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  1. In a perfect world yes, but very few companies can keep perfect production schedule due to a large variety of reasons, often outside of their control (shipping, supplies, etc). That’s why most companies have release dates of Q1 2020 or Summer 2020 until they are very close to the release date and they have everything they can possibly control in place. That all said, GW probably has a rough date in place for the Scions.
  2. I think this is probably what will happen. The design team originally said that there would be later Warcraft boxes focused on non-Chaos factions when a large portion of the community complained about the game being Chaos only. Enough people complained about it that GW rushed some factions out the door so people could use non-Chaos stuff, but I don’t think that was their original plan. I think each version of Warcry was supposed to focus on a different conflict, and not all of them were supposed to be set in the eightpoints.
  3. Eh, we have a rumor engine from August that belongs to them, they have been teased since August in the Warcry core rulebook and we are almost certainly getting Spire Tyrants in January. I'm thinking Scions will most likely be a Q1 release.....likely March. I imagine the original plan was to release them and the Spire Tyrants at the same time but production complications or manufacturing capability slowed them down.
  4. We better see those Scions soon.........urge to Warcry rising........ Also curious to see if we see an Underworlds reveal and what the warband will look like. Only one I'm not really excited to see are the Nurgle one because GW is way too one-dimensional with Nurgle sculpts (large bloated model with guts spilling out with a sores on them.......sums up about every Nurgle model for the last 15 years).
  5. Agreed, we only saw three new models and were notified of two Battletomes we knew we were getting. That and yet another Space Marine character is just boring. I was hoping for the Scions of Flame, a new Underworlds band, a new unit for someone, or something remotely interesting.
  6. Wasn’t there supposed to be some sort of preview at Pax Unplugged? They said they would have unreleased models in the display case. Who knows, they may just be the models of things that have already been previewed. I was expecting the Scions of the Flame or something though.
  7. Eh, even is Warcry hadn’t been done, I would much rather have the 8 cult units than new marauders. They are much more visually interesting and allow people to choose what function their army has/ what they look like rather just having a single option. Also if the WU Darkoath kit is what new Marauders would look like I would rather have ANY of the cult units as I think the Darkoath WU models are some of the most visually boring models GW has ever released. I am a huge fan of Slaves (played then for 3 editions of fantasy) and will be starting an army with the new book and since Warriors / Knights are getting modern resculpts. I personally think we got spoiled for new models. So far we are getting 1. Resculpted Warriors 2. Resculpted Knights 3. 8 Cult Units 4. The Formoroid 5. The awesome Cat/Sphinx thing 6. The Myrmidon 7. The new Hero on Monster We will almost certainly get multipart Warriors and Knights later (like the New Shadowspeae box and the new CSM), and hopefully the Warriors can be assembled as Chosen.
  8. This guy will be buying a SC set and a battletome this December (my Xmas gift to myself). Also how cool would it be for GW to release SC bundles with army releases instead of a year or two down the road?
  9. Wow, what a release. These are perfect upgrades to Chaos Warriors and Knights. Kept the aesthetic, upgraded the models, absolutely love them.
  10. I would love Varangard on foot. I love the idea of Chaos Warriors, but I think having all the heavily armored murder machines be very elite (significantly stronger than a Stormcast) and very few in number would be more fitting. Even though their were armies of them, back in WHF and into AoS I imagine Chaos armies as horses of mortals, mutants, and monsters with a small number of heavily armored elite that have been blessed by the Chaos gods. From a financial standpoint it seems odd to not update the traditional Chaos Warrior, which is probably the most iconic unit in the entire history of WHF.
  11. Those monsters are both awesome. I'm hoping I can use them both in Warcry and in a Slaves army. I love the idea of an hodge-podge army of murderous barbarians, magical armor-encrusted killing machines, mutants, and monsters rampaging through the lands. I'm particularly interested in the first monster.....I'm hoping it's some kind of mystical creature, possibly with magical attributes, and not just a mount without a rider.
  12. I'm thinking if StD are getting any new units (which it's strange the Knights are rumored, because I agree, they are reasonably modern and much better than the Warriors on foot? Maybe they are foot Knights?) It's going to be the first week in January. GW has in the past (and maybe with the OBR? I haven't paid too much attention) released the book, spells, etc, and additional stuff the next week. This way people can spend all their GW gift cards and holiday money on some shiny new models.
  13. Bummer I was hoping for Farmers of the Realms of Chaos! Pledge your soul to the eight-pointed plow!
  14. Very true. I think if we don't see a STD preview at Blood and Glory that will also make it very unlikely.
  15. Nice catch on the Chaos Dwarfs. A made to order could definitely be possible. I do agree on the Warcry prices being pretty confounding. I don't think we can compare the new Necromunda Starter to the Grandmaster edition. The new Necromunda starter has two gangs which are full retail 40 USD each (probably 60 for the Cult as they have 15 models) so that's 100 USD in retail pricing vs 220 for the two Warlords alone. At that rate GW would be charging more than the listed retail for the ZM terrain when it is bundled in the starter (that can't be more than two sets in my opinion), plus 60 for a 50 dollar rulebook. It just doesn't add up. Not to mention starters usually offer a good discount, and at that price only diehard Necromunda fans will pick it up. There definitely is some real info mixed in there (army boxes, BL probably), so some of it will probably happen. I can't 100% say the list is fake, but it definitely is leaning that way.
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