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  1. Yes, Cities of Sigmar. They cast the Umbral Spellportar where they want and cast spells like the spell witch removes the save of a unit. As long as they can cast the spell fron any part of the table, you can't dispell it and they can get easyly a +2 to casting killing a miniature from a unit. So they kill 2 miniatures and get +2 for Spellportal and +2 to the other spell. They can get more buff to casting I think. Greetings
  2. Umbral Spellportal goes fron 70 to 80 points, so Nagash will costs 960 points. Greetings
  3. Nagash will loose more than the extra saves if the new Mortal Realms bring us only 1 spell. There are several nice spells to cast with the Nagash +3 Casting but now... and yes, Nagash is overcosted for LoN. I'm not sure they will change LoNs points too much. Greetings
  4. Are there more leaks? I'm very excited about LoN and Nighthaunt. Greetings
  5. Forums, youtube channels, whatsapp chats... that's why I talk just about rumours. There are a lot of hate against Ossiarchs like it happened with Slaanesh prenerf. A few comunities banned Slaanesh or Ossiarchs, what it is sad (not in the comunity I am, luckily). Greetings
  6. Yeah, but they are only OP in Petrifex. The problem aren't the units by themselves, it's the +1 to rend and save. Greetings
  7. No. You don't earn points for killing summoned units (Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Legions, Flesh-Eaters...). Greetings
  8. If the leak about the faq is correct, KO will get a very generous disscount in several units. Ironclad is in almost all lists and Gunhaulers are very Popular. If the new Gunhaupers will cost just 120 points, we will see more of them in the table for sure. Greetings.
  9. Nagash is still quite resillient even if you have to choose between 5++ and 6++. Protection of Nagash has an issue. If they deals you damage and you don't save it or negate it, you must move the miniature and It's not always good, so you can't cast it all the time on him. Someone said we loose a 16% resilience without Deadless Minions, but it's less than that because it's a 16% of the unsaved wounds, so not a big deal. I know it's pretty cool that extra (or those) salvations, but I think it won't be a big problem for Ossiarch Bonereapers. I'm more worried about the rumors about Petrifex changes. I hope GW won't break the whole army. Greetings
  10. It's probably wrong. There are photos about the new book and Ossiarch remain unchanged in point costs. We don't know if there changes in their rules (petrifex?). Or will they make a faq after the book release? Greetings
  11. That leak is not confirmed and it's probably wrong. That leak has more unit points costs than those on this photo and they are not correct. It states that some Ossiarch Bonereaper Units got a discount and there are a few photos about the GH2020 (french leak) with the same point costs for Ossiarchs, so don't believe in that pic where KO get so many points drops and wait for a few more days. Greetings
  12. Even I think Morteks are too powerful, you can't compare units 1Vs1 because that doesn't work. This is like an onion. Units have warscroll rules, subfaction rules, alligance rules... and they get buff from other units. Daemonetes are expensive because you are paying the invocation, for example. So a comparison unit Vs unit is worthless. Greetings
  13. Endrinriggers were made to repair the ships, but they are also the more efficient unit offensivly: They are more efficient per point (second table) that any other ship and they can attached to other ships. Not so bad for 100 points units. Greetings
  14. Fyreslayers are a hard match. Try using 2 big blocks of Mortek Guards (40+40+10) and 1 or 2 Gothizzars. It's a list prepared to counter (or to try to) another list with 2 extra powerful units of 20 berzerkers each one. Greetings.
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