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  1. Has anyone played against Slaanesh or Flesh-eaters? I'm in trouble to beat them beacause they always hit first with a lot of attacks (Keepers and GKoT attack twice) and if they take double turn it's impossible. How do you counter that? They usually play with batalions, so Its quite difficult to go first too. Greetings
  2. I know they need a powerful character, but I think it shoudn't be so powerful in termns that they are impossible to counter by several armys. Greetings
  3. I have been testing the Catapults again. I played 100 turns for each test: Test 1: 1x Catapult => 3 attacks at 2/3/-/5 Average Damage: 4,75/turn Test 2: 1x Catapult with -1 to Rend => 3 attacks at 2/3/-1/5 Average Damage: 6,45/turn Test 3: 2x Catapult => 6 attacks at 2/3/-/5 Average Damage: 7,65/turn Test 4: 2x Catapult with +1 Attack => 8 attacks at 2/3/-/5 Average Damage: 11,2/turn I'm not sure if they worth what they cost. From 200 to 400 points to deal a few damage and they are vulnerable because of the minimun range (6"), what do you think about them? Greetings
  4. The big problem of Slaaneth is they are nearly perfect. Let me explain my point of view. A keeper can cast and dispel two spells, attack twice, generate extra attacks, deal mortal wounds, make enemies attack at the end, recover wounds, make an alpha strike, avoid shield units tanks to 3" range with their best weapon and they generate half of the summon points they cost. Greetings
  5. I have been throwing dices with a calculator and I don't know if playing 2 Catapults can be a good option against Alpha Strike enemies: Greetings
  6. Mortek Guard doesn't have Hekatos key, so they can't be buffed with +1 to rend by their own. They need a hero for that. Greetings
  7. Try to kill a unit of sequitors or kurnoths without rend. It's almost impossible. Greetings
  8. Q: Can a Mourngul be taken in a Legions of Nagash army?A: No. It can be taken in Death and Nighthaunt armies, and as an ally by a Soulblight army. Link: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/age_of_sigmar_legions_of_nagash_designers_commentary_en.pdf Greetings
  9. FAQs says Mourngul can't ally Legions of Nagash, doesn't it? Greetings
  10. The Grimghast Reapers + Guardian is a must because you go 4/2/-1/1 and you can repeat failed hits. If you support them with a Necromancer, you can deal a lot of damage. If they get killed, don't worry, resurrect them. Chainrasps are more durable than Skeleton Warriors. You get the objectives because you have more miniatures than him. Keep it in your mind!! Greetings
  11. He can poop at the same time he leads the attack! Greetings PD: I dislike a lot this miniature. Very awful in my opinion.
  12. Thanks for the answers! Greetings
  13. Your range is 1", so the second line is nearer than 1" to the enemy unit, so they can attack too. Yes, you can use a command ability even if that hero isn't the General, but you can only summon units with your General, not with heroes. You will want to have your horde alive until they are weak or the enemy has got the objetive and they aren't profitable. In that case you let them die to resumon them again. Greetings
  14. They have 2 bonus, when they are over 20 and over 40. So you want to have your Zombies over 40 to get 1 attack at 3/3/-/1. If Less than 20 Zombis => 5/5/-/1 Between 20 and 39 => 4/4/-/1 More than 39 => 3/3/-/1 So you want to have more than 39 always. You can improve them with a Necromancer and/or a Vampire Lord. The Necromancer lets you attack twice per combat phase with his spell (van ****** Dance). The Vampire Lord can give them +1 attack expending a command point. I see a Corpse Cart in your list. You can upgrade your Zombis: 2 Attacks => Vampire Lord and a Command Point Attack twice => Necromancer spell => van Hell's Dance More than 39 Zombis => 3/3/-/1 Corpse Cart and +39 Zombis => 2/3/-/1 I'm not sure if you know that the base of the Zombis is smaller than 1", so you can attack with two lines of Zombies instead of one. If you make a good combo, you can get 10-20 Zombis in combat. Greetings
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