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  1. Gotta admit Felix running around with the new lumineth twins or some new character would be pretty interesting. I can't think of any other characters that would casually travel the realms without a) killing felix or b) running off in a bolt of lightning unless felix was also made a stormcast. Eve something like Felix encountering a mega gargant would be hilarious "The giants are bigger than I remember..." right before running for cover while his glory seeking party go for the kill.
  2. Despite being a big Katakros fan I agree with this. We can be fans of these new characters because of their concepts and designs (katakros being this eternal warlord who learns through defeat and comes back smarter or lady O basically being the logical conclusion of Lucretzia from WHFB Tilea, a scheming politician with a trail of dead husbands and suitors in her wake, now punished in the afterlife with a starscream-esque husband she can't get rid of and stuck with the job of being nagash's soul collector) but we don't have enough of a story to go off of. Part of this is the fact that the game and these characters are so new, whereas these old fan have been around longer than some of the people playing the game. So they've had time and opportunity to appear and do things in novels and campaign books and have their stories iterated on over several army books. AoS meanwhile is only on it's third edition and while I agree they could have focused more on these new characters, it's also just a bit of a waiting game until they've established all the factions they want to work with going forward with the game.
  3. I can toss in my two cents from my own TO'ing experience. I run my tournaments in partnership with a local gaming lounge/cafe with lots of floor space. That means the venue is flexible, food is already on site and all the tables and majority of terrain and mats are provided by the venue with only a few being outsourced from the community as needed. Our ticket prices are pretty cheap ($20 CAD) and it nearly all goes into prize support as the venue makes it's profit off of selling food and drinks to 20+ sweaty nerds for the day. As for myself I get free food, drinks and the occasional bit of plastic being thrown my way, whether that's a fair exchange may come down to how much I can drink while still being able to run an event but I never got into TO'ing with profit in mind in the first place. Organizing an event has been an interesting experience, especially running events during Covid with the added health and safety concerns and procedures we've had to put in place. Ticket sales are handled by the venue so that's a monkey off my back but I've still gotta make sure the tickets sold match up with the BCP signups. Players packs are thankfully easy after the first time around, just altering a template with new plans or house rule changes (we enforce a strict no-faq no-play rule at my events for example). The real struggle is of course dealing with players. I'll end up with players dropping out on BCP without contacting me first and sometimes it's intentional and sometimes it's an accident so I try to get in touch with the player to find out what the case is so I don't give their spot away and have them show up on game day anyways. Or you end up with problematic players that don't read or "misremember" their own rules. And sometimes a player will disagree with a call you made on a ruling "This isn't how they rule it in *insert country here*" but thankfully most players respect that the TO call is final and I try to find the most universally agreed ruling on a poorly written rule or ability afterwards to avoid further disputes. So even with the majority of material costs handled by the venue, how much do you value the time and effort of someone who handles the prep work and roster management in the lead up, sets up the tables the night before and manages an event of 20+ people with differing personal dynamics for 8+ hours? Peoples takes on the psychology of TO's has been fun to read. I myself picked up the torch from a previous TO who lost interest in the hobby... which may be connected to him having been a tomb kings and brettonia player... So I took over after the venue struggled with having to dedicate staff to trying to organize events which exacerbated the issues of trying to take food and drink orders for 20+ people + walkins with on a good day 4-5 staff members. Good on them for being a popular location but even after taking over as TO the most consistent complaint for events has been getting food on a timely matter. I approach being a TO as being a community leader, the guy you can point new players to and tries to keep up interest and involvement in the hobby. I remember being one of like 5 guys who played AoS locally and we hardly ever got anyone from out of town show up and now we get players from all over the province coming in for games and events and a growing local community. It's all about seeing a game you enjoy grow, I've been slowly doing the same with Infinity by introducing people to the game and getting them involved in the group chats the local players have. So here I am organizing one day tournaments monthly, and a 2 day event annually (before covid anyways). Makes you wonder how much that's really worth. I certainly wouldn't mind making money off of my events but I wonder how it would affect the community to pay more for events for no visible benefit. I also find it interesting to see the difference in tournament availability between countries/regions. It seems Europe has a lot that are easily commuted between while countries like Australia barely have any. I can't speak for all of Canada but at least for the Ontario/Quebec area there's 2-3 a month. Thankfully that's due to a very passionate collection of hobby shops with some bigger venue events scattered throughout the year.
  4. I think the point they where making was drawing parallels that the two entities (GW and casinos) take measures to control or influence the ecosystem around to, for lack of a better word, snare customers that would otherwise make different decisions if they had all the info. In the case of video games we can make a more direct parallel to GW's current practices: Controlling early access to review copies, cutting out and charging for services or mechanics that used to be an expected part of the product experience, releasing poorly balanced or undertested products to drive sales at reduced cost. All of these practices are perfectly legal, within the businesses rights to do and some would argue what they should do as long as people are paying for it. But I think we can both agree that because they can and will doesn't mean they should. To take from you're own post there is a corporate responsibility that GW, video games publishers and many other companies fail to uphold when it comes to the treatment of their customers and tertiary members of there ecosystems like reviewers or other influencers. While GW doesn't do any gambling or lootbox style products (outside of that one run of space marine heroes) they instead sell products that are worth more than the upfront cost of the game EA is selling to get you into gambling for soccer players or whatever. So a consumer mislead by a shady review about say the upcoming black templars box for example might get excited and drop $1000 on a black templars army that turns out to be ******, incomplete, poorly written codex or any number of flaws. I've unfortunately met many people in the community with poor impulse control that will purchase an entire army because of one overhyped release and find themselves disappointed by it once it's actually in their hands. All because they fell for the same shady tricks employed by games publishers that push there virtual gambling ecosystems onto players. Similar dirty tricks but for GW it's a large profit upfront rather than a continuous bleeding of a whale that EA sports titles aim for. And rather than the gambling addicted whale, it's the impulse shopper who sees cool new black templars, buys a whole army and is disappointed by it and leaves it half finished in their closet. Or someone who picks up underworlds and realizes it wasn't what the reviews made it out to be. I hope this rambling makes drawing the parallel make a little more sense and needless to say if the NDA that spawned this thread is real then it goes further to prove GW is trying to control the ecosystem around their business to influence more of these impulse buyers.
  5. I feel like this is a point a lot of people are missing. To be hyperbolic about it, for someone whose career is built upon delivering news and reviews about a hobby and it's products it can be akin to (and once again making a hyperbolic example) being given a choice to get a promotion at cost of being shot in the leg, or you could not take the promotion and not get shot in the leg. There is an option that does no harm to yourself, but also set you back in career advancement. Unfortunately most consumers aren't as aware or ethically minded as we'd like, and just expecting the average consumer to "know better" or educate themselves is wishful thinking. So there is an unfortunate reality that as a hobby grows larger and becomes more mainstream, the lions share of revenue for breaking news or reviews will go to those who release their content first. This leads to situations where a reviewer may compromise on their impartiality or even freedoms to conduct their business to ensure a steady stream of early product to review so that they can maintain a better income off of those early/day one clicks from eager customers.
  6. This entire thread now is now reminding me of the video games industry. There's been a long drawn out debate on the ethics of companies giving out review copies of games and the NDAs that accompany them. There's a belief among some people more involved in video games as a hobby that some companies/individuals that do games news/reviews can't be taken at face value because their livelihoods are built off of their reviews, that is to say that they compromise on their impartiality in reporting and reviewing to gain the favour of publishing companies to ensure a steady supply of advanced copies of games so that they can have their reviews out first or get exclusive coverage to announce new releases or development progress. This results in cases where individual reviewers and organizations will put out high scoring reviews of games that wilfully ignore or even try to positively spin anti-consumer practices within a games internal systems/economy and in some cases will ignore or exclude mention of any prevalant bugs or issues with the game (this last point however is subjective as an individual reviewer may not encounter a given technical problem during their review playthrough. Software dev is a pain like that) It makes me wonder as the wargaming hobby grows larger that we may end up seeing a similar sentiment develop among reviewers and consumers at a similar scale.
  7. Makes sense. Given the extended lead time on GW products thanks to everything being tied to physical book releases it wouldn't surprise me if editions where finalized two thirds through the life cycle of their preceding edition. GW are functionally working a year+ in the future from what we as customers see so things like FAQs are literally retroactive changes made by an individual/team that hasn't touched that product in months. Makes you wonder how long they have to finalize changes in regular publications like the GHB and how much data/major meta shifts are missed in the gap between finalizing and release. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a new writeup for playtesters given the leaks for 3.0 came primarily from a playtester and the drama things like unleash hell stirred up originally.
  8. While this looks like a fairly typical NDA (I've signed a couple myself but in an unrelated field) I will say the 36 month non disclosure period is excessive for third party reviewers and while I'm not up to snuff on my legal jargon section 3.2 sounds like the signee is required to not tell anyone they signed the document in question... which sounds pretty sketchy if I'm interpreting that correctly. While GTH comes across as a pretty standup dude and doesn't come across as someone who'd drama bait I will point out that he doesn't name any sources for the document and the document itself uses an outdated GW logo (but maybe someone whose seen modern GW documentation can confirm if they still use the old logo internally). I'll refrain from giving an opinion on section 4 as I'm not well enough versed in lawyer-fu to make an informed comment on it.
  9. Yeah like giving the army where everything is a psyker a secondary objective for doing more damage in the psychic phase when most armies don't even half half the psychic denial/output they have... Now imagine giving lumitheth or tzeentch a tactic for casting a spell on a 10+ or doing more damage in the hero phase... Or bonereapers a tactic for reviving x wounds worth of models, idoneth for killing a battleline in turn 3. A khorne grand strategy for getting every battleline friend or foe killed would be kinda fun tho as bad as it would be to try to do.
  10. IDK if you're just looking at your local stats but here in Canada there's a host of the everchosen list that's been tearing it up. Seen it first hand as a TO here in Ontario, we've got a guy that's been bodying people with Archaon, manticore sorcerer, foot sorcerer, foot lord, varanguard, knights and filling with warriors. All tzeentch marked because Archaon and varanguard on a 2+ rr1s is dumb and with oracular vision and daemonic power they tear through combats. Archaon and the varanguard go in, manticore and knights take objectives, foot heroes cheerlead archaon and the warriors are a little wall with a 3+ rr1s. Now you can argue that the list relies too much on archaon and yeah that's every list that takes a god character. The same idea can work with knights of the empty throne spamming varanguard. A lot of people in this thread are right that chaos undivided has been lore power creeped and gone from being impenetrable hulks of cursed muscle and steel to pallete swapped liberators and very 'mid' in all their other iconic unit types. Part of the blame is GWs focus on the god factions taking alot away from the potential design space of StD but that's not to say they can't revamp the line following the warcry red harvest or something as an excuse to drop a new line of resculpts like beefed up chosen, fallen stormcast or champion units/characters that represent what happens when one of the warcry cultists ascends the rankings along the path to glory (champion with the very eastern armoured design and flame motifs like the scions, or armour draped in flayed skin like the unmade or slimmer armour with a feathered cloak for the corvus cabal) TLDR; GW hasn't done a great job at depicting StDs new place in metaphorical power hierarchy and StD could use a facelift. The army is still very competitive if varanguard, archaon or daemon princes and manticores are your thing.
  11. I feel like this is part of the problem. Our army is designed around easy access to acquiescence but all the heroes that bring it outside of the exalted bladebringer just have no place in our lists.
  12. So I left some of my thoughts at the end of @Enoby's survey and wanted to share them and see what people think. Our book feels like it's being pulled in different directions by different writers. On one hand we have rules on our top level (allegiances, hosts, etc.) that seemingly aim at a risk reward gambling playstyle, which is thematic but often ends up with added risks between us and effects other armies would just get easier. An example is many of our effects require an extra dice roll, whether it's a bravery check for some spells and artefacts, 4+ locus, fane buff on a 2+. Other rules try to get us to play risky like the depravity bonuses for hosts, risking our generals by playing them aggressively in invaders, charging more than necessary in godseekers or pretenders trying to get us to risk our already squishy generals in unfavourable combats. Meanwhile on the unit level they seemingly rule us for a completely different playstyle. Instead of keeping the risk and reward theme (outside of maybe the keeper), we are seemingly and army that trades high rend and saves for speed and several buff/debuff tools. Glutos, fiends, shardspeaker, even smaller debuffs like forcing reroll 1s on battleshock for our daemonettes reinforces this theme of mobile debuff bullying with some abilities and spells to buff ourselves enough to make volume of attacks offset a lack of rend. Problem is these two design philosophies don't compliment each other like other books do. OBR, Tzeentch and lumineth all have allegiances that compliment their units and are directly themed around what those units are meant to do. Compound this fact with points costs that prevent us from taking many of the tools that would help us keep up offensively in the arms race of higher saves (overcosted heralds for rr1s, can't reasonably take multiple non-hero hammers like slickblades and twinsouls, our non-character monsters our unplayably overcosted) We suffer from a lack of cohesive design direction and have to rely on summoning as a crutch to stay relevant in games where we can't get a good alpha strike. Summoning being a mechanic we have seemingly only because GW deems all armies with daemons should have it.
  13. I'm not seeing how more than 2 units of bloodknights is a trap in kasteli. I've heard people say it a few times but it's been the opposite case for me. My list: Vengorian general w/ pinions, Rousing commander and fragment of the keep neferatta w/ decrepify Prince Vordrai w/ vile transference 3x5 bloodknights in hunters of the hearthlands 1x5 bloodknights 1x20 zombies hold the line grand strategy and inspired triumph I've had 6 games with this list so far, i've played two different lumineth players, a SoB player, cities player, a seraphon player and a soulblight mirror match. The soulblight match was 1000pts so i just ran zombies, vengorian and 3x5 bloodknights against vyrkos running radukar the wolf, korsargi, generic vamp general, 20 wolves, 20 zombies, 30 grave guard and a corpse cart. We weren't taking the game very seriously but I took the win. The seraphon game was against thunder lizards with a bunch of bastillodons and kroxigors with skink msu, slann and skink priests. I couldn't do much to the bastillodons but i killed off the rest of his army and won by attrition. It was one of the harder games i played but the 3+ saves and darkmist, mystic shield and all out defense kept me going through the shooting. The lumineth games where stomps. Neither opponent brought teclis or cows so that's something to be aware of tho. With no small hero to snipe out my opponents where forced to shoot into prince V or neffy who both healed back up by my next turns. the wardens couldn't really handle the bloodknights charging and trampling all game and the bravery 10 kept the cathalar from shutting down prince V who was a killing machine (well more his spear and breath weapon, even with quickblood the claws and maw where way too swingy) Both lists had a lord regent and at least 30 sentinels, tho both players now are moving into other things like gotrek or ballistas. The SoB games where interesting as we did two back to back. My opponent ran stomper tribe with the warstomper, kragnos, 1x3 and 2x1 mancrushers. The 2x1 mancrushers where used to screen for kragnos so that i couldn't charge kragnos turn 1 so i played a unit of bloodknights sacrificially so prince V could get a favourable charge. The bulk of that game was killing off the 1x3 with charging blood knights and using neffy and the vengorian in unison with a unit of bloodknights to tie up the warstomper. Kragnos and Prince V went 3 rounds in combat the first game thanks to neffy being wholly within 12" and darkmist. The warstomper basically never died thanks to amulet of destiny but was kept out of objectives for most of the games. Both games played out roughly the same with me pulling kragnos and the warstomper close enough for neffy to give -1 to hit and decrepify to their respective opponents and darkmist prince V. It was very positioning intensive and is still wild that several bloodknights disappeared into the void of a mancrushers pants. The cities game was interesting, living city warsong rev with spell portal, mage on hurricanum and mage on foot, frost phoenix general, 30 handgunners, 2x10 dreadspears and 20 phoenix guard with a lifeswarm. The match turned into two debuff engines paper handsing eachother for 5 turns, it was a rough game and neither of us had much left at the end. It was purely my mobility in taking the side objectives before slogging it out in the centre of the table that won me the game as we both had mediocre results with our tacticals and the warsongs throne of vines + awaken sprites combo through the spell portal really helped him chew through the saves the handgunners and phoenix guard struggled with. In games with squishy opponents I tended to do well by rolling over them and making them panic by using rousing commander early in the first two turns. In games where my opponent was tankier I won by body blocking my opponent with good positioning and relying on my relative survivability and saving rousing commander for a key turn when the extra wounds and damage could save me from having my line broken.
  14. Alright so while I wait for a chance to snag a VLoZD on the cheap (because i'm not looking to spend the cash on a FEC box) here's my current Kasteli list in the meantime re-purposing a few of VC the models i never sold off from nostalgia: Vengorian Lord, General Mannfred VL (Old Konrad Von Carstein mini) VL (Vlad Von Carstein) VL (Isabella Von Carstein) 4x5 blood knights 20 zombies The list is a holdover until i can get Prince V to replace the 3 vamps and swap Manny for Neffy so for now I'm running Mannfred, his 15ft tall monstergirl gf, their 20 kids, his crazy brother and disappointed parents. I don't expect it to perform well but maybe for the odd mission that really benefit from volume of heroes it'll be nice.
  15. So I'm trying to come up with list ideas until we get an FAQ on whether or not we can take Archaon (I had just gotten him before the rules released 😭) and here's my current idea: Lurid haze Glutos general, flaming weapons, battle rapture 475ptd Lord of pain general, feverish anticipation, oil of exultation 155pts Sigvald 265pts twinsouls x10 370pts blissbarbs x11 180pts blissbarbs x11 180pts hellstriders hellscourges x5 135pts hellstriders hellscourges x5 135pts wheels of excrutiation 100pts 1995pts total warlord battalion (but could be battle regiment)
  16. It just says heal d6 wounds, it doesn't have the extra text saying it can revive models like invocations do. It's meant to heal your monsters not revive models.
  17. Speaking of collectability, we really could use a mortals SC box like nurgle or khorne. An infantry kit, exalted seeker kit and shardspeaker or LoP would be nice.
  18. So I'm the only slaanesh player in my local area (aside from one greasy grognard whose still butthurt over fantasy and the double turn so he doesn't play often) and there's only one other slaanesh player that frequents our tournament scene. Slaanesh always struggled to pick up new players because sex, drugs and rock and roll always felt one note and we never had good sculpts to carry us like khorne did. So most people don't look beyond the surface to see slaanesh's narrative complexity. In the past few years we've gotten fantastic models, which really helped get eyes on us and it's near universally agreed our recent range is one of the best GW has ever sculpted. But that can only get us so far when our rules have been a mess since day one. Our first battletome was near meta defining along side FEC and arguably stronger. We had a greasy way to play that we where shoe-honrned into by our books limited viable options and that really grated people. Some folks who showed interest in the army would be turned off by either the comp lists spamming the most expensive kit in the range or for fear of being known as "that guy" (a fate i managed to dodge by being a broke college student at the time and only owning one keeper that I got in the latter half of the books life cycle). Then book 2 rolls around and we get more top tier sculpts, hypes going around hopes are up and then the rules get revealed... and their not bad (mostly) but they're boring. Keep in mind we came in off the back of lumineth who have 2 page warscroll cards for basically everything and relatively complex rules that in many cases break or go against core rules. So going from wild rules essays like Teclis' warscroll to "reroll charges" or the award winning "roll 1 dice for each model in this unit, on a 4+ do a mortal wound" and each warscroll being lucky to have even 2 special rules was sheer whiplash. Getting opinions from local players/store owners seems to be corroborated by the opinions others here have shared in regards to their own store owners. We're a beautiful army that no one wants to buy because our rules don't spark interest, double that up with anyone wanting a fast and punchy army would sooner pick up IDK which is also a beautiful army and super meta, or FEC who are just dirt cheap to collect. We loose out on new players because our most playable units aren't easy to collect on top of our rules outside of a few heroes being bland and/or bad.
  19. Syn is trash enough said, but Dex is actually pretty good? Her combat profile is basically the average of sigvalds but trades ignore shrugs for stacking attacks. She's faster and with more wounds with a worse save, no shrug but constant -1, no charge bonus but run and charge and ice that cake with free command and battleshock immunity for daemons. Shame it doesn't work on mortals but she could always use her free command on herself and spend the saved command point to make slickblades bs immune.
  20. Why must a chaos warrior be pretty? These are people wearing refrigerators for armour and roided out on chaotic blessings to the point of being near stormcast size. Not to mention the not insignificant chance of sprouting horns, tentacles or a dozen other mutations. We don't complain when they give the men different body types, let GW do the same for their women.
  21. I could see them giving the dispossessed to Valaya so each dwarf god gets an army. Shield sisters, hearth mothers and warden queens could be cool models.
  22. just to point out the power of kasteli since it's what i'm attempting to build. 15 blood knights kill a hero that's 60 d3 attacks on the charge, they kill brutes or gluttons that 45 wound unit is now 60 wounds. Same logic applies to vargheists, 9 vargheists jumping from 36 wounds to 45 and 28 d3 attacks.
  23. Vengorian lord does have a command for a d6 heal on a kill so that's d6+d3, red banqueters is also a free d3 in the hero phase for what it's worth before the edition change.
  24. probably just a typo that slipped past GWs mediocre quality control.
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