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  1. I'm making a tournament list and I think Legion of Blood can be an excelent way to have a powerful no-unique General. I was thinking about a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon as General with Walking Dead Command Trait for mortal wounds and ethereal amulet for resistence. I'm not sure if Neferata can be a nice friend or some Reapers can be still nice for a good attack. Greetings
  2. Does anyone know if Reapers are still part of Legions of Nagash? Greetings
  3. Black Coach 260 points and dreadblade harrows 90 . Greetings
  4. I was told Nighthaunts units will be Nighthaunt exclusive, except Hexwraiths and Spirit Hosts, is it true? Greetings
  5. The problem of the Reapers was Legion of Nagash. It didn't matter if the 30 Reapers unit was deleted, you could summon it again for a command point. They were also the best unit of the Death... and I'm a Legion of Nagash player since I begun playing Age of Sigmar. Greetings
  6. They don't have access to the Lore of the Death spells, but they have +1 to cast spells for Sacrament. Greetings
  7. Sorry for reopening this post. I had a discussion about the Undead Minions rule today. My opponent told me I can only redirect unsaved wounds because the rule talks about allocating wounds. Finally he sent me this photo: After reading that, I'm not sure if what Honk says is correct. He attacked me with Tzaangors Enlightened, so He made the hit and wound rolls and 2 of the attacks were successful (1D3 damage), so I rolled 2 dices to redirect the wounds, but he told me he had to roll the two dices to obtain the damage and then I could redirect them. I'm a bit confused now. Greetings
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