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  1. While I am pretty okay with the idea of a Vampirate with an undead crew (mostly because I think zombie sailors are cool), I'm thinking this particular vampire will be more of a "rakish" duelist type with some sabres, a billowy white shirt, etc. I definitely do not get Blood Dragon vibes for the silhouette though, the weapons are too renaissance, and not medieval enough in style. I guess we'll know in a few months.
  2. I like Bonesplittaz pretty well, but Spiderfang would be way more interesting to me. Bonesplittaz I could probably pass on......but goblins on spiders? That's an instabuy.
  3. Thanks for the insight folks! I think I will just go for it and keep the scheme across the army, assuming I'm not mixing in things from other armies it shouldn't be too confusing. Good point on Drukhari Mitgas, I hadn't even thought of that. I knew I had seen a similar scheme somewhere that i enjoyed....hahaha.
  4. Hey folks, I've been seriously contemplating putting together a Slaanesh army this next year (Loving those Painbringers, the Fiends are some of my favorite AoS minis, and if the Slaangor to be released are anything like the Underworlds one I am hooked). I want to add in some Chaos Warriors, as I love the miniatures and played Warriors from early 5th to the end of Fantasy. They also seem to fill a niche in the Slaanesh army that is missing (durable anvil type unit). The issue I have is that I don't really want to paint them purple or pink (I have painted a lot of purple in my day and I'm not a big fan of pink armor). I was thinking of painting a very dark blue (Incubi Darkness), washing the armor green, and then doing a Kabalite or Sybarite green edge highlight. I'd do the cloaks in purple or a teal. Do you folks think that would look too Tzeentchian for a Slaanesh unit? I mean, I know you can paint your units however, and say they have whatever mark (barring them having god-specific symbols and what not), but I would like to avoid confusing my opponents and would want something that would look nice with the rest of the army.
  5. I mean I can understand why people would be disappointed with the Lumineth not being High Elves and what not (though I don't really have a problem with the Lumineth), but I don't understand why Slaves to Darkness are being questioned by say "it's not fair they just got resculpts." From a lore perspective though it makes sense. Arachaon won, which is what caused the end times, and as such his culture survived. He didn't have to rebuild his forces from scratch or re-engineer the way his recruit worked, or even go as far to make a new race from scratch. He just said "Oh cool, there are humans (and apparently Elves, Dwarves, Ogres and what not)" once they fall to Chaos I will do what I always do with them. TLDR: There was literally no reason to reimagine Chaos Warriors from a lore perspective or otherwise. This is also taking into account they are probably the single most iconic thing from Warhammer Fantasy and one of the most recognize fantasy concepts of all time. High Elves, Wood Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, etc. are not unique to the Warhammer universe and GW wants unique entities from both a recognition and legal stand point.
  6. I'm personally looking forward to seeing those Slaangor in all their glory.
  7. Right, which is why Chaos is the 2nd largest Grand Alliance. Chaos is the primary opposition to the forces of order, and has been since WHFB. Not to say that Death and Destruction aren't important, but Chaos has always been a central pillar to all the narratives of GW universes. It's the most enduring concept in the history of their games.
  8. On the plus side, judging by the rumor mill photos, looks like Death will be getting something new soon!
  9. I'll be very honest, I'm not a huge fan of the current Daemonettes either. That said I love the new helmeted infantry, the Slaangor (assuming the look anything like the one in Direchasm), and the newish Fiends are amazing. Combine that with I can use Chaos Warriors in the list? That's pretty darn appealing to me. Whether or not I take the plunge is debatable, because I really don't have time for army level games.
  10. Slaanesh players have been waiting a really long time for mortals. The rest of the Chaos pantheon has pretty robust mortal ranges. Let them enjoy their releases. Saying that Slaanesh doesn't need new releases because other Chaos factions have plenty of choices would be like saying "Fyreslayers don't need more models (which they desperately do) because the Kharadon range exists" or "Deepkin shouldn't get anything because Daughters of Khaine got a new hero this year." I know it's a bummer than the Cities of Sigmar factions have gotten essentially nothing, but it doesn't make other factions releases into the game any less noteworthy and useful.
  11. The Champion one is good, and the Mohawk one is okay. The others.....woof. I mean, the plus side of being a dual kit is you should just be able to throw the fantastic helmets on them.
  12. Sigvald looks pretty cool. The new mortals......whip ones with the goofy head are terrible. The sword/shield ones are amazing.
  13. Dannnnng! Those Underworlds Slaves to Darkness models are gorgeous.......finally getting a faction I love in it.
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