flails -tribal banner -drummer -khorne 2X10 chaos warriors -sword and shield -banner- horn -tzeench 1x10 chaos warriors -2 weapon -banner -horn -nurgle 2X5 chaos knights -glaives -banner -horn -slaanesh 1x1 gorebeast chariot -great weapon -slaanesh
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